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    3 1 2 Stars The beginning was a little slower than normal The last 1 3 really picked up and was exciting and fun This mainstream series is still very addicting, and recommended for paranormal fans.

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    Still loving itMaybe it s me, I dunno But this one felt a little laid back know All I can say is Thank God I don t think I could finish the series at this rate.In this book you watch the team pull together to become a company To the outside world they wanted to appear normal You know nothing happening here move on kind of thing They have computer technology, ships, helicopters and protected SUV S They are even looking for a military base to purchase Err did I mention the spacecraft Oops My bad Guess what..They have a spacecraft.Stephen is sorting Europe and BA and the TQB are sorting South America But it now seems they have a reporter stalking them Someone should tell her don t do that.Did I tell you about the dog that joined BA ripping the throats out Yeah he came from no where And he got hurt Thank God we have two vamps now Yep he lived.So still plenty of action But this book let you breathe It kept the adrenaline pumping just a little sedateley The cussing is as inventive and colourful as ever Enjoy

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    4.25 Stars

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    I cant get enough of this series It is such a great fun fast paced series audible review So much action, butt kicking and boy does Bethany Anne have a way with words So much fantastic dialogue throughout the entire book These stories are pure entertainment I love listening to the narrator s and author s commentary notes at the end of the story As for the narration, it is great Emily Beresford does such a great job narrating The men sound like men, everyone get s their own distinct voice she reads with emotion and her end comments at the end of the book are very entertaining, She really does like reading this series This is a must listen series

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    Fun action series No pretense of being fine lit The author discusses his work to churn these out quickly in his book notes Although I mark down for cliff hangers these are not as annoying as most although each book does not end It always feels like putting something down mid chapter and a bit of a surprise when you see his end notation.

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    Sadly this one is not a 3 star but 2.5 to 2.75 If you like the other books I am sure you will like this one as well I am currently on book 5 and I am still finding this series just okay but it is still holding my attention some what.updateOkay so now that I found out these books are really a serial and written in less than 30 days I will have to bump them up by one full star, even tho I am not really into serial type books.3 Stars

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    Still enjoyable these straight forward action movie books where everything is a bit too easy, and there s some annoying repetitious elements I just can t put them down I want to see the team make it to space and maybe encounter a threat they can t roll over so easily

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    3 starsI m enjoying this, but the endings are getting sloppy, like they know it s going to pick up right where it ends and relatively quickly so why close it up But it s fun stuff.

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    About nothingAll the mostly male characters live in a self congratulatory white middle aged world Class and educational boundaries don t exist but military background required No one not meeting those qualifications exist in this story, Except for women who are attractive, worldly and accomplished than these men, yet are thrilled at the prospect of getting involved with these guys.I ve known women with that kind of low self esteem in real life and it s not pretty and they re never happy Any other woman has to be unattractive, ex military and know her way around a fifty caliber machine gun All the women except for any machine gun Sallies, must spend mandatory clothes shopping hours weekly A girl woman, my friend has got to look her best for her overweight, socially stunted, poorly educated, plain poor, middle aged potential boyfriend The writer lives in a sad world.The plot is hard to find, though I m sure it s somewhere There is real emotion and introspection, just not in this story For a plot twist in a future volume, it would be wild if any of them were to meet a black, Hispanic or Asian american Of course it would be difficult finding one in Florida or any of the fifty states, really Just throwing out ideas to the author.There are some pages that almost seem like character development, which peter out I can t figure the author out, it s as if he had a clue for a moment but got too scared to follow through.

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    Very addictive readingI haven t reviewed a book in a long time now, simply because of the fact that I have become very lazy I am probably a authors nightmare, a reader who will thoroughly enjoy every book in a series written by the same author but never giving the writer the credit that is due to him or her.After reading the blog written by Mike on this novel, I ended up feeling rather guilty for what I can only describe as taking the liberty of enjoying another slice of this very yummy cake but, not having the good manners to say thank you.Mike, do accept my apologies and let me tell you that I have devoured the first four novels in the Queen Bitch series I have found them to be well written and entertaining enough to keep me reading well into the night You have me an avid fan of your work and will be reading all the instalments of this series before going on to read your other works.

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