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Belle Chasse pdf Belle Chasse, ebook Belle Chasse, epub Belle Chasse, doc Belle Chasse, e-pub Belle Chasse, Belle Chasse d4701f858bd With The Wizard Elven Treaty On The Verge Of Collapse, The Preternatural World Stands On The Brink Of War Unless Former Wizard Sentinel DJ Jaco Manages To Keep The Elven Leader, Quince Randolph, Focused On Peace And Not Personal MattersWith No One On The Throne, Faerie Is In Chaos, With Rival Princes Battling For Power The Still Undead Pirate, Jean Lafitte, Is Building His Own Army Of Misfits, And DJ Stripped Of Her Job And Hiding In The Beyond To Avoid The Death Sentence Handed Down By The Wizard Council Of Elders Can T Get Anywhere Near Her Beloved New Orleans Or Her Significant Something Or Other, AlexIt S Time To Choose Sides Friends Will Become Enemies, Enemies Will Become Allies, And Not Everyone Will Survive DJ And Her Friends Will Learn A Hard Lesson Sometimes, Even The Ultimate Sacrifice Isn T Enough

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    4.5 Stars I am an urban fantasy junkie, I admit it wholeheartedly, but when it comes to really good, well written, well told UF with characters that I absolutely adore, I become a fan girl and the Sentinels of New Orleans, is one of those series that from book one, has made me a fan.From the characters to the setting, this book stands out and makes it worth the time to try With sexy undead pirates, alpha shape shifters, wizards, vamps, and almost everything else, it is just one of those series that hooks you from the very first chapter and will refuse to ever let go and with this being the last book, how was I ever expected to say good bye Are endings ever anything but bittersweet In this case, no, they are not This was bittersweet but in the best way possible We get all the things that have made us fall in love with the series over the course of the releases and then some.Johnson s writing, her characters, the arc in the plot, it all doesn t disappoint It reminded me all over again why this has been a favorite from the beginning and why it will continue to hold a special place in my top ten favorites of the genre It truly was bittersweet to say goodbye to these characters Edited to add that after writing the review, I was able to speak to the author about her book and she informed me that this is not the last book in the series, which, I have to admit, with the ending, makes so much sense and so I adjusted my rating because of it Also she said there is a possibility for a spin off series as well I m super excited about this you guys So fans of DJ and gang, hang in there, is yet to come An ARC copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 5 Mon avis en Fran ais My English reviewI could not wait to dive into this new story even if it is true that I was a little anxious to see if the story would keep its panache after so many novels Still, I had a great time with the story as it is full of action and tension to keep us immersed in the novel waiting to see what will happen.So we find our dear DJ after all the events of the previous book as she is finally forced to flee and hide in Old New Orleans not to get caught by those who seek her Assisted by Jean Laffite who is determined to turn this new story to his advantage and of course by Rene, Jake and Eugenie, DJ needs to decide on her next steps Yet all the species must manage their problems the fae must choose a king and the two brothers are at war to win that right, the elves and especially Rand wishes to take Eugenie back with him, the sorcerers want to take power and DJ seems to be the scapegoat in all these cases.You understand that many events are held here, leading gradually to a general war that seems about to explode and all the characters must choose sides, whether they like it or not And what about Jean I love him I really had a great time with the story and I let myself be carried away easily by all the chapters As I said, many events are set in motion here and I m anxious to see what will happen later now It s hard to say without revealing too much but it was interesting to see who the allies would be, and who the enemies would become A very good story once again and I am impatient to see DJ and her friends again

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    Our tale picks up where Pirate s Alley ended taking us on an action packed, dangerous adventure as war is about to break out From the worlds within the Sentinels of New Orl ans series to the beloved, snarky characters Johnson pulls me into this world again and again.Our former wizard sentinel DJ Jaco is staying in the Beyond at the home of the undead pirate, Jean Lafitte The faerie world is in chaos as Christof and Florian go at it for the throne Their battle upsets the preternatural balance as the council, vampires and others choose sides New Orl ans and the Beyond are impacted as NOLA experiences severe weather patterns Alex is stuck in New Orl ans, and Quince Randolph wants the baby momma Eugenie brought to Elfheim Poor DJ has her hands full, and as always, she is trying to please everyone and keep those she loves safe.I adore, DJ Jaco Jean Laffite, affectionately refers to her as Jolie Until she was sentenced DJ was a sentinel wizard, but she also has some elven ability, and her bonding with Randolph has sharpened those skills Her life is complicated, but her course is always truth north We have witnessed growth and setback in DJ and she is still stubborn, but we continue to see her sharpen her skills and work with a team.The synopsis indicates friends will become enemies and enemies will become allies, and not everyone survives Johnson had me biting my nails as DJ transported into the city, Old Barateria, and Faery While magic does not work in the Beyond or Faery, Charlie her elven stick aids DJ in her travels.As the story slowly builds and alliance are made and broken, we increasingly feel the stirrings of war Elder Zrakovi is a ninny, and I wanted to slap his arrogant, smug face I admired how DJ and even Alex tried to work within the confines of their laws, even while seeking to do the right thing DJ is a strong heroine and sees the bigger picture when looking at all the players She also works to find a middle ground She has a level of maturity some of her elders will never reach.Of course, we face loss and setbacks that upset me, but Johnson still managed to weave in humor I freaking loved the bit with Rene and the shopping he did New alliances are made, and I am curious to see how they all align The ending had me giddy as one new member joined these rebels I need book six now, please and thank you.Copy provided by author This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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    It was nice to be back with DJ and the boys Okay, also the other women, but Jean, Rene, and Jake are the best Can t wait to see how it all ends with the final book.

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    It s no secret that the Sentinels of New Orleans is one of my favorite series I predict that this will be a series that I will re read many times in the future, and I don t see myself ever getting tired of it Suzanne Johnson s world building is fantastic and the cast of characters is so engaging and fun, particularly New Orleans favorite, the undead Jean Lafitte Warning This review may contain minor spoilers for previous books in the series This series includes an ongoing story arc, so I strongly encourage you to start at the beginning with Royal Street Belle Chasse picks up pretty much right where Pirate s Alley left off Former sentinel and part elf, Drusilla DJ Jaco, has just arrived at Jean Lafitte s Maison Rouge in Old Barataria after a veritable death sentence is issued to her by the wizard elders in real world New Orleans I loved that so much of this story took place at Lafitte s home on Grande Terre Island because he is my absolute favorite character of the series, and any story where he features heavily is going to keep me turning the page non stop So DJ and her best friend, Eugenie, are hiding out in The Beyond with the flirty french pirate Sorry Jean, privateer to evade capture by both the wizards and the elves, but they quickly find themselves in the firing line between two warring faery factions So drama abounds as DJ tries to clear her name, mediate between the elves and the elders, and avoid an all out war among all the preternatural factions.While the relationship between shapeshifter Alex Warin and DJ has been on rocky footing lately, DJ s friendships with Rene and Jean Lafitte have grown The relationship between Rene and DJ is one of mutual respect and care, and they are really treating one another like close and loving siblings Jean Lafitte has always flirted and sought a relationship with DJ, and there was so much of it in this story that my hopes continue to build that we will see a romance between them at some point I love that Jean Lafitte is protective of her, but that he also respects her ability and doesn t coddle her all the time Even if there is never a romantic relationship between the two, I would love to see a spinoff featuring Jean Lafitte s love life His character is just so charming that I don t ever get tired of him DJ has added to her band of misfits and allies as the series has progressed from undead pirates to mermen to loup garou, each character is unique and adds something special to the story.The action in this series has always been good, and while this one was not quite as fast paced as earlier installments, it still moved along at a steady clip and held my interest the entire time The fiery political battle between the preternaturals that started in Pirate s Alley is still being fueled from various angles in this book, and I think we will see something explosive happen soon DJ is continuing to grow and mature as a heroine, which is a result of the hard life lessons she has learned throughout this story arc I realize that I am rambling but I want to talk about so many things in this review but they are all freaking spoilers Things are happening with Rand and Alex and Jake and I just wanna yell can you believe that happened So if you have read the book and you are having the same feelings, send me some kind of coded message in the comments

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    Fifth in the Sentinels of New Orleans urban fantasy series and revolving around DJ Jaco, a rogue wizard.My TakeMost of the story is DJ rabbiting around half cocked while Eugenie and Christof are developing a relationship There s plenty of low key humor, but there is a thinness to the story as Johnson skips like a stone over the waters without creating any real depth.My really big problem with Belle Chasse is that nothing really happens It feels like a fill in Oh, DJ and Jake are still on the run from that idiot, Zrakovi Battles are escalating There is the usual banter back and forth with Rand and his arrogant selfish nastiness The encounters with Zrakovi that make me want to wash my hands With carbolic.Those run ins are scary when we see what a bit of power can do to a person The lengths to which he ll go to preserve it Then there s Rand Oh, boy He s not as bad as Zrakovi, but he is terrifying in his threats.I have a hard time buying in to how awful it is for DJ and crew to be trapped in Old Barataria, they re always slipping across the border to go shopping, etc.What it boils down to is I m glad to have read it, so I know what s going on But it s not a book I d buy.The StoryWith the wizard elven treaty on the verge of collapse, the preternatural world stands on the brink of war Faerie is in chaos, with rival princes battling for power The still undead pirate, Jean Lafitte, is building his own army of misfits, and DJ stripped of her job and hiding in the Beyond to avoid the death sentence handed down by the wizard Council of Elders can t get anywhere near her beloved New Orleans or her significant something or other, Alex.The CharactersDrusilla DJ Jaco, called Jolie by Jean, is a Green Congress wizard, the sentinel of New Orleans, bonded to Rand, in love with Alex, and in hiding with Jean as his consort Mahout, a.k.a., Charlie, is the fire elven stick that now belongs to DJ Lennox St Simon, a Red Congress wizard, is DJ s uncle who now represents the UK and European Union on the Congress of Elders His daughter, Audrey, is DJ s cousin DJ s grandmother is still hoping DJ will see the light.Eugenie Dupre is a full human and DJ s best friend Her pregnant by an elf best friend who is also in hiding Violette is Eugenie s sister married to Matt they have six year old twin daughters, Amanda and Amelie.Rene Delachaise is a merman and one of DJ s most trusted friends His father, Toussaint, is the merfolk representative on the Council Jack McGarrity is an off duty NOPD cop The Beyond is another plane of existence that lies alongside our own where Vampyre, Faerie, Old Barataria, Elfheim, and some lesser territories are located.Old Barataria is where Maison Rouge, Lafitte s home, is located Captain Jean Lafitte is an undead man, the notorious pirate who saved New Orleans in 1814 He s also the Interspecies Council representative for the historical undead Dominique You and Pierre Lafitte are his brothers with little love for DJ.Jake Warin, a former Marine along with Ken, is Alex s cousin who pledged himself to Jean Leyla used to manage Jake s bar, the Green Gator Collette is also a loup garou, and she and Jake are in beautiful love Adrian Hoffman, a Blue Congress wizard, is now a vampire, sold out by his father It didn t help that Adrian had fallen in love with Terri Ford, a vampire assistant to Regent Etienne Boulard Ken Hachette is a human NOPD detective who only recently learned about the supernaturals He and Alex are also with the Division of Domestic Terror DDT , a top secret preternatural crime unit connected to the FBI.Old Orleans is where many of the historical undead live Louis Armstrong is helping out, off camera, so to speak, usually playing at Beyond and Back.Elfheim is the home of the elves Quince Rand Randolph is DJ s bondmate, on the Council, the father of Eugenie s baby, and the leader of the Elven Synod Betony Stoneman, a.k.a., Fred Flintstone, is the chief of the earth clan.The fae are ruled by Queen Sabine who lives in the Royal Tower Her heirs are her nephews, the brothers Christof and Florian The war finds the fae divided between Christof, Prince of Winter, who wields blizzards and cold through The Arch power and is Jean s new best friend His brother, Florian, Prince of Summer blasts out with heat and rain and wields The Academy power Tamara is their sister Mick is a fae bear who runs the Tower Tavern, a neutral zone in Faery The combination of fae animal, Hybrids, is a result of The Asylum magic.Vampyre is the land of the vampires currently ruled by the Vice Regent Garrett Melnick The Congress of Elders are the wizards who rule the supernatural community Alex Warin, canine shapeshifter, had been their Enforcer and is now the Interspecies Council representative.The Interspecies Council is a new organization that is meant to incorporate all the supernaturals.The North American wizards are led by the deteriorating, petty First Elder Willem Zrakovi Elder Sato is one of Zrakovi s friends and supporters The Red Congress wizards do physical magic the flashy stuff Green Congress wizards are the geeks of the magical world , using potions and rituals Yellow Congress specializes in mental magic Blue Congress is the magic of creation and re creation Sentinels are wizards in charge of cities or regions and keep an eye on the boundary between the Beyond and our world, the Now Mitchell is Blue Congress Wolfie, Dack, and Carl are loup garou working for the wizards.Ittoqqortoormiit is a remote wizard outpost in Greenland specifically for the incarceration of whacked out wizards Transports are portals to move between Now and Beyond Hurricane Katrina opened the veil between the Beyond and Now.The dead are piling upGerald St Simon had been her father Tish had been another friend Robert had been Rene s twin brother Mace Banyan had been the head of the Elven Synod Etienne Boulard had been Jean s friend before he betrayed him Geoffrey Hoffman was the First Elder Vervain had been Rand s mother.The Cover and TitleThe cover is a soft red violet of haze and light framed in the props from the krewe floats with a jean and tight top clad DJ at the bottom of the cover, looking up at the unexpected guards, as she races forward, her blonde hair flying, Charlie in her left hand The title, series information, author s name, and recommendation are in white.The title is what everyone in the story is doing, having un Belle Chasse.

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    This is a marvelous series U loved every book in this series If you are a paranormal reader, this book has something for everyone Definitely on my very favorites list

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    Okay, WOW I just spent six day s doing a re read on the Sentinels of New Orleans series leading up to Belle Chase Belle Chasse start s right where it left off in Pirate s Alley and then the exciting action packed roller coaster ride begins War is on the verge of breaking out between the interspecies Elves and Wizards are on the verge of breaking there alliance, in Farie the two prince brothers are fighting for the thrown Jean Lafitte is preparing for war by gathering his allies and providing a safe haven for DJ and friends New characters arrive and make the story complex and intriguing This series is a complicated story with lots of different preternatural worlds and characters Johnson has brilliantly woven several threads of stories, some from the first book Royal Street and put them all together Johnson is expanding DJ s world but also making it smaller, DJ now has a smaller group she can trust, and larger one she doesn t Jean is now trustworthy than Alex, but she continues to overlook Alex s shortcomings.DJ is still a magnet for trouble and very stubborn, and acts before thinking things through, DJ however is loyal to a FAULT in this she is quiet na ve She is still hoping throughout Belle Chase that she can turn things around no matter how many time s a person proves is untrustworthy If you can not trust someone it is very difficult to continue a romantic relationship, or working relationship DJ is desperate for approval and wants to please the wrong people, but yet she continues to fight for what she thinks is best Not that what she think s is always the right thing for her, because she usually is wrong DJ continues to think if she can just make Zrakovi the new vindictive and inferior First Elder see reason, her point of view, then everything will be alright Zrakovi continues to plot against DJ and pin her for all that has gone wrong with trump up charges Okay let s backtrack to the previous book Pirate s Alley.DJ s best friend Eugenie get s herself into bit of trouble and tell s DJ her secret Alex, DJ s boyfriend finds out about it and says immediately we need to tell the Elders DJ asked Alex not to say anything to Zrakovi, so he goes right ahead and tells Zrokvi any way, stupid LAP DOG After Zrakovi aka scum bag finds out, he wanted DJ to do something deplorable to her best friend Eugenie and he thought nothing of it Alex was instructed to give her this assignment and even though he thought it was a awful thing to do he wanted her to do it anyway, if she refused Alex would have done it for her If only the Lap Dog could have kept his big mouth shut So this is were I really have a hard time with her not seeing Zrakovi for what he truly is, a power hungry scumbag Who goes to no end to keep himself in the Elders seat Then there is Alex who will blindly follow like a puppy to do what ever orders from his superiors with no questions asked not to his superiors much less himself DJ just could not bring herself to do what Zrokvi wanted, it was the worst thing you could ask someone to do and she wanted to protect her friend I think that would say a lot about a person s loyalty, but yet DJ continues to make excuses for Alex DJ over looks everything with Alex mostly because he s Hot and she wants to love him not that it is a real love Square peg round hole This makes DJ look incredibly na ve and stubborn Now I really never have been a fan of Alex, even early in the series Alex thinks he is always right and he really treats DJ with a controlling I know better than you attitude DJ may get mad at Alex but she always let her hormones and insecurities take over and see s what she wants with him Even in the end of Belle Chasse Alex may have come a new way of seeing things, but he is a follower and not a leader I think DJ with the right person would encourage her to be a stronger woman and come into her own natural powers Jean Lafitte would be a much better match for DJ DJ is tough, strong and brave in protecting the people that she cares about, but when is come s to herself she a wreck She is willing to let her boyfriend care about his job and ideals, and not seeing this is not the right person for me I still have hope that she will grow up in her romantic life, she should understand she should not have to explain herself for everything or hide her true feelings about things He should just get her That is my two cent s worth The storm is just beginning and it should be another wild ride in the next book I will do my best to wait for it to be published Oh hmm sigh..

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    Four stars A building block book that is all about character development and plot movement, but it lacks a big bang moment DJ is on the run from the wizards who stripped her of her job, her title and her home She is exiled, forced to live in the Beyond, under the protection of one sexy, undead pirate, Jean Lafitte While DJ hides out in the Beyond, forces are at work in the real world, plotting and planning to overthrow the status quo and possibly start a war DJ is forced to take a hard look at her enemies and her allies, and decide whom she can trust The question is will DJ pick the right friends, and can she and her allies stop a war What I Liked I am an avid fan of The Sentinel of New Orleans Series I love the originality, the characters and especially one sexy undead pirate This latest book was a strong book, a building block book, and I appreciated that it was all about developing characters, alliances and picking sides This is a complex series, and I so appreciate that the author takes the time to recap and fill us in on everything that has happened previously It is hard to keep track of everything and recall all the fine details when it has been longer than a year since the last book Thankfully, I had no trouble slipping back into the story and the world thanks to the refreshers I loved watching DJ grow and mature as she had plenty of time to reflect while in the Beyond She is forced to take a hard look at whom she trusts, and she learns a great deal about old friends and new ones, and she is forced to pick sides and put her trust into a select few, especially Jean Lafitte Speaking of Jean Lafitte, he has long been a favorite character of mine, but this book brings him into a new light He is complex and intelligent, and he is plotting and planning to make sure things go the proper way I loved seeing this new strong side, and I also liked that he still made me laugh a time or two Love him All of my favorites were back, and I liked seeing DJ work with Renee, Jean, Eugenia and Jake I also enjoyed some new characters like Christoff and DJ s cousin Rand continues to be a character that I like and dislike at the same time This is a book focused on setting the series up for a big finale Even though I was a tiny bit disappointed that nothing really big happened, I appreciated that this book was all about character depth and plot movement I am most anxious for the finish And The Not So Much When I got to the end, I was a bit disappointed that nothing much happened Yes, there is character growth and plotting and planning, but I was expecting something big to happen at the end Something does happen, but it wasn t a big bang I am sure the author is setting up for a terrific finale Alex is missing for most of the book Yes, there is good reason for his absence, but a little something was missing not having him there I missed the chemistry and the romance Belle Chasse is an exciting book and there is plenty to like I enjoyed the plot movement, the character development and the formation of new alliances I missed the romance and I was a tiny bit disappointed that the book ended without a book dramatic end, however, I am confident that Ms Johnson is setting us up for a fantastic finale I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review Posted Rainy Day Ramblings.

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    I m not sure if DJ can handle much of this I m not sure I can handle much of this Seriously this woman needs to get her life back in order Too bad it s her sense of loyalty to her friends that her boss can t seem to appreciate Fortunately, she s chosen well in her friends, because they may be all she has between her and those trying to kill her.DJ has found herself on the run after the events of PIRATE S ALLEY, her own wizard First Elder has determined her a criminal for simply wanting to protect her best friend, Eugeine Fortunately her friend, the undead pirate Jean Lafitte, is harboring the fugitive and Eugeine at his home in Old Barataria The result is a lot of sneaking around if DJ wants to figure out how to solve her current problem.Now DJ must try to smooth things over with the new First Elder Zrakovi, help Eugenie s pregnancy, deal with a controlling elven bond mate Rand, and somehow find a way to connect with the man she loves, Alex Unfortunately, nothing goes to plan, because DJ s straightforward solutions to her problems often end her in deeper waters.You can t help but love DJ She just wants to do the right thing, and can t understand why her own boss would give her orders to hurt someone she loves and then sentence her to prison for not following orders, a prison that would effectively kill her Her loyalty is endearing I enjoy seeing her friends through her eyes the reliable Rene, the saucy and scheming Jean, the sweet Eugenie, and the kind and good Jake She loves her friends Alex doesn t make much of an appearance in BELLE CHASSE, but the deeper relationship DJ develops with her friends seems to be worth it And, it seems, that this time around her own family will come through for her as we meet new character, cousin Audrey Even her enemies are given the benefit of the doubt, at least until they can truly prove themselves her enemy but her hesitance will cost her dearly.Johnson continues to give us the setting details we enjoyed in the first books, along with the local color, weather, and landmarks of New Orleans While DJ spends much of her time on in the historic undead city of Old Orleans and specifically Jean s mansion, Johnson uses the local flavor to good effect We see a second line parade that benefits DJ, the warehouses of mardi gras floats, and a hurricane, among others We re also treated to details on the wizard magic and how it s lost when turned vampire, a faery prince who uses computers to make his winter magic, and the convenience and inconveniences of portals DJ s resources are limited, but she uses what she has to great effect, and the thwarting of her overbearing boss.BELLE CHASSE is a fun book, the prose is great and the pacing consistent but the only real pitfall is that it s a transitional story, where sure the stake are high, but not much is truly resolved DJ does a bunch of running around and putting out fires, trying to get control of the situation, but still plenty of bad things happen Johnson does her best to make Zrakovi a credible villain, but we see so little of him and most commentary comes from DJ s thought process that it s hard to feel like we really understand his motivations These problems don t weigh down the story, however, because we re most interested in how DJ works to overcome her problems.Fortunately, BELLE CHASSE is not the last book in the series, and all it s done is built up readers for what comes next I can t wait.Recommended Age 15 Language A smatteringViolence While not particularly bloody, there is peril and deathSex Yes, but without detailFind this and other reviews at ElitistBookReviews.com

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