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Always & Forever (Always & Forever, #1) files Always & Forever (Always & Forever, #1) , read online Always & Forever (Always & Forever, #1) , free Always & Forever (Always & Forever, #1) , free Always & Forever (Always & Forever, #1) , Always & Forever (Always & Forever, #1) 344cb8897 WARNING I Don T Write About Fairy Tales And As Much As I Love Disney I Don T Promise My Readers Or Guarantee My Characters A Happy Ever After Happy Endings Are Harmonious But They Re Not Always Real Life I M A Sucker For Bittersweet Endings So Please Prepare Yourself For One Of Them Before Purchasing One Of My Novels Hearts And Flowers Won T Be Found In My Writing And Neither Will Perfect Conclusions To My Stories This Book Is Not For The Faint Hearted If You Do Not Like To Read About Dark Themes, Obsessive Love Or Crazy, Jealous And Possessive Heroes, Then This Book Is Not For YouThis Book Is The First In The Always Forever SeriesAlways Forever Series Always Forever Forever Always No, I Won T Leave You Can Say Whatever The Hell You Want To Me And I Still Won T Go I Will Never, Ever Leave You, Bethany Don T You Understand That Do You Not Understand The Depth Of My Feelings For You The Truth Is I Can T Let You Go, Even If I Wanted To I Just Don T Have The Strength To Do It You Deserve To Know The Truth And That S Why I Don T Care How Messed Up This Is Bethany, You Have To Know That I M Unconditionally And Unreservedly In Love With You Every Single Thought I Have Consists Of You I M Utterly Obsessed, I M Addicted And I Feel Like I M Going Crazy Over The Intensity Of My Feelings For You The Need I Have To Be With You Takes Precedence Over Everything Else In My Life It Can T Be Rivalled By Anything Being With You Isn T A Choice We Re Not An Option, Bethany Don T You Understand That I Ve Actually Reached The Stage Where I Know I Wouldn T Even Be Able To Exist Without You My Need For You Is Like Oxygen, It S Not Something I Can Control Or Even Try To Explain I Can Honestly Say That I Would Cease To Exist Without You In My Life I Would Sooner Die Than Be Separated From You You Ve Taken Over My Mind, Body And Soul, All I Think About Is You You Re The Centre Of My Universe, You Re All I Can See And You Know What That S Absolutely Fine It S Fine Because You Re The Only One I Need It S You, Bethany It Will Always Be You Jake Jake S Intensity Can Sometimes Scare Me And Yet It Is The Same Unyielding Intensity That Draws Me To Him I Ve Never Wanted Anything Or Anyone As Much As I Want Jake I Crave Him And I M Not Ashamed Or Embarrassed To Admit That He S Now Become The Centre Of My World He S Completely Taken Over My Mind, My Body And My Soul The Truly Messed Up Thing Is I Don T Mind BethanyBethany Is A Twenty Year Old Young Woman Who Just Wants To Experience Life In The Same Way That Anyone Else Does She Longs For Freedom And For An Escape From Her Boring And Predictable Life Her Controlling Father Has Always Prevented Her From Experiencing The Freedom She So Ardently Desires Until NowBethany Has Always Dreamt Of Escaping The Never Ending Dictatorship Of Her Father But Never Thought Her Hopes For Freedom Would Actually Come True Until Jake Irresistibly Handsome And Fiercely Protective Over The Fragile Young Girl He S Just Met, Jake Is Adamant That Nothing Will Keep Them Apart He Soon Becomes Fixated On The Idea Of Them Being Together And Will Stop At Nothing To Make It Happen The Question Is, Will Jake S Passionate And Intense Love For Bethany Be Enough To Help Her Escape The Clutches Of Her Father S Obsessive Control Or Will Their Love Be Thwarted By Something Darker Than Either Of Them Could Ever Imagine Bethany Knows Her Father And The Lengths That He Will Go To He S A Cruel And Dangerous Man Who Will Share Bethany With No One However, Jake Is Not To Be Underestimated He Hasn T Always Been The Good Man That He Is Today Jake Is Desperate To Keep Bethany In His Life But He Also Wants To Keep Her Safe From The Darkness That Surrounds Him And His Past, A Past That Continues To Haunt Him The Truth Is, Jake Has A Secret It S Something Dark And Painful, Something A Girl From His Past Won T Allow Him To Forget, No Matter How Hard He Tries To Make Her Disappear From His LifeBethany Quickly Becomes The Centre Of His Universe And Jake Vehemently Decides That He S Not Going Anywhere Without A Fight He Needs This Girl And He Ll Do Anything And Everything That He Can To Be With Her And Make Her HisIt S Love Versus Evil In This Enthralling Debut About First Love, Passion, Obsession And Jealousy This New Adult Romance Novel Contains Mature Themes, Scenes Of Violence, Strong Language And Sexual Citations It Is Recommended For Readers

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    If an author choses not to write a HEA that s their prerogative, but FFS do me a favour and don t list said book in the romance genre then If the romance genre was avoided altogether then there wouldn t be the need for all the warnings in the blurb No HEA not a romance Simples, and I ain t Sherlock

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    What is the deal with authors who want to write angsty fiction and try to sell it as romance Why in the devil would you label your book a romance if it doesn t have the socially accepted ingredients of romance Per the Romance Writers of America, books in the romance genre primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and must have an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending Translated to mean if you torture your love interests and don t give them an HEA, then you aren t writing romance books any So if you have to stick the type of warning written in this book description in your Goodreads listing then you re not marketing in the right category Quit using a genre designed for positive depictions of love as a dumping ground This is not a review this is a rant lol

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    I don t promise my readers or guarantee my characters a Happy Ever After Happy endings are harmonious but they re not always real life I m a sucker for bittersweet endingsHearts and flowers won t be found in my writing and neither will perfect conclusions to my stories. Well, I appreciate the warning, especially as it cements this would not be a romance I would be interested in reading.

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    This book was hard for me to finish, it was way too long and needed another review from the editor because they missed way to much There are parts of the book where they main characters name is actually miss spelled For the most part I usually just skip this because I am an author and I know how hard it is to catch everything, but some of the editing issues actually affected how I interpreted the story and when you have to stop and figure out what the author meant you get frustrated and that ruins the story for you.With that said the story is ok, Bethany is probably the most infuriating heroine I have ever found and by far redefines mousy You will want her to die by the end of the book and that s not how romance novels are supposed to go Bethany didn t grow as a character at all, she went from being controlled by her father to being controlled by her boyfriend and both apparently have anger issues To have as much passion at Bethany and Jake supposedly have they fight all the time and it ends with him attempting to literally murder someone And what is even worse is that towards the end of the book you have chapters dedicated to characters that don t really matter I get that they are leading up to the next book but it could have should have been handled differently All it did for me was piss me off and I ended up only partially reading those chapters because I didn t give a crap about those people OH YEAH and before I forget The grandma She means so much to Bethany and she s a catalyst for this story She added something to the book and then she has a fall that was just a random accident When she gets out of the hospital she just up and decides to move away and then BAM she just dies I mean really It s one of the many infuriating things that happened in this book There were so many ways in which her death could have made this story not boring I mean seriously, have the crazy dad kill her it s not like we don t know how much he hated her and then there would at least be some suspense to keep you interested.I don t like giving bad reviews but I also hate to read a book where you skip sections because they are so drawn out and boring that you literally fall asleep I want to read a romance novel that I can t put down, that has me dying to know what s going to happen that didn t happen with this book So to conclude the first half of this book is great The rest is dragged out to the point that you ll end up frustrated and ready to just throw your kindle out the window.Will I read this again NO.

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    My rating has gone down after reading the sequel, no way can I think about this couple and have fuzzy feelings Thanks a lot author.

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    This book was 877 pages that has to be the biggest book I have read to date The cover of the book and the summary barely even hints to what this book is actually about, when I started reading I was so surprised it wasn t what I expected I did however enjoy it a lot The story was compelling and there was so many characters, point a views, and twists that made this book even better I definitely felt drained at times reading this book because of all the secrets and drama that occurred throughout the book but I was definitely surprised several times and can honestly say this isn t like any other book I have read I m not sure how I feel about reading the next book considering so much happened in this one I can t even imagine what will happen in the next one The only thing that let this book down was the spelling mistakes I started to notice it and towards the end which was annoying because there is nothing worse than trying to get in the mood of the story and have to work out what the misspelt word was I m hoping this wont occur as much in the next book.

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    Young intense loveThis story is so heart breaking yet beautiful at the same time, Bethany is technically a prisoner of her father and Jake is a lost soul, by chance they meet and the explosion begins, they have intense passion and love. It s not but it kind of is a typical first love. Onto book 2 I can t wait to see what happens with them happy readingEdited 12 28 read all 8 horrendous reviews for book 2 Yea I won t be reading itSPOILERS I GOT FROM BOOK 2 REVIEWS DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS Bethany cheats on jake, aborts their baby and in the end jake dies. The end Yep that was a review I read and all eight reviews were either 1 or 2 stars I wouldn t read it if it was free, I hate books like that HATE HATE HATE So no book 2 for me, I m going to totally block the fact I even read book 1 aside from all the grammar errors Sorry for the spoiler had to vent it out there

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    I try to avoid all reviews before I read anything by an author I am not familiar with I am glad I did that in this case I would agree with many of the other reviews that this book is LONG Honestly it should have been broken up into a minimum of 2 books but 3 would be best There is a lot happening This is a complex and highly emotional read It is not for the faint of heart It is a story of one young woman who has been so emotionally and verbally abused to the point that the fact she is still standing is amazing At 20 years old Bethany s life is not her own She is the product of an abusive, obsessed and beyond overbearing father and a timid, abused and damaged woman Her father is quite frankly, a horrible man that I wished was given a bit of his own medicine throughout the book At 22, Jake is has assumed the role of man of the house to 3 women After years of abusing his wife and children, Jake s father left the family His mother turned to alcohol and verbal abuse to cope Jake chose a path of alcohol, sex and violence On the surface Jake is a good guy with a bad hand dealt but as the story grows you realize he becoming a product of his history As his relationship grows with Bethany he is almost obsessive about his feelings.I wanted to grab Bethany and drag her away from these people I wanted to scream at her when she just simply accepted the life she had been given and the life she was choosing The secondary obsessive and horribly tragic characters intrigued me but also scared me I finished this book scared I was frightened for the women in this book The rage, the hate, the obsession and the control that the men in this book so obviously exude was awful Perhaps this is why I enjoyed it There is no white knight in this book There is no one person that can be redeemed Each character if flawed and needs years and lifetimes of therapy They are all products of the lives they were given, the lives they have chosen and the way in which they live.Through it all Jake and Bethany fall in love I truly believe their love is real It is dysfunctional and honestly not in either s best interest but nonetheless, real They love with completeness and yearn for each other It is as though they each give the other meaning to want a better life The question remains can they make a better life or is what they ve learned the only life they will lead We are set up for what is going to be a very violent and emotional read The secrets and betrayals will be like no other I ll be there to witness it all.

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    Review Coming

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    I was waiting anxiously for this series to be complete so I can begin reading it I have only read one book by this author and have to say I love the way she writes her heroes So why only 3 stars zFirst, I ll start with the cons h s low self esteem and poor confidence was annoying the other woman drama is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially baby mama drama the pregnancy storyline with the h seemed forced and the story would have been better without it story dragged and was a bit slow at some points TOO much crazy drama and soap opera type twists which hurt the story.What I loved the H Jake was so possessive, jealous, protective, and obsessed with the h the sex scenes are so DAMN freak n GOOD This author really knows how to write them Lauren Crossley is a serious talent I will be jumping into the next book immediately.

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