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We Just Clicked explained We Just Clicked , review We Just Clicked , trailer We Just Clicked , box office We Just Clicked , analysis We Just Clicked , We Just Clicked 43a7 Erin Cochrane Loves The Gossip And The Countless Bizarre Stories About Her Best Friend Bex Adventures With Online Dating Not That She D Ever Sign Up For The Site Herself Erin S Far Too Busy Planning Her Dream Wedding To Her Gorgeous Fianc , TysonBut When Tyson Decides That He Is Not Ready For Marriage, Erin S World Is Turned Upside Down Forced To Move Back In With Her Eccentric Mother, Things Couldn T Get Any Worse Thrust Back Into The Singles Scene, Could Online Dating Be The Escape Erin Needs From It All Or Will It Be Just Another Disaster From Stalkers To Cheapskates, Erin Feels As Though She S Become A Magnet For Every Loser Around, Until She Opens One Message That Changes EverythingAn Intriguing Novel About Modern Dating And Unexpected Encounters That Will Keep You Entertained Right Up To The Very Last Page

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  • 283 pages
  • We Just Clicked
  • Sophie Childs
  • 21 January 2019

About the Author: Sophie Childs

Sophie Childs is a home educating mother of five and freelance writer Her claims to fame include hosting an open mic night with Ewan McGregor in the audience and winning both The Weakest Link and The Chase When she s not running around after her children, dog, and chickens, she writes and writes and writes Her first novel, Behind the Scenes, was published by So Vain Books in February 2015 and h

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    This was such a fun book to read Absolutely nothing but fiction, but fun and entertaining The mother in here is a hoot, so is the girlfriend especially when she s talking about all the pictures she gets from the love interests on the dating site I m sitting here laughing about it as I m typing the review.If your interested in just kicking back and laughing and being entertained, this book will do it for you.Thanks So Vain Books for approving my request and Net Galley for providing the free e galley in exchange for an honest review.

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    3,8 stars First appeared on my blog Bookish WanderessARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.We Just Clicked was a fun, light hearted and quick read perfect for coming out of a reading slump It was just what I needed it when I read it Some of the things I really liked about this book were the good writing, the sligthly dark humor, the romance and the anecdotes of online dating I enjoyed the interactions between the main characters, Erin and Joe, in particular the messages the exchanged through the dating site I especially loved Joe, he s a really good love interest Also, I found Delia, Erin s mother, to be such an interesting character, she was the only character that really stood out On the other hand, I thought the conflict in this was a bit silly and the ending wasn t that good It had a predictable plot, there were a lot of cliches, and most of the characters were very typical What I m trying to say with all of this basically is that it wasn t anything unique or special Nonetheless, I would recommend this because everyone has times when they need a fluffy, entertaining, easy to read book, and We Just Clicked is exactly that.

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    Before starting this I was expecting We Just Clicked to be yet another book about online dating, with a helping of funny anecdotes about dates from hell Although the story did start going in that direction there is so much to it than that, especially after Erin gets a message from the dating site that really catches her eye Just reading that message, I would have been tempted to date the man in question, so was glad when Erin, against her misgivings met up and had a fabulous date From there one, the story becomes a lot romantic, with some lovely dates, and he s the sort of man, that doesn t even have a problem with Erin s somewhat eccentric mother Erin s mother Delia, is the life and soul of any party, she is larger than life, swaps hobbies regularly than people change their socks She may have a habit of embarrassing Erin regularly, and a different interpretation of borrowing to other people, but she clearly loves Erin, and just wants what is best for her We Just Clicked is incredibly entertaining, and had me hooked I thankfully had some free time when I started it, as before long I was over half way and didn t even notice It s probably of a longer novella than full blown novel, but that doesn t detract from how easy it was to read, and what a great way to while away a few hours Thanks so much to Netgalley and So Vain Books for this review copy This was my honest opinion.

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    What a fun February read Veddy British, which always throws me a little with the slang and also the monetary denominations But, it s okay, I did figure out snogging all by myself Erin Cochrane lets her friend, Bex, convince her to use an online dating service after Erin s fianc e, Tyson, breaks up with her They d already set a date and he came home from working out to find her trying on her wedding dress and decided he couldn t deal with commitment.Moving on, Erin goes on a few really, really lame dates, one to Pizza Hut where the guy asks her to only order water and not a thick crust pizza because he s paying and thick crust is extra And another date, although gorgeous, wants her to help him stalk his ex girlfriend Erin s at the point of closing down her online account when one response comes in from a very nice sounding photographer named Joe who wants to meet her He asks her out for dinner and a movie then later decides he doesn t want to do the movie cause even though they could cuddle, he d rather spend time talking to her swoon He s gorgeous and famous and sweet and attentive and isn t put off by her crazy over the top mother, Delia, even taking mom to an awards show in lieu of Erin when she gets sick You just know he s got to be too good to be true, right But, no, this is a HEA all the way with a little angst, lots and lots of humor and not too high of a heat level that I think even your mom or grandma would laugh and enjoy it A very solid four star fun February recommendation I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley You can read of my reviews and lots of other fun things at htpps ladieswholunchreviews.wordpress.com

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    I was kindly given a copy through Netgalley, with many thanks to the publisher.Erin and Joe just clicked They found each other on a dating site and have fallen head over heels in love with each other After a nasty break up Erin decided to join the online dating world and after her share of kissing frogs she stumbles across Joe and she s everything she could have dreamed of.Now, women s fiction usually gives me butterflies and makes me all giddy This story definitely put a smile on my face but it lacked a certain subtlety The story was predictable and the characters lacked depth.When Erin got a visit from the green monster called jealousy and assumed Joe was cheating on her, it bothered me a lot It slightly too cliche to be true And I don t mind cliches in the slightest I m a walking cliche myself but Erin s assumptions weren t based on any foundation They didn t hold their ground aside from the fact that the story needed a dramatic intersection.This story held a lot of possibilities but to me it fell a little flat.

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    This is a quick, fun read that has a few laugh out loud moments Erin is an admin assistant who gets dumped by her fiance a few days before the wedding Not only that sh now has to room up with her eccentric mom, Delia, who can be at the best times trying and at the worst extremely embarrassing Desperate to get back on her feet, she decides to give online dating a try at the behest of her best friend After a date that goes south, she is about to delete her dating account when she gets an intriguing and witty message from a guy named Joe Will she click with Joe or will it be another dating disaster The online dating scenes and scenarios are funny and will have you turning the pages quickly But the best part of the book is Erin s over the top mom, Delia In the resolution of the story, Delia plays a starring role I only wish the romance bit was a bit better thought through particularly the end of the book conflict and resolution wasn t plausible Overall though it was a fun read with some very funny moments Book Courtesy Netgalley.com

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    I d read and loved Sophie Childs s debut novel, Behind the Scenes, so was really looking forward to this one.Erin is happily preparing for her wedding whilst her best friend, Bex, is having a great time meeting men online Erin s fianc bottles it, though Newly single and living with her mum again, Bex encourages Erin to get over her ex by setting up a dating profile too It s too soon and her first date doesn t go as hoped so Erin decides to call it a day but a message from Joe comes through and Erin is intrigued enough to leave her profile online a little longer.We Just Clicked is a sweet love story with a very likeable hero and a fabulously eccentric character in the form of Erin s mum As well as exploring Erin s romance, it also explores her challenging relationship with her mum which reaches a poignant climax.I love Sophie s writing style and eagerly await her next release Gorgeous cover, by the way

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    I almost made it through the entire book but I just could not bring myself to finish it I just didn t find the story believable I also had a problem with the dialogue, it just didn t seem to flow No matter who Erin was talking to the dialogue was short sentences back and forth nad nothing anyone said was entertaining at all Erin was boring and while her best friend Bex and her mother had a little personlity, it was not enough to get me to want to finish the book I would pass on this one.

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    This was a fun read Erin finds herself in the online dating market unexpectedly and follows the trials and tribulations You can sit down with a cuppa and know it s going to entertain you We join her in the modern dating world and laugh along with some of the situations When she meets Joe is everything going to start looking up With many thanks to So Vain books and NetGalley for the chance to read this one in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book was cute, but it felt like it was just too perfect Everything just seemed far too easy Then at the end it felt like Ms Childs realized that so she tried to throw in a little drama fight But then it also felt like they didn t get a proper resolution, like they were just thrown together in the end for a quick happy ending I received a copy from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for a review

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