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No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) chapter 1 No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) , meaning No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) , genre No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) , book cover No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) , flies No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) , No Pants Required (Men Of Laguna, #1) 6fb199f20fe70 I, Makayla Alexander, Am On A Mission To Reinvent Myself So When A Super Hot Guy Boards The Plane And Flashes His Rock Hard Abs, I Pay Attention When He Sits Next To Me And Offers Me His Nuts, I Can T Resist But When I Choke On Them And He Tells Me I Need To Work On My Gag Reflex, I Realize I Might Be In Over My HeadBefore I Know It We Re In The Lavatory And Attempting To Join The Mile High Club Let Me Just Say Thisanyone Who Tells You It S Easy To Get It On At , Feet Isn T Telling You The Truth After The Flight Attendant Busts Us For Getting Frisky In The Air, The Only Thing That Can Ease My Total And Complete Mortification Is The Simple Fact That I Am Never Going To See Him AgainHours Later, I Can T Help But Wonder If Fate Will Ever Allow Me To Become A New Version Of MyselfBecause Fate, She S A Fickle BitchCase In Pointmy Seatmate Is My New Next Door NeighborEven With The Whole Fate Thing We Have Going On, We Are So Not Meant To Be Together He S All Cool And Sexy In That Make Love Not War Kind Of Way Guys Like Him Are Dangerous With That Bring You To Your Knees Body, That Handsome As Hell Face, And That Dirty, Dirty Mouth, I Guarantee One Glance From Him Wets Every Girl S Bikini BottomsAnd Then There S Me The Quirky Girl Looking To Find Herself In California All I Want To Do Is Learn To Let Loose Say Words Like Peace And Groovy Bury My Toes In The Sand Who Knows, Maybe Even Have Sex On The BeachUnable To Get Him Out Of My Head, I Entertain The Thought Of Being Than Just Friends I Know The Idea Is Absurd And Yet, I Go With It You See Camden Waters Gets Me Really Gets Me Like No Other Guy Has BeforeOn This Mile Stretch Of Paradise, I Decide To Keep Things Simple And Just Have Funthat Is Until Fate Decides To Screw With Me, Again Can Two People Hell Bent On Finding Themselves Realize The Search Should Have Ended The Day They Met Find Out In No Pants Required A Sexy, Funny, Romantic Stand Alone, That Will Have You Hurrying To Grab Your Bathing Suit And Rushing To The Beach To Check Out Every Lifeguard On DutyWant Of The Men Of Laguna You Can Find Keen In Bedwrecker And Brooklyn In Hollywood Prince These Books Can Be Read As Stand Alones Or As A Series

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    Say, Camden Waters is a sex god Camden Waters IS a sex god.I fell in love with this book Makayla is a jewelry designer in New York, who has broken up with her fianc and needs a new start Her best friend Maggie invites her out to California, to live on the beach and figure out the next phase in her life Maggie sends uptight Makayla a list of ten things to do to get her old self back from nude selfies to joining the mile high club Makayla agrees to do it.So I don t want to give away too much, but from a teaser you ll know that Cam and Makayla are seatmates on the plane Mile high club, anyone Cam Oh, my He s delicious I can t even write this review without salivating BRB I said I don t dance it doesn t mean I don t know how I love guys who dance Hey, I m just asking because I can t figure out why any guy would want anyone else when he had you And his tongue should be illegal Okay, I m back.No Pants Required is the perfect vacation read It s oh so sexy and fun, with deeper points about love and loss and figuring out what you want and need in life Let Cam and Makayla take you to the sunny beaches of California, where not just the sand is scorching.

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    3.5 STARS You don t love someone and set him free to see if he comes back to you You hold on tight and never let go If you re looking for a perfect beach read to spend an afternoon with, look no further than this book No Pants Required was full of quirky humor and heavy steam It s a light, feel good sort of romance that will leave you with a smile on your face. and at times uncomfortably aroused Because let s be honest here, people, Camden Walters is one deliciously sinful dirty talker and if you re not uncomfortably aroused through parts of this book, I d say there may be something broken with your downstairs regions Uhem.I read this practically in one sitting because it reads very quickly The chemistry between the two MCs is instant and only burns hotter with each page I loved Makayla s quirkiness When she sets out to put a check mark on her to do list, she doesn t expect that the stranger she set out to check off her mile high club membership will be none other than her brand new neighbor.Camden Cam Walters left behind the hustle and bustle of New York City to spend his days as a life guard But there s so much to his character too I absolutely loved the two of them together They re the perfect balance to each other and I loved watching Makayla really come into her own become less stiff Both Cam and Makayla had their share of hurts from a previous relationship that rolled into their present, but somehow they seemed to bring out the best in each other.The story is light on the angst and heavy on the steam At times I almost thought it was too much steam, but then I d slap myself and remind myself there can t be too much steam when it comes to anything Cam Walters.There were a few parts of the story that I had wished were developed especially Cam and his father I also got a little restless in the last 30% of the book because it felt a bit stretched out at times As always with any book I ve read by Kim Karr, I loved all the secondary characters I d love to get a book for Maggie and Brooklyn I really clicked with them in the story and devoured any tidbits about them Aside from a very few minor quibbles, I enjoyed this thoroughly It was exactly what I was in the mood for this Saturday afternoon and it hit the spot just right I definitely wouldn t say no to books like this from Kim A great, feel good, steamy beach read ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    Title No Pants RequiredSeries Men Of Laguna Series 1Author Kim Karr Publication July 11th 2016 This is exactly the kind of book that I needed at the moment to read, it was fun sexy read, but most important it made me laugh so damn hardMakayla Alexander is making changes to her life after being dumped by her fianc She decided to leave behind the bright lights of New York move in with her best friend, Maggie, in California Life is better in flip flops or should I say No Pants RequiredMakayla is now armed with a Sexy to do list 1.Wear a bikini 2.Have sex with someone you don t know 3.Sex on the beach 4.Join the Mile High Club 5.Get drunk and let someone else worry how you re going to get home This is only half list, but you get the picture Makayla try complete 4 10 on her flight from New York to California with her seatmate on the flight After being complete mortification when almost getting caught flight attendant, Makayla figure no worries she ll never see this man again Or will she I must say I m so glad that I joined book club or I might have come across this book or this author I love the characters she has created, lord how I love the sexy, sassy, funny as hell girl that Makayla has become So much that I want to dive into the next book as soon as I get my hands on it This book is just delicious I absolutely love ever minute Camden Makayla are just fantastic characters The writing flow of this book is just flawless I highly recommend this bookMen Of Laguna Series1 No Pants Required Published July 11th 20162 Bedwrecker Published November 3rd 20163 Hollywood Prince Published January 2nd 2017 Hope you enjoy this read also always keep in mind this is just my opinion my honest review Also I wouldn t never discourage anyone from reading this book Paulette Review

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    3.5 Book Club Stars Let me just start by saying that I had pretty high expectations on this book because I loved Kim Karr s Toxic I was expecting a sexy, light, perfect for the summer read And it kind of reached those expectations but not in the way I wanted, I suppose No Pants Required is a stand alone novel that tells the story of Makayla Alexander, a good woman who says she has a boring life and wants to change that by moving from New York to sunny California and Camden Waters the super hot and mysterious lifeguard that Makayla met in a very interesting situation and a man who does not expect to feel the way he feels when he starts spending time with his new neighbor You re a good girl what are you doing in here with me he whispers, and the feel of his warm breath against my face sends shivers down my spine Who said I m a good girl Me, he whispers I can definitely assure one thing about No Pants Required it is SO HOT You want a book full of off the charts sex Check A book with a dirty, dirty boy Check A book with summer vibes and that will leave you satisfied at the end Check, check, check This novel has all those good aspects Makayla and Cam have a great and sexy chemistry, especially on the sex department And have I mentioned these two have quite the tradition with a book called Summer s Menage Yep So here s how this going to go First, I m going to taste your sweet pussy and eat you like you are my last meal, and then I m going to fuck you like you ve never been fucked I m seeing stars That was me, baby All me She flips around and smooths her dress, then runs a hand up my chest When you re inside me I see than just stars, I see planets and comets and the moon It seems pretty clear, right Cam is, definitely, a talented dirty talker However, I have to say there was drama than I expected on this Not that I mind it but I don t know, this was not what I expected Also, Makayla and Cam take quite a while to start being together TOGETHER and I obviously wanted of them Moreover, I did not feel much connected to both of them until almost the end of the book Something just felt off for me Still, it was a good summer read to pass the time Makayla, he says, we ve been seatmates, frenemies, book club partners, friends, teacher student, and lovers, but I was hoping right now you could just be mine You don t love someone and set him free to see if he comes back to you You hold on tight and never let go And that s just what I intend to do Therefore, my rating for No Pants Required is 3.5 STARS because I found it to be a good read with the perfect summer vibe in it And with an extremely sexy lifeguard hero, who complains about that, right But, as I said, for me it missed having moments with the couple and chemistry outside the bedroom Still, if you want to read a book with less drama that will leave you feeling all good, check this one out CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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    4 4,5 SEXY STARS I really enjoyed No Pants Required It s funny,sexy,hot,steamy and refreshing It s perfect for the Summer vacations.Pick this book and go to the beach and you ll immediately feel like you are a part of the story Two very different people end up being perfect for each other Both need each other to find what they really want from their lives.I loved Cam s dirty mouth He is cocky, a smartass and super hot Makayla wasn t very confident in the beginning but one moment in a plane with a stranger will change everything But both together were so refreshing, awkward and funny to me Not only do you have a dirty mind, but you re awful bossy, you know that Bossy, no.In charge, yes I have read many books by Kim Karr and I can honestly say this was a totally different from her other books and I liked it a lot Pick this one for your vacation, you are going to love it ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 Stars For what I have in mind, there are no pants required. Makayla Alexander has always been the good girl Having a great career, and loving friends, she feels that she s too uptight and she wants to make a change Deciding to leave New York and move to Laguna Beach with her best friend, Makayla is on track to being a free spirit and finally letting her hair down But little does she know that the club detour that she took, is going to reunite her with the very hands on and charming Cam Waters.Cam Waters has had it with his New York lifestyle Needing to make a change and get from under his father influence, he makes the move to Laguna Beach Not joining the family company and being a lifeguard is not what his father had planned for his future But Cam doesn t care He wants to do what is best for CAM and if it means pissing off his dad even , then so be it Sitting next to the gorgeous brunette on the airplane made his trip better but tryng to join the Mile High Club That is one flight he would never forget Two strangers.Same destination.One hot Summer.I found Cam and Makayla s relationship very different but in a good way These were two people who were trying to figure out who they were and at the same time, taking that leap of faith on each other to build a relationship They were hesitant but respectful of each other s feelings and I really liked that they supported one another But with a new found love comes the ever present drama that no matter how hard they try, the past can t be escaped.Will this Summer hookup turn out be the best thing that s ever happened to Cam and Makayla Or will they burn like the summer heat If you love a hot, steamy read some instalust, then this one is for you Arc kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Perfect summer romance, steamy, funny and so cute After a tough breakup Makayla decides to leave NYC and moves to her best friend in Laguna Beach, California She wants to find herself again and prove to yourself that she is not uptight b tch like her ex claims She says goodbye to her friends from the city at the party And this is where the story begins and when start the most bizarre situations in which she will find herself this summer New start New life New me California, here I come During her trip after new life and encouragement she decides to loosen up, take advice and complete a list prepared by her friend One of the points is to join the Mile High Club Fate would have it the seat next to her on the plane take the handsome, charming men.Cam also has a difficult time behind him He moved out of NYC, and is trying to put his life anew Employed as a lifeguard on the beaches of California and returns there after a short visit in the city He spends a good time with a girl on the plane She intrigued him, but before he even plans to ask for her number she escapes from the airport.But fate has its own plans, and the two will meet again as neighbors Is good girl goes on the wrong side or maybe bad boy finds what he so afraid to find We will certainly have lots of fun before we find out I want her again and I haven t even had her yet She s that addicting Final thoughts This is the perfect book for summer time It is funny, light and easy to read with a small dose of angsty but nothing too heavy Full of humor, full of passion Just sun, beach, hot lifeguard, a lot of laughs, romantic and smoking hot scenes The main heroine is excellent Cute and a little awkward Can be a real b tch but also in the same moment can be a blushing girl She always finds herself in the most ridiculous situations and it makes that the reading is really a blockbuster I also adore a charming Cam He is a very, very bad boy with a dirty mouth The chemistry between them is off the charts, and their interactions are adorable It s their wit and easy banter what provide a lot of funny scenes and dialogues I laughed than once.It has sensational opening scenes Already their first meeting in the air is explosive One of the coolest things is the Book Club and whisper reading a romance with the relevant parts of the book You can guess how they ended up while reading erotic menage Always no less hot and steamy scenes between them, not only in the bed Their relationship is growing gradually and emotions arise after some time You will not find here very complex topics, although there are some secrets that are revealed slowly It hooked me hard into reading at the beginning, and so it was almost to the end Perhaps too quickly everything is solved, but it s summer reading, not some hard stuff.Makayla and Cam make a wonderful couple You can feel the affection between them The place where the story happens definitely adds a lot of beautiful atmosphere of the beach, sun and the holidays It can make you dreamy It definitely carried me away There are also funny secondary characters, about who I would gladly read a book.Light, flirty and sassy If I d have recommend the books for someone to the beach it definitely would be this steamy beach romance ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    Makayla is bored with her New York life.Well, it s like her ex fianc was probably bored with her but that s only a guess on her part, because she found him well not telling you that But now that she s thinking about things, maybe she should change her life a bit Maybe just try to live a different life for a while Find herself and all that crap She hates her boss, she hates being single and alone Maybe trying a carefree life in California doesn t sound all that bad.Off she goes To live with her bestie Maggie in her Laguna Beach beach house Maggie knows how much Makayla loves order and rules and she gives her a list of ten things to do while starting her new life Things like have sex with a stranger, have sex on a plane, buy a vibrator, read an erotic novel in a public place et cetera.She meets Camden on the plane.The same Camden she witnessed getting blown by this Megan Fox lookalike last night while Makayla was hiding under a table at a club And not only is he sitting next to her on the plane and doing fun and sexy things with her on that flight, nope he s also her new neighbor in Laguna Beach Both Cam and Makayla have had their hearts broken by exes and as we all know, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new Friends with benefits here we come But can they both do that without feelings getting involved WHAT WiLL HAPPEN TO MAKAYLA CAMDEN WiLL THERE BE A HEA FOR THEM IN CALIFORNIA I m not telling you that of course Every time a new Kim Karr book arrives on my kindle, I m totally excited.You never know where the story will take you, you just know that it will most likely be amazing And Cam Makayla totally adorable They re so cute and funny and sexy and broken and ugh, I just loved them and I wanted them to get to their HEA asap I loved the location and the whole atmosphere of Southern California Great story Funny, adorable, and very sexy Lots of staring at our hottie lifeguard Cam moments Of course it s not all sunny happy happy sexy Both have lots of baggage But the reader has a great time watching them fight for their Happy NO PANTS REQUIRED was a very sexy adorable love story about two lost broken darlings who might have finally found their place in life and love Run to your nearest and start reading What I was a bit confused by we meet lots of people in this book Not really supporting characters, but strangers People with a first and a last name and they re all introduced to us with both names and family connections and a bit of their life story and I had the feeling that I missed some of Kim s books and all their stories had already been told Or maybe they ll be in future books No idea, but all those people were a tiny bit too much for my bookalzheimer head to keep up with I didn t really know why they had to be introduced the way they were Oh, another thing..I think the blurb is a bit too long I like a good blurb and I always read them before starting a story, but this one was way too long, I think some people might stop being interested in the book during that long read But that could be just me being weird.

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    No Pants Required is a stand alone romantic comedy with a whole lot of surf, sun, and swoon This is the first book I have written where the angst is light and there is no suspense, mystery, murder, or crime Oh, and there is no cliffhanger either I just wanted to write a fun, flirty, and sexy easy summer read.I hope you enjoy it And tell me what you think of the book Cam and Makayla read together That part was so much fun

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    After her engagement ended in heartbreak, Mikayla is leaving New York for Los Angeles to reinvent her life Prior to leaving, she gets front seat view of Camden Waters getting head from a girl, which made things super awkward when both Camden and Mikayla shared a seat during their flight from New York to Los Angeles This encounter sets off a series of coincidences that brought Camden and Mikayla together While it didn t really wow me, No Pants Required was still a fun read That airplane scene was hilarious I m so glad Kim Karr decided to write that scene and made it refreshing by having her two main characters fail miserably at their attempt to join the mile high club Another thing I really enjoyed was the story within the story that we got Basically, we got a glimpse of what Mikayla was reading in the book I wonder if that book really existed or if Kim Karr wrote it just for this book because that would be so meta Overall, I enjoyed it but it didn t really move me emotionally in any way The plot was okay You could say it s predictable, which wasn t an issue for me The main reason why I wasn t so enthused about this book was that I really didn t feel any connection with either Mikayla and Camden I like them together but there was an emotional disconnect for me with their characters Still, this book was fun and hot I would definitely give this a chance if you re in a mood for something short, sexy, and meta ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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