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Getting Over Gary (Whitsborough Bay, #2) summary Getting Over Gary (Whitsborough Bay, #2) , series Getting Over Gary (Whitsborough Bay, #2) , book Getting Over Gary (Whitsborough Bay, #2) , pdf Getting Over Gary (Whitsborough Bay, #2) , Getting Over Gary (Whitsborough Bay, #2) 8e59a479e8 It Was Supposed To Be The Perfect Fairy Tale Elise Married Her Childhood Sweetheart, Gary, Straight Out Of College, And They Ve Been Happy Together For Over Twelve Years Elise Is Now Desperate To Start A Family, But Gary Doesn T Seem To Share Her Enthusiasm Any Arriving Home Early From A Party, She Discovers Why Gary S Been Keeping A Secret From Her A Very Big SecretWhile Her Own Marriage Appears To Be Falling Apart, Being A Supportive Bridesmaid For Her Best Friend, Sarah, Isn T Easy Especially Not When Clare, Her Nemesis From Day One, Is One Of The Other Bridesmaids If She S Going To Get Through It, She Needs To Put Her Own Feelings Aside, Find Herself Again, And Get Over Gary FastCould Recently Divorced Daniel Be The Tonic Elise Needs, Or Is He Full Of Secrets And Lies Too Is His Hostile, But Strangely Attractive Brother, Michael, The Genuine Article Instead And Why Do The Good Guys Like Stevie Turn Her Down But Then Elise Discovers She Has A Secret Of Her Own And Getting Over Gary Suddenly Becomes The Least Of Her Worries

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    Wow, this was not your typical relationship to have to get over High school sweethearts and then twelve years of marriage That s a long time And he s the one and only guy you ve ever, ever dated Then the first guy you decide to date will do anything with two breasts This poor girl is not having a good life Her best friend is getting married, her sister is getting married and is pregnant with twins and her arch nemesis is always around whenever she goes into meltdown mode Oh, this poor girl She was almost teetering to that woe is me path where I was going to have to say goodbye Felicia However, she kept taking a fork away from there and remembering she wasn t the only human on the planet So I kept hanging with her and I m glad I did It ended up being quite an entertaining, fun and enjoyable read There were quite a few laugh out moments and I even shed a few tears AND, there were a couple of fist pumps in the air Right on, girl I enjoyed this one much better than Searching for Steven which can only mean, Jessica Redland is getting better I look forward to her next book.Huge thanks to So Vain Books for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e galley in exchange for an honest review I definitely recommend this girl s not going to take it any read

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    With many thanks to So Vain books for providing this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed It s the second book in the Whitsborough Bay series, and I read and enjoyed Searching for Steven There is a cross over of characters The main character in this one , Elise, is the best friend of the girl in the first book.Elise is having a really tough time after discovering her husband has been having an affair Even so there are some very humourous incidents and it is an enjoyable read She tries dates with different men will they help her get over Gary It felt a bit like catching up with friends going through a troubled time and sharing stories and looking forward

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    Getting Over Gary is book 2 in Jessica s Whitsborough Bay series Book 1 is Searching for Stephen.Elise was supposed to be the lucky one She was the one who married her sweetheart at 18 She was the one who had her dream teaching job She was supposed to be the one married to the doctor and having the perfect family However, she is the one who finds her world completely thrown upside down when her husband s big secret is finally revealed.The story opens with Gary being a right pain and miserable excuse for a husband I wonder how Elise managed not to push him down the staircase Okay, he s not all that bad and he s facing some major challenges himself but still He was certainly not my favourite person.Elise is in a difficult situation She is heart broken but at the same time has to cheer on her sister and best friend as they get ready to start their own happily ever afters She retreats into herself for the most part as she keeps major news from her friends and family so as not to take away from anyone s special moments Maybe she could be called a tad selfish a couple of times but I think it s completely justified in her case.Jessica excels at writing romance and writing the journey to a happily ever after The story unravels over several months and we get to see Elise find herself, stand up for herself and grow as a person.The secondary characters are wonderful We have an opportunity to catch up with folks whom we met in Rhys and Steven check out those reviews and we meet new ones too Daniel and Michael are like night and day and provide an interesting twist to the story Aunty Kay reappears like a fair godmother ready to help out the far maiden in distress, and finds a little romance of her own Clare is back and the rivalry between her and Elise is as strong as ever But we also get to see a different side of Clare and it seems as if there may be hope yet for Sarah s best friends to get along I m so excited to read Claire s story next, having been given just the tiniest hints in this one Maybe I would have liked a little interaction or unfolding between the two sweethearts at the ending It was just a smidgen too abrupt But their Christmas gift exchange almost brought on the tears, it was so delightful and touching.All in all, this was a perfect pick me up to wash away the reading stress I can t wait to read Book 3 in the series.I give this book 4.5 sweet stars

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    Having really enjoyed Searching for Steven, I was very curious to see what Jessica Redland s new book would be like Imagine my delight when I see that it centres around Elise, who is Sarah s best friend, and as a result we get to see of Sarah who I really liked in the first book, and of various characters that I already knew Before I go any further, although this is a sequel, or continuation of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone, as the focus of main character is completely different As mentioned though there are recurring characters, and I really do hope we will get to know even of the lovely characters in Whitsborough Bay in the future Elise gets the surprise of her life when she arrives home early and catches her husband up to no good Not only is he up to no good, but he has been living a lie for his whole life Obviously the marriage is pretty much over at this point, and its up to Elise to get over her soon to be ex husband Gary Elise doesn t just have her heartbreak to contend with, her sister announces she is pregnant something that Elise wishes she was , and her best friend is getting married, and Elise is to be bridesmaid, along with Sarah s other friend who Elise doesn t really get along with And then there are the potential men who could be the ones to help Elise get over Gary for good They include brothers Michael and Daniel, who couldn t be different, as well as friend Stevie Since this is fiction, and of course it wouldn t be anywhere near as interesting a story with just all that going on, there are then some hidden unforeseen complications too, just to really mess with Elise s head I loved the sense of humour in the writing, and the complicated situation Elise manoevered herself into At one point you need to try and keep up with who knows what and why , about a secret I m becoming a real fan of Jessica Redland s Whitsborough Bay series, and can t wait for the next installment If you like a good romantic comedy, that has some sticky situations and a bit of depth to it, then I would recommend you try this book Thanks to Netgalley and So Vain Books for this review copy This was my honest opinion.

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    Favorite Quotes I m not ready for sleep yet I tried for sultry I think I managed slurred I think your gaydar may need some fine tuning now that you ve crossed the border I think it s still in Scottish frequency He swiftly removed his shirt, revealing a ripped stomach A group of giggling girls wolf whistled as they passed Curtis licked his finger then rubbed one of his nipples with it in an extremely camp Austin Powers style pose The minimum age was late fifties and the dress code was beige And she also said that if I mess you about, she ll never order from me again and she ll rip my bollocks off and mount them in her next floral arrangement So please don t tell her I was late because I m a little bit scared of her right now Right now, you re about as much use as a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake My Review Getting over Gary teetered from light hearted and witty, to serious and thoughtful The subject matter could have been heavy and angsty, although I enjoyed the hits of levity as the story unraveled realistically with a multi layered progression, while still managing to remain entertaining The characters were quirky, interesting, and likable, and I enjoyed following them around The premise was relevant and current while the plot took several unpredictable and surprising turns I was occasionally frustrated with Elise yet, being a fellow procrastinator, I understood her all too well This being the second book in the series, I am feeling the pull to go backward and read the first book and accompanying short stories as well, although this volume stood well on its own legs.

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    Great Book This is a great book this is the second book in the Whitsborough Bay series by Jessica Redland Elise thought she had the perfect life and married to her childhood sweetheart Gary That is until she found out that Gary was cheating on her She has agreed to be a bridesmaid for her best friend and to make matters worse her nemesis is also a bridesmaid If you are looking for a fun book then you need to read this book I am looking to reading books by this author.

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    I don t need many words to describe my feelings about this book I loved it from the first word until the final full stop.

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    Their relationship hasn t been smooth sailing of late but when Elsie discovers Gary has been keeping a secret from her it s the final nail in the coffin Having been best friends and childhood sweethearts they have spent the whole of their adult life as a couple and being jolted into life as a singleton isn t an easy transition for Elsie For a start she has no idea who the real Elsie is when no longer one half of a couple Before she can begin the journey to finding herself though she meets smooth talking Daniel Like Elsie, he too has had his heart broken, but is jumping into a rebound relationship the right thing to do On top of her relationship problems poor Elsie is also trying to juggle her demanding teaching job, bridesmaid duties for best friend Sarah as well as supporting her pregnant sister Jess It s all becoming too much for her to cope with and she finds herself pushed even closer to braking point when she is forced to lie to those closest to her Where will the web of secrets and lies end and will there be a happy ending This book had me hooked from the very first page Having already read the first book in the series I was familiar with the character set up and was extremely excited that Elise was to step forward as the protagonist for this sequel she was a character I desperately wanted to get to know better Despite being part of a series, this book would work equally well as a stand alone novel as there is plenty of detail and information provided in terms of back story I did however feel by reading Searching for Steven first it gave this story a little depth and enriched my enjoyment somewhat.Anyway, back to my thoughts on Getting Over Gary This book is a thoroughly entertaining rollercoaster ride full of emotion One moment I would be laughing the next reading through eyes blurred with tears, this story really has it all I found myself empathising with both Elsie and Gary as they separately worked through the heartache of their marriage breakdown and subsequent divorce, something I hadn t anticipated at the outset In fact, I found myself heavily invested in a majority of the characters as they drew me into their lives, testament to how well written the story is.Jessica has an a wonderfully easy style of writing that keeps the story flowing and me wanting to read I finished the book in a day and can t wait to devour the next instalment from Whitsborough Bay,Dreaming About Daran Getting Over Gary is a fantastic chick lit that had me on the edge of my seat right until the end wondering if Elsie would ever find her Happy Ever After A real feel good read that left me grinning from ear to ear Highly recommended

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    Elise and Gary are childhood sweethearts and have been married since they were 17 Elise would love a family and is thinking that the time is almost right Gary however has his own ideas and a secret that Elise could never have imagined I m not normally in to romance but as with Searching for Steven this has so much A woman with determination that isn t going to let a downturn spoil her outlook on life I took to Elise very quickly and felt for her predicament It is sometimes easier to roll over and let life put you down rather than get up, smell the coffee and go get what you deserve I love Jessica s style of writing It has that certain something that makes you want to keep turning whilst giving you a relaxing read and the occasional smile For anyone who has or is facing difficulties in life Reading this may give you a strength you never knew you had and that little thing called hope A truly captivating, highly enjoyable read.For reviews please see my blog follow me on Twitter nickijmurphy1

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    Good story I didn t realise that these three books Steven, Gary And Daran were the three books before the Christmas stories on castle street I read those first and now have had to go back and start the series again It s a good book I enjoyed it although I do think it would be better to read them in order Worth a read as they are well written and the characters have depth which make you care about them and their happy endings.

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