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    I received an ARC of Lucky Me by Kelly Moran in exchange for an honest review.This short story was well written, the story flows The characters are lovable, and grip you from page one You get to know the characters pretty well with it being a short story I need of the characters Declan O Leary s family is cursed Declan doesnt want to get to close to anyone but when he first sees a lady at the park, he wants to meet her, wants to know her, he wants her.Lily Durand is the lady from the park When Declan finally gets to talk to her at the pub, he tells her to meet him at his place They decide on a week long fing. NO feeling, No Strings Since the O Leary Family is cursed, it can t be than the week.Will they be able to stick to the no Feelings, No falling rules they set Or will they find a way to break the curse I look forward to reading other short stories in this set once it releases.

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    I give you my love and my luck I was lucky enough to catch a sneak peek at Lucky Me Kelly Moran s contribution to the Getting Lucky anthology This SEXY novella will have you praying for the curse to be broken Declan O Leary knows love doesn t exist for him and it s never really bothered him before A chance meeting and a glimpse of her tattoo has him spell bound, wishing he wasn t cursed Months later he meets her again, but this time she won t easily escape Lily Durand has her own history of hardship Agreeing to not become attached, she and Declan embark on a steamy affair With them both being honest about their pasts, their bond grows stronger and feelings evolve When Lily presents the opportunity to break the curse, will Declan accept Can this risky gift finally break the O Leary spell There looks to be some great stories in this anthology I can t wait to read the rest

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    I received an arc of Lucky me by Kelly Moran This story is amazing I couldn t put it down I loved getting to know these characters For a short story there is enough information on the characters that you get to know them pretty well I didn t want this book to end.

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    I was gifted an ARC of Kelly Moran s Lucky Me from this anthology, in exchange only for my honest review I have to say I love anything that includes Irish luck, or in this case an Irish curse Declan s family has been cursed many many years, and he just wants to love and be loved without death happening Chance has it where he sees a redheaded woman who claims his thoughts Sees her several times before he will actually have the pleasure of spending time with Lily, who has decided to live life without regrets, decides to take Declan up on a interesting offer of spending a week at his place No strings attached, or will there be The friendship they develop turns into something But, alas love brings heartache and neither will risk it will they A must read for anyone who has loved, lost and believes in luck and curses 5 5 cross posting to My Reading reality.

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    Iam So Excited for this anthology I was lucky get it lucky lmao enough to get an arc of one of the stories in this anothology Lucky Me By Kelly Moran I loved it soo much the story was about Declan and Lily Declan family has dealt with a terrible curse for many many many years the curse is that every male in his family gets screwed over when it come to love , so he is not really a relationship man but then meets lily and thats where story takes of it was steamy, it sweet, it was emotional and funny at some parts Everything i wanted from this novella wrapped up with a happy ending.if this is just one story story in this anthology i cant wait to see the rest , and on top of that all the proceeds benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness so if your interested it will be out on march 15 ,2016

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    Review based on Right Kind of Wrong by the lovely K Renee I cannot praise this Author enough Excellent writing and a fabulous storyline Dannicka is shocked and scared when a total strange shows up at her door to tell her she is in trouble Her sister, Sage, sends him to get her to safety This beautiful strange is Saw Once at the club house Saw makes it known that Danni is his When she finally get to see her sister, she learns that her Long lost Dad is the president of the club This brings up so many emotions and hurt for Danni She works through them but not without falling for Saw Saw appears rough and hard but he is really a sweet heart All the suspense and action of trying to keep Danni safe really kept me on the edge Love love love this book.

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    Review for Recommended Reads This Anthology is a MUST read The proceeds are going to a great cause as well.The stories are so great Sometimes when I read an anthology I feel like I m rushed through the stories a bit Not this one, all the stories were very well put together They flowed and weren t rushed Yay Romane Hotness Well written So preorder this now, I can t wait for everyone to read it.

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    I received an ARC copy from the author I absolutely loved this book The characters from this anthology are great and I got to read something from authors I haven t read before now I am not going to spoil this for anyone by giving spoiler but it was a great read.

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    I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Lucky For You by Mayra Statham I loved it Keira has had bad luck in the past with men Her ex husband had cheated on her, and left her and their daughter on their own Now Keira has a hard time trusting men When she first sees Rex, she is immediately smitten Rex has always been a player, but one glance at Keira has him wanting to change his ways He finds himself wanting to be with her all the time Can Rex really change and commit himself to Keira Or will he always be a player Is Keira ready to trust Rex Or will she be left broken hearted again I am looking forward to reading the whole novella this summer I hope to read the other stories in this anthology, because I m sure they will be just as great as Lucky For You.

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    Review is based on Right Kind of Wrong by K ReneeThis was a good story in the Getting Lucky Anthology I was thrilled to read Right Kind of Wrong by K Renee it was very entertaining and wonderful to read and enjoy This was one of my favorites by this author I enjoyed reading and getting to know the characters of Dannicka and Saw Saw was total all alpha and Dannicka was a strong lady to follow and loved her character Saw was another tough guy who melted the pages on my kindle he was so uber hot Looking forward to reading this anthology once it goes live.

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