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No Strings Attached Book 1 quotes No Strings Attached Book 1 , litcharts No Strings Attached Book 1 , symbolism No Strings Attached Book 1 , summary shmoop No Strings Attached Book 1 , No Strings Attached Book 1 638fa039 No Strings Attached, Book Contemporary Steamy Romance Duology This Book Is A Part Series FREE Contemporary Interracial Steamy Romance Single By Choice Focused By Her Drive To Succeed And Open A Storefront For Her Lucrative Lingerie Line, Veronica Winslow Is Not Interested In Relationships A Chance Meeting With The Handsome PR Executive, Roland Bishop, Finds Her Struggling To Resist His Advances And Him Intrigued By Her Willpower When Their Accidental Run Ins Lead To A Date, They Discover That They Have A Lot Than Drive Keeping Them Interested Until A Woman From Roland S Sorted Past Becomes Jealous And Begins To Target Veronica And All That She Worked So Hard To Achieve

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    I really enjoyed reading this story and seeing how things are unfolding between Roland and Veronica I would like to read the second part but I cannot seem to find it on to purchase it As soon as I do though, I m going to continue

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    What I do not like Roland at all He needs to be a man , not a little boy with no control over his libido And blaming Tia , when he keeps going back Really And Olivia and Mama bullying her really You reap what you sow

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    OkayVeronica was getting on my nerves I understand being frustrated about exes, but he clearly wasn t encouraging any of them.

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    Steamy sex scene sbut lots of unecessary catty feamle drama in this book And Roland Bishop as the main guy s name Seriously Roland Bishop is Tupac s character from JUICE It was so obviously this book was a story of black love originally and they turned the main character white to hop on the IR trend Nothing about the character felt white middle class like the author wanted it to be He and his mother just used alot of african american slang The author should ve just made the character biracial with a black mother because he didn t feel like a white guy at all to me And there was basically no racial differences between the two characters Hell did race come up between them at all Can t remember.

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    So much drama 2 1 2 I understand that some romance books need a bit of tension to make the story exciting However, this is way too much drama It s so much, the couple barely got a chance to connect.I like the heroine.No matter how favorable the author tried to make the Hero he just was a dog I wasn t rooting for this couple I m hoping the next will turn things around.I m gonna give this author another chance with part two, despite the fact the cliff hanger was the worst All this was, was a case of an author splitting a whole book.

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    It was okayThere s no ending You ll have to purchase Book 2 to find out if and how Veronica and Roland s relationship progresses.One thing that does seem strange is that Roland, being a white man, tends to use African American Vernacular English and it doesn t seem.necessary, I guess Some of the dialouge was really difficult to understand from a contextual point of view.

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    PredictableA little too tame and very predictable scenarios A player and a workaholic woman, both with relationship issues There are quite a few errors on grammar usage, needs editing Just an OK read.

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