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    I went into this book expecting something heavy on sci fi, maybe part thriller or even some romance and got something totally unexpected a closer view of the evils of slavery in the USA and the struggles of African Americans and abolitionists to end this abhorrent practice Although the pacing was a bit slow for my taste hence three stars instead of and I would have appreciated tension or danger, overall the story was a real pleasure I felt the author genuinely knew her history of the 1800 s US and the social context of the abolition movement, and she portrayed the time traveling characters from this time with surprising accuracy I could hear Harriet Tubman s voice through her words and was moved on several occasions for the pain she, as a real person, must have felt There was also some interesting debate on destiny and self fulfillment.I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy history mixed in with some light sci fi, time travel stories, family and cozy reads Oh, and if you speak French watch out for the salty language that I found quite fun I received a free e book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Good Story, hard to believe this is a first time novel for this Indie writer Well written, the plot moves quickly, fun twists and turns I am definitely looking forward to the authors next work, if this is her first I can only imagine she ll get even better I hope Ms Sbrocca doesn t make the mistake other authors do and pays just as much attention to detail and subtleties in her subsequent books as she has in this first one She could also have the twenty something characters grow up a little in their conversations and attitudes as they would in real life with the passage of time.About 1 3 way through the book I started wondering if this was just going to go on, I won t add a spoiler but if one of the main characters turned out to be who they claimed, there was only one way this book could turn out and I was beginning to think this could get a little boring and what could possibly take up the later part of the book to make it still an enjoyable read The author was ahead of me though, introduced another character and the fun pace continued Mrs Sbrocca took some chances, one claiming that the main family characters are descendants of what some historians consider the First American Terrorist but she ended up smoothly pulling it off and even liking this possibly questionable character in true American History You know you are reading a good book when after you have finished and even while you are reading you go to google to search for some of the historical characters mentioned because you have had your curiosity peaked as to their personalities and how plausible some of the situations they find themselves reacting to are.There are some serious reading and some humorous moments as well As the description reads this book deals with a time traveling slave so the issue of slavery is comes up in this book as does civil rights and the plight of the freed slaves being free only in word but not as far as the actions of the majority of their now equal fellow Americans The book does lean toward the preachy side in a couple of places but falls just short of actually reaching that level I think it was appropriate and possibly destiny for me to be reviewing this on MLKs birthday, I had no idea when beginning this book a few days ago how appropriate a read for this holiday weekend it would be.The Author has obviously done her homework, I love the figures of speech the characters use, it feels very real and you feel a part of the knowing something is afoot by listening to some of the conversations I ve been reading a lot of Indie lately, some of it is very hard to read due to editing apparently being done by spell check alone they could at least use the grammar check feature too, but no evidence of that Some Indie books too feel like they ve been written by teenagers or feel very Young Adult like or feel like they re being written down or dumbed down for us less than knowledgeable readers The Crossing Hour does not feel that way, the author assumes you know some basic American History and if not familiar with the subject have the desire to educate yourself about it.I highly encourage readers to pick up this book and introduce yourself to some new character friends, you won t be disappointed.I would actually rate this book as a 4.5, I leave 5 stars for books such as Enders Game, The Garden of Iden the Company Series , Child of the Morning and Raising the Stones However if this author continues the good writing I do not doubt she has a 5 star book rattling around inside her brain that she ll share with us.

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    This review and many reviews and features can be found at www.thebookeaters.co.ukDo you believe in time travel Stanley Graf certainly does In fact proving it has become the life work of not only him, but his wife, son, daughter in law and grandchildren After a series of failed attempts at proving that a meteor shower combined with the moon s closest proximity to the earth would create a gateway through which time travel could occur, in 2014 theory becomes reality But the traveller who comes through the gateway is non other than Harriet Tubman, run away slave and future abolitionist Stanley s grandchildren Leigh and Stan must protect Harriet and keep her safe for a year before returning her to the gateway and therefore her own time so that she can fulfil her destiny But how can you convince someone born into slavery and now living in a future where she is free, to return to her previous life This book has some lovely elements I really like the Graf family, their relationship and personalities I did google Stanley Graf as I wondered if he had been a real person The book made me want to learn about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, it wasn t covered much in my English secondary school It s always difficult to put a voice to a historical figure, but I think it is done well here, and the parts of the book where Leigh tries to tell Harriet how important she will be in the future are really good I particularly liked the part where Leigh shows Harriet a recording of President Obama s inaugural speech, it gave me goosebumps.There are parts that aren t as smooth The story is told mainly from the point of view of Leigh and Harriet, although we do jump around between times and perspectives quite a lot, which can be difficult to keep up with I wonder if it needs to be made clearer in the chapter titles what year it is There is also a lot of information to take on in the first few chapters A lot of research has obviously gone into the astrophysics part of the book, but maybe the information could have been spread out and introduced subtly in the text.However, I did enjoy the similarities between the Harriet s past and the Graf s role in keeping time travellers safe In looking after their charges and ensuring they get back to their gateway in order to get back to their own time, there are connections to the Underground Railroad The passion for the subject jumps off the page through the writing.2.5 bitesI received ARCs of The Crossing Hour this review is my own honest opinion.

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    The Crossing Hour is an intriguing blend of history, science fiction, and time travel When a scientist discovers time portals, his family works together to find and help unwitting time travelers They become guardians of the past and protectors of our future Harriet, a runaway slave, comes through the portal to the present and is confronted by all the trappings of modern civilization The story unfolds as she adapts to her new time, embracing freedom while unaware of her past future The story is well written, wonderfully descriptive, and filled with interesting historical details When an important character dies, a mourner says, You don t know what impact a person has until they re gone This is true of everyone, and ties into the possible impact of time travel Well done

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    Disappointing.The premise was interesting but the pace was too slow and the plot too thin to capture interest The narrative consists mostly of dialogues, most of them tiresome and superfluous I waited and waited for the story to get going and when it eventually did, it fizzled out almost immediately.I found this first opus too boring to read the second one, although I bought both.

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    Oh Travis, child, what is fear Fear ain t nothing but a thing that moves us forward and makes us fight till we ain t afraid no Kindle Locations 4362 4364.After he discovers the phenomenon of one way time travel, Stanley Graf sets his granddaughter Leigh upon the task of personally welcoming a Traveler from the past They don t know who will appear or what year they will come from, but the Grafs do know that the time travel doorway opens up every four years and that there are other restrictions on those who travel The next Traveler to enter through the doorway in Delaware may be the Graf s most important discovery yet When plans to send the Traveler back in time at the appointed hour, exactly one year after the doorway first delivered the Traveler, start to unravel, could history itself be changed Leigh has the important task of making sure time and history are not altered and the weight of this responsibility rests heavily on her shoulders, To protect our visitors from the past, so that we may preserve history as we know it, and the future as we hope it will be Kindle Locations 5303 5304.Time travel is completely bogus and entirely unbelievable as a premise, but Sbrocca takes the concept and convinces me of its truth She gives underlying scientific technological explanations that had me believing in her time travel theory being plausible And who better to travel through time then the historical figure she chose Sbrocca s premise and usage of time travel were both clever and riveting The author chose a good idea and then made it into an excellent book.From the very first pages, Sbrocca delivers tension and intrigue in a powerful beginning to her novel The Crossing Hour If I were to choose one word to describe this book it would be authentic The characters were believable and felt real, even the ones from other times and places The characters motivations and desires were real and authentic The dialogue was authentic and sassy and fun.I am absolutely smitten with Sbrocca s clever idea of using a time traveler to introduce a specific speech pattern 19th century runaway slave while still being set in modern, familiar USA The reader is given a teaser into the past and how people spoke, but is not overwhelmed by this perspective.Every character has their own story and personality without being over the top or overly unique The characters from the past stayed true to what I know of them historically I loved that their personalities and actions stemming from who they were matched my perspective of how I thought those particular people would talk and act and what they would do in certain situations This is a super cool technique and makes for great historical fiction writing.Two specifics The chapter that went back in time to 2011 was a great idea and worked quite well in clearing up any questions that still lingered in the back of my mind Second after spending some time in present day technology cluttered USA, wouldn t any curious time traveler simply google themselves to find out why they are so important This question nagged at me so persistently, but I was able to suspend my disbeliefs in sight of such an entertaining and well written story.

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    Gifte in exchange for an honest review Awesome, if you love time travel then this books got to be on your TBRI read the blurb for this book and thought WOW this sounds a great book and I was right, seriously for a first novel I will be watching this author closely.So One thing I think you should do before reading this book is on the Table of Contents go to THE CROSSING HOUR UNIVERSE OF TIME TRAVEL section I didn t see this until the end, and I think I would have got the science a bit if I had read this part first.Then Dive into a fantastic story thats got a lot of History wrapped up in a fantastically believable time travel story I am seriously wanting Book 2 badly The amount of research that the author must have put in is shown in the quality of the storyline and characters.arts off with a beautifully written descriptive summary of the initial opening of the story, Harriet is a brave girl to be so calm and collected in the midst of her waking up in an unknown area with strange unbelievable sites that she cannot begin to fathom.The story then switches to the POV of the Graf s the family of Time Travel researchers, Stanley Graf is the matriarch and the inventor of the gadgets and initial scientist who had made it his lifes work to prove that natural time travel existed With the help of his son Thomas and Thomas s children Stan who is in the FBI and Leigh who is a Psychologist.by chapter 5 the witness the two main characters interconnect in the present timeline Its 2014 and Leigh is in charge of watching the event area for the time travel portal anomaly Shes a somewhat clumsy researcher, Loosing Harriet the time traveller , but she s a quick thinker and manages with the help of her brother Stan to get back on track.The concept of this book is such an intriguing one, for instance when you meet a time traveller from the past, do you tell them the future they are yet to write into history Or keep quiet for fear of disrupting the timeline.Reading this book sure had me thinking about how I would deal with it, and as I said above, I can t wait to read the next in the series.GO OneClick this now Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.

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    I went into this book not quite sure what to expect Once into the book, I was quite delighted to see a different spin on time travel Time travel seems to be the popular thing in sci fi right now and I was afraid I would be disappointed I wasn t This isn t just a book about time travel and the time travel that is described in this book isn t your typical mad scientist builds a time machine and goes back in time..and so on This is about a natural occurring time travel through these worm holes located in different areas throughout the country When Harriet Tubman came through the hole, Leigh and her family face a whole new set of challenges They needed to gain Harriet s trust quickly and then explain to her what was happening They also needed to convince her to go back to her time the following year after living free and seeing what the world is like now without slavery That would be a hard sell The book did have a slower pace, but all in all I really enjoyed the read The author shows us the world of slavery through Harriet Tubman s eyes and there is quite the detail and history lesson found in this story I look forward to from this author

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    In her fantastic debut novel The Crossing Hour , Quoleena Sbrocca begins with astrophysicist Stanley Graf discovering planetary black holes that act as time travel portals into the future Then the Graf family discovers that several key figures from the past have come into the present and they must take all steps to protect the integrity of American history This is the first time travel book I have read where people from the past have come into the present And the lady from the past behaves in a very believable manner, and has to be introduced to what she feels are miracles, but commonplace to us So today s actions by these past persons will throw history into disorder You may have heard the rhetorical question that if one has a time machine, went back in time and killed a butterfly in the past, this would dramatically alter the future There was even a film on the subject the Ashton Kutcher film The Butterfly Effect In spite of minor editing glitches, this is a truly enjoyable read and sequels are welcome.I thank Quoleena Sbrocca and .com for providing me a free soft copy of Crossing Hour for an unbiased review.

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    The Crossing Hour is a fantastic debut novel I love both Sci Fi and Historical Fiction, so this was a marriage made in heaven When astrophysicist Stanley Graf discovers planetary black holes that act as time travel portals into the future, the Graf family must protect the integrity of American history when they discover that several key figures from the past are brought into the present year.I especially enjoyed how the author thoughtfully considered the demeanor of individuals who are instantly transported to a future world Her consideration of their attitude about inventions that would ve seemed impossible or miraculous in their era is very well presented While the present day characters were likeable enough, the stars of the show, in my opinion, are the colorful figures from history that grace the pages While one or two editing issues may have slipped through the cracks, the writing is crisp and better edited than other self published works that I ve read Even though time travel is not new to the realm of Sci Fi, Sbrocca s treatment of the topic is fresh and original I look forward to following Quoleena Sbrocca s next novel.

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