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    Impressive playing with our mythologiesyet, the writer is Russian though he lives in North Carolina now.The prose is fantastic, the world is visual, and the overall magic of the world is fun and feels like it belongs not overly explained or made to be the center piece.Hard to find, but if you do, check it out.

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    As you probably well aware of, Russian fantasy is a no no for those with at least some taste in them For multiple reasons, majority of the novels there are just for some quick cash kind Usually, nobody even cares to translate all that garbage to other languages, but if there s a chance to sell it overseas, the author quickly becomes famous Just because he s a lucky little guy Anyway, every single day something new comes out and o m g, it s only getting worse Most of the time you can get better experience with the freakin fanfics in the net Seriously reading such stuff let s just say it s bad for your mental health Like I said, Russian fantasy no no.Nick Perumov is a rare exception, though Even though he started back in 90s with his infamous sequel to J.R.R Tolkien s legendary The Lord of the Rings, he was one of the very few, who were able to deliver some quality His writing was nice and full of colorful descriptions, his stories did show some imagination Some of them are seriously worth reading This one, though Not the one of such stories Technically, it s the beginning of a huge saga, so, if you ll ever happen to like that saga, maybe this novel will be worth reading But reading it for what it is that was a serious challenge to me Not because it s 500 pages Usually, I like long novels The problem is it s 500 pages of almost nothing The entire story is just some random guys fighting some other guys And that s pretty much it A lot of battles, a lot of descriptions, but no freakin story At all.The biggest failure here, though, is the fact that author failed to create the character to care about Sure, the descriptions are colorful Sure, some scenes are kind of exciting But honestly, why should I care about all those people What s so special about them It s just empty names, nothing else Reading Godsdoom is a lot like reading Wikipedia Just go to the google, search for, like I don t know World of Warcraft lore And start reading As long as you re not a fan of WoW and have never actually played it, how much fun would you get from reading all those names and who did what Not so much, huh And that s exactly why this novel doesn t work It feels like a lore A lot of boring and repetitive lore combined in one place And you just don t do such things You add parts of it to the real story The one we don t have in here.And just to make things worse, the entire thing is heavily based on Norse mythology Sure, everybody loves Norse mythology, but it makes setting far less original and far predictable And since the entire thing is all about setting Just try to guess how fun it ll be for you with those 550 pages.So yeah The author will sure improve a bit, but as long as you won t want after reading the other novels from this universe, I just can t recommend this one Not for what it is Because what it is is a shallow, boring and extremely repetitive mess Somewhat colorful, but perfectly useless.

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    This is my favourite Perymov s book I read it long time ago and from that moment i was looking for other autor s books It openep to me a hole new universe as a big system with its own mystery but very interesting laws Wonderful story as a begginig of the greate jou ney with a magick, gods, humans and different creatures.

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    Good book

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    Best book by Perumov

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