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Watched pdf Watched, ebook Watched, epub Watched, doc Watched, e-pub Watched, Watched 810d1ff0b5d Marina Budhos S Extraordinary And Timely Novel Examines What It S Like To Grow Up Under Surveillance, Something Many Americans Experience And Most Muslim Americans Know Naeem Is Far From The Model Teen Moving Fast In His Immigrant Neighborhood In Queens Is The Only Way He Can Outrun The Eyes Of His Hardworking Bangladeshi Parents And Their Gossipy Neighbors Even Worse, They Re Not The Only Ones Watching Cameras On Poles Mosques Infiltrated Everyone Knows Be Careful What You Say And Who You Say It To Anyone Might Be A Watcher Naeem Thinks He Can Charm His Way Through Anything, Until His Mistakes Catch Up With Him And The Cops Offer A Dark Deal Naeem Sees A Way To Be A Hero A Protector Like The Guys In His Brother S Comic Books Yet What Is A Hero What Is A Traitor And Where Does Naeem Belong Acclaimed Author Marina Budhos Delivers A Riveting Story That S As Vivid And Involving As Today S Headlines

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    Great premise, and it starts out strong, as Naeem is a sympathetic and authentic teenage screwup But what sounds like it should be a thriller is very slow paced and nearly devoid of suspense As the novel goes on and Naeem is in a very tricky situation, the stakes are just never raised, so that, for me, the ending felt flat and a little deus ex machina y.This is a matter of personal taste, but it felt overwritten to me Lots of poetic passages, and lots of things said three different ways when I got it with one For example I am than they can see Even with the fasting I ve never felt so light I am a nighthawk, winging from neighborhood to neighborhood Some readers might like this, but to me, especially because the plot wasn t advancing at the speed I wanted, these passages felt frustrating.Finally, and this may be petty, but Budhos apparent grudge against conjunctions really started to bother me So there are sentences like, I touch it to my mouth, break the skin on nearly every page I m not coming at this from a pedantic place the rules are actually fake, and fiction writers and poets get to break them at will but nobody really talks like that Like, no one would say, I ordered a burger, fries, but Naeem says stuff like this constantly, and for me, it drew attention to the writing at the expense of immersion in the story.

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    Do you know someone who could turn extremist Naeem is just helping out a friend when two men from the government offer him a deal They won t press charges for what they caught him doing if he does some work for them Soon he finds himself joining groups to gather information, stalking his friends online, and telling his government contacts every little suspicion he has This created story is based on the author s research surrounding intelligence practices in a post 9 11 world Naeem is not strictly a victim, and this is not an area of straightforward, black and white, wrong and right In a tricky political climate, teens will appreciate seeing what some of the headlines look like on the ground floor Recommended for middle and high school teen audiences review written for another source in December of 2016Wow, it s interesting to read that in 2019 August, as I write Things have changed so much with our cough cough current president.I took this book out to local middle schools 6 8th grade in January 2017 Kids were excited to hear about the scene that I described, where Naeem tries to get into a club with a fake ID I remember being impressed with how this book demonstrates how insidious personal change and boundary pushing can be First you do this one little thing, just to help someone out Then you have to do this other thing, and it gets bigger and bigger But how can you truly know that a person is trustworthy How do you know if they re someone who could do something terrible How do you know if you re someone who could do something terrible Could turning them in be a terrible act than the terrible thing that they may or may not do What are the circumstances in which you could be pushed that far I found this book incisively believable.Deeply disturbing.And how much deeper are we now.

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    Digital copy from the Ohio E Book ProjectNaeem s father and stepmother moved from Bangladesh hoping for a better life A senior in high school, Naeem has found school frustrating, and has falled so far behind that he s not even sure how to catch up When it turns out he can t, his parents are very disappointed in his They work very hard running a convenience store in their Queens neighborhood, and had high hopes for Naeem and his younger brother Naeem has a friend, Ibrahim, who is trouble, and one of their adventures ends with Naeem getting arrested for shoplifting In exchange for not having the event on his record thus perhaps impacting his father s green card , the police offer him a chance to work as a mole for them in the Muslim community He is to infiltrate mosques, student groups, and Muslim online chat rooms and look for suspicious behavior and report to them For a while, Naeem enjoys being involved in his community and going back for GED classes When his friend Ibrahim starts to act suspiciously, however, Naeem needs to decide whether he wants to continue working with the police on their profiling activities Strengths Naeem s struggles with wanting to do well and failing to do so will resonate with many of my students The joy he takes in being a good citizen is great to see, and the police are painted as fairly as possible in the matter of profiling It definitely is portrayed as seemed like a good idea at the time choice for all parties, instead of an essentially evil one I enjoyed this a lot, and Naeem s parents and younger brother were realistically heart breaking Weaknesses Sometimes, college aged characters are a hard sell, but I think my mature readers will enjoy the mystery and intrigue I appreciate that there isn t anything that makes this inappropriate for middle school What I really think This brings up some interesting questions and is very interesting I think that some of my 8th grade readers will enjoy seeing characters with immigrant background and rocky high school experiences, combined with the timeliness of the political background.

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    This timely novel makes one consider the problems of those whom the police recruit to help watch for terrorist plots A teenage immigrant caught up in watching Moslem sites for the police is gradually drawn in deeper and deeper The fine writing made me slow down to relish the words.

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    THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD I read this for Book Club and I loved it It talked about real world problems and how someone is always watching your movements It is especially important for a book like this at this point in history There are cameras everywhere, tracking your movements Your information you put online can be seen by anyone All in all, I just really liked this book I would definitely recommend it.

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    This book was amazing I loved all of the adventure and detail, but I didn t like the ending It wasn t what I was expecting, which should be a good thing, but I don t think what happened really worked for me In all though, it was a great book.

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    What happens to Naeem, the book s protagonist, could happen to almost anyone, but Naeem is particularly vulnerable because he is an immigrant Muslim teen living in Queens, New York He s always been able to scrape by on his charm, but when a couple of mistakes bring him to the attention of law enforcement officials, he faces a dilemma Either he plays by their rules and gives them the information they want, or they can make life very hard for him and his hard working family At first, Naeem thinks he can fool these cops, and then he thinks he might be able to be a hero by giving them the information they seek But the mired he becomes in his efforts to uncover possible terrorists or radicals, the he questions what he s doing After all, there s a fine line between protesting against certain actions or thinking about making changes in the world and actually acting on those impulses The deeper Naeem is drawn into this situation and the he explores websites and meets individuals who are trying to do good work, the confused he becomes about the wavy lines between someone who is a hero and someone who is a villain Although he spends most of the book getting further and further from the truth and from his own values and identity, eventually he finds himself and makes the right choices I d love to know what happens next, and I applaud the author for tackling this particular issue Through this book, she has forced readers to examine their own actions and assumptions and reminded them us that someone is always watching, and there are records of much of what we do I read this book several months ago, and it still sticks with me because of how realistic Naeem s story seems to be I felt as though I were reading something that could have been pulled from a newspaper headline and then had the back story provided to it The author nails Naeem s personality completely as well as the tentativeness of his father and stepmother as they themselves try to navigate this strange new world It s hard not to feel cynical during Naeem s interactions with the law enforcement agents as well as not to feel as though we ve been transported to a very intellectually unsafe, high tech version of a George Orwellian 1984 in which a boy is being asked to spy on his friends, neighbors, and acquaintances I suggest that everyone read and think about this book.

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    This was a very timely little book, and it was a fast and intense read The main character is a Muslim teenager living with his immigrant parents in New York City during the time of intense surveillance of the mosques and Muslim communities When he ends up on the wrong side of the law, officers recruit him to spy on his friends and neighbors At first he feels like he might be helping to protect them, but as the spying gets complicated and morally ambiguous, he has some tough decisions to make Good story.

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    This isn t so much an enjoyable read as an important contribution to the conversation about the Muslim teenager experience today in a society that is fearful of immigrants I would highly recommend to my high school students to expose them to a perspective they rarely see in our small Midwest town.

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    Still processing this one, but this is an important book for teenagers and adults, but teens are the intended audience There is a whole lot packed in to a somewhat spare and poetic story, things about community, culture, race, policing, ethics, friendships, family, what it means to do good , where moral lines lie It would be great to unpack in discussion.

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