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    Fourth and Long is a Christian Romance and the theme will pull at your heartstrings Brett and Kate were married, and he went off to perform his obligation in the military While he is gone, she asks for a divorce The story starts off with Kate and her son on their way to California Brett is back from overseas and working at a ranch Little does he know that he has a seven year old son until Kate arrives to have him sign divorce papers and have him meet his son There is one little catch Kate will inherit her mother s estate if she can prove she is divorced or that she has a happy marriage to Brett What do you think will happen when he meets his son The letters that were inserted didn t always relate to the chapters, but they did relate to the story The story moved a little slow in places, and I found myself skimming to a section that was interesting The author offers the reader a beautiful ending 3.5 Stars

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    I love Liz Isaacson, her novels are truly wonderful It is hard to find an author who can distinguish between a Christian Romance Novel and a Contemporary Romance Novel, but Ms Isaacson does it and she does it well I highly recommend every novel that I have read, and I hope that every novel I plan to read in the future is of the same quality Fourth and Long is a beautiful story about second chances, even when they aren t the easiest thing to come by Brett and Kate where married for only a short time before he was shipped out for a tour in Iraq, but what he didn t know was that even though Kate had asked for a divorce two months into his tour it was never finalized Kate found out she was pregnant and now she is back, multiple years later, to finally tell Brett the truth Is it too late I recommend this ten novel series, each one is better than the last Very well written, it s like a story coming off the pages before your very eyes.

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    While I liked reading about the folks at Three Rivers Ranch, and while I liked Reid and Brett s characters a lot but was mainly frustrated with Kate , I really did NOT like the periodic insertion of the letters from the past to tell Brett and Katie s story, and that accounts for my giving this three stars instead of Perhaps one reason was that the letters were not contemporaneous with what was going on in the rest of the story yes, they related to the story but no, they were not written as the story went along , but probably it was mainly because I dislike that writing device.

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    This is my favorite of the series so far I loved reading the letters between Brett and Kate The ending felt rushed and not what I expected but I liked the story too much let it bother me too much.

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    Ruined by constant insertions of letters emails by H h written to each other that were never sent, so they are pointless filler, and I started skipping them early on Book would have been about 100 pgs shorter without them Plus heroine is a detestable SKANK.who was with another man as soon as her husband of only a few months was deployed, but this author wants us to believe that she really loved her husband

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    Really strong emotional story with outstanding characters Glad I found this series The narrator is very good as well Happy reading listening

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    The letters between the characters are beautiful and make the whole relationship believable given the level of anger and distrust between them Another lovely story where real people make real mistakes and have to find real life solutions.

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    Overall this was a good read Of course it was crappy what Kate did Also her intentions for coming back were crappy too Thankfully she allowed Brett some time to be a father to their son I was happy that this time around they got to be happy.

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    .This definitely was not my favorite in this series It was light, not intense but compelling none the less It took awhile to get a glimpse of who these two characters might really be I feel the readers could have been shown much depth and growth in the characters and an HEA that didn t arrive so abruptly.Accolades 1 Clean 2 Able to stand on its own 3 ForgivenessHowever, it brings to light some of the sacrifices our soliders and their families endure to ensure our freedom I praise God for these souls

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    Brett had no idea his life was about to change While working with the horses at the ranch he finally felt that was the place for him Kate drive to the ranch and found Brett Telling him he had a 8 year old son was not easy but he had a right to know Brett was angry and trying to forgive Kate Then he found out they were still married They both asked God a question to have different ideas as to what the answer was

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Fourth and Long download Fourth and Long, read online Fourth and Long, kindle ebook Fourth and Long, Fourth and Long 6867193c8159 Can One Summer Together Make Up For Eight Years Of Separation Commander Brett Murphy Left His Family S Construction Firm In Oklahoma City For A Life Of Hard Work At Three Rivers Ranch Alone, Without A Wife And Kids, Brett Needs The Camaraderie He Enjoyed While Serving Overseas With His Army Buddies, Squire Ackerman And Peter Marshall What Brett Doesn T Need Is The Reappearance Of His Ex Wife Fiery Kate Donnely Has Come To Three Rivers To Confess To Brett That They Re Still Married, And Oh, He Has A Seven Year Old Son She Never Told Him About At Least Not In Letters She Mailed Eight Years Ago, Kate Left Oklahoma City Only Weeks After Brett S First Deployment, Shamed Because Of Her Bad Choices And The Unborn Child Of A Man She D Already Asked For A Divorce She Needs Him To Sign The Papers Now Or She Can T Have Access To Her Hefty Inheritance But Brett Absolutely Does Not Want Kate To Take His Son Away From Him Again They Strike A Deal She Ll Stay At Three Rivers For The Summer So Brett Can Have The Opportunity To Get To Know His Son How Far Will They Have To Go And How Much Will They Have To Forgive In Order To Become A Family