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Death Perception txt Death Perception, text ebook Death Perception, adobe reader Death Perception, chapter 2 Death Perception, Death Perception 4db5dc Abby Cooper S Betting The House On Her Inner EyeIt Took A While For Abby Cooper S FBI Agent Boyfriend, Dutch Rivers, To Accept Her Psychic Gifts As The Real Deal But These Days He Knows Better Than To Question Abby S Visions So When His Favorite Cousin Chase Is Kidnapped In Vegas, They Both Catch The Next Flight To Sin City Abby S Inner Eye Insists That Chase Is Still Alive, But Nothing Else About The Case Adds Up Especially Dutch S Reluctance To Involve His Own Bureau On Top Of Everything, Dutch Is Battling A Mysterious Illness, And Abby Keeps Having Disturbing Dreams That Predict His Death Dutch Wants Abby To Promise That If The Investigation Goes South, She Ll Head Home To Safety But When The Chips Are Down, Abby Won T Fold Without A Fight

About the Author: Victoria Laurie

Victoria Laurie is the New York Times bestselling author of 30 books and counting Victoria divides her time between her two adult mystery series, The Psychic Eye Mysteries, and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries , and a Y A thriller, When Formerly titled Death Date , to be released in early January of 2015.As a professional psychic, Victoria s protagonists psychic Abigail Cooper, and spiritual medium

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    Zanimljiva i napeta Pro itana po drugi put, jedva sam se malo sjetila kraja D

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    Abby Cooper, psychic eye, is back searching and solving mysteries This time, she and her FBI boyfriend, Dutch Rivers, go to Las Vegas to rescue his cousin from kidnapping In the process of investigating, Dutch disappears A mystery from a previous book returns with a great deal of danger and menace Abby along with her good friend Candace and her sister roll through Las Vegas, racing against time to find Dutch and unravel a complex mystery What might have been a cute gimmick has evolved into good solid mysteries where the psychic senses of the heroine are used authentically in this sixth outing of the series No deus ex machina implausible rescues by psychic revelation here, but some help, some inexplicable untranslatable messages that hinder and help Abby Cooper is a great detectve and the growing number of people in her life are wonderful, real, and you hope to see her again and again.

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    This time Dutch s cousin, Chase goes missing so Dutch and Abby go to Las Vegas Shortly after they arrive Dutch goes missing and Dutch s immediate boss at the FBI shows up and starts investigating Dutch as if he is the bad guy Abby goes into hiding but has two friends along to help her The book is a lot darker than others in this series has been The book was a fast easy read.

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    It took a while for Abby s FBI agent boyfriend, Dutch Rivers, to accept her psychic gifts as the real deal But these days he knows better than to question Abby s visions So when his cousin Chase is kidnapped after a bloody shoot out in a Vegas alleyway, he agrees that her clairvoyant skills could be invaluable, and they both catch the next flight to Sin City Abby s inner eye insists that Chase is still alive, but nothing else about the case adds up especially Dutch s reluctance to involve the FBI On top of everything, Dutch is battling a mysterious illness, and Abby keeps having disturbing dreams that predict his death Dutch wants Abby to promise that if the investigation goes south, she ll head home to safety, but when the chips are down, Abby won t fold without a fight.This is the sixth book in Laurie s Psychic Eye series, and the first review I ve done of any of the books Basically, they fall under the cute cozy slightly paranormal mystery category They don t take long to read, and they don t take a lot of brain power, either Yup, my popcorn books that I ve referred to in past reviews.This one really isn t any different, except that it is the first one I found myself being somewhat disappointed in, and that seems an odd thing to say, given that my expectations weren t that high in the first place I ve gotten used to Laurie repeating herself when she s giving exposition about how Abby s abilities work, her crew , what goes through her mind when something is true false, etc While it s probably not nearly as noticeable when you have to wait a year between books, it would still be nice if authors could find a way to fill in that backstory in their series entries without sounding like carbon copies all the time But I digress I know that Abby s visions don t always make sense, and I know that she s not always the sharpest crayon in the box, but hello the things she misses are so obvious, it s not even funny Take Dutch s mysterious illness I don t hold a medical degree but I knew within the first two scenes what was wrong with the guy Then there s the issue of her new cellphone Dutch gave her this gift in the previous book, and while she wasn t thrilled, she was grateful later on because said phone is equipped with a GPS device, meaning it could be used to track someone s location Got that Our girl Abby is desperately trying to find Dutch at one point in this book and remembers aha the cellphone has GPS But in the very next chapter after she fails to find said boyfriend , she forgets that the cellphone can be used to track her and gives away her location to the bad FBI guy Really Really I had a hard time buying that myself Then there s the issue of the casino Yep, Abby s crew helps her win a sweepstakes, including money and two Mini Coopers, pretty much the same way that they helped her pick lottery numbers for Dutch s ex police partner, Milo Um, I don t know whether I believe in psychic abilities or not, but I sort of feel like if they are real, there would be a lot lottery winners Just saying By the time Abby, her sister Cat, and her PI office partner Candice, have won those prizes, the believablity factor has dropped several quotients Honestly, I felt like I was reading about another hapless heroine, the one from New Jersey that s always blowing up cars There was just too much madcap adventure feel about this book, and definitely not enough plot I m hoping when I pick up the next one it s better, or that s the end of the series for me Guess time will tell.

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    The Abby Cooper Psychic Eye Mystery series is a lot of fun I ve been burning through these books at an alarming rate about one a day while recovering from a flu I forget all about the pesky coughing when I m reading Abby.While I found the mystery in the first book too predictable, they became much engaging for me after that This one is my favourite, possibly due to my predisposition to love all things Las Vegas There are lots of reviews that discuss plot, so instead I ll touch on style, craft and the reading experience Victoria Laurie has mastered the art of building a mystery The story is layered with lots of twists, while still being light enough to be brain candy Abby behaves true to character, ignoring direction, getting in trouble and ultimately saving the day We get to know her business partner Candace a lot better and see of her sister Cat There are times when the three of them are like an expanded version of Thelma and Louise it really kept the pages turning The one small thing that occasionally takes me out of the story in all the books is Laurie s handling of romantic scenes She has clearly made a decision not to use profanity or write sex scenes I can certainly respect that, but several times, I ve found the scenes with her boyfriend Dutch cut abruptly short as she employs a bit of a fade to black approach when intimacy comes into the picture Not that I am looking for great long scenes, but the lack of even emotional encounters between Abby and Dutch can at times make their relationship seem a bit flat This might also be why this is so far my favourite book in the series, because Dutch is absent for most of it.Niggles aside, I highly recommend the series if you like paranormal mystery with a touch of fun You ll get it here in spades.

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    Easy to read, fast paced, interesting, but also bit light headed I read Croatian edition.

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    What a fun read You learn about Candice s background and I m excited to see how her character plays out in future books It was also nice to see Abby s sister taking a active role in Abby s life Of course I enjoyed Nora too.I must say that it would be helpful to have read the previous book in this series, as it picks up from an unresolved vision Abby had from book 5 I m also looking forward to book 6 and see how things get developed with Abby, Candice, Dutch and the FBI.

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    Abby Cooper has a psychic gift that allows her to know certain things about people including whether they are dead or alive Dutch Rivers is Abby s FBI agent boyfriend and has become convinced that Abby s gift is real and no longer questions her visions.When Dutch learns that his cousin Chase has been kidnapped he immediately leaves for Las Vegas and Abby insists on going along to help Chase has been working as a bodyguard for Ricardo Delgado and both Delgado and Chase had disappeared Delgado s wife is filing for divorce and isn t very forthcoming with helpful information.Dutch is working with the local police but does not want to call in the FBI Dutch is working on a private investigation against FBI Agent Robillard and the last thing he wants is Robillard on the scene.Suddenly Dutch does a disappearing act and although he has made Abby promise if anything happens to him that she will return home immediately Abby takes another direction She calls her friend Candice for help and her sister Cat for money and both show up in Vegas Abby is being chased by Agent Robillard and his crew but the girls give him a good run for his money The girls find help in the most unusual places.Abby keeps having visions that Dutch is in deep trouble but the three are determined to find him and before it is too late An interesting, amusing story with a surprise ending.

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    Much better than the previous two in the series There s still too much rehashing of plot here though Why can t authors trust that if a reader is on book six of a series they most likely remember the name of the handy man, her sister, her boyfriend, and what a photograph of a dead person looks like to the psychic One of the best things about these books is that they are very light, and can be read in a few hours I woke up way too early this morning but by the time I eventually got up, at 7 30 am, I had started and finished this book.

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