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A Gentlemans Game (Wardington Park, #5) quotes A Gentlemans Game (Wardington Park, #5) , litcharts A Gentlemans Game (Wardington Park, #5) , symbolism A Gentlemans Game (Wardington Park, #5) , summary shmoop A Gentlemans Game (Wardington Park, #5) , A Gentlemans Game (Wardington Park, #5) 1c75c7a0 Miss Edith Elliott Wants Mr Nelson James Mr Nelson James Wants Miss Edith Elliott But The Rule Of Attraction Have Little Say In London Society Edith Learns Quickly That As The Daughter Of One Of London S Wealthiest Bankers, She Has To Live By A Certain Set Of Rules Yes, Rules Something She Hates But Needs To Live With She Is Not Allowed To Eat To Her Heart S Content She Is Not Allowed To Shy Away From Conversation But Most Importantly, Edith Is Only Allowed To Marry A Man With A Title So, Denying Her Heart, She Turned Her Back On Herself And Looked Toward Destiny Too Bad The Man Who Happens To Catch Her Eye Does Not Play By The Rules Nelson James Is A Mathematician, Wealthy Landed Gentry, And The Inventor Of A New Creation That Is Bound To Change The Course Of The World Forever But What Nelson Doesn T Have Is A Title Still, To Have Edith In His Arms, He Is Willing To Give Away Everything He Owns For Simply One Week In Her Presence And It Is One Week That Neither Will Ever Forget Will Destiny And Rules Win The Day Or Will Nelson And Edith Find A Way To Gain Their Happy Ever After

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    A Gentleman s GameOn one hand, I kinda enjoyed this story I really wanted to The plot for it sounded good but It dragged a lot the editing was confusing Cut out some of the redundancy would have helped.My biggest issue with this story was the setting Other than a reference to Mary Shelley, this story read like a Victorian or even Edwardian timeframe The verbiage, the gaming house, the Hotels Especially the confusing bit about the hero s mother the fighting screamed modern not Regency I have not read any others stories in this series, this is a middle one, and I have to say I won t be I m sorry but just no.

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    Was I reading the same book as all those five star readers Firstly The formatting was DREADFUL Double spaces inserted without any reason and no indents.Secondly The writing was laughable in places His suit would have to be thrown away and his black hair plastered wetly to his face.Thirdly After Chapter 3 I was totally and utterly confused Far too many characters thrown in without any explanation and then at the end of chapter 3, I read this PLEASE TAKE NOTE BELOWIn case you want to know about the characters relationships their connections, please refer to the Family Tree listed before the Prologuewtf At that point I gave up Not recommended for anyone.

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    Awful story.

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    Publisher s Description Miss Edith Elliott wants Mr Nelson James.Mr Nelson James wants Miss Edith Elliott.But the rule of attraction have little say in London Society.Page Count around 330 pagesEdith learns quickly that as the daughter of one of London s wealthiest bankers, she has to live by a certain set of rules.Yes rules something she hates but needs to live with.She is not allowed to eat to her heart s content.She is not allowed to shy away from conversation.But most importantly, Edith is only allowed to marry a man with a title.So, denying her heart, she s turned her back on herself and looked toward destiny Too bad the man who happens to catch her eye does not play by the rules.Nelson James is mathematician, wealthy landed gentry, and the inventor of a new creation that is bound to change the course of the world forever.But what Nelson doesn t have is a title.Still, to have Edith in his arms, he s willing to give away everything he owns for simply one week in her presence.And it s one week that neither will they ever forget.But at week s end, will destiny and rules win the day or will Nelson and Edith find a way to gain their happily ever after My Thoughts This is the continuation of a very good if sweet historical romance series I have read and reviewed several titles by this author under two pseudonyms and have enjoyed all of them.I read this book in short order and despite the sweet nature found it to be well written and the characters very well developed.I would give this book 4 of 5 stars for story line and characterization and 2 of 5 flames for heat There are heated moments even though there is no actual sexual interaction.I will surely be reading additional titles by this author.

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    Historical Christian Fiction 1850 s London Society Romance novel that is clean I read the whole series that was out by February 2017 during February 2017 I love the way the author introduced characters and the peripheral characters from the previous book become the main characters of the next These are just fun, easy reads that all have different nuances to their stories.Book Order 1 To Love a Lord of London2 The Regards of a Rogue3 Gaining the Gentleman4 The Skills of a Scoundrel5 A Gentleman s Game6 The Gentleman s Game of Love7 The Gentleman s Law on Love

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    Simple plot, romantic, old time story line but entertaining.

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    I wish I had started this series from book one rather than enter it at book 5 If that were so, my rating might have been higher I admit I had difficulty figuring out who was who Moreover, Ms Meyers often left the hero and heroine behind and explores a minor character or one designed for a future story In chapters 1 10, she introduces 24 characters I made a list trying to determine the connections between them She switches point of view often Sometimes I had to reread a passage to determine in whose head it occurred The author uses words like electric, which seems out of place in a story in the Regency.In part of the story it was the Duchess of Hatcher Later it was the Countess of Hatcher Same person How did the lady get a demotion Sometimes she used the Dowager Duchess of Henman Other times it was Hensman The author switches Kenley to Kinley in the story The manuscript required closer editing I expect a few typos and misusage, but not so many as was found here These examples come from the first 11 chapters After that, I quit making notations Split infinitives to never be, to not talk, to even think, to still look, to not look, to not be, to ever glance, to not block, to not think, to not approach, etc been to slow should be too Woman called him should be Women wealthy than should be comparative form of wealthier spoke no on topic should be no on the topic Something that Nelson already know should be knows put those feelings way should be away different than is never correct It is different from, especially in a period where English was correct that the modern way of speaking and then then aimed the stand should be and then aimed to stand the way her she set should be the way she set every step she took as he followed him should be as she followed him For it there was one thing should be for there was off one another Use each other for two people Use one another for three or The author has the character being a knight and part of the beau monde She treats knighthood as if it is a peerage.

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    This story was a bit confusing to me There were way too many characters to keep track of The author s notes at the end of certain chapters were of a distraction than a help It interrupted the flow of my reading I saw the list of characters before I began reading I didn t need notes reminding me to refer to the list to clarify relationships A well written story wouldn t confuse the reader in such a way that a chart had to be used as a reference during reading Also, I had trouble following the conversations between the heroine and her father because he was referred to as Calvin If she s talking to her father, he s not Calvin , he s Papa or Mr Elliott From this main character s point of view, he s never Calvin The plot seemed to drag on and I soon found myself not really caring if these two got together or not.

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    Loved it.This Wardington Park series is a special treat for me It s one I can read over and our again Nelson and Edith s love story had me holding my breath waiting for them to overcome the many obstacles that prevented them from being together And I m thrilled that Martin and Abigail are finally together It s long overdue This is my five star read.

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    Gdntlemans gameI love regency story s.This is z very good story of Nelson wanting a title to get the girl he loved And Edith choosing to do the right thing in society but longing for her true love And a father who loves his daughter and comes to understand that love doesn t come with titles

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