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Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) pdf Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) , ebook Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) , epub Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) , doc Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) , e-pub Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) , Dreaming of Rhapsody (Rhapsody #3) ddde3b58791 Topher Leigh Isn T Your Average Rock Star He Doesn T Know What Love Feels Like, But He Dreams About It Every Night Until He Meets His Best Friend S Little Sister, And Suddenly, Dreams And Reality Are One And The Same Rachel Wilson Has A Dream Of Her Own To Become A Veterinarian And Open An Animal Shelter She S Enrolled In Vet School In Colorado, And Is Visiting Her Sister In LA When She Meets The Shy, Unique Bassist For Rhapsody When Others See Topher As Odd Or Damaged, Rachel Sees Only A Beautiful Man With A Pure Heart As These Two Gentle Souls Discover That They Were Made For One Another, The World Around Them Isn T So Convinced And When Rachel Has A Moment Of Doubt, It Might Cost Them Everything They Both Want So Badly For Topher And Rachel The Question Becomes Can Love Make Dreams Come True

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    Plot 3 5Characterisation 4 5Prose 3 5 2 1st POV How much I enjoyed it 3 5

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    The incite into Topher s world is fascinating When Margo s sister Rachel come to visit when Topher s Mom in passing away it is a blessing The band is afraid how he is going to react to the loss but little did they know he was handling it fine with Rachel s help But Rachel didn t even know she was helping till everyone notices the budding relationship that was growing.Margo and Carson don t think this relationship is something else Topher can handle at the moment But boy are they wrong See for yourself the amazing words in this book that bring out love caring hatred and longing FANTASTIC

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    Topher has a brain that works differently than other people His friends and family that are close to him know how to deal with his idiosyncrasies to keep Topher on an even keel They don t think he is ready to have a relationship with anyone They just don t think he could handle it.Rachel Wilson s sister told her not to get close to Topher She tried to tell her she would break his heart if anything happened Rachel and Topher didn t listen, and now things have gone bad and someone is going to be hurt Will Topher be able to convince his loved ones that even though he is different, he is still able to love and have a life like everyone else I really wish this had been a longer book This one was my absolute favorite out of all of the Lush and Rhapsody books I LOVED Topher and his quirks and Rachel was just wonderful I hope to read about this couple.

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    I loved this book The way Selena depicted Topher is amazing The way she wrote the inner workings of his mind just wow Great read.

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    Review originally posted on Rach Lawrence Books I was provided a copy of Dreaming of Rhapsody by the author in exchange for an honest review I am not compensated for my honest opinion Topher Leigh may be a rock star bass player, but he s not what anyone would expect His inability to experience feelings and his propensity for saying what s on his mind set him apart His brother and best friend do their best to protect Topher and keep him safe, but when Rachel enters his life everything changes Topher has only been able to feel in his dreams, until Rachel.Rachel Wilson s sister has warned her that getting involved with Topher can t lead to anything good He s a sweet guy, but there s no future for them since Rachel needs to return to school to finish her veterinary degree Besides, Topher isn t capable of being a boyfriend, husband, or a father Except maybe the people who know him the best don t really understand him at all.Dreaming of Rhapsody is a novella in the Rhapsody series and can comfortably be read as a standalone story The series focuses on the rock stars in the band Rhapsody, with Topher in the spotlight of this book The fact Topher was so different than a typical rock star sets this story apart from all the others It s a sweet story about never underestimating someone s abilities.Topher was a well developed character with lots of idiosyncrasies In some ways he was extremely na ve, but in others he was knowledgeable than he was given credit for With the story told partially from his point of view, the reader got a first hand look at his frustration and the way he saw the world I especially enjoyed when he described how everything had beats and colors and patterns.Rachel was a perfect match for Topher, and their growing relationship was fun to watch Like Topher s brother and best friend, Rachel needed to learn to trust him to make decisions for himself She also needed to learn that it was okay to go after what she really wanted.This was a wonderful addition to Ms Lawrence s catalog of stories I truly enjoy her writing each and every time.

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    Topher has been treated differently his whole life Everyone tells him what to do all the time until he meets Rachel Rachel listens to him and lets him decide what he wants to do She treats him like he is normal The only problem is Rachel has to go back home in a few weeks, as well as their siblings are involved and that makes their situation worse When the time comes for Rachel to leave she does it in the worst way ever of course she is advised by her sister Lo and behold they decide they can t live without each other so they will have to make a lot of changes in order to make things last I received this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Another great Rhapsody story Topher is the bass player in Rhapsody He has issues with feeling emotions to the extreme or not at all He lives in his own isolated world until Rachel come to visit her sister Margo who is Topher s best friend and the banks studio sound tech When Topher meets Rachel his feelings come into focus The extremes he usually feels seem to mellow out and the dreams he usually relied on to help him understand his emotions stop She completes his world and helps him function to a degree he has not previously achieved Be sure to read this touching love story where love conquers all.I was privileged to receive an advance reader copy from the author for my honest review.

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