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Prizzi's Honor files Prizzi's Honor, read online Prizzi's Honor, free Prizzi's Honor, free Prizzi's Honor, Prizzi's Honor 2f7dfd1c7 PRIZZI S HONOR Is No Ordinary Story Of Boy Meets Girl Charley Partanna Is A Faithful Lieutenant For The Prizzis, New York S Most Powerful Mafia Family The Object Of His Affections Is Irene Walker, A Los Angeles Based Tax Consultant But It S Her Freelancing That Pays She S A Hit Woman For The Mob She Has Also Cheated The Prizzis Out Of An Unforgivably Large Sum Of MoneyThis Is Very Dangerous Moonlighting Indeed, And Eventually It Places Charley S Oldest Loyalties In Conflict With His Newest One Which Wins His Best Book Since THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATEhe Mixes Caricature And Character As Easily As Charley Hacks Off Thumbs Chicago Tribune Book World

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    I read this years ago one other book, but I think it was the last one It recently came up in a group I found I no longer had it, so I went to AbeBooks got the entire trilogy in paperback delivered for less than 10 Couldn t resist.It was great on a reread Condon s characters just pop with images of Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner, Robert Loggia, Anjelica Huston dancing through the story, it was perfect The characters are overblown, teetering between caricatures real people The situation is twisty, both understandable ludicrous I was both laughing at them rooting for them both sides, either, neither throughout, but always totally engaged Definitely a classic Prizzi s Family comes before chronologically is spoiled by this one It s pretty over the top If you have the trilogy really plan on reading all 3, I d suggest starting with Family then reading this one, although it isn t nearly as good, though The last of the trilogy Prizzi s Glory, isn t either This is the first best A 4th book was added 5 or 6 years later, Prizzi s Money I haven t read it don t plan on it.Original review 4 stars It s been years since I read this about Y2K , but I really liked it Loved the movie, too.

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    I read this one before, bit it s worth while reading twice A great book by a great author This Condon s first and best book about the Prizzi s, a powerful mob of gangsters in Brooklyn, NY The main character and the mob s enforcer is Charley Partanna Charley attends a wedding and falls in love with a women who also attends Charley doesn t know she is a freelance shooter who has a contract in New York to hit and old gangster, normally Charley s responsibility.

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    Mafia hit man in love Not as sharp and delightful as The Manchurian Candidate, but a solid read Playful, ironic, brutal, and classic very nearly a satirical retelling of Romeo and Juliet.Recommended for Mafia gang story fans, in a slightly unrealistic vein, as well as people who like a larger than life romantic drama.

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    After The Godfather and before The Sopranos, there were the Prizzis, the extended first family of fictional organized crime Both Prizzi s Honor and Prizzi s Glory are wildly entertaining satires that I am always sad finish, and always wish there were one to read.Another case where the books are better than the movie, good as it was.

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    If you like your Mafia on the light side, this series is for you It has a good feel of authenticity, plenty of insider details, and just enough blood But fun.

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    I have never seen the movie, but I can tell you the book is terrific Another WOW Two people fall in love, one cares about money above all things, the other cares about family above all things but they have one thing in common they kill people A story all about relationships and how crazy they can be Funny, sweet, sad, and lots and lots of action Richard Condon is now one of my all time favorite authors.

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    If you love mafia this is one you The story is tight, fast moving, and in the end surprising There is great irony in the title If you look at what I have read in the last two years it is way over weighted with stuff written in the last 2 3 years It was fun reading a book where people smoked, used telephone books, carried guns on airplanes, and did not worry about DNA.

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    Kind of like The Godfather meets slapstick Condon may be an acquired taste, but I acquired it long ago If you don t know his work this isn t the right starting point try MONEY IS LOVE for the bizarre side, or THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE for the plotting Great fun in any case.

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    Bella storia di mafia alla Mr and Mrs Smith Un bel romanzo per due grandi interpreti del film tratto Jack Nicholson e Cathelin Turner.

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    The writing reminded me of Janet Evanovich s books Easy read and good book I am just now sure it is my type of writing.

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