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Unsheltered summary Unsheltered, series Unsheltered, book Unsheltered, pdf Unsheltered, Unsheltered 8811515e30 The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Flight Behavior, The Lacuna, And The Poisonwood Bible And Recipient Of Numerous Literary Awards Including The National Humanities Medal, The Dayton Literary Peace Prize, And The Orange Prize Returns With A Timely Novel That Interweaves Past And Present To Explore The Human Capacity For Resiliency And Compassion In Times Of Great UpheavalWilla Knox Has Always Prided Herself On Being The Embodiment Of Responsibility For Her Family Which Is Why It S So Unnerving That She S Arrived At Middle Age With Nothing To Show For Her Hard Work And Dedication But A Stack Of Unpaid Bills And An Inherited Brick Home In Vineland, New Jersey, That Is Literally Falling Apart The Magazine Where She Worked Has Folded, And The College Where Her Husband Had Tenure Has Closed The Dilapidated House Is Also Home To Her Ailing And Cantankerous Greek Father In Law And Her Two Grown Children Her Stubborn, Free Spirited Daughter, Tig, And Her Dutiful Debt Ridden, Ivy Educated Son, Zeke, Who Has Arrived With His Unplanned Baby In The Wake Of A Life Shattering DevelopmentIn An Act Of Desperation, Willa Begins To Investigate The History Of Her Home, Hoping That The Local Historical Preservation Society Might Take An Interest And Provide Funding For Its Direly Needed Repairs Through Her Research Into Vineland S Past And Its Creation As A Utopian Community, She Discovers A Kindred Spirit From The S, Thatcher GreenwoodA Science Teacher With A Lifelong Passion For Honest Investigation, Thatcher Finds Himself Under Siege In His Community For Telling The Truth His Employer Forbids Him To Speak Of The Exciting New Theory Recently Published By Charles Darwin Thatcher S Friendships With A Brilliant Woman Scientist And A Renegade Newspaper Editor Draw Him Into A Vendetta With The Town S Most Powerful Men At Home, His New Wife And Status Conscious Mother In Law Bristle At The Risk Of Scandal, And Dismiss His Financial Worries And The News That Their Elegant House Is Structurally UnsoundBrilliantly Executed And Compulsively Listenable, Unsheltered Is The Story Of Two Families, In Two Centuries, Who Live At The Corner Of Sixth And Plum, As They Navigate The Challenges Of Surviving A World In The Throes Of Major Cultural Shifts In This Mesmerizing Story Told In Alternating Chapters, Willa And Thatcher Come To Realize That Though The Future Is Uncertain, Even Unnerving, Shelter Can Be Found In The Bonds Of Kindred Whether Family Or Friends And In The Strength Of The Human Spirit

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    I don t know how I managed to finish this book I m sure I wouldn t have if I wasn t so reluctant to write a DNF review and deal with the inevitable backlash how can you possibly say you didn t like it when you didn t even finish it Kingsolver s The Poisonwood Bible is a great book, IMO, and it s hard to believe the same well respected author wrote something this didactic and heavy handed There were parts where I felt like the only thing that separated Unsheltered from being an essay was the inclusion of speech marks It was such a snoozefest.I ve heard Barbara Kingsolver called things like preachy in the past, and I always expect her own politics to feature heavily in her work, but this is the first time when it s felt so forced and unnatural After all, I agree with a lot of her political beliefs on climate issues, healthcare, education, employment and taxation It s just that I expect them to be better integrated into the story instead of voiced through the characters sat around having debates.That s not an exaggeration The Knox family sit around multiple times, having very pointed and didactic political debates Willa serves as the confused centre between the aging racist Trump supporter, Nick, and her daughter Tig, who repeatedly delivers lectures on the narrow mindedness of older generation Americans Some of Tig s insights mirror my own beliefs, but she is so self righteous that it is hard to like her.The narrative is split between the present day and Grant era America In the now, Willa and Iano Knox were comfortably cradled in the middle class until several misfortunes left them living in an inherited New Jersey home that is literally falling apart Tig is critical of her parents feelings of entitlement, not to mention her Greek grandfather s racism Their son Zeke, on the other hand, has been left alone with a baby after his mentally ill girlfriend commits suicide A graduate of Harvard Business School, he still struggles to find success in today s competitive job market something else Willa can t quite wrap her head around.In the past and I have to say, I never managed to care one iota about this part of the story Thatcher Greenwood s experiences mirror that of the Knox family A teacher like Iano and also living in a house in need of repair, his desire to teach Darwinian theory threatens his livelihood He befriends real life naturalist Mary Treat who encourages his interest in Charles Darwin.Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Unsheltered is that it could have been so good Kingsolver touches upon many issues that are close to my heart, but this truly feels like of a lecture than a novel I closed the book feeling no emotional ties to the characters or story Underneath, there s a clever idea the exploration of two different time periods where social change and upheaval has torn apart widely held beliefs but I was beaten over the head with it so many times that it became exhausting and tedious.I ll end on a positive, though This is a great Tig quote, and applicable in both the past and present of the novel, as well as in America s current reality All the rules have changed and it s hard to watch people keep carrying on just the same, like it s business as usual Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    The simplest thing would be to tear it down, the man said The house is a shambles You do the right thing You go to school, spend the years, invest the money, put off this or that temporary form of glee, take on the debt, pay it off Get a job at the bottom of the ladder, work X number of years and move up There are mis steps, of course, accidents, bad decisions, re directions, disappointments Some big, some less so, everyone has these You get married, have children, be a solid citizen, join the board of a local youth council, coach your kids ball teams You do the right thing, and everything is supposed to work out ok You re not looking to be a millionaire But you want to send your kids to good schools, see them go to college, have satisfying adult lives of their own You do the right thing You don t cheat on your taxes, or your spouse, you keep trying to learn new things, not just to keep up with changing work skills, but to understand the events and transformations that are taking place in the world, and to satisfy an unquenchable need to learn, to sate that mental itch that keeps laughing at you as an imbecile, correctable only by learning, reading, watching, gathering knowledge, trying to make sense of it You plan for the future, and have a sane expectation that, someday, you can retire and still have a decent life You do the right thing, follow the course that has been laid out for a very long time, expecting that the promised rewards will arrive And sometimes they do But while you were busy doing the right thing, those with the power and the money changed the rules of engagement So, instead of an American Dream made real, it is as if you have stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone It is a time in which the promises of the past have not just been broken, they have been stolen And much that could not be hauled away has been set ablaze, or left in pieces by the side of The Road, and so many who live in terror have been persuaded to keep telling themselves that it s A Good Life Don t fight it or it might get worse, much, much worse Better yet, find some groups who have nothing to do with the real changes and blame them The right thing has been exposed as a long con, a sucker s game, rigged, the prizes snatched away even when you hit the bullseye And those doing the yanking laugh at their victims as prey, as marks Things fall apart the center cannot hold, as it is devoured from the right Barbara Kingsolver image from her site We live in a time of upheaval People who have been victimized forever are gaining respect and rights Same sex marriage is the law of the land, legalization of marijuana is spreading across the country, MeToo is holding accountable many abusers who acted in flagrant disregard for common human decency Many deservedly respected norms have been tossed aside with a sneer Notions of fair play seem quaint, civility is in tatters, the earth itself is rebelling against the excesses of short sighted human folly So, right up Barbara Kingsolver s alley She has always written about big picture issues She wrote about colonialism in The Poisonwood Bible, about climate change in Flight Behavior, about the divide between art and politics in the USA, among other things, in The Lacuna In an interview she did recently with Goodreads, Kingsolver says The question in this case was, What in the heck is going on How can it be that all of the rules about what kind of leaders people admire and elect to public office, and how we behave as citizens of the world no longer seem to apply All the rules seem to be changing And not only that, but larger, biological rules about our home, the idea that the poles would always be covered with ice, and that there would always be fish in the sea All these things that I ve always counted on suddenly were no longer true One of the things you can count on is that people will be very afraid, and they will cleave to leaders who reassure them, even if those leaders behave like tyrannical bullies When we re afraid, we look for protection One of the things this book is about is how desperately we hold on to our old world views, even when they no longer serve us, and how we overlook a lot of things to find reassurance Kingsolver addresses this with a binocular view In one lens it is 2016, in the other the 1870s.In today s cast, Willa Knox is a fifty something journalist, was, is, might still be The publication for which she had been working went belly up, and now she tries to patch together enough freelance gigs to bring in at least some money, while working on writing a book Her husband, Iano Tavoularis, had achieved that glory of glories, tenure at a respected college, well, until that institution likewise folded, and Iano was tossed back to the bottom rung, becoming a migrant worker, moving from school to school on one year contracts at bottom rung pay The family includes an adult son, Zeke, living in Boston, a twenty something daughter, Antigone Tig , living at home for now, and Iano s disabled father, Old Nick, the vile relation who leaves no opportunity untaken for spewing his lifelong bigotry, the crazy uncle who ruins family gatherings with mindless opposition to anything decent, the sort of person who refuses to sign up for Medicare, seeing it as a welfare program, despite that action endangering not only his own miserable life, but the lives of the family members determined to take care of him, a fan of Fox and Rush The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.In the 1870s, Thatcher Greenwood, like Iano, is a teacher in a local school He had done the right thing, learned some medicine while serving in the Civil War, studied, and now teaches science He worked himself up from meager beginnings His wife, Rose, about ten years his junior, was raised with higher expectations, in a family that did well, until their breadwinner died unexpectedly, and they found that they had not been left so well off as they had imagined While sustaining her aspirations for a comfortable life, reality intervened, and Rose accepted Thatch s proposal One of the great gifts of this novel is the introduction to most of us of a new name in the history of science Fictional Thatcher s friend, Mary Treat, was a very real and noteworthy 19th century scientist, having published many papers of original research, and having maintained ongoing communications with some of the brightest scientific lights of the time, including Darwin.Each era is allowed to host its own travails, while mirroring those of its opposite number Thatch is forced to debate Darwinism with the head of his school, a man who is firmly dedicated to religious explanations for all reality, however extremely he must stretch his rationales to match observable facts Despite the one hundred fifty years between, we are still infected by people who refuse to accept observable, measurable facts, people who cling to their ignorance as tenaciously as a survivor of the USS Indianapolis to a life raft The concern with tyranny is made overt in the historical side of things, as the founder of Vineland, a self inflated monster who engages in behavior that Donald Trump has only dreamed of so far as we know , seeing himself as king than political leader, carries his hatred of a critical press to an extreme Trump is never named, but is referred to as The Bullorn, the period of the contemporary setting coinciding with the 2016 presidential primaries and election I wonder what service is possible when half the world, with no understanding of Darwin at all, will rally around whoever calls him a criminal and wants him hanged he d witnessed this very thing in a market square in Boston the crude effigy dangling from a noose, the monkey s tail pinned to the stuffed trousers, the murderous crowd chanting Lock him up I suppose it is in our nature, she said When men fear the loss of what they know, they will follow any tyrant who promises to restore the old order The central image that crosses the timelines is the notion of shelter Kingsolver has placed both families in buildings that are crumbling, in the same location, a nice stand in for the demise of extant societal underpinnings It is brought in as well to describe why people can be so resistant to new ideas Science in particular is a venue where Kingsolver has frequently offered insight, connecting the demise of physical spaces here to the feeling of vulnerability We are given to live in a remarkable time When the nuisance of old mythologies falls away from us, we may see with new eyes Falls away, or is torn The old mythologies are a comfort to many But we are creatures like any other Mr Darwin s truth in inarguable And because it is true, we will argue against it as creatures do Our eyes are not new, nor are our teeth and claws I m afraid I see a great burrowing back toward our old supremacies, Mrs Treat No creature is easily coerced to live without its shelter Without shelter, we feel ourselves likely to die Offering an explanation for so many voted against their own economic interest in 2016, in hopes, however ill informed, that the right would restore a mythical, lost world From a optimistic perspective your pupils depend on it, Thatcher Their little families have come here looking for safety, but they will go on laboring under old authorities until their heaven collapses Your charge is to lead them out of doors Teach them to see evidence for themselves, and not to fear it To stand in the clear light of day, you once said, Unsheltered There are many stressors portrayed, particularly for the contemporaries, that will keep that very large gong, very close to your head, vibrating long and loud, with widespread and lasting resonance The anti science terrors have been noted above Contemporary families must cope with the horrors of the cost of medical care in the last so called advanced nation that lacks universal coverage Willa and Iano not only have a disabled elderly family member, who resists the public programs that might cover him, but are the recipients of an unexpected surprise, when their twenty something son and his gf have a baby, mom, in a burst of 21st century strangeness in the USA, not surviving Guess where dad and child wind up Well, child mostly, as young dad returns to the world of work to try to make his way, Granny Willa and Auntie Tig taking on the parenting duties Mention is made of Zeke s six figure college debt, and working as an intern, because if he took a job he would have to start paying back his mortgage level school debt The 1870s presented some different stresses, including a look at the particular challenges of being female, when identity was tied to one s family and significant other than may be the case today The book also looks at self sufficiency in both timelines Mary Treat must make a living as a single woman without an actual job, so finds a way, while doing work she loves Willa must make her way as a freelancer after her employment options are whittled down to none Tig is a marvel of making do, using her creativity and diverse work exposures to find ways to make her life work, despite the absence of a decent income.Kingsolver is all about themes, ideas, issues, big pictures, but if her characters do not engage, the questions being asked will not be considered Thankfully, Willa and Thatch are both wonderfully drawn Good people, coping in difficult circumstances, the walls, literally, falling down around them, while accepting responsibility for trying to keep the families safe Willa s travails mirrored a lot of my own, so rang a bit louder Tig was maybe the most interesting, for her diversity of life experiences, and superior ability to cope in trying times Old Nick was delightfully unspeakable, if a bit of a broad portrayal Mary Treat was the most interesting from a reality perspective, but her character does not really move very far once we get to see what she is about Consider the book quote with which we began this review Can you really tear it all down What if you do not yet have something with which to replace it What if you do not have the means with which to build something else Rotten structures we may have, but replacement takes time, focus, a plan, and resources Kingsolver is not interested in providing an architectural plan for our next residence, but she does offer some notions of what it might include, particularly via conversations between Willa and her daughter One complaint that some have about Kingsolver s writing is that it can be too overtly political This good, that bad Not that there is anything wrong with a book being political Some things are good, like openness to science Other things are bad, like autocracy But the methodology can be subtle and effective or blatant and off putting In showing Mary Treat s love for science, Kingsolver offers a marvel of examples of her work Showing without telling Thatcher struggles to frame his defense of Darwinian reason in such a way that he can hang onto his job, and not offend his creationist boss This resonates with the struggles that are engaged in today over religious groups trying to force public schools to teach that great oxymoron, creationist science, and its twin, intelligent design, as valid scientific theory, and not as what they are, religious dogma However, with Willa and Tig, in their discussions of what has been happening in today s world, how things are changing, there is an excess of what felt like lecturing to me Tig had been shown acting on her perspective Explaining it all seemed excessive On the other hand, showing how Charles Landis, a real estate developer and the founder of Vineland, exploited his position to persuade the uncritical of his wonderfulness, was a wonderful means by which to show how the contemporary one percent manipulate public opinion.We may wonder what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born You do the right thing If you re lucky it works out If you started life with a leg up your chances are pretty good, but for the rest of us, well, the right thing don t mean squat What do you do when those making the promises steal everything and criminalize resistance What do you do when your votes are nullified by crooked politicians and stacked courts We may wonder how best to cope with the changes that are transforming our world We may be disappointed, or worse, that the rules by which we lived proved to be an illusion, but we may also discover or create new ones We may seek ways to right wrongs, and we may search for means by which to defend ourselves from further onslaught Perhaps the best we can offer is to do the right thing, whatever that right thing may be, even if it means having to discover anew what that right thing actually is In our national house, the roof has been blown off by the latest dire weather Decisions must be made Where to rebuild, how to rebuild, even, I suppose, whether to rebuild We are living in an unsheltered time and Barbara Kingsolver has captured the feeling of exposure that so many of us have been experiencing Review posted October 19, 2018Publication date October 16, 2018I resonated bigly with this novel, but did not want to clutter the review with too many personal details, well, than I already have so am tucking a few paragraphs under the spoiler tag, for any who might have an interest, and parking it in Comment 1 EXTRA STUFFThe author s personal siteItems of Interest A Wiki on Mary Treat A Wiki on Charles Landis, the founder of Vineland From the Paris Review, a piece on William Butler Yeats, and the poem, The Second Coming, which I sprinkled into the review The Book Trail is a site that helps you visit locations noted in particular booksInterviews The Goodreads interview by Kerry Shaw The Guardian Barbara Kingsolver It feels as though we re living through the end of the world by Lidija HaasReviews of other Kingsolver books The Poisonwood Bible The Lacuna Flight Behavior

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    This is the first book by this author that I did not finish, here s why.OK this was a huge disappointment for me but in hindsight I guess I should have seen it coming I loved Kingsolver s earlier books but this one was just so political it was boring and tiring I don t enjoy reading a book that makes me feel as though I m being lectured to I grew tired of the God vs evolution discussion, the health care, climate change etc etc etc.There is so much of all of this discussion in the news and everywhere I turn, I didn t want to read it in a novel I respect her as an author but this one was not for me.

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    3.5 stars I know when I read a Kingsolver book that it will most likely be about social issues, perhaps political too, so I wasn t surprised At first I thought there were maybe too many issues thrown in affording to live, affording to die, health care, the environment, bigotry, and yes the politics of the day A college closes and Willa Knox s husband loses his tenured position and pension and they lose their home The magazine she worked for went broke and she is forced to freelance Iano has to take an untenured job paying less, but at least they have the house her aunt left her in Vineland, NJ BUT the house is old and is need of major repairs Hell, it has almost a nonexistent foundation What else could life deal out to Willa who bears the burden of all that goes on in her family Oh yeah, her adult children Her oldest son Zeke comes home leaving with them his new born baby, while he goes off to establish a business and their daughter Tig, an activist at heart also lives with them as well as her bigot, ailing father in law, Nick, a royal pain who also becomes her responsibility I also know, when I read a Kingsolver book, that I ll find her terrific storytelling and writing, and wonderful characters whose lives reflect the impact of these social issues in such a realistic way These are people we might know So I knew what to expect and wasn t disappointed in that respect But this is a dual story line with the present 2016 connected to the 1860 s by this house among other things I have to admit the historical narrative didn t hold my interest until close to the end, but there are characters in that time frame that I thought were fascinating, especially a naturalist named Mary Treat, who was a real person and happened to be friends with Charles Darwin What was interesting about the past story is that a good bit of it is based on fact Yet, it was Willa s story that captivated me, felt so realistic It was the family dynamics that held me with these timely and relevant issues depicted through their everyday lives and emotions I m having a hard time coming up with my thoughts about the book as a whole with the dual narratives which are connected in some ways, but just not enough of a cohesive way for me In spite of this, I loved Willa s story and will round up to 4 stars This was a buddy read with Esil and Diane and it s always great to discuss with them I received an advanced copy of this book from HarperCollins through Edelweiss.

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    3.5 Upon my completion of this book, I was left with a serious conundrum What do I rate this I actually finished a few days ago, a read with Angela and Esil, and have been pondering that question throughout One expects when reading Kingsolver to be confronted with her opinions, political, environmentally or something to do with the natural world Here she gives us all three, in two different stories, ons in the past, one in the present The connection being the house that is lived in that happens to be falling apart around those within.In the present day we are introduced to Willa and her family, husband, dying father in law and two grown children, one with an extra She and her husband had, she felt, done everything right, but now I their late fifties they find themselves scrambling just to make dnds meet I loved her character, very realistic portrayal, and loved her daughter Tig The father in law, not so much, he was the spewer of all things wrong in this country, from Obama care, to immigrants being allowed in, he is a great believer in turning back the clock and returning to the good old days In the past, we have a woman and a town that actually existed This for me alwsys adds authenticity to the story Mary Treat was a real 19th century, self taught biologist who had a writing relationship with Darwin among others Thatcher is a young, married man hired to teach at the school The struggle here is the opinion of those believing in Creatisionalism, refuting and positively disliking the views of Darwin and natural selection Thatcher and his family are the ones living in the house.While I understand the connection, the message Kingsolver is presenting That have had struggles in the past between those who want to cling to the way things were, dislikng progress, that these time pass, we will get through them These two stories were so different, not in subject, but in tone and presentation, that I finished feeling as if I had read two separate books I understood the unifying theme but didn t feel it The writing though in both sections was very good, as are most of Kingsolver, and i enjoyed learning about someone I never knew, I just had a hard time finding this a cohesive whole.ARC from Edelweiss.

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    4 If there was such a prize this one might win The Most Polarizing Novel of 2018 You will most likely be down there on the grass counting spiders with Mrs Treat or staring at her from your window thinking she s a crazy bug lady.I m a huge BK fan but began this with some apprehension A fair share of fans and friends did not find this a rewarding reading experience I read several professional reviews after the fact and most were not singing praises or were downright unkind in their remarks At the other end, it is currently on the bestseller lists and is in the early voting round on GR for Best Historical Fiction and some stars are shining brightly While for the most part I ve stopped sharing book thoughts, I can t help but add my two cents.I can understand the highs and the lows I prepared myself for possible slow going happily not the case for me Safe to say if you don t identify with the author s personal convictions this might alienate you or produce reader s remorse I m not sure if I liked it because I do identify or that her way of telling a story always satisfies my reader s appetite so glad I didn t let the poor reviews dampen my enthusiasm to open the pages There could never be too many Barbara Kingsolvers or Mary Treats in my world If this was an empty plate I d be licking it Ah, the comforting shelter of kindred books.

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    Kingsolver has been my favorite author for decades, since The Bean Trees swept me away 30 years ago With Unsheltered, she has given us another gem The best novels, I believe, are those that defy easy description Unsheltered is about shelter, which we find in structures, people, nature, and work It s about the discoveries of science that are often put up against the ideas of faith It s about today s sad political climate in which our true climate, our Earth, is in crisis And it s about people, some living in the 1870s, and some living in our present time, who sheltered for a time in the same neighborhood, the same house, in Vineland, NJ Kingsolver has built a book that honors the biologists and naturists and shames the shenanigans of our political leaders, revealing what is most important for all of us finding shelter.

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    First of all, I want to shout out a word of thanks to the Goodreads FirstRead program and to the publisher, HarperCollins, for giving me the pleasure of becoming an early reader for one of my favored authors You guys are the best I ve read most of Barbara Kingsolver s books and the one thing I learned a while back is that you don t go into her books without expecting a strong point of view In an accompanying letter, Ms Kingsolver writes, What I know for sure is that stories will get us through times of no leadership, better than leaders will get us through times with no stories So, if you are a big supporter of Trump s legitimizing of personal greed as the principal religion of our country or if you believe that Charles Darwin is the devil himself, this is NOT a book you want to pick up Just sayin.To my mind, this is Ms Kingsolver s best work since Poisonwood Bible, and that s saying a lot In alternating chapters, Barbara Kingsolver addresses a present day situation Willa Knox, her professor husband Iano with his non tenured one year assignment, her cantankerous conservative Greek father in law, her free spirited daughter Tig and her son Zeke and his infant baby are living on the edge.Their house is dilapidated and falling down That s a metaphor, folks In researching the house s past, Willa discovers a fascinating story of former inhabitant and science teacher Thatcher Greenwood, who was treated with disdain because of his wish to teach his students Darwin s theory of evolution This fictional character befriends a real life biologist named Mary Treat, and the merging of fact and fiction is excellently rendered.What does it mean to be unsheltered The answer To stand in the clear day of light Being unsheltered is having the courage to see what s really going on right in front of your eyes without religious homilies and without illusions or the trappings of excess materialism It is the parable of Mr Occam s Razor recognizing that the most evident explanation is very likely the simplest one.Had Ms Kingsolver developed this into a screed, I would have been less enchanted But the conversations between characters seem organic Each of us know the impassioned millennial who tell us that all the rules are changed and it s hard to watch people keep carrying on just the same All of us know the irascible father in law clinging to hateful biases or the parents who just want life to be a little better for their children For me, this was a fine crafted book by an impassioned writer who breathed life into her characters and her premise And oh, the plot is very engaging as well.

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    Unfortunately, I m going to have to DNF this one for now It s my first from the author, and from what I m hearing from beloved fans, I need to pick up a different one and give it a shot 3 Many thanks to the publisher for providing my copy.

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    Kingsolver has nailed it again for me Unsheltered was a confronting, absorbing, thoughtful read a novel of our times I m predisposed to like this a lot for a number of reasons most importantly that Kingsolver draws of some of my favourite narrative devices parallel narratives, and the use of place as character At some level, this is a novel about a house, crumbling without foundations More importantly it is a novel about the significance of foundations in our lives how we build and neglect them, or fasten ourselves to outdated and broken ones It s also a novel about loneliness and challenge what it is to see and think differently and why that is so important I loved this.

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