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  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Black Hole
  • Charles Burns
  • English
  • 17 August 2017
  • 9780375423802

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    Well, the art was very lovely, and there were a lot of points at which I was like, How does his brain manufacture this shit which is kind of the ultimate for art in one way, isn t it But I do wish this had been around when I myself was a bad teenager, because I m sure it would ve affected me a lot then Burns does get at some extremely dark and real stuff about the horrific experience of adolescence, particularly that bizarre combo of fear, curiosity, and nihilism that drives so much self destructive experimentation at that age The depiction of drug culture and abuse is particularly disturbing here, in large part because Burns nails it so accurately.My problem with this was that I just didn t care at all about the characters or the story I mean, I liked reading it, but I never felt emotionally engaged in the slightest bit I guess this wasn t a problem, exactly, but it s not really the mark of successful fiction Still, it s hard to argue with a gorgeously illustrated tale of burnt out sex mutant teenagers in the Pacific Northwest during the mid nineteen seventies If that sounds at all appealing and why on earth wouldn t it then you should definitely read this comic, preferably while horny as hell and stoned out of your mind in your parents basement.

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    Adolescence as DiseaseCharles Burns s Black Hole is a strange and somewhat disturbing graphic novel depicting some teens engaging in drinking, smoking pot, and sexual acts Ho hum, eh It is also one of the best graphic novels and novels of any kind of the new century If a black hole is the effect of gravity pulling so hard on a site in space that light cannot get out, the black hole of this particular summer of sex and drugs looks at times like it is a vortex you could not recover from I was creeped out about it in an initial reading 6 or 7 years ago, but in close readings with summer and fall 2016 classes I began to see some warmth and compassion running through it The artwork is amazing, and the disruptive and discontinuous representation of chronology, of time, is innovative and consistent with the disruption of adolescence Burns represents The story is set in one summer post high school graduation from a Seattle high school in the late seventies, when Burns himself would have been graduating from a Seattle high school Four characters take center stage, Chris, Rob, Keith and Eliza, though a once bullied boy named Dave also plays a central role In the story young people begin to develop physical abnormalities as a result of developing sexual desire for someone, or actually having sex with someone Some critics thought Burns might have been making a commentary on the AIDS crisis, but Burns himself said it was generally about adolescence than just sexual awakening This transition to adulthood as Burns depicts it is infused with lots of drug use hallucinations, and nightmares while friendship is important in the story, it is mainly a tale of desire, fears, confusion and what happens if you are in any sense different as you pass form childhood to adulthood The social distortion is matched by visual images of distorted bodies, though images of the natural world the sky, trees, ocean and physical beauty including bodies are also present and at some points not all restorative When I first read this story I thought it was just about a bunch of late seventies teens, boys and girls, growing up together, but in this reading I think Chris and Eliza two young women are the main characters They are the primary ones experiencing the black holes of the title, though others are also lost in this vortex, as well It s a book in part about girls and all the complicated issues they face as they experience sexuality And there is the threat of violence and actual violence permeating the story It almost seems impossible terrain for these young women to navigate, and they experience a range of both beautiful and terrible things, sexually, but we get some sense that it may be possible to as most of us do, as difficult as it can be survive this trip to adulthood But as I see it the principal focus is on young women and how vulnerable they are during this time of life.Black Hole is a coming age novel of some complexity, which I categorize as horror, but which involves murder and insanity as one might expect from a book I call horror It does feature the supernatural and surreal these strange physical protuberances and there is psychedelia that obscures our sense of things at times, but it is basically rooted in a familiar world we know, and of adolescence It ends somewhat hopefully for some of the main characters as horror often can do Evil exists, but it is human made evil, preventable, avoidable Black Hole is as difficult and challenging as any great post modern novel, with visual representations that evoke the complexity of growing up instead of just words As a story it s not fun but is also not so disturbing that you can t learn from it about what it means to make the often difficult transition to adulthood Think of David Lynch and you are almost there, but this is its own art, a comics creation of real depth and power.

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    ME Everyone raves about this book It s one of like ten graphic novels everyone is supposed to read and love.Me It looks creepy.ME It s creepy, but it s also artsy and intellectual and a big metaphor about something important.Me What s the metaphor ME There s a scary sexually transmitted disease, so AIDS Me I m not buying it.ME Well, read it anyway Trust me It ll be worth it.Me Okay, but it s than just an extended metaphor, right There s a real story with a real point ME Just read it.Me I read it, and it didn t go anywhere You lied to me I hate you.

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    This graphic novel is so weird and twisted yet, at the same time, makes so much sense The first image below is just a taste of what you are getting into if you give this a try.Standard adult graphic novel warning the images in this book may be too disturbing for some There are depictions of violence, sex, nudity, disfigurement, etc Just putting that out there so if you see my 4 star rating and think that you usually agree with my ratings so you decide to try it, you don t come back to me and say, why, Matthew, WHY I cannot unsee these things Now that the warnings are behind us, if you are open to some mind blowingly dark weirdness with some very good black and white imagery, I think you will enjoy this experience Well this may be a case of enjoy not being the right word to use I will put it this way if you are always to tempted to click links claiming to show shocking images or actual footage of messed up stuff , then you must click this book.I will close by saying I have definitely focused a lot on the weirdness of this graphic novel But, in the midst of it all, the symbolism of the human condition, the complexities of difficult relationships, and the struggles of forbidden desires all make appearances Several times I realized that I just read about and looked at images of something seemingly disturbing, but upon further reflection made so much sense Often I could equate the scenario to real life.Yup, real life is quite disturbing Maybe this book is not quite as out there as I have made it sound .

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    We watched Riverdale recently, The CW s newish series based on the Archie comics, and I found it a frustrating experience It had all the elements that I normally love namely, small town America, murder, secrets and sexual tension among high schoolers and yet it didn t go nearly dark enough or deep enough to really hit the spot I was fretting vaguely about these themes for some time afterwards, and when I saw a copy of Charles Burns s Black Hole in a bookshop, I realised that it was exactly what I d been looking for.I haven t read this since, I don t know, some time in the early 2000s, and I don t know if I ever read it all the way through at the time doing so now, I realise what a superb achievement it is, surely one of the greatest comics to come out of the American tradition In his chunky, moonlit panels, Burns builds up a shifting association of images linking the erotic with the horrific until you are primed to react to the slightest of his gestures with great surges of dread or excitement.The teenage protagonists of this book live in a small town in the American northwest of the mid 1970s you can date it only by a fleeting reference to Bowie s new album Diamond Dogs Here, the usual confusion of peer groups, social cliques and sexual frustration is exacerbated and exemplified by The Bug , a sexually transmitted condition that causes bodily mutations, some of them extreme forcing their sufferers to live feral in the woods and some benign, allowing kids to pass as normal.This body horror metaphor for guilty sexual awakenings in Protestant America may have been done a million times, but it just goes to show it can always be done again by someone brilliant And Burns really does it well Black Hole, as well as being technically excellent and superbly emotional, has that quality that I look for in every work of art I love that sense of what the fuck is that. Some of the details here are exquisitely creepy, like the boy with a second mouth above his sternum which, when he s asleep, calls out in a high pitched childlike voice to the girl he s lying with unn it it won t work it can t last nnn never make it out alive as she shakes him and yells, R Rob Come on wake up Rob Burns s artwork is marked by its thick black lines and a certain flat, depthless quality to the panels as with a white line etching, there s oceans of inky black background, and often his images have the stark clarity of a woodcut There s a lot of nudity in Black Hole, both male and female, which I particularly noticed this time around because I read most of it sitting at a pavement caf on Bahnhofstrasse where my waitress did not seem to be a fan But voyeurism is a very minor component naked bodies here are not just about sexiness though sometimes they are about that , they are also about vulnerability, the raw facticity of your physical frame that, as a teenager, is still new and strange the absurdity of this shaped packet of meat that inspires pity, protectiveness, desire, or revulsion This point comes across very strongly when one character leafs furtively through a porn mag, and we see the huge gulf between the sexualised nakedness of the models there and the awkward, defenceless nakedness of the teens in the actual story.If it has faults, they perhaps come in the final couple of sections, where Burns can t quite find a resolution that lives up to the weight of mystery and feverish emotion that s gone before But you re in good shape if you re falling victim to your own successes, and this is definitely a success weird and transformative, it ll touch the parts that other comics, or TV shows, can t reach Whether you want it to touch you there is another matter.

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    Flat on my back laying on the carpet swinging my feet in our TRX stirrups its comfy don t knock it my mind is swimming.Feet swinging mind swimming I ve never read a graphic book like this WORDS OF WISDOM haha not from me.READ David Glen s reviews.or others.They rated this book 4 and 5 stars wrote cohesive intelligent descriptive excellent reviews Me Yikes I have no idea what to rate this book let alone what to write about it.other than for starters this book put me into a gloomy spacey mood I started and stopped this book several times when it first arrive on my doorstep over a week ago But today I dived in head first with full force And now All I want to do is fall asleep During the 70 s when the world was a changing..I was on the tail , haha tail I repeat end of change READERS BEFORE ME MIGHT LAUGH Naked woman does have a tale This ex cheerleader was a straight arrow slow poke yet no matter what identity one related to None for me just confused.nobody escaped those years squeaky clean.If not directly drugged out sexed out everyone was mentally a mess So when I just read the tamest of historical books about the 70 s a little Woodstock, the Monterey bay music festival, flower power spirit, the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution, AIDS , I m fascinated and interested..but I also know I didn t do 99.9 % of the things people my age were doing I didn t start becoming a little fun until after 22 years of marriageSo when I read THIS BOOK.Oh my GOD it s soooo much over the top in experience of GRAPHIC visually AND in the storytelling than I was comfortable with I m NOT A PRUDE but I WAS DISTURB uncomfortable and creeped out And that s not to say this book isn t filled with powerful messages Adolescence should never be about Disease murder It s hard enough being about drugs sex.I honestly don t know what to sayI need to sleep on this book digest some thoughts Read other reviews.I AM GLAD I READ IT at the same time I would like to get it out of my mind Falling asleep Almost 4 stars so 4 stars it is

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    A sexually transmitted disease is infecting teenagers, a disease that mutates anyone that catches it But what happens to the people who catch the teenage plague I m a recent convert to Charles Burns so I was eager to try this, his multiple award winner The awards were totally justified because Black Hole is awesome.Set in the Seattle suburbs of the 1970s, Black Hole is the story of teenagers caught in a black hole of sex, booze, drugs, and a plague that inflicts mutations on anyone who catches it Keith, Rob, and Chris are caught in its pull and may never escape.Charles Burns 50s EC throwback art is simultaneously sensitive and grotesque, depicting monstrous deformity, teenage angst, and gentler emotions with ease The use of blacks is moody as hell and the book has a claustrophobic feel at times.The writing is superb Charles Burns clearly remembers what it s like to be a lovelorn, sex crazed teenager The angst, drug addled tales are all too familiar if you toss out the ever present threat of the sex plague.Speaking of the sex plague, it could be interpreted as the feeling of alienation a lot of teens feel at one time or another The afflicted separate themselves from the normals as they barely eke by, eventually withering away and dying.I like that the story is told using shifting viewpoints and told in small morsels Keith was the character I latched onto, although Chris and Rob had their moments There s no happy ending, though Nobody magically comes up with a cure for the sex plague People just deal with it as best they can.Black Hole deserves every award it has won Five out of five sexually transmitted mutations.

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    Black Hole is not about depression, but it nearly gave me one Alienated teenagers Teenage angst Coming of age A plethora of drug abuse and sex Not my favourite topics to read about, but the story was strangely intriguing And nightmarish I hope I can sleep well tonightI don t dare to recommend this disturbing book to anyone.

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    In truth, Black Hole should probably only rate three stars, but it s such an impressive effort and intriguing concept I m giving it four Stylistically, Burns art is extremely intricate and has a very nice noir quality to it I have a soft spot for any really well done horror comic book Like Adrian Tomine, Burns has obviously taken plenty of tricks from Clowes and Crumb The strange thing about his art style is that even though it is very slick and eye catching at first, the you look at it, the you look you notice a certain clumsiness abaout it Partly this is because he draws so perfectly I think it kind of makes your eyes tired to look at and emphasizes the faults, but I do think some of the facial expressions and angles are not done quite right As far as the writing goes, I felt a little disappointed with where he took the plot and the dialogue and narration weakened over the course of the book too He also uses a vagina esque motif continuously in Black Hole, which bugged me I mean, unless you think it s fun to see how many comparisons you can make between female genitalia and hideous gashes, tiny creepy mouths, and transforming into a freak It may just be my dumb feminazi hang ups or something.

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    I finished Charles Burns s graphic novel in the middle of the night, and wow I gotta say, it lingers like the tail end of a surreal, disturbing dream That s fitting, because a lot of the book s characters feel like they re caught up in a nightmare too Black Hole is like the offspring of director David Cronenberg and YA novelist John Green It s simultaneously a look at the cliques and factions in high school, a frank examination of suburban anomie and a horrific response to body anxiety before, during and after sex And of course it s shot through with paranoia and fear about STDs and life after teenagehood.In a Seattle suburb in the 1970s, there s a sexually transmitted disease going around that hits only teenagers Each person is affected differently Someone s face might turn feline, for instance another might grow a tail or a second mouth on his or her neck others might turn into hideous ghouls out of an old horror comic.Once someone catches the bug, if their difference is evident they re ostracized by friends and the rest of society Some have set up camp in the nearby woods, like lepers Others try to get by in different makeshift accommodations.Within this unusual world, a handful of teens Keith, Chris, Rob and Eliza try to find some sort of connection, even as their bodies metamorphose and they re alienated by their friends and families Oh yeah, and there s a twisted killer loose in the woods Plot isn t Burns s forte The opening section is a little disorienting I m not sure if it s supposed to be a flashback or an introduction to the entire novel The episodic nature of the book can be frustrating, especially at the beginning, when there are a lot of characters to meet And there s little momentum to the story The complications feel a tad contrived and not very organic.And yet, you still turn the pages, just to see where these troubled teens will end up Burns handles flashbacks particularly well, and some panels mimic the way a camera will either focus in on a closeup or gradually draw back to give you a larger picture of a scene He also handles the sex and nudity very frankly and effectively.Burns s distinctive graphic style his strongest asset draws heavily on woodcuts and shadow, with blacked out backgrounds allowing the characters to pop out in relief Even in scenes that take place during the day, there s an ominous feel to them, like a modern film noir And the book s cover image and endpapers evoke high school yearbook photos those glazed, fixed expressions on people s faces that are frozen in time and, when we look back at them, tinged with melancholy and ambivalent feelings These images, like the book itself, force us to wonder whether we knew everything going on behind those seemingly happy, placid faces.Of course we didn t of course we never will.

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Black Holecharacters Black Hole, audiobook Black Hole, files book Black Hole, today Black Hole, Black Hole aaea3 Suburban Seattle, The Mid S We Learn From The Out Set That A Strange Plague Has Descended Upon The Area S Teenagers, Transmitted By Sexual Contact The Disease Is Manifested In Any Number Of Ways From The Hideously Grotesque To The Subtle And Concealable But Once You Ve Got It, That S It There S No Turning BackAs We Inhabit The Heads Of Several Key Characters Some Kids Who Have It, Some Who Don T, Some Who Are About To Get It What Unfolds Isn T The Expected Battle To Fight The Plague, Or Bring Heightened Awareness To It , Or Even To Treat It What We Become Witness To Instead Is A Fascinating And Eerie Portrait Of The Nature Of High School Alienation Itself The Savagery, The Cruelty, The Relentless Anxiety And Ennui, The Longing For EscapeAnd Then The Murders StartAs Hypnotically Beautiful As It Is Horrifying, Black Hole Transcends Its Genre By Deftly Exploring A Specific American Cultural Moment In Flux And The Kids Who Are Caught In It Back When It Wasn T Exactly Cool To Be A Hippie Any, But Bowie Was Still Just A Little Too Weird To Say Nothing Of Sprouting Horns And Molting Your Skin

About the Author: Charles Burns

CHARLES BURNS grew up in Seattle in the 1970s His work rose to prominence in Art Spiegelman s Raw magazine in the mid 1980s and took off from there, in an extraordinary range of comics and projects, from Iggy Pop album covers to the latest ad campaign for Altoids In 1992 he designed the sets for Mark Morris s restaging of The Nutcracker renamed The Hard Nut at the Brooklyn Academy of Music He