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    Having watched yet another highly depressing England world cup defeat at the hands of silky skilled Continentals, I am tempted to throw my hands to the heavens and scream Why, oh Lord, why can we never play with style and grace But I don t because I ve just finished David Winner s excellent book Those Feet A Sensual History of English Football which amusingly and brilliantly explains the deep rooted English attitude to the beautiful game and goes some way to showing why it s so joyless and lacking inspiration.According to Winner the first people who played the game were 19th century upper class boys at public schools They were encouraged to play sport to increase their strong manly figures but also to dissipate certain urges to ruin themselves.Not that excessive sporting activity was enough for some headmasters Some even sewed up boy s pockets to make sure hands did not come into contact with private parts.This sexual repression, when linked with a strong dislike of effeminacy, ensured that the English game was energetic but devoid of any passion and sensuality Which are exactly the kind of things you see in teams like Brazil or Italy who actually win major tournaments.Watching the Brazil team of the sixties and early seventies is to see a team with rhythm and feeling akin to watching a really good dancer move across a dance floor In short, it s sexy In England during the same period though such skill was admired by some of the discerning players if anyone was to try that sort of thing they would be kicked off the field as indeed Brazil were when they appeared in the 1966 World Cup in England Over decades we had developed a philosophy of spirited on field combat, which occasionally strayed over into almost criminal assault.Indeed one player hit the legendary Everton 1930 s forward Dixie Dean so hard in the groin Dean actually lost a testicle Don t worry 17 years later he spotted his on field assailant in a pub and gave him a sound beating The story shows the desire for an English player to be hard, uncomplaining and repress his own skills for the good of the team.Any players who didn t do this were in trouble England boss Alf Ramsey warned Stan Bowles, a highly skilled 1970 s number ten, if you don t work hard I m going to pull you off at half time To which Stan replied, Christ, at Man City all we get is a cup of tea and an orange Suffice to say he wasn t picked again.

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    Alternately idiosyncratic, thought provoking, and maddening, Winner s book takes on the question of why English football is so ugly and so often ineffective His answer stretches back to the origins of organized football in the muscular Christianity of the Victorian public school English football is unsexy, he argues, because the progenitors of football were anxious about sex in general and masturbation in particular The subtitle of the book is, therefore, a bit of a joke it s the lack of sensuousness think of the hard man who never winces that dooms English football.Winner s history ranges widely, taking us from a survey of Roys in boy s own literature to the cultural geopolitics of The Italian Job to the transition from heavy, traditional English boots to sleek, sexy Brazilian ones At his best, Winner is entertaining and enlightening But the structure is a bit too episodic for my taste and Winner takes too many academics at their word not least the Italian scholar of English literature who insists that no one in London could point towards the British Museum or Heathrow.

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    Now I know why the English are the way they are it s all because of soccer Or is it now I know why soccer is the way it is it s all because of the English Anyway, it all started with the Victorian fear of masturbation, and the desire to cure that with manly sports that sapped all your wanking energy But seriously, this is a fascinating book that is at its best when it describes the typical English character and how it reflects the English style of football Yes, that s the proper term The English sense of work hard, don t complain, the sense of superiority of other nations and peoples, and their own sense of decline in recent years, are all embodied in English soccer If you want to know what makes the English English, this book is a nice start.

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    Who knew the origins of soccer were intertwined with the purity movement, specifically the goal of ending masturbation among English youth Winner uses this opening to help explain why the English play soccer the way they do and why they haven t been all that successful It s maybe a stretch to explore a country s history and culture through the lens of a sport, but Winner did with the Netherlands in Brilliant Orange as an outsider looking in In Those Feet, Winner offers an insider s perspective into English soccer, history, culture and relationship to Europe.

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    Having loved Brilliant Orange, I was excited to find a rare copy of this book in the US However, much of it didn t excite me probably because it was geared toward an English audience In Brilliant Orange, Winner took the time to explain much about Dutch culture, whereas in Those Feet, even those outside England who are quite connected with English football are lost on quite a few of the references If you re not a huge Anglophile, read this book with a Wikipedia tab open.

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    Really fun Granted it speaks to a niche market, but in reading a Malcolm Gladwell type history of English footballing culture much history is learned in a lighthearted way.

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    Great background on the history of the British game While some of Winner s hypotheses are a little far fetched, he makes a good case for all of them Fascinating soccer sociology stuff.

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    An interesting study of what makes English football the way it is actually becomes a close examination of Englishness in general Fascinating stuff bring on those long balls

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