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    Oh My Oh My Mouth Drop to the floor folks This book is FILTHY Branded Captive itself is one of the most debauched and filthy and did I mention depraved folks as my brains gone bye byes for the moment after wallowing around in that murky cesspit of sinful degeneracy That I have experienced in a very long time and I devoured every decadent perverted instance portrayed here like with tongue hanging out god I m such a deviant So now with my twisted tendencies exposed for all to see, Taking a bow here folks.I m going to put out there that this is not a story for everybody this is a tale that will push your limits to the maximum and if you are not a fan of dub consent type erotica please give this a miss This is the darkest yet of this author s omegaverse fiction and this is so not the story to toe dip the waters with I can assure you.So this is a reverse harem type omegaverse story set against a dismal dystopian backdrop.You can almost taste the desperation and despair in the air.Our three alphas Caspian, Kieran and Toby are so completely bad and unredeemable they are so not good guys and are used to taking what they want and in this instant, they want Wren one defective mute albino Omega and they are prepared to use whatever means to get her to comply and in this instance with her adoptive foundlings health at risk Wren knows her options are severely limited here.What sets this particular author apart is her ability to blend such a fully dimensional storyline within the erotic narrative she doesn t scrimp on the background and world building and I always know I m going to get something well written if hard hitting in places.Branded Captive is the first part of a trilogy parts one and two are already out and this instalment is told from the top Alpha Caspian and Wren s POV.This is dark omegaverse folks, please take heed and know your limits this is not a romance.This one gets a very twisted thumbs up from me.I voluntary reviewed an Arc of Branded Captive Wren s Song, 1.All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttps www.facebook.com beckiebookworm www.beckiebookworm.com

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    Re read September 20184.5 STARS Do you wish to nest first HO LEE CRAP That was awesome WEIRD TWISTED DEPRAVED.I freaking love Addison Cain She has this incredible talent for writing angsty dark erotica that I just can t get enough of Set in the same Alpha Omega Beta world as this author s FABULOUS Alpha series, Branded Captive tells Wren s story, a mute defective omega who becomes involved with an outlaw first alpha and his two seconds.If you re familiar at all with this world, you ll know what to expect purring, nesting, growling, knotting, pair bonding and of course, dubious consent because omegas are always subject to the will of an alpha it s completely fucked up.But that s not what makes these stories so great It s the complex characters that burrow themselves under your skin Our heroine, Wren, is first and foremost a survivor, but she s caught up in an impossible situation that exposes her vulnerabilities and insecurities to alphas who are unaccustomed to kindness or mercy Wren didn t think it was possible to find there was something lower than whore but there was Her plight tugged hard at my heartstrings Then there s Caspian, who rules the underworld with an iron fist In every aspect of his life, he s manipulative, hard, and cruel, yet with Wren, there s that whisper of softness that every anti hero needs to eventually turn a dark read into a romance.I loved the way his instincts and his expectations went to war with each other.On the other hand, his second, Kieran, was utterly detestable and I m hoping he ll get his comeuppance in future installments Toby, the third, was better, but not by much he had a bunch of WTF moments in this story DSuch good stuff I CAN T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK Which brings me to the rating I was SOOO tempted to give this one a full 5 stars, even if I know, logically, that the beginning wasn t as fleshed out as a true novel should be Grrrrrr that would be the sound of my conscience, which insists on 4 stars, fighting with my heart, which wants 5 lol

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    Disgusting.I repeatedly tried to stop several times but I wanted to rate this so I continued.While reading this I wanted to vomit several times It wasn t erotic at all Atleast for me I don t think even an Alexa Riley book can save my mood now.

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    Wren is a mute Albino Omega that gets discarded by her father to a desolate area called the Warrens and is left to survive on her own when she fails to please the Alpha he wanted to sell her to She becomes a caretaker of some boys that are also on their own, but one day two of them fail to return home She finds them working for Caspian, the ruler of the Warrens and a ruthless killer Caspian wants Wren and offers her to trade herself in place for the boys, but she must do everything that he says, including pleasing his two employees and co Alphas, Kieran and Toby The first thing that comes to mind is that there s a lot of fluid in this book Considering how often one of the alphas is on top of her, behind her, above her leaking or shooting or splattering or whatever, and the copious amounts of slick she pours out like a faucet, it s a wonder she didn t drown My second thought is that despite how much I ve liked Cain s writing in the past, I m beginning to think I need a break from her Many of her books are full of triggers, but it s often balanced by the emotions she s able to produce in her characters It wasn t enough this time, though Caspian is jealous whenever Wren gives attention to anyone but him and it starts off promising, but that lasts all of a few days Then he s tossing her to his cohorts because he can t be bothered to comfort her after he s done playing with her Instead, he returns to his lair where he watches Kieran and Toby do their things via surveillance video while getting some under the table action by the numerous whores he keeps in his pen.Wren is clearly appeasing Caspian in order to keep her boys, Mikael and Alec safe, but of course her body betrays her any time an alpha starts his seduction Every scene was full of dub con because Wren logically didn t want what was happening to her But after spending some time with Caspian she starts to become attached, but then he breaks her spirit by making her feel less than a whore when he tells her he s still going to use his other females, and sometimes in front of her and that she ll be grateful because it ll calm him down enough so he won t injure her during sex It ends with that declaration and Caspian informing Wren that she ll be returning with him to his lair, which leads me to anticipate that the next book will be full of Wren s heartbreak having to watch Caspian with others and probably some OW drama from Rosie, the oft mentioned but never seen whore that was Caspian s preferred entertainment before he found Wren At least I don t.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Sweet Holy Titfire.There is just something about this OmegaVerse that draws me in If this was real life I would be throat kicking a man who acted this way However, it isn t real life and for that, I am thankful because if it was I would miss out on some of the most titillating and tantalizing stories that leave me fanning myself and whispering to myself, Let your freak flag fly I embrace this new addiction of mine Anything, and I mean ANYTHING this author writes leaves me teetering on the abyss of I shouldn t like this BUT I do and it is for that reason that I will continue to drink that little potion and fall down the rabbit hole I know she will push my boundaries and that is okay She is a master wordsmith and creates a world and characters that are than just make believe even though in fact THEY are make believe Yet, while in the story the world becomes real Instead of watching it on a box in my living room where images are projected I get it in the form of a book and my mind is projecting the images I see, feel, hear, and even taste everything as if I am the character This book was no different I felt for Wren Just like any Addison Cain heroine before her, she is not a weakling She fights even if she knows in the long run that she cannot possibly win The males in this story are just as distinct Caspian, Kieran, and Toby all have specific roles This is not an easy world Somehow they manage to make it work I sense in the future that they are going to be knocked for a loop by what a little Wren can do to upturn their lives They might have all the power but it posits for how long This was a short story It was the first part of what will be a trilogy I didn t want it to end, yet, that is nothing new I never want her words to end I look forward to whatever comes next in her crazy mind I am not meaning that in a disparaging way In fact, it is a compliment because her kind of crazy fits nicely in my world and shows me that I am not alone.

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    5 Fantastically Filthy Stars for Branded Captive This book knocked me off my feet and slapped me in the face Who knew filth and garbage could be this HAWT Addison Cain knows how to set the stage and create the most magnificent dark, twisted, and perverse stories that have me crying for I can t figure out what it is that has me hooked to her writing but it is a spell that I don t want to come out of The author has such control over her writing, her characters endure the most tortuous of existences and yet here I am clapping on the sidelines cheering I want I want Pretty please Ms Cain, can I have book two now And just to concretely prove that this author is super awesome talented, she wrote this in two weeks on a dare Deadlines do you justice Ms Cain You come up with magnificent stories So what s this story all about It s an Omegaverse tale, a quickly growing sub genre where the Alphas are domineering pricks and the Omegas are crafty little things that try to reject their submission to Alphas Our Omega s name in Branded Captive is Wren and she is beautiful A beautiful Albino Mute whom is neglected and exploited by the people around her Although she is branded as a Defective , Wren has a heart of gold and is a crafty little thing surviving the muck and garbage of the Warrens, a sinking level of their city where the lowest of the low and outcast go to struggle for survival before the water, sewage and garbage takes them under Poor Wren has been cast off by a glutinous Alpha who rejects her and casts her to the Warrens as a defect tattooed on her face.The Warrens is in the control of a unscrupulous Alpha named Caspian who exploits the weak and helpless Little does he know the treasure of an Omega hiding is his jurisdiction.When Wren is discovered by Caspian, both their lives will change But in a world where Omegas are exploited and devalued by Alpha slime bags we are unsure how Wren will survive Caspian s hold on her And the bigger question that remains, will Caspian and his men survive Wren

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    3 Well that was different StarsThe book is hot and kind of dark Not what I expected, but I didn t hate it I like short smutty books, but this one might be a touch too short It was hard to follow what was going on, I had to read other reviews when I finished to answer some of my questions.The book starts out with a bang and basically sets the tone of the book I you can t stomach that part, you really shouldn t read any I on the other hand, kind of enjoyed all the abuse.At the end of the day Wren is abused throughout the book I thought these reverse Harem kind of books were about worshipping one girl, but it s about three dudes that really like to bang and not give a crap about the girl s feelings I ll say it again, YOU WILL FEEL BAD FOR HER But there s lots of steam, so there you go.What I will say is that I didn t expect this to be a cliff hanger Who does that in smutty novellas Had I known that I would have waited for the series to finish.I think that was a little misleading from the author but that s my two cents.

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    Selfish AlphaNormally I enjoy darker theme romances and I have really enjoyed Alpha Omega books I ve read in the past but this Alpha had absolutely no regard for her at all I don t want to give any spoilers so I ll keep this vague, in his point of view he viewed her as an object in a way that wasn t sexy I didn t like the lack of fidelity on his end, he uses other females through out the book and tells her he will do so in front of her and she will be grateful Romance is the wrong genre for this type of novel There was absolutely no feeling involved for either party Erotic horror might be applicable Even after a Dr Tells the men she s in rough shape and dangerously dehydrated and needs rest and water, that they are actually harming her they don t stop, They barely give it another thought My heart ached for her and honestly this book left me feeling sad.

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    Omg this book NASTY I m almost positive that NONE of my GR friends here would like this At all.I didn t think it was horrible though The writing is decent and I m actually a little intrigued by the whole thing But seriously I not recommending.

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    I fuckin liked it.It was intriguing and twistedly fascinatingIt was weirdely kinky and yet I was very much immeresed threesomes, duh an interesting main female character and the storyline in this surprising mash up of a fantasy genre..the rest you just follow up as you goSo, for me, fuckin A

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