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The Bloodless Revolution: England 1688 summary The Bloodless Revolution: England 1688, series The Bloodless Revolution: England 1688, book The Bloodless Revolution: England 1688, pdf The Bloodless Revolution: England 1688, The Bloodless Revolution: England 1688 217abf6784 The Glorious Revolution Of Represented A Crucial Turning Point In Modern British History By Decisively Shifting Political Power From The Monarchy To Parliament In This Cogent Study, First Published In , Stuart Prall Offers A Well Balanced Account Of The Revolution, Its Roots, And Its Consequences The Events Of , Prall Argues, Cannot Be Viewed In Isolation Examining The Tempestuous Half Century That Preceded And Precipitated William And Mary S Accession, He Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Revolution S Context And Of Its Historical Meaning Prall Insists That The Revolution Of Was The Culmination Of A Long Crisis Begun Back In , And The Revolution Settlement Was The Resolution Of Problems Which The Puritan Revolution And The Restoration Had Left Unsolved This Is An Admirable Combination Of Analysis, Commentary Upon Views Of Historians, And Chronological Narrative, Starting With The Restoration In And Continuing Through The Act Of Settlement In Choice

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    Great overview of a complicated time Prall argues that England s Glorious Revolution of 1688 stemmed from questions unanswered by the civil war earlier in the century The beheading of Charles I, the rule of Cromwell, and the Restoration failed to resolve how Parliament and King should get along in a changing England To answer the questions of why England in 1688, and why the actors involved behaved as they did, he takes a comprehensive view, looking at institutions and individuals and considering the influence of political, religious, and social beliefs Prall sometimes has trouble managing all of this information in particular, he frequently refers to events before describing them in detail, which can prove confusing But with patience, one can take away a detailed understanding of seventeenth century England.

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