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The Vine Witch pdf The Vine Witch , ebook The Vine Witch , epub The Vine Witch , doc The Vine Witch , e-pub The Vine Witch , The Vine Witch be3c40a4774 A Young Witch Emerges From A Curse To Find Her World Upended In This Gripping Fantasy Of Betrayal, Vengeance, And Self Discovery Set In Turn Of The Century FranceFor Centuries, The Vineyards At Ch Teau Renard Have Depended On The Talent Of Their Vine Witches, Whose Spells Help Create The World Renowned Wine Of The Chanceaux Valley Then The Skill Of Divining Harvests Fell Into Ruin When Sorci Re Elena Boureanu Was Blindsided By A Curse Now, After Breaking The Spell That Confined Her To The Shallows Of A Marshland And Weakened Her Magic, Elena Is Struggling To Return To Her Former Life And The Vineyard She Was Destined To Inherit Is Now In The Possession Of A Handsome StrangerVigneron Jean Paul Martel Naively Favors Science Over Superstition, And He Certainly Doesn T Endorse The Locals Belief In Witches But Elena Knows A Hex When She Sees One, And The Vineyard Is Covered In Them To Stay On And Help The Vines Recover, She Ll Have To Hide Her True Identity, Along With Her Plans For Revenge Against Whoever Stole Seven Winters Of Her Life And She Won T Rest Until She Can Defy The Evil Powers That Are Still A Threat To Herself, Jean Paul, And The Ancient Vine Witch Legacy In The Rolling Hills Of The Chanceaux Valley

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    This book was received as an early ARC from the publisher and Author, in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own re Elena Boureanu, is Ch teau Renard s Vine Witch She was brought to live as as an apprentice to Monsieur and Madame GardinElena, disciple of the All Knowing and daughter of the Chanceaux Valley.Her spell work and careful nurturing helped created the world renowned wine of the Chanceaux Valley.Weak after finally breaking free of the bonds of a curse that has kept her confined to the shallows of a marshland as toad Elena emerges after seven long winters with her magic weakened but her memory intact She is bent on seeking vengeance to the one who betrayed her and used a transformed curse on her Vigneron Jean Paul Martel is a lawyer by trade, has purchased the vineyard Ch teau Renard from Mademoiselle Gardin Grand Mere Allowing to Grand Mere to continue to reside in her ancestral Chateau Jean Paul naively favors science and methodology over superstition In his heart of hearts he still want to creat a great wine Elena s beloved vineyard, Ch teau Renard has been sold off, And the vineyard is in a tragic state and has rapidly declined in her absence She needs time to recover her strength to breathe new life into grape vines and revive the vineyard to what it once was All the while excepting the fact that someone else now owns the place her life has been rooted to for so long She is apart of the vineyard as the vines themselves Luanne G Smith debut novel., THE VINE WITCH, is beautifully developed The story line had the perfect blend of suspense and romance Mixed together with the right amount of spellbinding magic that makes for an incredible read The authors descriptive writing creates beautiful imagery that is perfectly paced, and a plot that was thought provoking, that is richly detailed and unique An engaging book set in early 20th century France With well developed characters.The story held my attention fully all the way through with just enough romance to a create a tension filled slow burn I absolutely enjoyed the creative elements of dark blood magic and herb lore that made for a stunning witchy read Luanne, describes scenes with such lush imagery that you are able to fully immerse yourself into the world she has created The novels premise and the writing definitely intrigued me and kept me entertained From start to finish this book delivered the perfect amount of mystery and mystical realism that I can t say enough about.A captivating book, and by far has been one of my favorite reads this year So, pour yourself the perfect glass of your favorite wine and grab this book when it s available this October magical, magica realism, witchy Fiction spellbing 5star fantasy

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    A twisty plot involving wine and witches, stitched together with intrigue and romance Set in the Chanceaux valley, a wine making region in France, this book is jam packed with atmosphere I loved feeling like I was at a particular moment in time in a world new to electricity and motor cars, but experienced in hex work and witchcraft Lush writing and evocative storytelling Highly recommend if you enjoy stories with magic, witches, and especially wine.I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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    VINEYARDS, WINE, AND WITCHES Um, yes PLEASE How did I not know about this book sooner

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    Magic in the air Considering this is the authors debut novel it is absolute M A G I C WE start in the swamp of all places Slightly confusing at first until we realize it s the inner monologue of a toad of all things Confusing, until we learn she s actually a woman that s been trapped in toad form for seven years by someone unknown We re introduced to a magical landscape in ways than one The French countryside full of vineyards and dazzling wines brought to their peak perfection through the age old courtesy and love of vine witches What happens when one such witch comes home from her seven year curse to find all she knew had changed Can she find her footing when her home and love are no longer hers When she not certain who cursed her and the vines she loves so very much Her magical tale will weave its way into your heart and beg to hear This is one author I can t wait to see from Brava

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    Kindle First for September 2019

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