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Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) chapter 1 Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) , meaning Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) , genre Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) , book cover Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) , flies Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) , Crush the King (Crown of Shards, #3) 6c7c1e66fd10e A Fierce Gladiator Queen Must Face Off Against Her Enemies In An Epic Battle In This Next Thrilling Installment Of New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Estep S Crown Of Shards Series An Action Packed Adventure Full Of Magic, Murderous Machinations, Courtly Intrigue, And Pulse Pounding RomanceQueen Everleigh Blair Of Bellona Has Survived The Mass Murder Of The Royal Family, Become A Fearsome Warrior Trained By An Elite Gladiator Troupe, And Unleashed Her Ability To Destroy Magic After Surviving Yet Another Assassination Attempt Orchestrated By The Conniving King Of Morta, Evie Has Had Enough It S Time To Turn The Tables And Take The Fight To Her Enemies There Is No Better Opportunity To Strike Than During The Regalia Games, A Time When Warriors, Nobles, And Royals From All The Kingdoms Come Together To Compete In Various Sporting Events With The Help Of Her Loyal Friends, Evie Goes On The Attack At The Regalia, But Things Don T Turn Out The Way She Hopes Soon, She Is Facing A Terrifying New Threat, And She Will Have To Dig Deep And Learn Even About Her Growing Magic If She Has Any Chance Of Defeating Her FoesBecause To Secure Her Throne And Ensure Her Kingdom S Survival, Evie Must Think Like A True Bellonan She Must Outsmart And Outwit Her Enemies And Crush The King

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    Initial ThoughtsI devoured this book I have so many other books that I need to read and review but I just couldn t wait to get started with this one and once I started, I just couldn t put it down Evie and her crew are on the defense once again and are working to go on the offensive The group is off to the Regalia Games to match up against the other kingdoms This book had just the right amount of action, magic, and strategy to keep things very interesting I did think that this book felt very final I had thought that this would be a series but maybe it is a trilogy ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley Full review to be posted soon.

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    4.5 5

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    7 15 19Cover, synopsis and release date all in one D 2020 come faster Can t wait to see them take down the King of Morta Also, I almost wished I had waited until the third book came out so I could binge three books in a row rather than two lol

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    I received this ARC copy of Crush the King from Harper Collins Harper Voyager This is my honest and voluntary review Crush the King is set for publication March 17, 2020.

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    These days, with kids and work and and and it s rare that I end up staying up past my bedtime to read a book And when I do, it s because the book is just that engrossing and because I always vastly underestimate how long it will take me to finish whatever I m reading Such was the case here I had to work this morning, bright and early My daughter wanted to sleep with me last night, which meant going to bed early as well But there I was, at 12 45, turning the last page on my Kindle in the dark, under the covers, my daughter sleeping next to me and the thunder sounds she had requested rocking the room Though admittedly, the thunder was a fabulous soundtrack for the latter half of the book.In Crush the King, we find Evie Queen Everleigh still besieged by assassins, and it seems everywhere she turns, there are Finally deciding she s had enough of playing defense, she goes on the offense and brings the battle to Regalia Games similar in spirit to the Olympics When it all comes down to life or death, Evie is will to sacrifice everything in order to Crush the King.It s a great continuation of the series, and Evie gets better and better as a character She s notstatic She learns and adjusts and takes the hits sometimes too The book s no spoilers ending was perfect , though I will say that it leaves enough open that another book could theoretically be possible My understanding is that this is a trilogy, however it s not unheard of for that to change if books are doing well Overall, if this IS the end it s been a helluva ride There s strength in physicality but there s also strength in wits and honor Queen Everleigh Blair demonstrates that playing the long game can devastate your opponent as much as beating them on a battlefield.

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    ARC from Edelweiss This series has been amazing It s one of those that you are really sorry when it s over I loved how the lead character, Evie, has been able to rise to the challenges of becoming the queen Evie choses to stop playing defense and go on the offensive It was great to see her make her own choices and how she ultimately deals with the threats was beautiful She survives the constant threats to her life and the lives of her friends Her friends are all different and have their own histories that are woven into the story well I really liked that there was romance but is wasn t the graphic kind that you see so often these day It was a satisfying ending It ends with triumph and hope for everyone s future I wish there was Maybe a spin off Hint hint

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    Crush the King by Jenifer EstepThis is the next book in the Crown of Shards series I enjoyed Kill the Queen and Protect the Prince which preceded it Evie who has dodged assassination in every book decides to go on the offensive against her enemy King Maximus.The book is characterized by loyalty and love by Queen Everleigh and fear, hate and loathing by King Maximus and his minions Evie will do anything to protect her people and her nation Maximus will do anything to maintain his power and terrify his people including his blood relatives Esteps portrayal of Queen Everleigh is not just rose petals and vanilla She shows that even good people can be driven to do things they abhor to save things they love I enjoyed the book and the series.

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    How to describe this series I had stockpiled the entire trilogy in ARCs from work because a coworker thought the first one looked like it might be my speed and finally started reading the first book the day the third one showed up on our shelf The entire series is totally bonkers but in a very fun, you have to keep reading kind of way It s a YA fantasy except the characters are old enough that they can have guilt free steamy sex scenes I had many, many problems with the story the heroine has been told her entire life that her magic is worthless but her ability is a sense of smell so strong she can SMELL EMOTIONS like uhhhh if you re going into politics that kind of seems like obviously the best magic ability Forget throwing lightning or her actual secret secondary magical ability, which is to control other people s magic, she can SMELL WHEN PEOPLE LIE TO HER Come on Also her love interest is supposedly a grown man but throws a literal temper tantrum when, after he has told her that he will never be with her, ever, stop asking , she arranges a political marriage for herself, which whatever, men are babies, news at eleven And all the political maneuvering is telegraphed a mile in advance Yet, at the same time, these books are incredibly entertaining They got me out of a reading slump and kept me going for several long commutes You ll know when you re in the mood for ridiculous fantasy with a lady in leather trousers on the cover save this series for that moment I think any Sarah J Maas fan would be delighted to give these a try.

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    Review will be posted at www.books n kisses.com.NUMBER OF HEARTS 4Crush the King follows Queen Everleigh and her friends into the annual Regalia Games and what could possibly be their final stand against the Mortans Wait What No. I need pages frantically clicking kindle for the next page This was my original reaction when I finished Crush the King I did enjoy this book very much but wanted More pages, story, Sullivan I was not ready to leave yet But I am thankful after the major angst from Protect the Prince that there was not that level of angst again My poor heart couldn t have handled it again Crush the King was a bit slow moving for me Great story but slow I was happy with how much Everleigh has grown over the course of these three books And truly loved her ability to play the long game and how each piece of the puzzle fell into place It took me a bit to regroup and realize that this trilogy is over But I am really, really hoping that there will be spin offs and that the publisher will realize that there are so many stories that need to be told I love the world that Jennifer has created and hope that we will get to come back to Bellona again soon Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book from Edelweiss Harper Collins Harper Voyager in exchange for an honest review This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series by Jennifer Estep It has just a little bit of everything thrown in to make it an entertaining and well written read While it s not overly complicated, there s just enough of the unexpected to keep you enthralled The Crown of Shards series begins with Kill the Queen, where Everleigh Blair of Bellona is the stand in royal, sent to all the public appearances that no one else wants to do This has made her well known in the country and also allowed her a level of privacy to hide the strength and nature of her magic When an uprising leads to the slaughter of all other members of the royal family, she is able to escape, hide out and train as a gladiator Eventually, leading to the vengeance of her family and becoming the new queen of Bellona Now, in book three, Everleigh and the people she loves and trusts the most are surrounded by the schemes and intrigue that inspired the attack on the royal family in the first place But there s no better place than the Regalia Games, the competition between Kingdoms, to seek revenge and punish those involved Political schemes, intrigue and one up man ship are the name of the game to survive and win the day.

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