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    Try as I might and no matter how many times I watch it, I ve never been able to understand Vanilla Sky It s visually a beautiful film with its skyscraper shots of a pre 2000 s New York City and pink and purple clouds, but the story itself has always been confusing to me at best I was glad to come across this screenplay book version because it puts into words the plot and personality of the characters, making it a bit easier to get Vanilla Sky is a very poignant and sad but good story, one of those that will mean different things to different people, and whether you re a fan of the film or planning to watch it for the first time, this screenplay book is a good companion piece It makes me think that the story would be very good as a full length novel adaptation that really explores the emotion and meanings behind the plot.

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    Cameron Crowe is such a talented writer He has this unique style of writing that is very fast paced but, at the same time, incredibly witty Vanilla Sky reference to Monet s paitings is not a mear americanisation of Alejandro Amenabar s film Abre Los Ojos It is in fact a retelling of the same story but with a deeper and philosophical approach The plot of this book is written in a greek tragedy fashion First the status quo rich David Aams has everything he desires, uses women as pet toys Julie , then a devine intervention that sets the hero on a new quest David Aams meets Sofia and wants to leave his bohemian life for her , then a tragic event happenes that is largely due to the status quo force of gravity David Aams chooses to get in Julie s car and gets into a car accident , the internal conflict David Aams is tormented by his disfiguration and the realization that now he will never be loved by Sofia and finally the deus ex machina the artifical life extension program and the fascinating concept of the lucid dream Naturally a realisation is made at the end that befalls on the reader as a devine commandment even if you could controle your dreams, you would soon enough grow insatisfied of the dream likeness of it and start needing some tragic events in order for it to feel real Because just as Brian Shelby David s best friend repeatedly warns David You can do whatever you want with your life, but one day you ll know what love truly is It s the sour and the sweet And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet.

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    A beautiful and effective movie borne from beautiful and effective words on the page Man, Cameron Crowe can WRITE Usually, reading a screenplay is a stale and dull exercise but Crowe has such a way with words, they paint the scenes vividly Always gotta know what was on the page to make a mega star like Tom Cruise sign on, right Then again, him and Crowe are seemingly BEST friends I can understand why the movie confused people but I m baffled as to how anyone could hate it Family Guy remarked that it s an abortion of a movie and while it would take an essay or treatise to effectively address all the many layers, themes and subtexts of the film, I think it s EASILY Cruise best performance in a sea of great performances So much was on the page from the get go and I love knowing that great movies started out on the page great As Quentin Tarantino once famously said Words are cheap If you have no money, or even if you do, always start off with a GREAT script It s free Vanilla Sky isn t for everyone but if you take the journey, I m sure you ll be riveted by what you experience.

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    affair betrayal is thin different affair is like vanilla flavour in beginning but can hurt in the deep heart in the end.always says thanks to our life because that s the best for us.yes or not is the answer for act of the affair

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    The greatest ever

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    now i suppose I should see the movie But was it all a dream

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    Loved it Mind blowing

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