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Code of Conduct chapter 1 Code of Conduct, meaning Code of Conduct, genre Code of Conduct, book cover Code of Conduct, flies Code of Conduct, Code of Conduct e589107c2dac7 There Are Three Things You Need To Know About Shane PI PI Is Not Her Last Name, It S Her Job Title, Her Specialty Is Catching Cheaters, And She S A Superhuman Kind OfGabriel Is A Security Expert For Cipher Security, And A Former UN Peacekeeper With A Fierce Protective Streak That Finds Its Focus On The Beautiful PITheir Attraction Is Like An Elephant In A Room Full Of Breakable Things, And Figuring Out How To Trust Each Other With Their Hearts, And Maybe Their Lives, Is The Most Fragile Thing Of All Code Of Conduct Is A Full Length Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Can Be Read As A Standalone, And Is Book In The Cipher Security Series, Knitting In The City World, Penny Reid Book Universe

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    4 stars Code of Conduct is my first book by April White, and it was a real win for me Initially, I picked this up because I knew it was going to be in the world of Penny Reid s Cipher Security, and I love those characters There was a lot of them in this book, so Reid fan s won t be disappointed But Gabriel and Shane s story also stood out on it s own Shane is a PI and specializes in catching cheaters While catching one, she crosses paths with a few guys from Cipher Security Gabriel Eze is one of those guys Shane finds herself in a bit of trouble with said cheater, and Cipher Security needs her help While trying to figure everything out, she consults with them and starts to spend a lot time with Gabriel You could never be normal Extraordinary is not normal Stunning is not normal Brilliant is Not Normal There was such a great build up to the romance between these two I love a good slow burn romance I also love strong female leads, and Shane is one of the strongest heroines I ve read about in a while She has such a kick ass, take no crap personality and I loved it I also loved Gabriel He s family oriented, sweet, and anyone who loves show tunes like me is amazing in my book It took a while for Shane to open up to Gabriel, but he was patient with her always And when they were finally together, it was fire I loved so much how Gabriel saw Shane and got her to see herself It made my heart so happy I really did enjoy this book lots, the only reason it missed the five star mark for me is that it did start off a bit slow for me and took me a while to connect I attribute that to the fact that it s a romantic suspense and that s not my favorite type of romance Still, I m so glad I picked this one up because I loved so much about it, plus I found a new author to read April White s writing was fantastic and I can t wait to dive into of her books in the future You don t need to read any of Penny Reid s books to read this one, but I can t recommend enough that you pick up Love Hacked It s one of my favorite Penny books and Sandra and Alex are my favorite couple of hers They do play a somewhat prominent part in this story so if you ve read and loved that book like me, you ll be plesently surprised I found myself with a huge smile on my face every time they were on the page If you re looking for a character driven romantic suspense with a lot of tension and a great slow burn, pick this one up

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    3 5 STARS 3Such a lovely story, I really don t know why I haven t tried this author before I fall in love immediately with the story and I just couldn t put it down It was fun,refreshing,sweet and heartwarming The concept was brilliant and the characters lovable I loved everything in this book, it has suspense and the romance is on point I adored both characters and they intrigued me Shane and Gabriel make me swoon Such a great personalities Their romance was sweet and sexy I loved the writing so much and it was fast paced I m definitely going to read April White s other books If you are looking for a refreshing story with a sexy hero this is definitely for you

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    We are so excited to announce the wonderful April White Books s book for Smartypants Romance Code of Conduct is the first book in the Cipher Security Series, contemporary romantic suspense, and can be read as a standalone y RELEASE DATE October 15th, 2019 PRE ORDER LINKS Books Play to your shelf on Goodreads Blurb There are three things you need to know about Shane P.I 1 P.I is not her last name, it s her job title, 2 Her specialty is catching cheaters, and 3 She s a superhuman kind of.Gabriel is a security expert for Cipher Security, and a former UN Peacekeeper with a fierce protective streak that finds its focus on the beautiful P.I.Their attraction is like an elephant in a room full of breakable things, and figuring out how to trust each other with their hearts, and maybe their lives, is the most fragile thing of all Code of Conduct is a full length contemporary romantic suspense, can be read as a standalone, and is book 1 in the Cipher Security series, Knitting in the City World, Penny Reid Book Universe BLOGGERS ARC Signup for all books in the Pennyverse is here Note Each and every book can be read as a standalone, so please only sign up for the books you REALLY want to read 3

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    I so want this book Huge April White fan here.

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    I LOVE Shane and Gabriel, and I can t wait for you to meet them

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    Code Of Conduct by April White You could never be normal Extraordinary is not normal Stunning is not normal Brilliant is Not Normal Code of Conduct is an exciting new chapter in author April White s admittedly already impressive writing resume Known for her incredible fantasy action adventure books Immortal Descendants series look it up, you won t regret it , April has taken her remarkable talent as a writer and combined it with the insight gained from her personal skills as a former PI, in order to bring forth one extraordinary suspense filled romance, that is a highly entertaining concoction of giggle snort funny dialogue, raw and superbly edgy energy, as well as sharp, witty and fresh characterisation and plot I can t tell you how refreshing it is to be handed a truly unique, sarcastic, strong female protagonist like Shane, who doesn t wilt and simper or get kidnapped and require rescuing at the first sign of a sexy tall man hello, Gabriel She is the personification of every kick ass heroine out there, the one heroine that you would love your daughter or son to emulate As an amputee, Shane has faced challenges than most and that is certainly evident in her personality, how she reacts and tries to blend in She is fiercely determined, highly intelligent and intuitive but the downside to all of this is her reluctance to get close to anyone She is strong, yes, but she is so lonely and that becomes glaringly obvious as the story progresses and she is pulled into friendship from a certain Knitting in the City gang, with a penchant for lemon drops cocktails Gabriel is an absolute sweetheart He straddles the line between being a British alpha hero and a beta He s simply magnificent, robust, manly but so very sweet and tender Especially when it comes to dealing with our skittish heroine His need to protect is overwhelming but he also recognises that Shane rarely needs that protection But it s the knowledge that it s there, that he wants to keep her safe, care for her, that starts to promote a spark of something much , something that transcends them being mere partners trying to solve a case Writing a book that includes another author s very well known and adored characters, can be a deathly daunting task but April White has managed to not only capture the true essence of those people, in particular Alex and Sandra she has also created a whole new family that fits in so perfectly with the Cipher and KITC gang Code of Conduct is a sterling addition to the Smartypants franchise It is exciting, addictive, intelligent, hilarious and full of so much love from all sides We have trouble believing the good things people say how smart, or funny, or interesting, or remarkable we are but we have no trouble totally owning the bad stuff If I m going to give words any power at all, I m going to make damn sure it s the ones that light me up like a damn Christmas tree, you know

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    I was thrilled to receive an ARC copy of Code of Conduct I had first come across the start of this story in Penny Reid s Cocktales anthology, and out of all of the tales it contained, this one immediately grabbed my attention It checked all of the boxes for books I love, and I am happy to say the novel itself delivered.1 I love a good romance Code of Conduct is straight up SEXY The build of the relationship was equal parts hot and sweet and hilarious and had all of the feels.2 I love a good mystery The plot kept me guessing throughout the book, and it truly delivered in the end No spoilers 3 I love diverse, smart characters April White gave us main characters that you don t read everyday, and I was so glad to meet them Whether it s race, gender or disability, she navigated them with honesty through very realistic scenarios in the plot I am grateful for the attention given to them, and the fact that the author does not shy from truth telling within the story telling She went deep, and it was beautiful 4 I love Penny Reid She created one hell of a universe in her Knitting in the City series When it was shared that Smartypants Romance was going to allow other authors to share stories within it, I was pretty excited The characters we see again in this book were true to their origins, and I love that we continue to get glimpses into their lives It s brilliant and fun The author hit every mark with them 5 I love a strong female main character It s kind of a must for books I seek out to read Shane is one of the most kick ass characters I have read For goodness sake, she has a peg leg And deep knowledge of Star Wars Canon She s fierce and intelligent and capable Sigh I really hope that there s to come from these characters I highly recommend

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    ARC provided by the publisher Social Butterfly PR, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read the book Let Me Tell You Guys, THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING I loved it so much, Every detail, every character, every intelligent and sarcastic Remark, Literally Every scene SHANE , Badass , Smart , Courageous , beautiful , fighter , inspirational and cinnamon Roll at heart , Is probably one of my all time Favorite Heroines GABRIEL , Kind , strong , handsome , Supportive and just AWESOME Our main Characters have been through A lot , their pasts are Painful , Each one took a different direction in dealing with the hurt , at the same time , both of them didn t allow the bad experiences they have been through to break them Their relationship was beautiful , Gabriel supported and encouraged Shane in every step , treating her as an equal , like the wonder woman she is Shane was Simply Inspirational When You read this amazing book , You will know why , NO SPOILERS I really loved April White Writing style , it was beautiful , smart , Sarcastic and Brilliant I liked how she inserted her characters in Penny Reid World Flawlessly , I have to admit , When I heard about those books , I was afraid because for me Penny Reid Is my all time favorite Romance Author , I keep rereading her books , Because I LOVE her characters , I was Afraid those new books won t keep the integrity and brilliance of my beloved characters But After Code of Conduct I M SO EXCITED TO READ THE REST OF THIS SERIES AND THE OTHER BOOKS If you love , Smart , sassy , strong , imperfect characters , Smart concepts and Romance This Novel is definitely for you Check out my blog For Book Reviews , Recommendations , Blog Tours and everything related to books

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    April White is an exceptional writer This book drew me in with it s characters, and their banter I love that the author brought in social and cultural issues that we see and deal with in everyday life, and it fits in perfectly within the Penny verse Smart romance is truly a thing, it makes you think, you learn new things, and that why I love it Can t wait to read by this author

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