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    Now you can watch the series inspired by the book on Starz In England they re filled with curiosity and keep asking, Why doesn t he come Be calm Be calm He s coming He s Coming ADOLF HITLER, September 4th, 1940 The UP YOURS version of the V sign.Even though I know Hitler never made it to the shores of Britain, I still get a chill just reading those words Winston Churchill eloquently told the runt corporal in Berlin to bring it on and, when you do come, know that every inch of British soil you take is going to be bathed in German blood In Len Deighton s nightmare novel, the Nazis have won in 1941, before the Americans can decide to quit dithering and come help their brothers and sisters across the sea It is a chilling thought because it came oh so close to being true If not for Churchill, Britain would have capitulated So in an alternative universe where the Nazi s do win, what do you suppose is one of the first orders of business once they have taken control of Britain They stand that erudite, inspiring man, grinning like a baboon, flashing the V sign for victory, up in front of a firing squad and fill him full of holes Churchill would be simply too dangerous alive, and he would be damned proud he is too dangerous to be allowed to live King George is in the Tower, and fortunately, the Queen and the two princesses escaped to Australia It is a bloody mess Douglas Archer, Archer of the Yard, is an inspector at Scotland Yard, a near celebrity for the astuteness he has shown for solving cases His boss is General Fritz Kellerman of the German army His other boss is SS Standartenfuhrer Dr Oskar Huth, who is from Heinrich Himmler s personal staff His Detective Sergeant is Harry Woods, a surrogate father who is a member of the resistance His secretary Sylvia, who he was having a torrid affair with, has disappeared Archer soon discovers that she too is a member of the resistance To say that Archer is at the center of a crossfire is really an understatement The German Army and the SS are not playing nice Kellerman and Huth are tugging and pulling him in opposite directions, and both want his complete loyalty They don t really have anyone to fight so why not fight each other The resistance insists that Archer needs to join them or be considered a German sympathizer Archer believes the only way he can help his British people at all is to keep solving crimes and find a way to work with the Germans so he can keep doing his job Who will be the winning side in the war after the war It was easy to see the Nazis would win, said Huth The Nazis were the only ones with the brains and determination And the only ones with the organisation I like winners, Archer Nazis are winners, Archer, don t be tempted into working against them Douglas nodded When his son Douggie is threatened, he knows that his days being able to tightrope between the conquerors and the resistance is coming to an end A group of aristocracy have approached Archer with a plan to liberate the king Meanwhile, he is investigating the murder of an antiques dealer who appears to be much, much than what his identity papers would presume A sultry American reporter, providing quite the distraction for Archer, is mixed up in the intrigue and the murder Archer soon realizes that everything is connected, and that every side is insisting that it is impossible for him to remain neutral SS Huth is always kind enough to explain to Archer what the penalties are for any infractions against the SS Would the shooting or the hanging come first said Douglas We must always leave something for the jury to decide, said Huth The shocking, unexpected conclusion adds one last layer of tantalizing betrayal Sam Riley is Douglas ArcherThe TV series is following the book very closely Much of the dialogue is lifted right from the book I watched two episodes before I realized that I d never read the book, so I postponed watching the rest of the series until I could finish the book The actor, Sam Riley, who plays Archer looks like he was born to wear the noir shades of blue, black, and gray His raspy voice adds extra nuance to everything he says Kate Bosworth plays the distracting American reporter and proves to be a beautiful distraction for all of us If you want alternative history, pair this book with Fatherland by Robert Harris If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    In 2012 we are swamped with alternative history novels and or series In my opinion what was once a fun little genre has become overloaded and overdone It s become commercialized and much of the fun has been sucked out as a result Of course the other possibility is that I ve just gotten older and my tastes have changed Whatever the reason for my feelings regarding the AH genre I do still enjoy the occasional foray into the field SS GB was one of the first AH novels that I ever read and it was also one of the first AH novels to enjoy mainstream popularity Not the first, but one of the first.By 1979 Len Deighton was a well known author of both fiction primarily espionage novels and non fiction World War II Many of his books had been best sellers since his first book The Ipcress File was published in 1962, but SS GB was a change of pace for him.I have no doubt it s popularity helped to spur on writers like Harry Turtledove and S.M Stirling in their AH endeavors as well Additionally Robert Harris s well known 1992 novel Fatherland owes much to this novel.After twenty two years I read SS GB again I have recently read a couple of Deighton s earlier spy novels from the sixties and I wanted to see how the novel had aged I m pleased to say that it s held up very well Deighton wrote a murder mystery espionage novel set in Nazi occupied Britain 1941 A careful researcher Deighton makes the setting of the novel feel real There are no over the top super charged heroics.Our hero like previous Deighton protagonists is of an observer of events though he does get involved near the end.In other words Deighton wrote a classic British mystery novelonly with Nazi s running around in an England that is now controlled by them It s a good read It s biggest achievement is showing that ,even in a conquered Britain, life goes on and our hero has a murder investigation to work He s a professional and he s going to do his job Unlike authors who came later to the AH field Deighton had no political knives to sharpen with this story He wasn t out to show how this world his world would have been so much better if only events or political doctrines had happened differently Say like The Probability Broach by L Neil Smith which is just a political tract in the guise of a novel It s an easy novel to find and I say give it a try If you like classic British mystery stories you ll like this one and if you do enjoy Alternative History books you ll want to read SS GB if for no other reason than it was one of the first AH novels to enjoy mainstream popularity That makes it something special.

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    Description It s 1941, the Luftwaffe have defeated the RAF in the Battle of Britain, and Hitler s Wehrmacht have conquered Southern England Winston Churchill has been executed, King George VI has been imprisoned in the Tower of London, and Swastika banners adorn the bombed out ruins of Buckingham Palace Tyranny has triumphed The Nazis have won.That s the fascinating premise of Len Deighton s counterfactual novel, SS GB, and now, some forty years since he wrote it, it s been adapted for TV As this lavish five part series begins transmission, I spoke to executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle about the challenges of bringing Deighton s classic thriller to the small screen. sourceDon t kid yourself if the Nazis had occupied Britain, they would have found many willing collaborators sourceCR SS GB3 The Ipcress FileTR Winter

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    I have been watching the new BBC series SS GB of this Len Deighton 1978 book It s been almost 40 years since I read the book, but I do remember The Horror it engendered in me.The TV series atmosphere is very claustrophobic, frightening and surreal We came so close to this reality The Few who repeatedly frustrated the Germans in the Battle of Britain were surely and forever recognized by Churchill s Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few If any young people doubt this, SS GB will be a terrifying wakeup call.

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    What If Germany had won World War Two,Great Britain occupied,The King a prisoner,America is only fighting Japan,British police investigate murders,And who has the plans for an atomic bomb Alternative history at its best Too close to the topDouglas s imagination raced ahead, to wonder if the crime might have been committed by some high ranking Nazi, or a relative, associate or mistress of such a person Is there a theory about who the killer might be You find the killer, that s all, said Huth But why this particular crime persisted Douglas Because it s there, said Huth wearily That should be enough for an Englishman surely A mysterious death Epidemic said Sir John Contagious disease Virus Plague Pestilence His voice rose a fraction You mean you ve seen something like this before Some of my staff have seen something like this before, admitted Huth As for plague and pestilence, we re dealing with something that could prove so deadly that not even the Black Death would compare with the consequences at least, that s what my experts tell me Which punishment first Any breach of this instruction, said Huth, is not only a capital offence under section 134 of the Military Orders of the Commander in Chief Great Britain, for which the penalty is a firing squad, but also a capital offence under section 11 of your own Emergency Powers German Occupation Act 1941, for which they hang offenders at Wandsworth Prison Would the shooting or the hanging come first said Douglas We must always leave something for the jury to decide, said Huth The SS and the German army disagree on who should guard the British King, now a prisoner in the Tower of London And Douglas Archer is discovering a plan to rescue himPlans within plans and who is trusting who A great what if story that lets the reader guess at the sequel Enjoy

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    In the literature of alternate history, Nazi Germany often wins World War II Philip K Dick s The Man in the High Castle, Fatherland by Robert Harris, and Jo Walton s Farthing Trilogy Farthing, Ha penny, and Half a Crown, all reviewed here are prominent examples There are many others, of which the one I ve read most recently is SS GB by the British thriller writer Len Deighton.A favorite theme in alternate historyIt s November 1941 World War II ended in Europe on February 19 when Great Britain surrendered to Nazi Germany A puppet Prime Minister has replaced Winston Churchill, who is imprisoned in Germany King George VI is being held in the Tower of London Jews have been rounded up and sent to the notorious concentration camp at Wenlock Edge A curfew is in effect in London Rationing is severe throughout the occupied zone Thousands of British soldiers are being held in POW camps or in forced labor camps on the Continent Everywhere, there are signs of battle damage unrepaired from the street fighting of the previous winter Shell craters, and heaped rubble, were marked only by yellow tapes, soiled and drooping between roughly made stakes At Scotland Yard, Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer reports to SS General Fritz Kellerman, whose police powers extended over the whole country The Superintendent is Archer of the Yard, the Sherlock Holmes of the 1940s He s the country s most famous detective because of his success in closing several high profile murder cases Archer and the other half of the murder team, Sergeant Harry Woods, are investigating a mysterious murder when they receive word that an SS Colonel is coming from Germany under express orders from Reichsf rer Heinrich Himmler to take over the case Archer will now report to the new man, Dr Oskar Huth Huth lives up to the reputation of the SS for arrogance and ruthlessness As the story advances, the murder case becomes fraught with connections to high level intrigue Archer, Huth, and Kellerman warily circle around each other in a high stakes game that puts all their careers and their lives at risk.Resistance is widespreadMeanwhile, Resistance to the German occupation is growing As one woman remarks to Archer, In the towns it s just bombs and murdering German soldiers In the country districts there are bigger groups, who ambush German motorized patrols But Resistance is underway at a much higher level senior British officials in the puppet government are plotting to release the King from the Tower and spirit him off to the United States, where he can lead an eventual effort to bring the Nazis to account Archer discovers that his seemingly straightforward murder investigation is closely related to this plot and he becomes deeply involved in the dangerous action that follows.Not only did Deighton live through World War II as a teenager he was born in 1929 he thoroughly researched this topic SS GB is alternate history of the first rank.About the authorLen Deighton is often ranked with John le Carre and Ian Fleming in the pantheon of spy novelists His most familiar books include The Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin, and the Samson series Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match, and subsequent novels At this writing, he is 88 years old.

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    majstor ostaje majstor, ma o emu pisao Deighton je maestralno spojio svoju vje tinu pisanja politi kih trilera i svoje znanje povijesti drugog svjetskog rata u uzbudljivu knjigu iz anra kako je moglo biti , i kako u posebnim okolnostima ne to tako banalno kao to je istraga ubojstva mo e posatiposebno Kraj me pomalo iznenadio, i zbog osje aja koji ostavlja smanjio ocjenu za jednu zvjezdicu.vidjet emo to e BBC napraviti od toga svega

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    Drama series based on the novel by Len Deighton It is 1941, and the Germans have won the Battle of Britain Detective Douglas Archer finds himself working under the brutal SS in occupied London.Episode 1 of 5It is 1941 and the Germans have won the Battle of Britain Detective Douglas Archer finds himself working under the brutal SS in occupied London Archer investigates the murder of a black marketeer When the glamorous US journalist Barbara Barga is spotted at the scene of the crime, Archer s gut feeling that this crime is far bigger than it would at first seem is confirmed, and he soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly plot.Episode 2 of 5 An unexpected meeting with Himmler and Huth s boss, Professor Springer, underlines to Archer why the SS so desperately needs to track down the elusive Dr John Spode When Archer finds himself unwillingly dragged into the resistance s plans, Huth endeavours to swing Archer s allegiance to the SS cause Whose side will Archer choose Episode 3 of 5Finding the missing atomic bomb documents becomes Archer s main priority as he frantically tries to track down the elusive Dr John Spode Still a target for the Resistance, Archer faces a fatal tussle on the underground and a deadly explosion at Highgate Cemetery.Episode 4 of 5With the army imposing martial law and a rounding up of Resistance members, Archer faces life changing decisions.Episode 5 of 5Archer and Harry attempt to drive the king out of London, but things do not go to plan and Sylvia becomes an unlikely ally Following a rough interrogation with a badly shaken Barbara Barga, Kellermann is hot on Archer s heels.With Huth desperate for the atomic secrets, will the showdown at Bringle Sands end in triumph for Archer and the Resistance or will Kellermann have the last laugh

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    I picked this up on a whim, having heard Deighton described as a master of the understated spy thriller This is all that, and Even in alt hist Nazi occupied England, people are shot and murders have to be investigated But this being an espionage novel, nothing is simple, and our protagonist, Douglas Archer, finds himself drawn into a deadly web of intrigue between factions in the SS, Wehrmacht, and the struggling British Resistance The characters and plot are nothing that stands out, but that s all part of the subtle English charm of the book It is a very, very gray novel Even the Nazis refuse to be cast as genocidal monsters merely self interested conquerors who are taking advantage of the moment to loot everything not nailed down And of course, there is little honor or glory in collaboration even collaboration which might soften the iron grip of the Third Reich And as for the setting, it s great alternate history It skips the part when Operation Sea Lion works military history consensus lol, nope , to focus on the bitter aftermath of life under occupation, and trying to salvage some sort of dignity from the wreckage of defeat Great book, lots of fun, if that level of grimness is your thing.

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    One of the earlier and still best examples of alternate World War II fiction, and a direct predecessor of such later books as Robert Harris Fatherland, as well as a linear descendant of Philip K Dick s The Man in the High Castle I m tempted to say I liked this better than Fatherland, but I just reread my review of that and apparently I really liked that one too The plot of SS GB is considerably complicated i.e., confusing than Fatherland, but I found the premise intriguing Fatherland is a conventional mystery set in a 1964 Germany that now controls all of Europe, and features a disillusioned German detective, la Martin Cruz Smith s Arkady Renko However, SS GB takes place in Nazi controlled 1941 London and stars a British detective who is forced to work with his new German masters, and who becomes a pawn in the various German Army SS rivalries SPOILER Both books involve neat additional twists on history Fatherland s detective is trying to expose the Holocaust, which in this story is still a well kept German secret while SS GB involves Germany s attempt to develop an atomic bomb, which they could then use to invade America END SPOILER In any case, I highly recommend both books to any fan of either WWII or alternate history fiction In fact, thinking about it now both books could probably exist in the same alternate universe, just set 23 years apart an interesting if depressing prospect.

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SS-GB download SS-GB, read online SS-GB, kindle ebook SS-GB, SS-GB 1620f7ffc3f1 , And England Invaded And Defeated By The GermansThe King Is A Hostage In The Tower, The Queen And Princesses Have Fled To Australia, Churchill Has Been Executed By A Firing Squad, Englishmen Are Being Deported To Work In German Factories And The Dreaded SS Is In Charge Of Scotland Yard London Is In Shock The Very Look Of Daily Life Is A Walking Nightmare Of German Uniforms, Artifacts, Regulations There Are Collaborators There Are Profiteers But There Are Others Working In Hope, In Secret, And Desperate Danger, Against The Invader And Still Others Are Living Strangely Ambiguous Lives None So Than Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer Archer Of The Yard As The Press Like To Call Him , Trying To Maintain A Peculiarly, Almost Sacredly, British Institution Under A Nazi Chief Archer Has Started Work On What Seems, At First, A Routine Murder Case But Suddenly An SS Standartenf Hrer From Himmler S Personal Staff Flies In From Berlin To Supervise The Investigation, And Archer Is Plunged Deep Into An Espionage Battle For Which He Is Completely Unprepared, And Where The Stakes Are Incredibly High We Re Dealing With Something That Could Prove So Deadly That Not Even The Black Death Would Compare With The Consequences , The SS Man Tells HimSetting Forth On A Tight Rope Trail Of Violence, Betrayal And Danger, Archer Moves Into Worlds Within Worlds Of Intrigue The British Resistance, Wealthy Collaborators, High Level Scientists, German Army And SS Factions And Vicious Rivalry, A Beautiful American Reporter On Assignment For The Still Neutral Papers Back Home These Are The Players That Deighton S Treacherously Shifting Drama, As It Races Toward Its Chattering Climax That Involves The Fate Of The King, And Of England Itself SS GB Is Fascinating In Its Premise, Utterly Authentic And Convincing In Its Detail It Is The Most Gripping Novel We Have Had From The Author Of The Ipcress File, Funeral In Berlin, And Bomber Already, In England, It Has Become Len Deighton S Greatest Best Seller