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Alibi Junior High chapter 1 Alibi Junior High, meaning Alibi Junior High, genre Alibi Junior High, book cover Alibi Junior High, flies Alibi Junior High, Alibi Junior High 4856b80e450ad Alias For Middle Grade Readers Thirteen Year Old Cody Saron Speaks Five Languages And Has Traveled To Every Corner Of The Globe With His Father, An Undercover CIA Agent Cody Knows How To Pick A Lock Or Follow A Trail, But He Has No Idea How To Fit In With Regular Kids, Or How To Make It Through A Day Of Junior High When The Danger Surrounding Cody S Dad Heats Up, Cody Is Sent To Stay With His Aunt In Her Small Connecticut Suburb And Must Adapt To This Foreign World Of Normal Life Author Greg Logsted Weaves Humor And Heart With Thrilling Action And Unexpected Twists In This Original, Quirky, Fish Out Ofwater Story

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    Cody was raised by his CIA father to be a junior James Bond They travelled all over the world working together as a team Then, a past enemey comes looking for revenge and Cody s father decides it s just too dangerous for them to be together So Cody gets sent to live with his aunt in the United States Now Cody must face the scariest place on earth Junior High.

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    Do you think Junior High is tough Apparently Cody does even though he can speak 5 languages, knows mixed martial arts, and has a father who is a secret agent The genre of this book is realistic fiction I honestly enjoyed reading this book I enjoyed it because the plot is completely new from what I ve been reading lately Also, Cody, the main character, is an awesome character and he s the same age as me, which makes the book better to read since I can relate to some of Cody s experiences The book is about the son of a secret agent who has never really had a normal life but knows a lot then most kids He s then sent off to live with his aunt who makes him attend Junior High And for Cody, that is the toughest change he s experienced but for most kids it s just a normal day The setting of this book mainly takes place at Alibi Junior High Cody wanted to be with his father but his father had to go on a mission so Cody had to stay with his Aunt then must live a normal life The type of conflict is person vs world since Cody must face a new way of life that he s not used to Cody is a teenager who knows 5 languages, mixed martial arts, wears suits on an average day, and has a secret agent father The structure of this book is really good, because you understand what Cody s situation is even when most people don t live the life he does I didn t like how the author started off the book because it started off at a random time in the airport I liked how the author made Cody a teenager because most of the people who read this book are most likely teenagers so it makes the story easier to relate to for the readers I can relate to the character, Cody, because he is a teenager in junior high just like I am he also has some of the same struggles as I do A major event that changed Cody was moving with his aunt and having to go to junior high This book can connect to a lot of teenagers because Cody finds a lot of challenges to go through and thinks that junior high is the hardest thing ever There s one book I would compare this to but I forgot the name of it but it s about an orphan who has to adapt to living a new life with school and new people This book can relate to my life because Cody is 13 just like I am Also, he faces some of the same challenges as I do in middle school Overall I think this book was very good and it was also great because of all the connectionsiy it had I would give this book an 8 out of 10 I give it an 8 mainly because it was a good book but didn t have the action I expected I would recommend this book to people in middle school Do you think Cody could survive junior high

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    Cody has traveled the world with his father since he was born and has helped him on many CIA missions In this book, Cody moves in with his Aunt Jenny when his father s life is in danger Cody has never been in a public school before and has no idea how to live a normal life He knows martial arts and can speak five languages, but he doesn t understand how to handle the other students, teachers, and his classes Who gets sent to the office four times on their first day of school Cody slowly starts to adjust to his new situation I won t say he fits in when he awakens in the middle of the night to see a man in black quietly stalking around the house Have his father s assassins found him He may need to seek help from the neighbor, an Army Ranger recently back from Afghanistan Cody still needs to survive gym class with Coach Dinatelli a fun vampire, sucking the fun out of everything , bullies, and his first crush on a girl.Most of the book reads like a realistic fiction novel, but there s the underlying adventure of Cody s life with the CIA Cody has lived most of his life like an agent, but the conflict mostly centers around his attempts to adjust to junior high His awkward interactions with other students are funny he tries to take back his Hi to another girl when she doesn t reply to him He corrects the Spanish teacher, because she learned the language in college while he learned it in South America Cody intentionally angers the gym teacher when the teacher picks on another student The plot takes on a serious tone when he spots the ninja like spy sneaking around his home Overall, the book has the typical problems of teenage life mixed with the adventures of the CIA sprinkled in.

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    I thought that this book was really great Alot of action inside the book Alibi Junior High This book is about a boy named Cody Saron who has traveled all over the world, all of his life he has been homeschooled by his father who is apart of the most deaviest CIA gang called The New World Order Other gangs all over the world are trying to look for Cody Saron and his father so Cody s father is trying to protect his son Cody now has to try to live a normal life with his Aunt Jenny and go to school Cody has been to many places around the world but has never been to a place called school Cody Saron has a very trained set of skills because he is a black belt in karate Many people in school has tried to pick on him because the only thing that he wears to school is a suit with a tie As bad as middle school can be with kids always picking on what your style is and what you wear A group would gang up on Cody to pick on what he likes to wear But little did they know that he was a black belt in karate The next that Cody knew all six people that ganged up on Cody were all injured laying on the floor with a bunch of broken noses and other injured body parts Will cody get the chance to become a normal kid at school, and ever get the chance to see his dad again.Once again the book is called Alibi Junior High, by Greg Logsted.

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    This book is every bit as funny and cute as the cover makes it seem Cody is a thirteen year old kid who s spent his life traveling the world with his CIA agent father Now, with bad guys on the hunt for his dad, Cody s been sent to his aunt s house to live the life of a normal teen and stay safe while his dad tracks down the bad guys Cody has never been around large groups of his peers, nor has he lived a normal life, so he has no idea how to act or how to even get along at school There were a lot of very funny scenes in this book, some having to do with Cody s attempts to fit in and others having to do with the insanity of junior high kids in general I imagine that most people who have ever been through junior high could relate to a lot of it Cody is likable and sympathetic, and I was definitely drawn in to the story quickly There was also a surprisingly amount of heart in this book, sweet as well as funny This reminded me a lot of Gordon Korman s book Schooled, as both dealt with non typical junior high students having to blend in at school, but both were enjoyable in their own ways I d easily recommend this to others seeking a quick, amusing, and sweet read.

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    What surprised me about this book was that it has such a clever premise that it sounded like one of those goofy slam bang made for kids movies, but it turned out to be sort of poignant It makes me wonder if the author started out goofy slam bang, and then his story dragged him in a different direction.Cody s father, an undercover CIA agent, has been dragging him all over the globe, teaching him spy skills kind of by default and exposing him to all kinds of danger in a really guy way Now Cody has been dumped off with his aunt for safe keeping and must attend a regular junior high for the first time, but he doesn t know how.If someone taps him on the shoulder unexpectedly, a jumpy Cody is likely to hit him with some karate And he says all the wrong things, especially to his first crush The book is really a nice take on the social awkwardness so many kids feel in that sense Befriending the Iraq War veteran who lives next door and is an amputee ends up bringing Cody out of his funk Cody also realizes that his dad s world has followed him to his new homeThe writing here is workman like, clear and direct All in all, a good boy book, though serious than it first appears.

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    Cody Saron has grown up with his deep undercover CIA dad at the age of thirteen he is a martial arts expert, speaks five languages, and has almost finished high school But when the bad guys come after their team, Cody is sent to live with his Aunt Jenny, his new cover that of a normal junior high kid Now Cody must deal with not fitting in and learn that there is to life than hustling from mission to mission.From the title I had assumed this would be a light hearted Spy Kids type read Instead, it turned out to be an angst filled essay on the importance of having loving family and friends The premise might have been interesting enough to carry this through, but about halfway through Logstead s plotting grows diffuse Some of the most intriguing plot threads never go anywhere at all, Cody s super spy training doesn t mesh believably with his inability to blend in at his school, and the surprise ending is a let down after the rest of the book s promise of an explosive reveal I wouldn t recommend this for anyone over age thirteen.

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    Cody s used to traveling all around the world helping his dad with top secret missions, but after the terrible explosion in a South American cafe, he s shipped off to live with his Aunt Jenny for awhile That means being away from his dad, trying to deal with traumatic memories of the explosion and, worst of all, entering the 8th grade As Cody tries to navigate the tricky waters of junior high, he befriends a young military man who s recently come home from Iraq and they investigate mysterious men that seem to be following them.This was an enjoyable read, but the plot was somewhat uneven It starts off as a funny boy spy entering school story and then reverts to action adventure at the very end Still, this will definitely appeal to fans of spy books It s kind of I d Tell You I Love You But Then I d Have to Kill You for boys It might appeal to fans of Stormbreaker, but the tone is very different Somewhat graphic violence in places might be too much for the elementary school set, but I wouldn t hesitate to hand it to middle schoolers.

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    I enjoyed this book Cody has only known the life of a spy, traveling around the world with his CIA father, helping his father with his missions After a tragic event, he is sent to live with his aunt, and for the first time in his life, he is faced with something daunting, something that he hasn t been able to train for junior high I found the book funny and engaging The times that Cody ends up in the principal s office were numerous because of his lack of understanding how things are Through all of it, he learns to navigate things in his own way and finds some friends because of it There is intrigue and suspense along the way, and the ending tugged at my heartstrings.I can t wait to recommend it to kids.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book I thought it would be an exaggerated spy story, but it was a very touching and exciting story Cody has spent his life traveling the world with his spy father Due to a horrifying, near death event, he is sent to live with his aunt He must try to fit in to a school that isn t open to creative thinkers and he s always been home schooled , deal with the horror of the bombing he experienced, and he is very worried that he is being followed A Iraq War vet next door becomes his friend and partner in crime as they try to figure out who is after him He also collects a band of unlikely friends along the way This was a fantastic book 6th grade and up would enjoy it.

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