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    Got this for my birthday from a friend Took it on holiday to read Discovered it was a book of exercises to be completed over months So, I d backed myself into a corner I always do all my homework, and I did every last bit of this Didn t skip a morning page, went on all my artist s dates, etc I got some good fun out of it Most memorable artist s date I flew an airplane.

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    I believe this is the quintessential book for all creatives Julia Cameron wisely guides the novice to the seasoned artist through the ups and downs of making art Whether it be writing, screen plays, directing, acting, music makers, painters, whatever kind of creative soul you are, the issues of fear of failure, dry spells, relevance are addressed along with many activities which uncover the underlying hang ups that derail many artists This is the second time I have read this book The second time, I learned as much as the first time Twenty years ago, this book was telling but held different information for me then than it holds now with this recent reading.I totally recommend this book for anyone who sees themselves as active artist or want to be artists It will change your life.

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    The Artist s Way program itself is wonderful However, I expected so much from the workbook It s actually just a large notebook with a few pages of notes and instructions on how to use the workbook at the beginning and some notes at the end the endnotes are actually just the last two appendices from the book copied into the workbook The only difference between this workbook at any other notebook apart from these notes is that it has a quote from the book on every page This can be motivational, but I think you can do without it The book itself is the most valuable part of the program so I would recommend you buy that, but use any notebook for the workbook i.e the artist s journal actually.

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    I put off reading this book for 15 years because of the God stuff, but now that I m open to spirituality I was able to read it and be open to many of the ideas That said, the spiritual flavor isn t right for me To me, the spirituality in this book comes across as generic and is hard to connect with because it seems watered down, generalized, and not authentic The morning pages for me are the most useful thing that came from this book I did find some insights in the chapters, but the artists dates and the exercises didn t really didn t do it for me Maybe it just wasn t the right time That said, the insights I allowed myself to have in the morning pages sparked changes in my life.

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    working on this book right now i can definitely go without the 12step jargon, but that aside it has been fun, helpful and inspiring..the most helpful tool is the morning pages exercise, which consists of writing three pages or for 30 minutes each morning when one wakes up it is all stream of consciousness style and has been a very helpful tool.

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    Beware, the author s writing speaks to you like a little child Clearly this works for a lot of people given how popular this book is But if you don t like being identified as an 8 year old girl, then you ll probably want to push aside this preference before you can open yourself to receiving the wisdom in this book.This book offers lots of exercises and tricks that can help you conquer your inner critic and find a creative life The most interesting exercise I found was one where sh asked readers to answer these questions and then add one of these to their life What are 5 hobbies that sound fun 5 classes that sound fun 5 things you d never do that sound fun 5 skills that s fun to learn 5 silly things you want to try once You ll see for yourself how this treasure chest of methods for creating fun and intrigue can then lead you to a creative life.

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    The spirituality new age type feel of this made it a struggle for me at points Some of the sections are also ridiculously repetitive, telling the same thing over and over This workbook contains a 12 week program to reignite your creativity, and I think some of the exercises are great I m particularly a fan of morning pages big shout out to 750 words and liked some of the exercises to unleash your inner creator That said, I really didn t like how the creative side was continuously spoken about like it s a child that needs to be taken out for ice cream on a regular basis While there is always a playful side to creativity, I found this whole child thing a little obnoxious.

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    I first attempted this in 1999, but barely started This last June I decided that it was time to take a second crack at it and I am so very glad that I did Not only was the daily writing a wonderful exercise, but she thoroughly attacks any excuse one has to not create Her tasks are grounded in creative visualization as well as practicality I recommend this to any kind of artist who finds themselves stuck.

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    This is a 12 week program into fully releasing your creativity I just finished week 1 and must say I did not expect it to be as powerful as it was I m looking forward to the next 11 weeks and to whom I am becoming as an artist I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to write, draw, paint, sing, whatever your chosen method of creatingIt requires a commitment, and it s worth it.

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