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    I really enjoyed this novel with the sole exception of one character Nash Jones actually goes out of his way to terrorize the protagonist of this story, Janet Begay.Their first meeting is after an accident in which a truck was knocked off the road and Janet s motorcycle crashes Nash shows up and immediately arrests Janet for reckless driving that killed the man in the car even though she totally didn t His theory is that her motorcyle crashed into his truck causing it to flip over because apparently he suffers from an extreme case of STUPID He insists she s lying, locks her up for the night in a jail cell without letting her contact anyone and then interrogates her the next morning During this interrogation he insists that she is unwelcome in HIS town and that he s going to see to it that he PUTS HER BACK ON THE RESERVATION WHERE SHE BELONGS AND THAT THIS TIME SHE LL STAY THERE.I m sorry, what He finds out the very next morning because it was THAT OBVIOUS that she d been telling the truth and he never apologizes Just drops most not all of her stuff off and threatens her again.It doesn t end there He continues to brutalize, intimidate and abuse his power with Justine When a gang of bikers break into and trash her hotel, with the intention of rape and kidnap, he ARRESTS JANET and once again tells her that he s going to put her back on the reservation.He insists that she has no magic and that he doesn t believe in her mystical Indian crap.Then, at the end of the book, a WHITE WOMAN just in case you didn t pick that up she is the whitest fucking woman on the planet and she looks exactly like this Okay, so where was I Oh yes, the WW attacks a Latino girl with a knife Janet fires three defensive shots to save this girl s life So what does Nash do He ONCE AGAIN arrests Janet for assault and firing a weapon without a permit He s dragging her off saying that he s going to put her away for a LONG time She gets possessed and tears apart his car.You find out later that he s STILL booking her for firing a weapon without a permit and for damage to police property but that he s been OH SO NICE to drop charges of assaulting an officer His reasoning Well she totally fired the weapon where he could see it He can t just ignore that You re probably wondering how long the white bread, church going blonde got for attacking another woman with a knife If you guessed absolutely fucking nothing then you d be absolutely fucking right He charged her with nothing Nothing at all Don t you guys know White chicks can t go to jail They just don t belong thereSo what s the sum of Janet s response to this treatment The most you ever hear her even THINK about this treatment is that he doesn t really have the right to send her to a reservation and she doesn t really like him saying that FUCK REALLY She saves his ass, finds his long lost fiancee, puts up with all his shit behaviour and never once calls him up as the racist, angry, asshole that he is In fact, his treatment of her is just completely dismissed as no big deal He s considered one of the good guys of this story and he and Janet has some kind of weird sexual attraction thing going on.Apart from this aspect which absolutely drove me insane, this book was quite a good read It was interesting, well written with good characters and a good mystery I actually quite enjoyed reading it apart from the above and I fully intend to read the next book in the series, Firewalker.

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    Ugh.I nearly DNF ed this at 10% After being attacked on the road by a demon, Janet Begay is arrested for involuntary manslaughter assault with a deadly weapon when an innocent bystander is killed in the attack.Except not really.She s never Mirandized She s never actually told she s being arrested She s just cuffed and thrown into the back of the local jackhole sheriff s SUV and told she s being taken in for questioning When they get to the station, Jackhole tosses her in a cell, says he ll talk to her in the morning after she cools down, and leaves.BUT.In the morning, her long lost ex boyfriend shows up and busts her out Of jail.And they just let her go, with Jackhole doing a decent imitation of the sheriff from DUKES OF HAZZARD when those darn kids get away again It s ridiculous.This is frickin Merica You can t just throw someone in jail And you sure as hell don t let someone jailbreak them out once you put them there.I can t remember why I kept reading I think it was simply the vain hope that it would get better.And it did, I guess A little bit But mostly it was just MEH.If Native American folklore is your thing, give either of these a try They re wayyyy better than this sad mashup of pagan gods, complicated familial relationships, and diabolically diabolical Bad Guys.

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    Yeehaw Marty, I ve found another series to follow I enjoyed Stormwalker what need be said I can say that Mick is hot Mick s got skeelz While some may argue that their most passionate moments are past tense, I love that Janet and Mick have history They have to stand on than hormones, and I like the sensation of dropping into a rich, fully developed story over starting from scratch i.e uninitiated narrators where the information and experiences one can absorb from page one to book end is limited Allyson James conveys setting through clear exposition, but since her world only tweaks ours, she doesn t have to resort to obscene infodump blobs of text.Speaking of worlds, thank you, James Thank you for research and context for our Native American heroine beyond the woo woo stereotype that contents romance authors James smoothly marries Navajo mythology like the four worlds with a modern understanding From Coyote the trickster god he peeks through Janet s windows, LOL to Janet s last name, I can see James care with context James even incorporates some modern day racial tension, a note of relevance I appreciate.Janet s fun to read Here, another author takes advantage of the awesome power of the weather, but Janet s infinitely cooler than the rest She doesn t just slap the storm on the wrist she is the friggin storm How cool Moving along, unlike other urban fantasy heroines, she s a real biker chick She loves her bike, and most importantly, her Harley carries her everywhere, mostly the open road, natch I love that a kick butt heroine has a kick butt interest, minus the disdain omnium that some heroines have Janet isn t hard Still, people are leery of her for various reasons, some because she s new to Magellan, AZ, others because she resurrects old grudges she has to earn trust In this deserted, unassuming desert town populated by tight lips and secrets, she wins information in her missing persons investigation through friendships and water cooler chatter beyond the stiff, almost one man police force James crafts this atmosphere deftly until I could taste the sun and dust, along with a memorable cast of characters whom readers will come to know so well they can predict Sherrif Jones stiffness and Maya Medina s bite Though leisurely paced, readers can t help but anticipate Janet s next encounter with this lively bunch Who will reveal a crucial secret Janet never muses for hours over decisions or emotions in endless introspection, rehashes, or ruminations on the universe, so our journey s blessedly smooth and driven with further punch by her shocking chapter endings Oh, she s wily, that Allyson James Action s shocking too In short, I loved the wild investigation, the character development, the Native American touches, the action, the sexiness, and even the unique secondary characters storylines I loved it all I m looking forward to further developments of the hotel too Home improvement s fun in book two, Firewalker , already out A very solid four stars PS Thanks, Catherine, for recommending I try this author again

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    Ok, ok, we ve read it all before You want your heroine to be able to control the weather Try Ill Wind and the rest of the Weather Warden series The worldbuilding is so much better there Want a mysterious boyfriend of unknown species Try the Fever series At least there you won t be able to guess what Barrons is after about a hundred pages Want a murderous parent with way too much power You ll have fun reading Magic Bites and the rest of the series, Vicki Pettersson s Zodiac series or Jaye Wells Sabina Kane series You want shapeshifters Oh, come on, I don t even have to tell you that one You want something new and unusual Try reading Nicole Peeler s Jane True series because you definitely won t find it here Now, with all that out in the open, let s find something I did like, something that will make Stormwalker worth reading The writing was very very good I liked the dynamic and language use There were some very interesting characters and some but not many hilarious moments This is not a book that will stand out and become one of your favorites You ll definitely have fun reading it, but I m guessing you won t remember half of it after a week If you are in love with Urban Fantasy, you don t want to skip this one It s only the first installment, and let s face it, many of these series need a second, and sometimes a third chance Just remember Magic Bites and you ll know exactly what I mean Also, if you are like me and you already know all the books I mentioned above by heart, you have to read Stormwalker simply because there s nothing left to read So, to conclude, 3.5 stars is my real rating I WILL read Firewalker soon I really hope I ll like it than I liked Stormwalker.

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    I ve been plodding my way through this book for about a month It never really captured me but it didn t annoy me enough to walk away either There are skinwalkers, the coyote of Native American traditions , gods, demons and obviously the eponymous Stormwalker So yeah, it s tapping into that same rich vein as Mercy Thompson and Jane Yellowrock but it doesn t quite work As T.S Elliot wrote, This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper And that really sums up this book It s OK without ever managing to be great.

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    First Prepare for like the shortest review I ve ever written because I need to shower and head to work I ll probably add to this review later. but I also might not because I m lazy Enjoy Second Thank you Jessi for the great recommendations you have given me I ve really enjoyed them all so far Stormwalker was a really enjoyable book and a great start to this series It is about Janet Begay who has a really cool power However, she also has someone that can control her when she s caught up in her power. and that is Mick He is sexy AF and of course these two have a history They were my sort of everything and I completely shipped them together.Then there s Nash, who I absolutely hated Besides him being an asshole throughout the book I actually really enjoyed Janet has an MC and Mick being her like kryptonite I would ve probably loved this book a hell of a lot without Nash being in it but I guess we need to focus on him just to hate him every now and then Loved the action and mystery in this book I m also happy that I got some answers from the weird ass questions forming in my head while reading Again, I loved it and I am so happy for this being recommended to me I can t wait for the second book in this series

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    I was pretty underwhelmed by this book The description made it sound interesting, but the characters were kind of a let down for me.Janet Begay is a Stormwalker She can ride a storm and draw power from it, but usually she ends up with the short end of the stick She s helpless to resist the power of the storm and usually ends up sick and exhausted after it passes She doesn t like that aspect much, but she s learning to deal.Janet heads to Magellan with the excuse of helping the police chief search for his missing daughter Janet is committed to finding the missing girl, Amy, but also has a pressing motive for arriving in town Magellan is home to a vortex that Janet s mother wants unlocked She plans to use Janet as her tool and make her a willing slave Janet knows that the time has finally come to stop her mother once and for all.Janet has some trouble with Sheriff Nash, Amy s fiance, and one of the suspects in her disappearance Nash basically goes on a power trip and locks her in jail and won t believe her when she says something bad from the magical world is headed her way For some reason everyone seemed okay with the fact that Janet was held in jail without being arrested or in processed They were still okay when Janet was busted out of jail and taken back to her hotel What The guy responsible for the jail bust is Mick, Janet s ex They ve been apart for years at Janet s instigation but they ve never really gotten over each other Janet s an extreme pushover where Mick is concerned She s very willing to just give up trying get her way and will let him do whatever he wants She also very easily decides to resume having sex with him only to help draw off the power of course I wanted to like Mick, but because I was stuck in Janet s head I never got to know him well enough.Janet didn t know anything about him when they first got together and she still didn t know anything about him when she finally left him for being too secretive and smothering She didn t even know his last name and he would disappear on her and then show back up like nothing happened She put up with that for six months before she finally got it together enough to leave him She just seemed like the biggest idiot to me She also seemed extremely young in all her thoughts I m not referring to the flashbacks either Her internal whining and insecurity reminded me of an extremely immature teenager with her first boyfriend It was very off putting.I also couldn t help but think she was the most dense individual in the world for not figuring out what Mick was hiding Now I don t blame her for not knowing why he first integrated himself with her, but I do think it was blatantly obvious what Mick was in addition to a fire wielder When the author drops so many blatant hints again and again it doesn t make her protagonist look like the sharpest tack in the box when she doesn t figure it out It just makes her look stupid.I wish I would have liked this book , but I just couldn t make myself enjoy it I doubt I ll be picking up anything else in this series.

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    DNF at 40%.So this is a book about a bunch of horny people who are trying to save the world from the usual clique of evil demons and freaks of the underworld And when I say horny I mean HORNY Janet the stormwalker is horny, Mick her big bad biker dragon boyfriend my boyfriend is a dragon I ve know him for 5 or 6 years but I never saw it coming He has fire magic, dragon tattoos all over his body and there is that huge, strange, dark shadow about him sometimes but I would never have guessed I keep mentioning dragons but I know they don t exist is horny, the Coyote God is horny, so are the electrician and the local sheriff I don t mind horny but when you get to the point where even the freaking magic mirror is obsessed with sex you just feel like screaming STOP at the top of your lungs This was just too much.Apart from that Janet pretty much left me cold and so did Mick actually no, Mick didn t leave me cold, I just didn t like him They have the most screwed up, unhealthy relationship ever but it doesn t seem to be a problem for Janet Mick disappears for days without telling her anything oh right, he s a dragon and has to go off and do dragon things that he can t tell her about but when he comes home they just have mind blowing magical tantric sex whatever that is and that s that At some point she even feels guilty about asking him where he s been Kick butt heroine I think not This girl is hopeless.The other problem with this book is the writing When I started reading I actually double checked that this was really the first instalment in the series The author throws the reader into the story and keeps mentioning past incidences as if they had happened in a previous instalment It s fine to talk about events from the past but here the whole thing was badly done It was really confusing and I kept feeling like I had missed something I had decided to give Stormwalker a try after reading Double Hexed a novella from this series in the Hexed anthology I enjoyed it quite a lot and thought the setting and premise for this series were engaging Unfortunately, the poor execution, uninteresting plot and inane characters really spoilt it for me One series I can scratch off my list, yay

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    The characters Janet, Mick, Coyote, and the cop Nash Jones The story Janet Begay, a half Navajo Stormwalker, can call the power of any storm and manipulate it to her liking The Navajo and Stormwalker side of her is from her father Her mother, an evil Goddess in a place called the Beneath, wants Janet to join with her so they can rule the Beneath AND with their combined powers, take over the world.Janet not only has the physical struggles against the evil that has been unleashed by her mother but she also has to struggle internally with the insecurities of being only half Navajo and the daughter of an evil, power crazy Goddess Adding to her internal struggles, Janet does not know whom to trust There is Mick her on again off again, super hot boyfriend who performs disappearing acts at all the wrong moments Then there is the sarcastic, witty Coyote God, appropriately named Coyote , the town cop named Nash Jones who seems to have a vendetta against Janet or the super hilarious Magic Mirror with a wisecracking mouth that will make you laugh non stop.Lost In The World The descriptions of the hotel, the desert, the small diner, even the railroad tracks made the setting so realistic The author does a great job of making the reader feel like you are there Will I read the next book in the series Not only will I read it, I ll probably pre order it I really liked the book and especially how strong minded but vulnerable Janet was I loved the relationship between Janet and Mick The book had all the elements I love, it was scary and surprising, it had romance and hot sex and it had paranormal elements that were perfectly woven into the story line making it seem so realistic.

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    This isn t the first Stormwalker story I read There ve been two shorter ones in two anthologies Double Hexed in Hexed, A Little Night Magic in Hot for the Holidays I think I prefer that form to this So many things didn t work as well as those stories.What I d rate five stars is the premise itself It so good that it can take this series a long way up without even trying Janet Begay is a stormwalker, she can draw power from it and the earth The things she discovers about her legacy are right there in the beginning of the book Her mother is a goddess from Beneath, a realm that created skinwalkers She can t come out, but she has enough power to possess young women And she wants out.Janet wants to prevent that and throughout the story she has to fight Nightwalkers and skinwalkers She is not alone in her fight, though For the first time in her life she feels as if she belongs somewhere and with someone.As for the stuff that didn t work for me, there are so many Some of them are just personal preference such as Janet s imagination when it comes to three men or dumb sentences like this one I d thought he might be a mix of Asian and white, or Latino and white, although none of those explained his very blue eyes You know, because people like that don t exist Then we have weird behaviour Janet s electrician, Maya Medina, can t form a sentence without either yelling or swearing or threatening to hurt someone The less I say about the sheriff s behaviour, the better I didn t enjoy the romance Mick appears after five years and they pick up where they left There are moments when Janet is annoyed about all the secrets and other things, but it feels as if it s only on the surface.Overall, I think the premise is awesome and it will probably be the reason I m going to read .

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Stormwalker download Stormwalker, read online Stormwalker, kindle ebook Stormwalker, Stormwalker 7af777be82f6 Book One Of A The Stormwalker Series Allyson James Also Writes As NYT Bestselling Author Jennifer AshleyHalf Navajo Janet Begay Possesses Extraordinary Power Which Is Tied To The Storms That Waft Across The Desert The Only Person Who Can Control Her When She S Caught In The Storm S Evocative Power Is Mick, A Dark Haired, Blue Eyed Biker Janet Can T Seem To Touch With Her Powers He Can Wield Fire And Not Get Burned, And Janet S Never Sure Where He Goes When They Re Not Together Together They Investigate Mysterious Disappearances, Which Janet Fears Are Tied To Her Mother S People, The Mythical Gods From Below The Earth They Are Helped Along The Way By Coyote And Crow, But These Shapeshifting Gods Have Their Own Agendas