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Get Real files Get Real , read online Get Real , free Get Real , free Get Real , Get Real 94fa1eb7b Can You Change The World With Your Wallet You Already Do In This Frank, Teen Friendly Manifesto, Mara Rockliff Reveals What You Re Really Buying When You Spend Your Money On A Cell Phone, A Cheap T Shirt, Or Fast Food And Shows The Way To Better Choices, Both For People And The Planet Start Seeing The World For Real, And Discover How You Can Make A Difference You Ve Got Buying Power Now Let S See You Change The World For Good GETREAL Has Been Selected As An Honor Book In The Nonfiction Category For The Green Earth Book Award

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    A great crash course for youth in the evils of corporate marketing Rockliff breaks down the environmental and cultural destruction brought on by the manufacturing of everything from computers to jeans to McNuggets The chapters on food were particularly disgusting and reminded me yet again why I am a vegetarian Rockliff also does a good job recommending places where kids can learn My only criticism of this book is that it did not go into enough detail But with all the recommended websites, films, and books, a curious youth could most certainly go out and learn about any of the topics presented.While the book does not really talk about advertising per say, I still think this would be a great way to wrap up a unit on advertising Maybe combine it with some kind of social justice project or something My non fiction book for March Reading this as a way to incorporate some YA nonfiction into lessons about advertising.

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    I hope this will make a great nonfiction text for my students I love all the recommendations for learning .

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    I really liked this book It was a little bit harsh, but it did open my eyes to some of the things that go on to make certain products I will be MUCH careful about what I buy

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    Only complaint was the science could have been explained to YA audiences a bit better All molecular names sound scary so we have to learn what they do Extremely informative and gave me a lot to think about.

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    It is very informational Makes you think twice before you go to the store and buy your groceries I loved it

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    I agree with Rockliff s message, and think that this is a great idea for a YA book Also, the design is fun punchy graphics, compelling photos, and a funky red green aqua color palette.In chapters like, And All I Got Was This Lousy T Shirt, Trash Talk and Sweeter Treats, Rockliff encourages teens to think before they buy about where their products are coming from, who made them, what will happen to them when they re no longer wanted, and whether they really need them Buys in the Hood extolls the virtue of buying locally, and Green Warriors vs Greenwashers, provides tips to determine whether a company is really making an effort to go green or just trying to make it appear that way Teens are encouraged to not only consume wisely, but to consume less.The writing is casual and in your face, as if you are having a conversation with a very passionate, fired up person Rockliff throws a lot of inflammatory information at you without immediately backing it up with sources There is an extensive list of books, articles, websites, and documentaries at the end, but no notes to show you which statements come from where Unfortunately for Rockliff and any teens who read this book and are inspired by the contents people who assault you with their opinions are really annoying, especially when they can t provide any hard facts or expert sources There s also nothing futile than trying to convince somebody of something when you can t explain it yourself.

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    This is a good book because it told me what it takes and what goes into the product that people are purchasing For example everyone loves chocolate, but they don t know that kids in distant countries are slaves to these coco plants They work under extreme conditions, working endless hours for no pay at all These kids get pesticides every day After reading this it really opened my eyes to how the world really works, it makes me grateful to be living in America where it has laws against stuff like that My favorite part was definitely when the author was talking about people getting scammed This was my favorite part because I realized that people are so gullible, just because the product says best or the sales person will say something like you won t get a better deal doesn t mean that it is the best they feed the buyer lies and trick them to buy the product I won t lie this just happened to me last week, but now I ll be a little cautious My least favorite part was learning about what the kids have to go through to make the product The style of this book was very entertaining The author did a good job of setting up the sentence structure so that you stay entertained but puts the point across I would recommend this book you get great crash course for youth in the evils of corporate marketing.

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    Get Real is a nonfiction YA book about voting with your dollar, a subject that my mom believes quite strongly in I spotted it while browsing the shelves at our school library, and thought Hmm May as well pick it up It looks interesting That s how I find the majority of the books I read So I checked it out and took it home First of all, this book is a fun read, but it s also quite frightening Believe me, if you read it, you ll start to have serious doubts about whether or not you really want to be eating hamburgers And if you ever decide you want to buy a new pair of jeans which you probably will , you ll think twice about where they come from But enough with the warnings It really is an amazing book, and you should read it It takes important issues stemming from corporate America Speaking as a teen, I loved the tone It was fun and easy to understand, but I never felt like the author was talking down to me This is saying a lot the only other book like this that I ve read is A World Without Fish , and this problem is the main reason that I don t read as much nonfiction Also,each source used is clearly listed at the back, and the list takes up about three pages, even in a tiny font size the author clearly wasn t making this up So, overall, I m going to give this book a 10 10

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    My daughter s teacher introduced this book at school, and she talked about it so much that I bought it I m glad I did this is information that everyone should read not just teens But getting this information about how the world works is so important to understand at a young age If you want your kids to grow up as wise consumers, they should read this book.The book explores the dark side of products like coffee, chocolate, fast food and cheap clothes There are real environmental and social justice implications of our desire for cheap food and stuff It also explains, in terms any middle schooler can get why the advertisements for things really work and how to think about it critically.We need to talk to our kids and teach them about what we buy and why Know where the products are coming from, what impact they have on the planet as well as the people who work in often terrible conditions to produce them.The way we live isn t sustainable, and our kids are going to have to face tough changes and choices in the future.

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    Mara Rockliff s Get Real is a great informational book geared toward teenagers that discusses the harms that multi national corporations can cause to the world, especially to the environment and living conditions of its workers Albeit kind of preachy about the need to buy organic goods and not take the easy or cheaper way out by shopping at places like Wal Mart, I found this book to be very informative about the world around me that I am kind of ignorant about, having grown up as an upper middle class American girl I could see myself possibly using this book with my high school to students to help teach them about ethic responsibilities and to help them see beyond the big brand names in the world around us This is a good book to give someone a starting point on topics such as fair trade, organic goods, fair working conditions, and speaking up and out to local leaders to create change.

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