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Forget Sorrow explained Forget Sorrow, review Forget Sorrow, trailer Forget Sorrow, box office Forget Sorrow, analysis Forget Sorrow, Forget Sorrow 4b7b Celebrated Artist And Writer Belle Yang Makes A Stunning Debut As A Graphic Memoirist With This Story Of Crisis And SurvivalWhen Belle Yang Was Forced To Take Refuge In Her Parents Home After An Abusive Boyfriend Began Stalking Her, Her Father Entertained Her With Stories Of Old China The History She D Ignored While Growing Up Became A Source Of Comfort And Inspiration, And Narrowed The Gap Separating Her An Independent, Chinese American Woman From Her Old World Chinese ParentsIn Forget Sorrow, Yang Makes Her Debut Into The Graphic Form With The Story Of Her Father S Family, Reunited Under The House Of Yang In Manchuria During The Second World War And Struggling Both Together And Individually To Weather Poverty, Famine, And, Later, Communist Oppression The Parallels Between Belle Yang S Journey Of Self Discovery And The Lives And Choices Of Her Grandfather, His Brothers, And Their Father The Patriarch Speak Powerfully Of The Conflicts Between Generations And Of Possibilities For Reconciliation Forget Sorrow Demonstrates The Power Of Storytelling And Remembrance, As Belle In Telling This Story Finds The Strength To Honor Both Her Father And Herself

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Forget Sorrow
  • Belle Yang
  • English
  • 13 September 2019
  • 9780393068344

About the Author: Belle Yang

My Chinese name is Xuan, or Forget All Sorrow It is also Chinese for lily of a day, notes Belle Yang If life spans a mere day, why spend it in worry Indeed, the author illustrator of HANNAH IS MY NAME recalls a seemingly worry free childhood in Taiwan and Japan, where she doodled and fiddled around with words and discovered they were her life Now an author and painter, Belle Yang has

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    I found the narration far too confusing, especially when Yang s rather cartoony drawing style doesn t do much to distinguish between characters They re all about the same basic build, but maybe one s hat is different or he has a wave in his hair Yeahwho is that again And then periodically she ll interrupt somebody s narration with her own and I had a hard time keeping track which generation was currently speaking Suggestions family tree at the beginning of the book, complete with little faces dramatis personae also with little faces have a little face next to the narration blocks whenever somebody new starts narrating I m sure she has a great story to tell, but she needs to clean up the narration first However, I did learn why the caged bird sings, so thanks for that much.

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    I found this book interesting and very readable, the storyline in this book, in my opinion would have been real life for thousands of Chinese families during the period that the book is based within The book blends together various themes, survival, struggling for food, etc I quite like it, The write gives the characters emotion and individual characteristics, the story line is never dull, it engages with the reader and keeps your concentration An interesting far east story Well worth reading, did not discover any editorial issues, maybe the book cover was a bit plain, but this does not hide the fact, that the book, is a good book.

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    I got Forget Sorrow by Belle Yang, as a birthday present from one of my dear friends My friend has introduced me to a lot of beautiful literature and so I couldn t wait to read Belle Yang s book I read it in one sitting Here is what I think.What I think Forget Sorrow is the memoir of the author Belle Yang and that of her father Belle Yang starts the book with her own life on how she was born in Taiwan to parents who had come from mainland China and how they had ended up in America She also talks about the difference between her perspective of life and that of her parents and the eternal conflict between the value systems of the east and the west and how that led to differences and conflicts at home She goes away from home to attend college, but comes back home after graduating, as an ex boyfriend is stalking her Her father uses his contacts and gets her admitted to a traditional Chinese art course in Beijing, where her teacher is Deng Lin, Deng Xiaoping s daughter The year is 1989 and we all know what happened it is the year of the Tiananmen massacre, and Belle experiences history as it happens Unfortunately the situation in Beijing becomes too tough for her to manage and she comes back home to live with her parents and whiles away her time Her dad is very disappointed with her and frequently compares her with people whom they know he is disappointed that while everyone is moving on in their lives, studying at university and getting advanced degrees, or getting settled in good professions, his own daughter is whiling away her time at home This time together helps Belle in getting to know her parents better While having long conversations, her father tells her his own story about his own parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts and how it came about that a poor family in Manchuria, became rich and how history intervened in the fortunes of the family and made it poor again, and how he was able to escape from his own country and strike it out in a free land A significant part of the story is narrated by Belle Yang s father and is about his family.I liked Forget Sorrow very much for the insider s view it presented on early twentieth century China Belle s grandparents were Manchurians and we see how this fact changes their lives and that of their families for good and for bad at different times in history My favourite character in the story was Belle s father s second uncle, who is a person who loves live to the full, is philosophical, is not ambitious and is able to enjoy life when the family is rich and when it is poor At various times he tries his hand at selling watermelons and works in a factory as an accountant and people around always like him for his unconventional ways and for his friendly nature Another of my favourite characters is Belle Yang s father s aunt who dies young The book also gives an interesting depiction of the debates, arguments, subtle politics and the kind acts that happen in a Chinese family of that era, where custom and tradition are important but where people find their way around tradition and indulge in spontaneous acts of kindness.In some ways Belle Yang s book reminded me of the graphic novel classics Persepolis by Marjane Sartrapi, because it was also a memoir set during a particular era, and of Maus by Art Spiegelman, because as Spiegelman does, Yang also talks to her father and draws out the family story and secrets from him.If you like reading books on China and if you like graphic novels, you will enjoy this.

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    I wanted to enjoy this much than I did You never want to speak ill of tragedy laden true stories, of course And it s a part of 20th century history that has never received all that much attention in the West, thanks to the distraction of our own horrors But I did have difficulty with the art I was really surprised to learn at the end that Yang is an established artist, so it was a style choice rather than simply a lack of experience Things were just too tightly packed for me, and not even specific to the given mood Of course, it didn t help that I had an advance copy that was error prone than most Many speech bubbles only had half of their words and others had temporary notes mixed in with the dialog The methods of expressing strong emotion and peril were strong it was the scenery that got over detailed and too strongly inked The story itself was very well structured and always engaging The only quibble there was how blithely the ex boyfriend was written off at the end.

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    Beautiful Sad Dense Chinese history just hits you on the head events seem to pile up rather than flow in consecutive order, but that s not the author s fault at all It s just the way it s been This book reminded me of The Family, by Ba Jin, a novel I read and loved when I was about twelve.

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    This is an interesting graphic memoir in which Belle Yang tells not only a bit of her own story she s turned to her parents for refuge from a dangerous stalker they ve nicknamed Rotten Egg but also shares her father s family s history Her father s ancestors settle in Manchuria and build a prosperous life there, but by the time her father and uncles are young men, their comfortable lives are in jeopardy first from the Japanese and then from the Communists Some of the relatives Yang describes are interesting because their lives are guided by philosophies that I might understand in an innate way e g Taoism , because they so permeate Chinese culture, but that don t influence me as deeply For example, Second Uncle seems content to let the winds blow him this way and that without struggling yet he survives Meanwhile the Patriarch Yang s father s grandfather ends his life going from the door of one child to another seeking shelter after the Communists expel him from his land and label him a Capitalist Yang s images appear to be painted and they serve her story well But I almost think that this might be a longer book There are a lot of siblings to keep track of and their stories are fairly complicated It seems to me that Yang might devote time to each one I think that perhaps she has shared her father s story in other books Still, I know from personal experience that anyone trying to retrieve family stories is sometimes limited both by the capacity and willingness of her source to share information and as well by the desire to tell stories honestly and not make up things that didn t really happen I m grateful that Yang made this book.

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    Belle Yang spent years of her life trying to stay safe from a violent ex boyfriend She lost friends, she spent a few years studying in China, and she returned home to live with her parents Her parents protected her, but her father resented how Belle s life had turned out, and even blamed her for the abusive ex boyfriend.Forget Sorrow is the story of how Belle and her father grew close again through the stories he told of the generations of their family The conflicts, the sacrifices, the mistakes and the tragedies begin to soften the two of them toward each other Reconciliation and intimacy happen quietly through the awareness of shared suffering, and the practice of living out her uncle s last words to her dying grandfather Forget Sorrow Forgive your children Forgive the world Yang s book draws a picture of family love in its complexity, and how slowly old sorrows get left behind Her honest portrayal of her family avoids simple good guy bad guy reductions and allows the reader into the intricacies of how families love and hate each other.There is no real resolution to the conflict of the violent stalker, who is a looming faceless presence in the beginning of the book, but fades out by the end It is a flaw in the story, but that s the way real life works, so it s understandable all in all, still a very satisfying read.

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    Unlike many of my friends, I am not a comic book reader And then there was Allison Bechdel s amazing graphic novel Fun Home, and I discovered that I needed to reconsider my previous stance And to be honest, I brought this lovely and poetic graphic novel home for my partner who loves comic books But then I picked it up to browse through before returning to the library and suddenly I was halfway through Belle Yang s beautifully illustrated tale of escaping her abusive boyfriend named Rotten Egg for the purposes of this book turned stalker, by returning to China, her family s ancestral home When she returns to her parent s home in Carmel, CA several years later, she begins unweaving the family history that she has glimpsed interviewing her father about his wealthy grandfather, the family that he sheltered during WWII and Mao s revolution, their feuds and infighting, and the familial secrets and connections This gorgeous graphic novel was first a novel, and it was not until Belle Yang had been rejected 14 times by literary agents, according to an interview that I read, that she turned it into a graphic novel When asked for a summation of the experience in a six word memoir, she ended that interview by saying Nifty comic book creator at fifty Total LOVE

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    i judged a book by its cover and that s how this one got my attention, but i actually think that s a great way to find graphic novels.forget sorrow is reminiscent of persepolis, in that it chronicles political upheaval in china instead of putting us directly in the moment, the plot comes from a girl writing about her extended family in china she tells the story after listening to hours of stories from her father it s a beautiful tribute to her family it s very old fashioned in terms of asian culture, but i get that from my own family the best part of the book is the illustration i would stop often and just look at the ink on the page, considering that some frames were pretty much works of art in themselves if you don t know anything about communism and its repercussions in china, forget sorrow does an excellent job of showing how difficult the political transitions were for the people i ve seen a lot of that conveyed well on film and the genre of graphic novel does it justice as well.

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    Another fine addition to the somewhat self centered young adult gets some perspective by listening to his her father s tale of struggle in his homeland during wartime and journey to America then writes a graphic memoir about it genre.

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