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Seraphs chapter 1 Seraphs, meaning Seraphs, genre Seraphs, book cover Seraphs, flies Seraphs, Seraphs 8caec0a9b6c79 From The Author Of Bloodring Comes Its Thrilling Follow Up, Set A Century After The Apocalypse And Portraying A World In The Throes Of An Ice Age And A Never Ending Battle Among Seraphs, Demons, And HumansLiving Among Humans In A Postapocalyptic Ice Age, Neomage Thorn St Croix Has Learned To Count On Her Friends, But She S Lost Count Of Her Enemies She Is A Source Of Both Fear And Fascination For The People Of Mineral City Her Powers Can Save Them From The Forces Of Evil, But Can Also Attract Demon Spawn And Succubae And Fighting On Her Own Turf Nearly Gets Thorn And Those She Holds Dear KilledBut Thorn S Ultimate Test Awaits Deep Under The Snow Covered Mountains Beyond The Village, Where An Imprisoned Fallen Seraph Desperately Needs Her Help There, Hidden In The Hellhole, The Armies Of Darkness Assemble To Ensure That This Subterranean Rescue Will Be Thorn S Final Descent

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    Second in the Rogue Mage apocalyptic, alternative history, science fiction series and revolving around Thorn St Croix, a battle mage in hiding in Mineral City, Carolina no display of my scars to remind them of the battle I had fought kept them safe nothing like demonstrating that people were beholden to you to make them hate you My TakeI know it s a busy story, lol, and totally fantastic Enough so that I ve already bought the series and hope Hunter will continue We see from Thorn s perspective using first person point of view, and that part of it is an easy read Hunter certainly keeps the tension and drama up, enough so that I couldn t turn the pages fast enough Part of what slowed me down, however, is how confusing this world of hers is.It s taken several times through the story to figure out everything to do with Holy Amethyst, how Malashe el fits in with the good and the bad, and understanding how who the seraphs and cherub are who are imprisoned And obviously this confusion hasn t kept me from buying the books grin.Hunter has blended parts of today s world with this world of demanding angels these angels are much dictatorial than those in Nalini Singh s Guild Hunter and their Puritanical ideas of sin Not to say that all of their views on sin are bad, but some of them take me back in history to times I d never want to revisit And it s weird to hear of rock and roll being reinstated, using the Internet and yet living an Old West lifestyle a horseback with wagons and limited electricityThe conflicts Hunter provides are mostly clashes of morals and values from greed to hypocrisy to prejudice One of the problems, conflicts I guess I should say, is the sexual attraction angels have to mages and vice versa Neither side wants the attraction, especially Thorn as it can out her, a death sentence for a mage in hiding.The main theme is the prejudice humans have against mages with a side order of greed and fear It goes along with its the winners who write the history, leaving humans with no concept of the mages side Nor do many of the townspeople think I mean I get that the average person is terrified of those perverse mages, but Thorn has been blessed by a seraph Doesn t that count for something Wouldn t that make the bigoted stop and think I love how Hunter pulls in the shop, their art, and the raw materials that play such a huge part in every aspect of their varied lives and interests.Hunter encourages you to root for Thorn and her friends and to despise those who cannot think beyond their own fears It s a pip The StorySince being outed, Thorn is beset by those who hate and fear her, and she s learned who her friends are It matters not that Thorn s powers have saved them and their town, all they can see are the demon spawn and succubae that attack And the truth of her being one of the feared mages.That fear and prejudice force Thorn to face a trial despite her sigil of acceptance.But her real test is in the Trine, the mountains beyond Mineral City, where imprisoned seraphs are desperate for her help and hers and the lineage of others threaten their world.Despite her fears of going beneath, Thorn must descend deep into those snow covered mountains and battle the armies of Darkness.The CharactersThorn s Gems is a jewelry and lapidary shop owned by three best friends, including Thorn St Croix Stanhope, a battle neomage working in stone who is no longer in hiding and with the permission of the High Host to be outside an enclave Lemuel Hastings had been Thorn s foster father and brother to Gramma Stanhope Rose is the twin Thorn thinks was killed.Rupert Stanhope is one of the partners and Lucas brother Audric is a half breed mule and a famous dead miner with a claim on the town of Sugar Grove He s also in a relationship with Rupert And, regrettably, bound to Raziel after events in Bloodring , 1 Both men declare themselves Thorn s champards, her champions in battle.Jacey is the third partner and married to Big Zed Zeddy is his oldest Cissy is both of theirs.Thaddeus Bartholomew is a state police cop, Rupert s cousin, and a kylen attracted to Thorn Durbarge is an Administration of the ArchSeraph Investigator, an assey, who is supposed to protect a mage in the human population Mineral City is located in the Appalachian Mountains and known for its quartz and feldspar Esmeralda Miz Essie Boyles and her son, Eli Walker, a part time miner and tracker who prefers cowboy gear and Sennabel Schwartz, the local librarian, and her husband are some of Thorn s supporters.Townspeople also include Old Lady Vestis who makes the sign of evil when she passes the shop Howard Ephraim Earl Widow woman Henderson Louis Richard Joseph he is thought to own a still in the hills Florence Watkins who is firm orthodox Mrs Abernathy who gossips Hannah Zelmack Mack who is up for cursing, lewd speech, and propagandizing for supporting the EIH Amos and Mabel Ramps who were bought witnesses Ken Schmidt who is a miner Eugene who is a fiddler and, Derek Culpepper and his father who are two of those who hate Thorn, partly because she screwed up a business deal for him Sarah Schubert and her husband own Blue Tick Hound Guns.Lucas Stanhope is Thorn s catting about ex husband, currently married to Jane Hilton He s changed since he was taken prisoner and fed manna Ciana is his eight year old daughter who prefers Thorn s company with his first wife, the nasty Marla Their grandfather, Mole Man, a.k.a., Benaiah Stanhope, is revered by the seraphs and the local humans His wife, Gramma Stanhope, had been Adain Hastings daughter.The Council of the Town Fathers include the kirk elders Elder Jasper, a Cherokee, had been Thorn s friend, as was his wife, Polly Elders Culpepper and Perkins are definitely not her friends Elder Shamus Waldroup, a baker, is the senior judge over all civil and criminal disputes Do rise is his wife Tobitt is a bailiff The High Host of the Seraphim are the ruling council of seraphs, angels of punishment who descended upon Earth and destroyed its populations Now humanity answers to them Raziel is a warrior angel who bound Audric and is second to Michael Michael is the ArchSeraph Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel are also high order seraphs, princes Adonal is the Angel of Punishment, a.k.a., a terrible angel , who had judged Thorn in Bloodring Cheriour answers the mage in dire cry, a two edged sword, as it usually ends with the Sword of Punishment that can rebound back on all humans in the area Garshanal.Watchers are Fallen but repentant angels, who had lived on earth and taught new skills to humans For this they were stripped of many powers and exiled to earth Minor Flames are creatures of spirit and energy, warriors who look like fire.Holy Amethyst is a cherubim whose Wheels were freed in Bloodring , but she is still trapped She claims Malashe el as hers by day Zadkiel, her winged warrior mate and Right Hand of the ArchSeraph Michael, is also trapped.Baraqyal Barak is a Watcher imprisoned by the Dark He might also be Baraqijal who taught astrology Daria is a neomage with whom Barak mated, the first seraph to take a mage lover The EIH is a.k.a., Earth Invasion Heretics who believe the angels are aliens here to enslave the earth Joseph Barefoot invites Thorn to join the EIH Tomas and Rickie are EIH operatives The Enclaves are reservations for mages Lolo is the priestess of the New Orleans Enclave and is as a grandmother to Thorn Mages have specific powers that use creation energies stone, metal, earth, sun, moon, sea, weather, and water.Oliver Winston and Romona Benson are reporters with Satellite News Network Powers of Darkness are demons, who are immortal spirits with two physical forms, and the Fallen who taught skills to man Malashe el is a daywalker, mortal, and a Minor Darkness in thrall to the Master of the Trine the mountain by night Azazel is one of Satan s Ephrahu is one of the human guards.Forcas is now a Major Power, promoted after Bloodring , after Lucas.Dead miners scavenge abandoned homesteads and towns for the household goods left behind Kylen are half mage, half angel who may only breed with humans with all offspring taken to a Realm of Light Mages, the first unforeseen, aren t fertile with humans but they are with seraphs Mules are the second unforeseen, sterile, incompletely developed, and half human, half seraph An omega mage can command seraphs in battle Federal crimes include forbidden sexual practices and black magic.Back HistoryGeneral Bascomb, a parent of one of the original neomages, ordered a nuclear bomb dropped on these teens Enoch was a human man who had pled for the Watchers before the Most High.The Cover and TitleThe cover has dark borders with an explosion of gold in the middle with a background of industrial abandonment It s the red haired Thorn in the middle of it all in her black leather battlesuit, swords in hand and one on her back with a flourish of what seems to be the misty red flame lining of a black cape The title is in a shadowed white across the center with the author s name in white at the bottom.The title reflects our closer introduction to the Seraphs.

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    Really not sure what I think about this series nevermind this book There was action of both the angelic and the sexual kind but i still feel like a lot of this book was filler and could ve been fleshed out a lot .The premise of this book is very interesting and has soo much potential What if the world didn t end like it had been predicted for several millenia and people and culture still existed but in such a modified form that while it s similar to ours it s extremely different Cursing, color and extreme shows of opinion are frowned upon There is magic, demons, angels and biblical creatures references abound in this book So why were certain passages almost directly lifted from descriptions in her previous book Why has Thorn not progressed in her training and her understanding Why has Lolo not made of an appearance I felt there was a lot of circular plot without any real conclusion and a lot of things were explained in such a way that it left me a bit confused but not interested enough to go back and try to understand.It gets three stars because although the plot is a little undefined and circuitous, the characters are interesting enough to keep me reading.It may not be enough to keep going onto the third, but we ll see.

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    Huh.Honestly, I just don t even know what to say here For starters, I m not sure how to even classify the Rogue Mage series Post apocalyptic fantasy mythology Dunno Actually, now that I think about it, that s sort of been a theme for me as I ve been reading the first two novels of the series What s going on Dunno What s up with the thwarted, useless mage heat all the time Dunno What s the deal with the Amethyst lady s freakin wheels Dunno What are the freakin wheels Dunno And so on To put things plainly, I find that I don t really understand and absolutely cannot visualize half of what s going on with all the neomage seraph darkness mumbo jumbo Lots of times I end up skimming those parts.Yet at the end of the day, there s definitely something that keeps me reading For starters, I find the characters weirdly compelling Although maybe I m just waiting to find out who Thorn finally decides to shack up with Also, I find that I quite enjoy the battle scenes of which there are many even if I don t really get the neomage hocus pocus half of the time Anyway, I can t really put my finger on it, but in the end, I have enjoyed the books, and I ll definitely be picking up the next one.

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    Thorn is backed by some very close friends, a fiercely loyal family But as a newly revealed Neo Mage in an aggressively hostile small town she s on thin ice Even when her powers may be the very thing keeping them safe from the monsters underground But are those powers also responsible for drawing them She had sworn she wouldn t return to face the darkness under the mountain but it s waiting and gathering its forces and it certainly hasn t forgotten ThornThis huge, complicated world contains so many wonderful conflicts A post apocalypse world, nearly wiped out by angelic and divine wrath, nearly consumed by demonic rage, living in equal terror of both angel from on high and demon from beneath A deeply religious society, desperately and faithfully following proper sacred rules but without any clear indication of what those sacred rules actually are, which religion is right and in a world where one certainty they actually have is that religious conflict will get you killed And these are just the stories the Seraphs tell what is the real truth And into that complex world we have Thorn continuing her story only this time revealed to be a Neomage, much to the hatred and prejudice of her neighbours There s so many wonderful levels to this whole conflict there s Thorn gloriously owning who she is, wearing it like a cape and waving it like a flag There s her closest friends and loved ones standing shoulder to shoulder with her ready to cut anyone who looks at her twice There s the good people who are pushing for honesty and fairness and the Jewish and Cherokee communities arming and stepping up in the face of clear religious oppression was a nice, though in need of development, moment The outright bigots willing to do anything to bring Thorn down The hypocrites who want Thorn s magic but not in public, not where people could see, oh no And, of course, Thorn makes a convenient scapegoat whenever things go wrong Throw in a lot of intrigue about her past and her mentor, lots of questions about whether the whole narrative that is being sold about the Seraphs arrival is actually true and a neat little romance sub plot with some nice twists in that it s not happily ever after, by any stretch.I like the people around Thorn, they re not flawless the fact that Audric, a Black man is in a subservient position because of his species, the fact that he and Rupert, as gay men, are similarly rendered sexless are both questionable to say the least and Rupert has a bad case of Gay Shark going on with heavily laden stereotypes All are fiercely loyal to Thorn and along with Jessie make an excellent team around her She has strong, good relationships The town itself is also very racially diverse, though not with major characters, Many important characters like the chief elder of the town are POCRead More

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    After the events of Bloodring, Thorn can no longer hide who she is She has a few very loyal allies, but as for the rest of the town most are wary of, if not outright against her Most fear her, and a few would love nothing than to prosecute and execute her Although their fears are mostly based on prejudice, some of them are warranted The dark forces on the Trine are drawn to Thorn as they want Thorn and her powers, bringing the fight to the town In the end, to save the ones she loves she must do something she vowed never to do again, go underground into the Darkness lair to rescue a fallen Seraph that is vital to the looming war.This book was much less confusing than the last one, and while we still do not know the entire truth of Thorn s past, things are starting to become a little clear Considering how frustrating it is to me to not know what she truly is, I cannot imagine what it would be like for Thorn The poor mage has had so many things thrown at her, and everyone seems to know much about her than she does, its a wonder she can even begin to handle it all Throughout this book Thorn continues to prove her inner goodness regardless of what the townspeople may say, nor the fact that she is supposed to be soulless as all mages are She never hesitates to risk and sacrifice her safety to protect others and that it a very admirable trait The mage heat is still an issue for me as you would expect something to come of it, but nothing ever does While Thorn is so strong willed that she can mostly avoid the temptation, a normal person would not be able to Since mage heat affects the person it is directed at as well, it would make sense that one of these times something would have happened Putting that aside Thorn is an amazing character and her selflessness is amazing I hope in the next book she get some recovery time and a little peace as a reward for all she has done and sacrificed.

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    2nd book in the series.Why is it that if your female character is female, they accumulate massive amounts of power rapidly, and have to have an interesting love life Am I just missing this for the few cases where the lead character is a male ie, Harry Dresden The concept is still interesting the big A Apocalypse has come, most of humanity died, Good big G fought Evil big E , and it ended in.not quite a draw, but not really a victory either And then there are the unforseen children of humans that survived the first three plagues, can work with the energy left over from creation, and are according to the Seraphs angels apparently soulless.The main character in the series is one of those soulless ones a stone neomage I like the geological references this may be the first time I ve ever seen kyanite used as an adjective, and well, really, it is probably the first time I ve seen the word kyanite in a work of fiction at all On the other hand, the ending bugged me I see a Laura K Hamilton moment coming up, where the author is going to have to decide if the main character is the character in a series being moved by the forces around her, or a major force that is directing everyone else around herand probably getting so wrapped up in the sex that the plot gets lost As I said in the review of the first one nothing wrong with a sex scene in a book, but, I read these series for their plots If the story is lost, I ve lost my interest.I m going to read the 3rd one, probably sooner rather than later since its been published, unlike books in another 15 series that I m reading, and I think the branch of the library I go to has it, unlike 7 other series And on a side note, how am I managing to read 31 different series that are all largely in the same sub genre of scifi and fantasy Shouldn t I be overwhelmed by grad school

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    I can t give it one star, because I didn t hate it and I still somehow read the next one, but many many times I wanted to throw this book against a wall It was extraordinarily frustrating and confusing, and the writing, like it was throughout the trilogy, was messy and convoluted.

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    Surprisingly, I enjoyed it I found Bloodring confusing but Seraphs answered many of my questions It s still a dark world, a dark story but the battle scenes made up for it Now to find out what an omega mage is

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    I find this series a bit difficult to follow sometimes.

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    It s fun to see how the author has grown between the first book in this series and this book I felt the characters were alive in this book than in book one I could actually relate to them a little here The writing was also better It seemed to have gotten a flow I missed in book one The thing that really did it, though, was the story While I felt the story in book one was OK, but a bit mixed with info the author really wanted to share, this one didn t have that problem I think I only once almost fell out because of the info, but the info was needed for the story to move forward Looking forward to reading book 3

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