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Chasing Sunset chapter 1 Chasing Sunset, meaning Chasing Sunset, genre Chasing Sunset, book cover Chasing Sunset, flies Chasing Sunset, Chasing Sunset c607e89e8b640 When The Sun Goes Down On Their Erotic Encounter, Who Will Be Left Standing After An Unsettled Childhood, Sidney McCall Has Finally Found A Home In Graceville This Dream Town Comes With A Dream Boyfriend Drew Buchanan Is Charming, Romantic, Completely Devoted To Her And He Cooks Now If Only The Whole Commitment Thing Didn T Give Her Night Sweats Drew, A Professional Chef, Wants Nothing Than To Give Sidney Everything She S Ever Dreamed Of, Both In And Out Of Bed Even If It Means Serving Up Her Most Secret Wish Complete With A Whipped Cream Topping A Tryst With Two Men His Best Friend Brody Nash Is The Missing Ingredient, And The Only Man He Trusts With The Woman He Loves What Starts Out As A Little Harmless Sexual Play Quickly Boils Over Into Something None Of Them Expected An Emotional Minefield That Could Forever Change The Course Of Their Lives

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    This is one of the better menage stories I have read and I have read about two hundred of them by now Yeah, I know that I am one sick cookie P I first read this when it came out in 2008 and recently reread it to refresh my memory since I am reading the offshoot story Sunset Knight It was pretty much as I remembered What made this one stand out from other menage stories is that this is one of the few that explores the mess that can happen when one brings a third into a menage situation The third thinks he is in love with his BF s girlfriend and the girlfriend seems to be sexually turned on by the third And the boyfriend sees it.Considering all the messed up feelings going around, I would have preferred angst but the primary focus seems to be on it being a HAWT read The fact that it s a good story is a bonus.

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    Drew finds out from his girlfriend s reading material that she has m nage fantasies and decides to make it a reality for their one year anniversary He enrolls his best friend Brody to be the third partner, unaware that he s got some kind of thing for Sidney While she s at first a bit startled, Sidney accepts this gift and things go amazingly wellat first The m nage scenes are definitely well done but importantly, the story that deals with the complexity of everyone s feelings and the aftermath is even better Everyone s perspectives are offered and woven seamlessly for such a short story I really enjoyed it and plan to read Brody s story next.

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    Holy cow I was reading this while using the stationary bike, and caught myself a few times not pedaling any LOL

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    So, this was entertaining, though definitely on the short end of stories In this one, Sidney and Drew have been in a really good relationship Sidney s unsettled childhood makes her wonder whether she can have a normal relationship, with the husband and kids and such Drew has told her he loves her a couple of times, but always in the throes of sex, so she doesn t know if he really means it But when Sidney s birthday nears and Drew comes across her smut book collection, he decides he ll give her a fantasy for her birthday him and his best friend, Brody, who outwardly pretends he isn t interested in Sidney while secretly lusting for her But while Sidney is completely satisfied for her birthday, it sort of throws Sidney and Drew s relationship askew Partially because Brody books it right after they re done, right after dropping a bomb that he s a little dominant and he s sure Sidney wouldn t want that But she kinda does, and when Drew realizes this, he sets up another scenario His intentions are misplaced but admirable Thankfully Sidney doesn t let it happen like Drew envisions and all ends up well.

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    I have to say this was a cute read Sid and Drew are about to celebrate their one year anniversary After reading a few of Sid s romance novels which I found to be awesome , Drew thinks he has found the perfect anniversary gift by giving Sid her ultimate fantasy in the form of his best friend Brodie Things don t quite go as Drew planned and he s afraid what he has started will end up making him lose Sid to his best friend The only thing I didn t like was the lack of closure with Brodie in the end, because otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

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    Out of 152 pages, only 95 were the actual story The rest is page stuffed I didn t go beyond The End on page 95 None of the characters had redeeming qualities The sex scenes were lacking The story was non existent.

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    I found it difficult to get in the head of the female protagonist and the Brody character beyond their sexual drive This made it difficult for me to identify with either character And if I cannot identify with a character, it makes it next to impossible to care for what happens to them.

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    SweetEnjoyed this story Two people who are unsure and afraid about their feelings find a way, a bit unorthodoxbut hey, it worked to enrich and explore their relationship.

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    Sidney and Drew have been together for a year Taking the lead from some of Sid s romance novels lying around, he sets up a m nage with his good friend Brody First a little put off, but then intrigued by the permission Brody and Drew send her over the deep end with the help of a delicate dessert But she is clearly the dessert for both men Brody hints of a deeper and darker pleasure on his way out the door This has Sid lusting and Drew worrying that he screwed up Is Sid his or is she meant for Brody He may have to give her to him one time to find out A great story and steamy goodness Why Buy the Cow Free Ebook Challenge Downloaded BN 7 19 12

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    Another quickie Not my usual type of menage but satisfying in its own way I liked that there was a HEA and a chance at friendship for the three of them as a whole Nicely dirty and Brody is pretty darn Rawr This book was a free Kindle download I picked up 07 16 12 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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