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Miss Potter: The Novel pdf Miss Potter: The Novel, ebook Miss Potter: The Novel, epub Miss Potter: The Novel, doc Miss Potter: The Novel, e-pub Miss Potter: The Novel, Miss Potter: The Novel 2b0695d925a A Novel Based On The Upcoming Motion Picture On Beatrix Potter S Life, Starring Ren E Zellweger As Beatrix Potter And Ewan McGregor As The Man She Loved Written By The Film S Screenwriter, The Novel Expands The Plotline Of His Script, Blending Historical Fact And Imaginative Interpretation To Tell A Moving Story Of A Victorian Woman Who Against The Odds Finds Independence, Artistic Success And Romantic Love

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    A charming account of how children s author Beatrix Potter defied all of society s expectations, leaving her sheltered and restricted life to experience success, independence and love.The novel is directly adapted from the script for the 2006 film starring Ren e Zellweger highly, highly recommend and it shows The novel is comparatively bland and the writing washy I think the main reason the film is so much better is because Richard Maltby Jr s dialogue does not indicate any intonation of voice the film is actually quite funny whereas this felt forced It s a brilliant imaginative interpretation of historical fact, but it would ve been executed to its full potential in the hands of a capable writer.This is a very slight expansion of the script if it had been developed beyond its 189 pages, I m sure it would ve been much compelling.

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    This was a sweet instpirtaional tale of Beatrix Potter It shined a light on an amazing woman and immediately had me working on my art It was something like a coming of age story, with out the coming of age I was completely wrapped up in this book and would dare to say I will read to the point of wearing it out a couple of times I would not be surprised to find myself reading it when ever I have tough times to center myself.

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    I read this book without moving Sooooooooo interesting

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    So cute, a lot better than the movie There is so much detail and she is just a cute character

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    I ve always loved the Beatrix Potter stories, and this was a great book about her life I also saw the movie, but I read the book first A splendid story

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    A wonderful biography of Beatrix Potter I so enjoyed reading and learning her story.

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    I have watched Miss Potter the 2006 film many, many times That movie even inspired me to go all the way to Lake District on my own last year The film and the life of Beatrix Potter made me want to see what is Lake District all about I found this book yesterday Not knowing that it has been written in conjunction with the film But, this is not entirely a movie tie in novels This book filled the gap left behind by the film There are lots of things that a film cannot expressed That is where the book comes in As much as I am enjoying the screenplay and witty dialogues exchanged throughout the film, I find this book quite engaging as well Alas, the author of this book as also the one who wrote the screenplay The book really filled in the gap that cannot be expressed by the film A wonderful read indeed

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    It made me cry while on a boat from Ormoc to Cebu Maltby s interpretation of Potter s biography is inspirational in all of its wholeness It was heart breaking at that cruel point of Potter s life but her strength is very uplifting It definitely encouraged me to never give up in aspiring in the field of writing.

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    This is a true story of Miss Beatrix Potter The book is so lovely and engrossing to read She is a 36 years old spinster living in London One day she plans to publish her book The Tale of Peter Rabbit and meets Mr Norman Warne The book is a success, and she finds her love for the very first time in Mr Warne The second part of the book is quite heartbreaking as Mr Warne , her fiance dies of acute illness Miss Potter is once again lonely To overcome her sadness, she moves to Sawrey There she meets lawyer William Heelis Friendship is developed and later after few years they get married.

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    I gave this movie 4 stars, because it was such lovely and charming story It s a page turner and it has some heartbreaking and beautiful moments in it not to make one cry I watched the movie as well a while ago, and it gave me the same feeling as the book did I really enjoyed it, and I would definitely recommend this book to someone who wants to get back into reading, or someone who just want something light and nice to read It s the type of book you pick up, with a nice cup of tea, snuggled under a blanket next to a fireplace It is definitely worth it.I expected to finish this book a lot sooner but life, you know. but it is a fast read for sure

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