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Every Natural Fact chapter 1 Every Natural Fact , meaning Every Natural Fact , genre Every Natural Fact , book cover Every Natural Fact , flies Every Natural Fact , Every Natural Fact 53604244ec932 Every Natural Fact Five Seasons Of Open Air Parenting Is A Narrative Of Mother And Son Nature Outings Across The State Of Wisconsin In A Style That Blends The Voices Of Janisse Ray And Annie Dillard, A Mother And Son Explore Parallels In The World Of People And Nature The Interconnected Chapters Stand On Their Own And Build Upon Each Other These Explorations Of Natural History, Flora And Fauna, And Parenting Themes Demonstrate That The Mythic Thread That Winds Through Everything Can Still Be Found, Even In A World Of Wounds Amy Lou Jenkins Award Winning Writing Is Rich In Sensory Immediacy, Characterization, Natural History, And Humor

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    As a native of Wisconsin, a lover of walks and nature, and as a young mother, this book made a lot of sense to me The Wisconsin natural history made me think back to many lessons and things I had learned in school as a child concerning the glaciers that shaped much of Wisconsin s landscape I also thought about my own experiences with different natural parts of Wisconsin, like Kettle Moraine, the Dells, Horicon Marsh, and Devil s Lake.While the author is much of a naturalist than I will probably ever be, I do have a deep love of nature and the outdoors Just as she implies throughout the book, there is a certain connection that nature has with the sublime, with God In the time I spend in nature I always feel closer to God I feel his glory all around me Nature brings me peace and happiness and freedom.As the author shares her experiences walking through various natural settings in Wisconsin with her son DJ, they learn and share natural occurrences together, and have fun doing it I love how the author perfectly captures her son s mannerisms and speech and how she even laughs at herself from time to time It humanizes her natural history lessons and makes her relate able, and the story enjoyable to read.On their walks, they often talk about deeper subjects, something the author is keenly aware will become harder as her adolescent son fully enters his teen years and eventual manhood But, I bet that these long trips and explorations have fostered a deep connection between them that will be ever so useful in the coming years.Reading this book made me think again about how important it is to preserve and maintain our natural surroundings and environment To take care of Mother Earth And to teach my children to do the same by teaching my children about nature and her role in our lives, and ours in hers And it made me want to go camping Or hiking Or something outside with my children.

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    Jenkins takes us along with her on an inspirational journey to magical, natural places in and around Wisconsin She uses nature to weave her dreams, regrets and wisdom to imprint hope upon our hearts hope that unspoiled places like these will remain for our children and grandchildren to experience Jenkins takes us out of our two dimensional existence into a world filled with wonderment, and introduces us to nature s resilience and beauty that s apparent right outside our front door She partners her son s maturity with nature s ebb and flow and encourages us to grow right alone side of them The reader finishes the book yearning for and eager to grab a pair of hiking boots, binoculars, a trusty Petersen s Field Guidebook and head out on the trail.

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    I could not put it down, this is one of the few books I have read twice, because I felt as if I missed so much the first time around and I did Every Natural Fact also taught me how to deal with some past issues as well as some issues I am currently having with my parenting So for some it can be a self help book, while others a parenting, and even others a great true story of as this journey unfolds.This book also helped me want to do outdoor stuff with the kids, to teach them things but also to make solid memories I want my kids to have the best of all sides of life and Amy Lou has encouraged me to think outside of my normal box to bond and create these memories with each of my children.

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    Amy Lou Jenkins is a well spoken and sesitive woman who has keen insight into how to live a green life on this planet I was glad to get to know this Earth Day april 2010 while she did national radio interviews on several local stations I can t wait to read this book and need to buy it as soon as possible

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    Combination memoir and celebration of nature and parenthood.

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    A great read for those who value the natural world and wish to influence today younger generations to do the same Written with common sense and passion and a depth of sensitivity for nature and for parenting that is not easy to find Jenkins faces the truths of the world with an unflinching eye, and delivers a dose of hope for the future that is not sugar coated, but grounded in the earth itself.

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    If you love wildlife and nature then this is the book for you Filled with the beauty of nature the authors writing takes you on a journey around the wild Wisconsin region Together with her son, DJ, they go on outings exploring the natural country, building a unique bond between mother and son A relationship that is becoming increasingly hard as her adolescent son is on the brink of growing up, the author tries to capture the last moments of childhood together.The book is full of detailed nature writing with some really informative historical facts on the region they are visiting and some sadness of how over the years humans have altered the natural course of the habitat.I especially enjoyed the humorous stories from old aunts and uncles as they attempt to keep them alive with the new generation by enjoying close family times, ensuring that the stories are not lost forever I also loved the chapter on the eagles and at one particular point when the author suddenly stopped her car, with excitement, at the spotting of one as she was driving, something we have done many times The book is a lovely refreshing read, at first I felt as it was jumping needlessly between subjects, it highlights the need to make the most of childhood and nature, enjoying what the natural world has to offer.

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    I was one of those privileged to see this extraordinary book in its infancy These seven years later, the portraits of nature conveyed in those first drafts the cranes especially stand out remain in my memory in all their vivid, sensual relief The completed work brings even fascinating excursions into the history of conservancy, and to places the reader may never before have heard of, such as Kettle Moraine state forest in Wisconsin, where Our trailsnaked across the terminal moraines of the Green Bay and Michigan lobes of the Wisconsin Glacier and also crossed the ancient drainage ways, leaving behind a severely textured land There s humor, too What s a stupid attraction, asks DJ, her son, on visiting Ripley s museum after a day in the field, without a crappy keepsake Which leads me to what, for some, may be the most lasting gift of Every Natural Fact, the years long interplay between mother and son, itself a portrait of what is possible between parent and child That she is able to put so much into this small volume, yet leave the reader wanting , is the mark of a generous, and outrageously gifted, writer John R Coats, author of Original Sinners, Why Genesis Still Matters

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    I am a fellow Wisconsin native and this book has gotten me excited to plan already planning some summer road trips to several of the areas that Amy Lou Jenkins shares about I was also reminded of some of my own memories ranging from a couple State Parks to the neat ice caves at Lake Superior Amy Lou Jenkins has a great way of writing that captures stories and memories but intertwines them with Wisconsin history I truly am in awe of God s creation and his handy work Amy Lou Jenkins reminds us how we have taken advantage of our natural resources and never seem to connect with nature I know I have had several walks where I have been able to praise God and pray and I feel closer and closer to HIM We do have dominion over our resources as God tells us in his book but Amy reminds us in her book too I truly adored the fact that she created these trips and memories with her son I know one day her son will cherish the memories and this book and I think one day he will carry on some traditions with his own family I hope to create some similar memories.

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    Ratings that go above and beyond the five stars should be made specially available for books like this one Magnificent Beautiful Intelligent Thoughtful Touching Each essay provides an informative journey into Wisconsin s natural world through Jenkins incredible retelling and clearly researched history that conveys an honoring through her writing Exploring the natural environment while simultaneously creating a significant set of experiences with her son makes for an opportunity to contemplate huge issues like religion, spirituality, and personal relationships, while giving respect to the small details of the world, such as the sound of a bird in the tree or the shimmer of light on a lake I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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