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    It would have been if he had been faithful to her or even his fianc The hero is engaged when he mets the heroine and has sex with her knowing this He feels guilty about having this extra relationship with the heroine after his fianc e dies When it comes to light that he is a cheating asshole, he plays the Oh poor me I have lost my mind card Bull crap He plays her like a violin and she lets him.I hated that For me personally, his lost memories of her does not excuse him He should have told her about his a fianc e when they first got together Sorry just pissed me off 1.5 stars.Safety he is not faithful and he cheats on her while she stays true blue There is OW drama with his PA and his dead fianc e Pushing and pulling galore So basically not a safe read.

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    I can not even put into words how awful this book was The intro start out kind of promising but the deteriorates pretty quickly making the body of the book decent at best The characters are alright but not very captivating helping to make the build up a just okay experience But what has truly burned me enough to write this is the ending The drama as we all know will show up in these books is the H had a fianc at the time h was seeing him, making her the other woman without the h knowing it He left to go tell his family that he would be marrying her when he was is an accident with the fianc H goes into a coma and supposedly does not remember the previous six weeks or the h when he awakens The fianc also goes in a coma and dies So after H wakes up he ignores or deletes phone calls and messages from the h and finally when she is stunned to find that she is carrying twins she calls to ask him for help and he say that he does not know her, doesn t want to know her and not to call again Now all of these things are bad enough that I myself would probably never want to be involved with this individual again but after h finds out she still allows him to bully her into marriage The real cherry topper, I feel, is the equivalent to a shrug and a my bad , the man gives at best a half hearted apology and no really excuse for such harsh treatment and abandonment of the h and their twins The most annoying part of it all is the h excepting it and basically saying as long as you love me Really Because all of those actions scream love to me

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    2.5 stars rounded up because it s well written This is a story I should love It s Michelle Reid The angst especially at the beginning is off the charts The H h are apart because of amnesia.There are adorable twin secret children.What s not to love Plenty Because there are so many off key elements, the whole song is out of tune and not enjoyable Off Key Heroine is angry and bitter most of the story.Hero keeps fainting and that s the only thing that stops the heroine s anger except sex.The fainting male and angry female suddenly having sex Sorry but that just felt weird.The heroine s friends at work were bitchy, as were the hero s employees It felt like a hostile workplace which can add to the angst quite nicely, but that negative energy didn t add to the story It was just there fueling the negative vibes.The amnesia was not a re set to the H h s relationship It was an excuse for the hero to forget view spoiler his cheating ways hide spoiler

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    The H in this book

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    This waffled between a two and a four star so going for an average .Cassie is waiting at an office party for the new owner to come in Lo and behold, it is the long gone father of her 5 year old twins, Alessandro the Italian stud She gives him the stink eye and, to make a long story short, they take top honors in office gossip of the year when he passes out at her feet.Cassie spits fire every time she gets near him This is probably because when she called to let him know she was pregnant and after what she now perceives was just a one night stand proceeded by two weeks of wooing and an I love you , he told her to get lost A run on, I m sorry This spitting fire does not prevent her from succumbing to his mighty and magic penis the first night they see each other again, post dinner and post first passout.The hero is not an ass hat now and wasn t really one six years ago He has a serious issue with his memory loss and passes out just about every time he and Cassie cross verbal swords In other words, he drops like a stone every time they get together.He plays the short con when the minute he meets the twins, he declares he s their daddy, and they re going to be one happy family in Italy Cassie is seriously displeased about this ploy, but has to temper her response as his knees weaken again.There s some back and forth angst aggravated by a scorned evil OW s revenge plot that s played out on Facebook that derails the HEA for a while and threatens to turn a HEA into a simple EA.There is an explanation as to his amnesia and why he spurned her all those years ago, but either I am just not getting it or it s too convoluted The characters are well done and complex than most The heroine is truly conflicted about what is best for her children vs her rage and hurt over the H turning his back on her six years ago Why not a four star Too many dropped threads says this nitpicky reader view spoiler 1 The biggie did Alessandro simply not remember Cassie when she called, or was he feeling too guilty over the death of his fiancee Or, did he develop the amnesia later He admits it was sheer unmitigated guilt that caused him to block his memory of her, but was he guilty over having an affair while still engaged, the death of his fiancee, or dumping the heroine More importantly, why am I spending so much time on this 2 Alessandro s brother is a Dr and appears to treat him whenever he keels over then leaves He pops in at the wedding, seems disapproving and that s it Where is the disapproving mother Dad Other siblings 3 The kinda bitchy co worker gets invited to the wedding, but the sweet woman next door that Cassie entrusts her children with doesn t get an invite You know she would love an opportunity to wear her special occasion hat.4 Does the evil OW get her comeuppance other than getting fired 5 They have unprotected sex several times, but Cassie isn t freaked considering she got pregnant after one night last time Pregnant with twins no less.5 Angus or Albus, Cassie s avuncular friend as well as Alessandro s, didn t get invited to the wedding either Italian billionaires should have better manners than that hide spoiler

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    Ah, amnesia and angst, awesome Not to mention some bitchin bitter betrayal I really enjoyed this story, for the most part Perhaps the best thing about it was the hero, who not only seems to have an actual personality but is physically vulnerable in a way that s almost unheard of in recent HPs The accident that caused his amnesia has left him prone to blackouts Reid s phrasing is sometimes a little odd people husk and enthuse and even teeth out their dialog but she can really write a passionate love scene, not to mention a passionate hate scene My gut was good and wrenched.Sadly, the story went downhill in the middle, when it was suddenly forced into HP Secret Baby mode, with the regulation forced marriage, shopping trip, moving to fabulous new home etc Still, it stands out as different, and better, than most of the standard fare.

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    This book is so depressing How would you like to find out that you are the other woman The suppose hero cheats on her and gives her twins and conventionally forgets about her She calls him to let him know she is with child and he tells her that he does not know her He plays acts after he does remember what happened by fainting so he does not have to explain or answer the questions posed by the heroine regarding the 2 weeks they spent together He also pressures the heroine into marriage because he feels GUILTY ABOUT THE WAY HE TREATED HER There is so much and a real waste of money I am surprised that RT gave 2 stars when it is a 1 star book.

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    How can someone go from hating a person to falling back in bed with them within few hours This is an amnesia story with a good for nothing jerk as the lead male and a woman who becomes a slave to her libido as the lead female What I really found interesting is that the idiot was her only sexual experience her one and only night to be exact She had no sex or desire to have sex for over six years but once she looked at this man she despised, her lady parts started singing I think she needed some psychological help view spoiler He had a fiance who he loved but wasn t in love with when he first met Cassie while he was on vacation over 6 years ago He of course never told Cassie about his engagement He courted Cassie the virgin for two weeks, had sex with her for one night and left the next day with the promise to call When he didn t call after two weeks, Cassie got worried and started calling him and leaving him voice mails that were not returned 8 weeks after he left she was able to get a hold of him and tell him she was preggo and his brilliant answer was, I don t know you, I don t want to know you, don t ever call me again So the orphaned preggo Cassie had to struggle for 6 years, working full time and living hands to mouth, living in a small two bedrooms with hands me down furniture and hand full of work clothes raising her twins, a boy and a girl The idiot shows up 6 years later as the new head of the company with a new name and an arm candy He blacks out when he hears she has a twin, she cries over him, they end up in his flat and have sex He tells her he had an accident 6 years ago and has blocked 6 weeks prior to the accident from his memory The very first time he sees the twin, he tells them they are getting married The day before the wedding, the arm candy puts the picture of the newspaper article that shows his engagement picture and the accident report on the company s facebook page Cassie learns the truth and finds out his fiance died in the accident When they get in to an argument he says he blocked Cassie because of the guilt he felt She still marries the idiot and moves to Italy with him because she loved him SO, he felt guilty to have cheated on his fiance but he didn t feel guilty about taking advantage of another girl he didn t feel guilty enough to find out the truth behind Cassie s repeated phone calls he didn t feel guilty enough to find out and take responsibility for the woman calling him and telling him she was pregnant 8 weeks after his accident He never apologized to Cassie and he was a bully hide spoiler

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    Esta novela me dej con un mal sabor de boca view spoiler l estaba prometido a otra cuando conoce a la hero na, y a pesar de que da varios motivos por los que el lector tiene que pensar que l no la quiere, no me convenci para nada hide spoiler

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    Maybe this book deserves to be read again.The heroine was dating a guy and he got her into bed He proposes marriage but goes the next day to visit his family and tell them about her and never returns The heroine calls him, texts him, etc but nothing Finally she finds out she s pregnant so she calls and texts him again and actually gets him on the phone He tells her he doesn t know her, doesn t want to know her and don t ever call this number again.So the heroine gives birth to twins and 6 years later the father walks back into her life under another name as her boss.So as the story unfolds in bits and pieces, the hero was engaged to be married, but met the heroine and fell in love with her and into bed with her Great guy He goes back home and gets picked up at the airport by his fiancee and they are involved in a car crash The hero loses his memory.So this strong hero who wants to know what happened in that time purposefully deletes all her text messages and her phone calls because he feels guilty about cheating on a woman who he was just friends with The woman he was going to ditch and who was going to ditch him because they were marrying for convenience and because they had no one else The woman who was driving the car and so he didn t feel guilty about her dying because it was her fault and she almost killed him His words.How does this even make sense It doesn t make sense None of it makes sense The heroine called him long after he was out of the hospital and he just ignores and conveniently forgets the phone call As soon as the hero remembers what happens, the truth only comes out in little bits and pieces And everything that comes out is mixed up and makes no sense At the end I felt like he just made stuff up to make himself out to be innocent And the hero forces the heroine to admit that she loves him, because she s not going to say it before he does And when she does, he never says it back It s just a big mess.

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