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The Malacca Conspiracy summary The Malacca Conspiracy , series The Malacca Conspiracy , book The Malacca Conspiracy , pdf The Malacca Conspiracy , The Malacca Conspiracy d6300ea787 Set In Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, And The United States, The Malacca Conspiracy Is A Bone Chilling Tale Of Terrorism On The High Seas, Of Political Assassination And Nuclear Brinkmanship And For Zack And Diane Your Favorite JAG Characters From Don Brown S Popular Navy Justice Series A Story Of Hope For A Longstanding Romance That Is Now Or Never When A Dastardly Plot Is Hatched In The Malaysian Seaport Of Malacca To Attack Civilian Oil Tankers At Sea, To Drive Up The Price Of Crude Oil Futures, And To Assassinate The Indonesian President And Use Fat Windfall Profits To Finance A Nuclear Attack Against American Cities, Navy JAG Officers Zack Brewer And Diane Cocernian Reunite In A Sizzling Race Against The Clock To Foil The Conspiracy Before Disaster Strikes But As President Mack Williams Sends Ships Of The US Seventh Fleet Towards The Malacca Straights To Reassert Control Over The Sea Lanes, Will Navy JAG Officers Zack Brewer And Diane Colcernian Survive This Dangerous And Final High Stakes Drama Of Life And Death You Won T Be Able To Put This Thriller Down Until You Find Out

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    A Quickie ReviewAnother exciting adventure featuring Don Brown s familiar characters This one was a blast Score 4 5

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    couldn t Finish this book, too religiously motivated and as a previous poster has said a lot of it is just plopped in there was there a quota to be met as to how often characters found strength in Jesus and although the Christian aspect doesn t go as far as propaganda, the blatant anti Islam Muslim was absolutely not palatable obviously, with terrorism ostensibly the Muslim community s manifesto each and every one of them, evidently the Muslims are perfect villains, and perfect foils to the god lovin amuricans but each and every generalization was used liberally to the point of being ridiculous I gave it two stars even without finishing the book, because it COULD have been a great yarn, had the racism not put me completely off wish the Christian element had been mentioned in the overview of the book even though it was free, had I known that I wouldn t have bothered I like my political intrigue with violence, clever dialogue, sex and nifty weapons not lots of prayer.over, there were lots of gimme a break moments in this don t want to spoil, but having read the tall dark and dangerous series ahem I know enough about navy seals to know they don t let middle aged lawyers participate in missions just so they can keep an eye on their woman eta changed to one star wish it could reflect negative star.

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    This story was riveting from the beginning and through out I m just sad it s the end of another wonderful series by Mr Brown The narrator was wonderful as well The ending was just perfect.

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    Although I am heavily displeased with the religion bashing, I love the fast paced, edge of your seat thriller that I am so used to reading.

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    I thought I d pick it up for the Kindle because it was free I m not generally a fan of Don Brown his political intrigue isn t always so intriguing , but we ll see how it goes.UPDATE 7 25 Here s my review from .com.I downloaded this book because it was free I figured that at most it would cost me the time that I spent reading it After getting about 2 3 of the way through, I couldn t take it any and I realized my time was valuable than this book This book is awful, and I felt like I was reading the script to a made for TV movie The premise of the book is excellent a secret cabal wants to control the shipping lanes between the Indian and Pacific Oceans by taking over the government of Indonesia However, the execution is lacking First of all, this is an extremely black and white, good Christian guys vs bad Muslim guys book and I do mean guys on that later There are no subtle nuances If a character prefers the crescent to the cross, he s a bad guy All of the good guys quote Bible verses at some point, but the bad guys never reference the Qur an nor do they ever actually practice their religion In fact, they only ever mention their religion when they talk about destroying the good guys the typical praise Allah stuff It s almost as if the author thinks Islam is a cult or secret society, as opposed to the 2nd largest religion in the world I could live with that if it wasn t for The contrived and utterly ridiculous subplots For example, the main character, who is a middle aged lawyer in the Navy, wants to go on a mission with a Navy SEAL team because he s worried about his girlfriend Wow, really I think I saw that on an episode of JAG 15 years ago Then there s the good girl who saw the bad guys plans and spends the rest of the book worried for her life Like I said, made for TV movie I might be able to live with this if it wasn t for the fact that The characters are all pretty flat The good guys are all macho and Christian and the ladies are all damsels in distress, including the one and only female military officer As for the bad guys, there s no subtlety involved Having the bad guys club baby seals while making fun of the Special Olympics would be subtle than the lengths this author goes to in making sure that you know the bad guys are bad On top of that, the author seems to introduce certain characters just so that he can kill them a few pages after they re introduced For example, there s this character who hasn t seen his wife in over a year, yet somehow has a three week old son, the extra marital implications of which are not examined The reader is just supposed to feel bad that this guy hasn t seen his wife or met his son I don t think the author was implying anything, though, because the strange timing doesn t even come up, and his superior officer actually congratulates him on his new son But it doesn t matter because he dies at the end of the chapter anyway don t worry, I didn t spoil anything There are a bunch of these characters who show up in the book that only serve as martyrs to make the bad guys appear truly evil, and don t actually advance the plot Finally, there are parts that are just incredibly inaccurate, and it s obvious that the author is using most readers ignorance to help the plot For example, there s an argument between the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense of course , one of whom is actually worried about Iran and North Korea launching military strikes from their embassies in Washington, D.C That s interesting considering neither country has formal diplomatic relations with the U.S and therefore no embassies in the U.S Also, there s a part where a bad guy proclaims his country as the first Muslim nuclear power and of course promises to wipeout a certain Middle Eastern country even though he had just visited Pakistan a chapter earlier This book is littered with these inaccuracies, and this is the main reason why I put the book down I really wanted to like this book because I love political thrillers, but this book was so predictable I found myself reading on just to see if I was guessing the next plot twist correctly There was really nothing thrilling about it If you enjoy reading books that are full of sound bites and buzzwords, then this is the book for you Otherwise, save your money and your time and stay away from this steaming pile.

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    First thing first, I am a muslimah from Malaysia Generally I don t really care about this genre of Islam bashing usually they are being written by someone who never bother to read about the topic but I give it a go since I was bored and I ve heard it s quite a thrill.But I was dead wrong this book is factually ridiculous for a fictionIf you ve been in any of the South East Asia country that is mention in this book, ALL of portrayals are fiction except the history part Which I guess the writer came up with from reading newspaper and books And he didn t even read up on anything with Islam and have a brainless idea for an extremist Islam terrorist that is not portraying Islam at all Islamic extremist are usually holy people He should changed it into Ku Klux Klan since there s nothing much different after all.But then after I read through Indonesians terrorist parts and fillers and then Bang bang bang bang BOOM and it became ridiculous that I had to skim most parts through.ALL the female characters in this book acts as unnecessary filler which should make sense since its a macho men christian military heavy themed action book but there s a limit to how ridiculous it can be in this book.Plus, people don t say, he look Malaysian , Malaysia is a multi racial country There s Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian some Malaccan people are from Portuguese descent with Christian names , Sabahan, Sarawakian and others It s usually Malay Malaysian or Chinese Malaysian Names for Malaysian are virtually endless and all Don come up with was Indonesian like names Shame.If anyone has been in Malaysia should know, to find a real native of Malaccan Malaysian with Indonesian name is rare unless they came from Kampung Jawa in Malacca Most of Malay in Malaysia uses Arabic names because by law, ALL of them are Islam.And I had to Google the word Un hum del Allah just to know what the word mean and found it mean nothing but gibberish with the word Allah and defined as Praise to God in Arabic which obviously made the writer didn t even read or wiki ed anything about Islam.Real Islamic extremist is scary Their motives are usually selfish even when they think they are not, their followers are usually gullible and brainwashed and most are unafraid on harming everyone even their own woman and children They adored anything from middle east and always cite a twisted version Al Quran verses as their motives since islam extremist are generally religion obsessed like any other psycho and hated anything and EVERYTHING related to the west and most importantly, they won t ever drink wine Wine is ridiculously expensive in SEA and rare and even putting the scenes of terrorist drinking wine is already ridiculous This book is very predictable and for a fiction it lack imagination in some areas like characterization, prose, and wordings but totally imaginative in geographical and factual areas It s like Twilight Only it s not about vampire.

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    I enjoyed the book especially because it deals with real life terrorism It did become predictable about half way through A twist in the story would have been good so it wouldn t have been such an obvious ending

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    See my review of the other edition.

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    Good story paceI was surprised how good this book is It is the fifth book in the series but you don t have to read the previous 4 While the author didn t create so called deep characters, all of them are pretty compelling I was also surprised to see how many characters are Christians or Catholics and it was a great surprise Although the series is marketed as a Navy JAG thriller, there are no courtroom scenes Not even any international law issues while the action takes place in Indonesia.

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    I really wish Don Brown would write novels often as I believe I have now read all of them The Malacca Conspiracy was yet another edge of your seat military thriller, with Zach Brown and Diane Colcernian playing smaller, yet still important roles It involved threats of nuclear war, Indonesia, the United States, as well as a few other countries in scenarios that really weren t farfetched at all An excellent, gripping read

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