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The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10) summary The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10), series The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10), book The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10), pdf The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10), The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10) 5f01347c6d The Battle Is Near The Seven Sleepers Have Been Sent On One Last Mission Before The Final Battle With The Dark Lord Alert Three Groups Of My People, Instructed God You Must Go To The Land Of Ice, To The Centaurs, And To Celethorn, Land Of The Magicians Join The Seven Sleepers As They Set Out On Their Most Dangerous Mission Ever With Beorn, The Mysterious Dwarf, And Glori, The Stunningly Beautiful Woman, As Their Guides, They Trek Over Frozen Tundra And Plunge Into Deep, Dark Caverns Yet Somehow The Dark Lord Seems To Meet Them At Every Move Could One Of Them Be A Traitor See How Josh, Sarah, And Their Friends Hold Fast To Their Allegiance To God In The Midst Of Danger, Fear, Tragedy, And Trickery The End Has Come But Who Will Win The Victory

10 thoughts on “The Final Kingdom (Seven Sleepers, #10)

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    This series is great if you re a parent and you want to train your children to love long fantasy series.As an adult, it s kind of stupid Still, it entertained me as a child.

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    I loved the beginning of the book where they re going on their adventures It was really affecting to me when the first Sleeper was killed, especially since they were still out on their travels But when the battle started of them started getting killed, it was almost passed off as just par for the course, without what I would consider due pause, only the closest Sleepers to that person seemed affected It was weird to me that people weren t upset Besides that, at the very end when they got to heaven , the ending was super bizarre At first heaven seemed really cool then they started journeying up a mountain to adventures or something, but I didn t get how there was stuff to fight for if they d already made it to paradise At any rate, it kind of seemed like the author just wasn t sure where to end it, should ve ended it with them getting to heaven finding each other.

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    A truly disappointing end to a better than expected series By the end, it is far, far too preachy, and, especially with that in mind, the final battle and depictions of heaven feel altogether underwhelming.

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    This was a good series I was a little unhappy with the ending because I expected a better reunion of the characters but overall was a good series.

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    slightly predictableeven before I looked at it, I was pretty sure what it was gunna be about and how it would end So it was one of those bookspretty predictible but kinda interesting

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    The ending was different than what one would expect, although very fun for Christian parallels their work had hardly begun, and many adventures to take place.

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    This book was like 30% LotR, 40% Narnia and 30% Made up by the author Rather dissapointing.

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    F MOR ss bk.10

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