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Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) chapter 1 Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) , meaning Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) , genre Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) , book cover Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) , flies Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) , Hot to Trot (Cougar Challenge, #4) acd5511a69728 Book Four In The Cougar Challenge SeriesBuying A Ranch On EBay Was The Wildest Thing Autumn Kelley Had Ever Done Past Forty, She D Pretty Much Written Excitement Out Of Her Life But Then She Discovers The Ranch Comes With A Foreman Who Makes Her Pulse Pound And Could Give Her An Orgasm Just By Looking At Her As If That Isn T Enough, He Has A Friend Equally As Mouthwatering And The Two Of Them Take Autumn On An Erotic Trip That Outdoes Any Fantasy She Could Ever Have ImaginedIf Sex With One Hot Boy Toy Is Fantastic, Sex With Two At The Same Time Is A Whole New Level Of Amazing But What Happens When Autumn Inevitably Has To Come Down From The Orgasmic High

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    Omigod Omigod This book is HOT This story unfolded brilliantly and kept me turning pages until the very end Once I started, I couldn t put it down If you like erotic novellas with descriptions that get your mouth literally watering for the hunky hero, then this story is for you Autumn Kelley buys a ranch, sight unseen, on eBay The ranch is a dud, of course, but the foreman running it, Mitchell Brand, is not And the second these two meet, sparks fly Their heated glances have them all but jumping each other s bones within the first ten minutes of meeting But even with the undeniable attraction, Autumn is worried that Mitch won t want to be with her because she s older You guessed it this is a cougar story Well, a cougar challenge to be precise Ellora s Cave has a series of these stories where a group of women meet and agree to give up their tried and unsuccessful in love ways by letting go of their fears and going after what they really want a hot stud And the interesting thing about these stories is that the heroine keeps in contact with the other cougars through email She relates what happens to her, describes the hottie she meets, and asks for help when she gets nervous about following through on their agreement Autumn has than one nervous bout, but her online friends talk her right through it and next thing she knows, she s in Mitch s bed, having the best sex of her life But wait there s to Hot to Trot than just a hot sex There s a m nage Oh Yeah Ole Mitch has a hunky friend, Randy Churchill, and he s than ready and endowed to have a taste of Autumn Eventually, she works up the nerve to have two guys at once and let s just say the pages sizzle Those passages are marked and I ll be reading them over and over and well, over again Ms Holt does a spectacular job of weaving this lusty tale together and making it completely believable She deals with Autumn s angst and self doubt and also has Mitch soothe her worries And the m nage scenes completely worked Ms Holt did a wonderful job of keeping the action clear as far as who was doing what to whom and yet kept the sexual tension taut Also as a note to Ms Holt I give you A kudos on the way you chose to end the story Perfect BEST BITS When Autumn and Mitch first meet.Just want you to know I got here okay, to my beautiful new ranch, which looks like a leftover from The Great Depression You can, you can I need to hear it Say it, Autumn Just a little bit of fine barbering, darlin VERDICT A broken down ranch with a hunky hero and a heroine who feels she might just be in over her head but is ready to leave her old life behind and try anything what s not to like Oh, and let s not forget the hot, Hot, HOT sex scenes

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    Christy s Review Autumn Kelley has got guts Buying Sweetgrass Ranch on eBay without having seen it up close and personal was a little bit of a stretch for me They payoff though is worth it when she meets Mitchell Brand He s the most mouthwatering specimen of manhood she s ever seen, and also the ranches former foreman.The chemistry between Autumn Mitchell starts to sizzle from the beginning Just when you think the sex scenes are smoking hot, along comes Randy, a friend and fellow rodeo competitor of Mitchell s Autumn, Mitchell and Randy participate in a hot and steamy m nage.What I really enjoyed most about this book is aspect of Autumn being a Cougar along with the m nage scenes I would definitely recommend Hot To Trot to anyone who is interested in hot and sizzling romance 4 Tea Cups

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    I am kinda iffy about the whole cougar series It was a great idea but I felt like some of the stories were missing something This one really delivered with the heat and the story was nice too Very steamy and hot reads The fellas are young and virile and the ladies are older vibrant and looking for action

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    This was a short novella, but just what I needed to for a quick sexy read I m not a fan of menage because an alpha male should be all possessive and never want to share, but when in a book billed as erotica, I m OK with it and boy was it hot Though I would have a bit of an epilogue, I m happy how it ended.

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    My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

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    God I love cowboys The clothes voice and the hats and boots I can t get enough of them Loved this story even tho it ended with no real ending I still loved it.

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    A quick hot read in the Cougar challenge series.you get exactly what it saysloads of hot sex from the schooled younger man or shall I say men and a nice HEA.

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