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    3.5five point someone meets English August.fun filled light hearted read of an American with Indian roots coming to India to find his inner self.Little bit of philosophy with a continuous undertone of comical delight.The last line of each chapter is the next chapter title And the book ends with Keep off the grass DLoved the Ruskin Bond epilogue

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    I loved the book, its been a long time since I read something so good I like his writing style very conversational, the book doesnt drag on its just enough It s a book that looks at identity, without the stupid new age crap most writers talk about Its a normal young person just trying to figure out who is, in a normal setting, that we can all relate to

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    An extremely lame attempt at Holden caulfield meets 3 idiots meets are you experienced NRI banker, goes to IIM to do a bit of soul searching, finds friends, does drugs, spurns success Nonsense predictable, bland writing.

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    Nothing new same tried and tested formulae, 3 friend one is rich one is intelligent one is looking for inner self Don t expect much like you will discover yourself or something, you will definitely feel it s a fiction but at the time sametime it will not disappoint you One time read

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    The thinking man s chetan bhagat is what some call the author I totally agree.Definitely hard thought inducing than Chetan Bhagat and for me, certainly entertaining.Some anecdotes in the movie, 3 idiots at least the filmy parts seem to be taken from this one rather than Chetan Bhagat s five point someone But well Thats just my opinion.Anyway, a darker , a mroe satirical take on elite campus life as compared to many other contemporary,similar and concomitant works by ivy bschool league Indian authors Worth a try though some parts are too ambiguous ridiculous to be taken at face value to be reality The last reason is the only factor influencing a rating drop from a potential 4 pointer to a 3 pointer

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    Keep Off the Grass is the first novel by Karan Bajaj It s the story of Samrat who leaves his Investment Bank job in Manhattan to join IIM to do MBA He comes here and what happens and is he another confused Desi in America His life goes Topsy tirvy in India and he gets lost in the smoke of Grass or Marijuana and rivers of alcohol This is a novel of self discovery and how Samrat reaches there is what the book about.

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    Dark and inspiring Its not about the destination but the journey The quest for the infinite cant be fulfilled by the finite.

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    I am done reading Keep off the grass by Karan Bajaj I purchased this book when I was very new to this Online sites where we can get books on heavy discounts Since 3 years, this book has been on my shelf and finally, I picked this 250 pages of a wonderful odyssey and took 2 whole days to complete it I could have finished this in 3 5 hours straight but the book is so amazing that I preferred taking breaks, digesting the wonderful story and then continuing ahead And this has really paid off I will always remember this book somewhere in the background of my mind whenever a dilemma would come in life regarding the selection of my happiness or the race to build lots of money, position in some firm and other materialistic satisfaction This book is by Harper Collins, the publisher whom I think I have never tried before I think I should give them chance because only then I will get to read wonderful stories like this one Born in 1979, Karan Bajaj is an Indian American author whose debut novel Keep Off The Grass 2008 became a bestseller His travel adventures have greatly motivated him to write Following the success of his debut novel, his second novel titled Johnny Gone Down came out in the year 2010 Both his books have together sold over two lakh copies in India itself After completing his engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, in 2000, Bajaj went on to graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in 2002 He has worked as a Brand Manager for Procter Gamble, and as a Management Consultant for Boston Consulting Group He is presently a Brand Manager with Kraft Foods, New York and continues to write as well He has been given awards for his professional endeavours too.Summary Of The BookKeep Off The Grass is about a brilliant 25 year old Non Resident Indian NRI , who is stuck with an identity crisis A Yale graduate who makes half a million every year as an investment banker at Wall Street, Samrat Ratan chooses to return to India to discover his roots,happiness, and everything else that seems elusive.His quest in his homeland starts with one of the most popular business schools in India, the Indian Institute of Management IIM at Bangalore Contrary to the person he was before he enrolled himself into IIM Bangalore, his grades and self esteem fall as he gets high on marijuana frequently His life becomes nothing less than a roller coaster ride thereon.Samrat remains perpetually stoned and experiences bizarre adventures, including sharing a smoke with and being almost consumed by flesh eating Aghori saints on the banks of the river Ganges in Benares, meditating on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, and indulging in a one night stand with a Danish hippie in Dharamshala.This hilarious and introspective debut novel by Karan Bajaj traces Samrat s journey and keeps the readers intrigued till the very end.Keep Off The Grass was a semi finalist for the Breakthrough Novel Award and was also nominated for the Indiaplaza Golden Quill Award.The film rights of the book have been sold to Mosaic Media Group, and Ben Rekhi has been signed up as the director for it Coming to the author, the above paragraph itself tells how class a story teller he is Recently, I saw his pictures on Internet where he captioned how he went to travel to Himalayas with his foreigner girlfriend and got married there He, his girlfriend were the only two people present in this certain kms above sea level marriage After seeing this, I got excited to read this book as soon as possible which got released in 2008 In the initial paragraphs itself, you get an idea that you are going to read something that shall remain with you for a long time in life I was definite, then itself, that this book is going to give a peaceful and meaningful climax and yes, that s what I got in the end Author has not over done anything He has kept all the incidents short and up to the mark He has made it sure that every time a page is turned, a reader does not continue with the same thing that was going on the previous page and he gets something new to read Story is itself quite unique, that you would have read above in the summary of the book that s being taken from Flipkart The confusion and decision initially to leave for India from Manhattan gives a fast paced start to the book Once, he comes to India, people s question to him regarding how can he leave his job from Manhattan and come to do MBA in India makes us laugh every time imagining him giving a confused explanation His initial friendship with 2 boys isn t the same typical friendship shown in every another book in India In his story, the chase towards excellence can be easily seen in the IIM environment which pressurizes a youngster too much The trip to Himalaya is short but its the turning point in the book The internship in Benaras and his learning there, is also written awesomely In the end, the way protagonist takes his final decision throws many said unsaid messages on reader Every chapter s title is the same as the last sentence of the previous chapter An amazing style, Karan Bajaj In all, I would give the book 4 5 Definitely, try this one Thanks ABHILASH RUHELA VEERU

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    I was hooked, I read in time of a personal crisis and the humor helped me calm down enough to sleep peacefully

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    It would be apt to review this book in bullet points, I think considering how the protagonist perpetually hated management practices and consistently reminded us of that The book raises the right question and I think there is only one the one we all, almost always, ask and fail to find an appropriate answer to In the end, the protagonist does not really find the answer he just decides to walk ahead in a certain direction, full of confusions and doubts and hope In my view, that is the best answer when you are pondering over something bigger than life while trying to contain everything within it It is an easy read and for most parts an interesting one The writing compliments the characters, and there is no attempt to force complicated literary words and phrases into it The IIM life is well explained and visualized, and classroom lectures are kept at the periphery all good and measured The Kurdish joke is funny The story is hurried in later parts Perhaps the author or the editor decided to keep the page count well short of 300 and chucked out a large portion of what could have been a rightfully right part of the story I wish the book had about 50 pages describing his adventures in the Himalayas, Benares and Manhattan just mentioning those exciting locations and narrating a two three page long experience each time is not enough Those left out 50 pages are one big negative, imo The characters become linear after a while and there are many I would want to know who Sarkar is other than the dude in love with ganja and devil may care attitude Peter, the Danish girl, Raja bhaiya all are important enough to impart some wisdom towards making his final decision Ruskin Bond is a welcome surprise but again barely mentioned.In conclusion, it is a good first book and a daring one Not many venture into tough existential questions about life and its meaning, and try to find an answer in their first book For that only Karan Bajaj gets an extra star from me.I am about to read his second novel in coming days and I hope to find him mature and better as a thinker and a writer.For those having two minds about reading Keep Off the Grass, my advice is to give it a try The book might not shake you out of limbo but will give a gentle nudge in the right direction And if it does, that will be a mighty achievement for the writer and the reader both.

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  • Keep off the Grass
  • Karan Bajaj
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  • 20 October 2018
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