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    These three shorts all featured elements of one character shaving another This could have been quite repetitive, with all the stories using erotic shaving scenes Instead, there was a surprising variety in how the shaving scenes were used in each story.The first story, Water and Steel by Sean Michael, revisits a couple from Bent, Jim and Marcus, and is basically a sex scene which involves them shaving each other I ve not read Bent, and so I found it difficult to engage with this couple beyond the fact that they have a obvious love for each other The story is in Sean Michael s usual erotic style and as a short piece of erotica it worked well, but really this is one for the fans of Sean Michael or for those who want to spend some time with loved characters from Bent.The second story, Leave Your Worries Behind by Winnie Jerome was my favourite in the collection Nathan is not having a good day His apartment is infested with cockroaches, his car is about to pack in and to make matters worse, he s being stalked by an ex boyfriend When Nathan s friend, Corey, offers to let him stay at the place he shares with his older lover, Zach, Nathan jumps at the chance What Nathan doesn t realise is that Corey and Zach have got plans for him I liked the humourous tone of the story, especially with the character of Nathan The way that the lighthearted beginning merges into what is a hot mix of shaving and voyeurism towards the end was written quite engagingly I like a well written m m m story and although this one was only short, I felt there was enough in terms of lead up to the m nage and emotional connection between the characters that the HFN ending worked well.The final story, Fireflies in the Bathtub by Lee Benoit, was a charming story of older man Preston whose early arthritis makes it difficult for him to shave himself As a Dom he finds it slightly humiliating His sub, Paulo, has an idea of how to help Preston keep the control he needs whilst also allowing Paulo to serve him This is a follow on story from the sip, Epiphany Shining Through, which I haven t read, and although there is a little assumed knowledge, I didn t feel that I needed to have read the previous story before this one This was less about living a D s life and about two men who love each other coming to terms with the fact that one of them is getting on a bit I really felt the emotional connection between Preston and Paulo which made parts of this gentle story quite lovely This story appealed to the romantic in me, especially the touching scene at the end of the story.Overall I enjoyed this anthology, and whilst the first story didn t hold my interest as much as the other two, I can see why it would appeal to those who have read Bent This made the collection a good all round set of stories and well worth reading if you fancy something short, hot and romantic.

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    Water and Steel This is a follow up to another story I ve never read but Jim s master joins him in the shower and he shaves Marcus head and then Marcus shave him down there and they have some smexin in the tub Because I ve never read these guys it s simply a piece of erotica involving shaving It s okay though.Leave Your Worries Behind Nathan is having a bitch of a week Cory his best friend invites him to stay with him and his older lover Alex for awhile At dinner, Alex makes a move and it seems they are interested in having Nathan as than a friend So for two weeks they all have some fun when Nathan realizes that Cory and Alex are into BDSM and that being with him they are vanilla ing it down He confesses he wants to try it hardcore and is involved in a shaving scene between Cory and Alex It was an okay story The shaving was with a straight razor but didn t sound too freaky, maybe because it s told from water Nathan s perspective.Fireflies in the Bathtub This is the story of Paulo and Preston who I ve read about in these Toybox things but not sure they have a full story I do like them though Preston has bad arthritis and is having trouble shaving and it bothers him, the loss of control However Paulo starts a shaving ritual that is for their master boy relationship Paulo also convinces Preston to let him redo the bathroom and he calls in his hoard of Portuguese cousins to help him do it quickly As a birthday gift for Preston he gets a bunch of fireflies and releases them in the bathroom This one made me laugh a bit when Paolo reveals his bug surprise I thought they were just like us Biophosphorescent beetles Sir, jeeze No, So all in all an okay Toybox, I am disappointed that Sean Michael didn t do a Denny and Cain from the Cherry Sours series Oh well.

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    Water and Steel by Sean Michael 4 stars A story about Jim and Marcus from Bent , showing their daily life and how they turn shaving each other into sexy play I liked this one because it is about the love and emotions the charactrs share than it is about their struggle to find balance.Leave your Worries Behind by Winnie Jerome 3 stars Nathan doesn t have an easy life and when his friend Cory invites him to stay with him and his lover Zach, Nathan gives in He is surprised to find they both want him and even surprised that they re into BDSM play But he is curious and so they slowly introduce him to the concept by sharing a shaving scene with him.Fireflies in the Bathtub by Lee Benoit 4 stars A story about Paolo and Preston from Shining Through and other short stories , who continue to learn how to adapt to Preston s increasing problems with arthritis I liked this one because it shows that dominance doesn t have to be the same as physical power, it s just as much a mental state as submission is.

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Toy Box download Toy Box , read online Toy Box , kindle ebook Toy Box , Toy Box c1033920586b Shaving It Isn T Necessarily Erotic, But When Lovers Shave Each Other As Foreplay, It Can Be Very Erotic Just Read The Stories In This Toy Box To See How Sexual Shaving Can Be Sean Michael Brings Back Marcus And Jim In Water And Steel, Where A Simple Shower Turns Into So Much When The Razor Is Brought OutIn Leave Your Worries Behind By Winnie Jerome, Nathan S Annoying Life Perks Up After Friends Cory And Zach Conspire To Drag Him Into Bed However, The Fling Is About To Draw To An End Because Vanilla Nathan Doesn T See The Appeal Of Kinky Play Will Nathan Take The Plunge Or Will He Ignore His Newfound Feelings For Zach And Finally, Preston And Paulo Are Back In Fireflies In The Bathtub Preston S Hands Are Getting Worse And Now Preston S Having Trouble Just Shaving Himself Will He And Paulo Be Able To Navigate This Potential Minefield Without Losing The Relationship They Ve Worked So Hard To Build