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    The best about me I ve ever read Showcases his initial struggles in an elegant writing style Akhtar ji mentions about his adverse relations with his father and then a helping friend in the initial days without revealing the friend s name But I ve also read Gulzaar ji s half a rupee stories and there is a story Jaddu having intense connections with this one So we know who was who Coming to the Ghazals and poems, majority of them were not that very impressive especially if you compare it with any of his Bollywood lyrics and works, these totally fade off.Especially liked the one he wrote for his daughter Zoya on finding your own identity.The two liner Ghazals filling in between the longer poems and Ghazals were appealing to me Another one Special mention to the excellent Kindle edition, providing ample footnotes for all the difficult Urdu words and demystifying the pun.

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    Mashallah, what a book I chanced upon this while on my visit to the library and oh my God, the experience I had while reading this book I finished this book in around 1.5 hours, given that I was eating his words literally Definitely recommended.

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    Exceptionally simple and engaging. Javed sahab is a gem whn it comes to writing and touching people through words I loved the book

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    An average collection, probably the best part of the book was by Javed Akhtar himself The book also has a Foreword by which is again or less life story of Javed Akhtar from her point of view but it s not as interesting Javed s about me Only few poems were in the best league and same was the case with the Ghazals Although or less all the shairies were good but since they were only the fillers I will not rate the overall book by them It s a decent read if you are a fan of Javed Akhtar and Urdu poetry Ghazals and Shairies but don t expect very much.

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    Javed Akhtar is brilliant Most of his poetry in this book and even otherwise is elegant and lyrical The introduction where he highlights some of his travails and the tough circumstances he faced before making it big makes your respect for the man increase manifold.However, this book doesn t go into the upper echelons of his works, primarily because the ghazals are a little disappointing and not visual enough Still, if you want to explore some Hindi poetry, this book is a really good option.

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    Javed Akhtar has presented one of the widest variety of emotions in one book The pangs of hunger, the nostalgia of an old room, urbanization, the relentless march of time as well as the sweet pain of love all have been explored in this great volume My favorite are two the haunting poem on hunger as well as the one crushing and unrequited love The fact that Akhtar uses simple words and even short lines to express his emotions are the hallmark of the depth of his craft The recurring new urdu words add that touch of beauty to his poetry that only Hindi can t achieve The short gazals after every poem make you yearn for what s lying behind every page Read it and reflect at pleasure.

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    Just in case you are thinking of reading this book, I d suggest, please avoid.I liked the initial chapter, where Akhtar has given the details about his childhood and his journey It s very interestingly written and very well.I liked some of the lines couplets here and there in the book and a few of the poems like Do Raahaa, Suraj, Vakt, etc The language used by the poet is too heavy, and several Urdu words are hard to understand Besides this, the writing and the poems come across as too filmly and many a times boring, hence making the reading very tiring It seemed liked the author wanted to show off his Urdu speaking skills unnecessary I lost track of the actual poem many a times because of the unnecessary use of heavy Urdu words.Selected this book, because of the popularity of the lyrics written by the famed lyricist but this book failed to interest and impress me.

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    Beautiful, touching and straight from heart I absolutely loved this book, it is one of the best work of poetry in our times Very beautifully and delicately words woven together like ornaments Don t miss this book it has some of the most beautiful and sincere poems I ve ever read like Hamare Shauk ki Yeh , Waqt , Main aur Meri Awaargi , Woh kamara yaad aata hai , Shehr ke Dukandaron , Mujko yakeen hai , Doraaha , Meri Zindagi Meri Manzile , Meri Dua Hai , Hill Station and many other.Its a gem of a book, definitely not to miss.

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    It s a collection of ghazals by jawed Akhtar There are some heart touchy lines about the childhood and old age In some of its ghazals you would find the human values and harmony But you may not like other ghazals You would feel that these ghazals have simply found some way to come out anyhow.

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    Sab ka khushi se fasla ek kadam hai,Har ghar mein bas ek hi kamra kam hai

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