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Serious Men chapter 1 Serious Men, meaning Serious Men, genre Serious Men, book cover Serious Men, flies Serious Men, Serious Men 48e1e64bdfa17 A Poignant, Bitingly Funny Indian Satire And Love Story Set In A Scientific Institute And In Mumbai S Humid Tenements Ayyan Mani, One Of The Thousands Of Dalit Untouchable Caste Men Trapped In Mumbai S Slums, Works In The Institute Of Theory And Research As The Lowly Assistant To The Director, A Brilliant Self Assured Astronomer Ever Wily And Ambitious, Ayyan Weaves Two Plots, One Involving His Knowledge Of An Illicit Romance Between His Married Boss And The Institute S First Female Researcher, And Another Concerning His Young Son And His Soap Opera Addicted Wife Ayyan Quickly Finds His Deceptions Growing Intertwined, Even As The Brahmin Scientists Wage War Over The Question Of Aliens In Outer Space In His Debut Novel, Manu Joseph Expertly Picks Apart The Dynamics Of This Complex World, Offering Humorous Takes On Proselytizing Nuns And Chronicling The Vanquished Director Serving As Guru To His Former Colleagues This Is At Once A Moving Portrait Of Love And Its Strange Workings And A Hilarious Portrayal Of Men S Runaway Egos And Ambitions

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    If cynicism is what passes for wisdom among the mediocre, Manu Joseph is terrific at being mediocre India has found its Tom Wolfe in him, a contemporary master of satire who writes eminently readable novels about losers who make bitingly funny observations about an inquitous world built and inherited by the accidental victors of history He is unsparing and delightful in his politically incorrect barbs and no one escapes his scrutiny, not even the poor, whom Indian writers usually describe with a touch of obligatory compassion His humour derives its force from a strange truth That everything becomes absurd if observed closely enough, like a word loses its meaning if you stare at it long and hard, and breaks down into the assemblage of letters it is Basically, if there s one Indian writer whom I d gladly have a drink with, it s Manu Joseph.Serious Men covers diverse ground in its 300 odd pages caste in urban India, the scientific pursuit of truth, politics in academia, the exhilaration of illicit love, and of course, the bloodless war of the Brahmins I won t spoil it any further You must discover it for yourself.

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    What a lip smacking delicious book Here s the recipe 1 Take a wickedly genius lower class Dalit s story.2 Add space scientists from ISRO Sprinkle research science jargons. and mock them up.3 The usual spices office politics, extra marital love affair, child prodigy.4 Mix everything with keen observations gently Ensure the story stays simple and linear.5 Pour cold blooded rib tickling laughter generously Treat with fumes of tear jerking laughing gas.6 Ready Now serve it in a super deceiving title and cover If you stare long enough at serious people they will begin to appear comical Manu Joseph, you ve earned one fan Will follow all of your works.Thanks Arvind not the book character and Smitha for this wonderful recommendation.Felt a bit dragged down between 50% to 80%, but graciously picked up.

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    To me, satire is like porn, but Indian satire is, climax Chuck Plahniuk, author of Fight Club Indian crackheads are boring, they re real lowlives They don t read Les Miserables or talk existentialism, they just sprawl on the roads at night, I hate such junkies, I wouldn t have written about them in thousand years Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting I m not sure if I would ve written something like Less than Zero or American Psycho if I was an Indian, they got something else to deal with, not hedonism, not Reaganian greed, I guess it s just bollywood, caste and stuff like that I wouldn t want to dumb down my book Bret Easton Ellis, author of Less than Zero I don t see a horny engineering student, and one special pink snowflake of a girl dancing in rains So, I don t really see the point of this book, anyway it was funny here and there Chetan Bhagat, an author allegedly I don t know, I m so cute, I ve got girls to buy my books Dutta I m just glad nobody was offended Manu Joseph, author of Serious Men

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    Manu Jospeh s Serious Men presents a caricaturised sketch of the world of the geniuses as seen through the eyes of an ordinary man, at times a nobody, at other times the main protagonist of the story As this man walks in and out of his day job, he cleverly observes these people, hating them for their superciliousness, leaving not a chance to poke fun at them albeit most of this happens from the confines of his den However, secretly, he also aspires to be like them for that is the only way he thinks he can elevate himself above the banality of his everyday life Will he, won t he And how would he Ayyan Mani is an underpaid clerk who works at a top institute of India with some of the best brains of the country somehow all brahmins He lives in a dingy Mumbai chawal the meanest of the places to live, I hear and has no than a tiny room to call his own which he shares with his wife and one child His life revolves around his job and his family, which is how he fears it will end unless he does something about it Desperate to get out of the rat hole where he lives and make his life better than everybody else he knows, he concocts an ingenious plan, one that involves his half deaf son who everybody thinks is a genius And from there, starts this story How will Ayyan use his son s proclaimed genius to achieve his dreams Will he be successful in fooling the brahmin clique at the institute where he works How will he pull the farce Manu Joseph s characters are lively and his plot imaginative His is a piquant wit, evident in the way he has peppered this story with voyeurism, conmanship and illicit liasions Serious Men is an award winning novel and I had high expectations from it It fulfilled all of those Loved this novel and look forward to many from this author.

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    I really feel that I should have read Serious Men first before going on to Manu Joseph s second book, The Illicit Happiness of Other People Not to take anything away from Serious Men, which is an exceptional, and a very courageous debut at that, but Joseph s second book is a tour de force which takes you to an entirely different level of cherished literary hangover Serious Men is a work, where so many things happen at so many levels, so many issues are tackled or brought forward, that you tend to lose your way at places, but Joseph does manage to bring you back to the shore deftly Joseph s prose is again sparkling, racy, his vitriolic sarcasm and ready wit regaling you in almost every page The book is full of myriad characters, with their individual quirks and idiosyncrasies masterfully described, but for me the standout performance was always Ayyan Mani s Ayyan is the rogue who went to Mensa, he is the Everyman, and also the Big Brother, with eyes and ears everywhere, he is the little big man of his chawl society, and also the Dalit secretary who decides to wage war on his Brahmin superiors, and how Ayyan s scheming mind is a puzzle that you revel in unravelling, and every time you feel that this is it, this time Ayyan Mani, you have gone too far, you and your lot are done for , the man comes up with yet another ace up his sleeve Sometimes it s absurd, it s crazy, it s like hitting the jackpot, but you never stop rooting for him and his son Adi, his puppet extraordinaire, because of the very familiar middle class yearnings that makes him do what he does It s also because of the very real treatment of the prevalent class divide, which becomes a direct catalyst for the supposed intellect divide , that you are not forced to suspend your disbelief anywhere The plot, though having parts, where you are somewhat taken for a ride, a balloon ride at that, is ultimately grounded in the base realities of living in a honeycomb chawl, the Indian attitude towards education and prodigies, the hypocritical behaviour that one encounters at every strata of society, where serious scientists can drop the mask of politeness and engage in washing dirty linen in public just like politicians, where infatuation turns to obsession, and betrayal is a double edged knife How does one rise above all this Ask Ayyan Mani, the seriously ultimate Un serious Man.

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    In the world that lay outside his home, there was no right or wrong Every moment was a battle, and the cunning won.

    After the book s release, Anil Luthra, Metro Editor from The Times of India had published what people said about this book.

    Holy Shit My job is in danger Stephen Hawking

    If I had a father like Ayyan Mani, I would ve been a better person, avoided plagiarism, and co founded something original This book changed my perception towards life Bill Gates

    I want to meet Ayyan Mani I think he ll be quite serviceable in conquering the Seven Kingdoms Tyrion Lannister

    Any person can set his foot on the moon, or you know, fake the moon landing But what Ayyan Mani attempted, requires nerves of steel Buzz Aldrin

    If you want to know about India, read a book written by a South Indian Salman Rushdie

    This book made me cry I think I finally have the sequel for Taare Zameen Par The title will be Aliens Zameen Par And, I will be playing the role of Jana Namboodiri Aamir Khan

    Aditya Mani reminded me of my childhood Tathagat Avatar Tulsi

    I can now walk with my head held high Ayyan Mani has achieved what some of the great people couldn t He made us black demons proud I think it s time he pays me a visit and extends his support in the fight for the reservations in the hell Valampuri John

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    Thank you, Manu Joseph, for this gem.What tickled me the most about Manu Joseph s Serious Men apart from the humour of his witty and observant sarcasm , are two retrospective qualities that i felt the book has after i finished it the amazing simplicity of the story and its complete plausibility It is a powerfully written tale of a man and a few serious men that is not entirely impossible, and i almost secretly wished these men and that man existed already, that the story were true Manu s sense of literary justice is remarkable his protagonist, a man of small stature and means, was no better off at the end of the story than at its beginning, but between the first page and the last which are almost the same Manu shows him as a man with schemes so grand that not even Machiavelli could have thought up better but for all the cunning of Ayyan, a humanity remains.This novel merits being read, and read again By anyone interested in good fiction, or in the study of sarcasm as a tool in modern literary fiction, or in the massive humanity of India It shows how grand fiction can be in the hands of someone with such keen powers of observation i love the fact that this is only his first novel Things are going to be even better Character, is blood pressure Salute, Manu.Best,Srinidhi.

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    SPOILERS ALERT Serious Men is one of the best heist novels that I have read in my life It is not about a bank robbery or about jewel thieves It is about a Dalit man Ayaan Mani who is trying to steal the question paper of one of the toughest exams in India, so that his son can escape their rotten existence in a Mumbai chawl and become a scientist teacher in one of India s most prestigious institutions the Institute of Theory and Research Serious Men is a great science fiction novel A lot of the novel is set in the Institute of Theory and Research The genius astronomer Aravind Acharya who heads the institution, believes the Big Bang is nothing but a Christian conspiracy and is trying to discover alien life Ayaan Mani is a clerk at this institution and he plays the rivalries between Acharya and his enemies to his own advantage Serious Men has elements of the paranormal Arvind Acharya believes in the findings of Benjamin Libet s experiments there is no such thing as free will So what really inspires human actions Acharya goes a little further and believes nature is playing a game with us and there is some mysterious purpose to all that is going on Male female relationships in a strictly monogamous society filled with rampant sexual jealousy and rivalry is a major theme in Serious Men Oparna Goshmaulik is the only female employee at the Institute of Theory and Research and all the men covet her But she is enad by the powerful Aravind Acharya and when they work together on the project to discover alien life, both are overwhelmed by their feelings for each other Finally, Serious men is one of the most original novels about caste and class in India Manu Joseph s tone is never sanctimonious and he dishes it out to the rich as well as the poor There are parts of this novel that are hilarious but you also gulp and feel bad that you re laughing because the realities of chawl life are truly horrifying And deep in your heart you know that most of the chawl dwellers will never escape, despite their aspirations They are born into this as Bukowski said I said that it is original because in the end, Ayaan Mani the Dalit steps aside and aids in the victory of the good Brahmin over the nutty fundamentalist Brahmins at the institute Manu Joseph effortlessly combines all these genres and the result is fantastic This book reminded me of some of the Malayalam movies of the 1980s and 1990s that would combine a lot of genres Manu Joseph is irreverent, effortlessly hilarious, offensive and brilliant than some of the writers and actors who worked in those wonderful movies.

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    Comic and sharply witty novel which has so many targets in its sight that it can be rather confusing Joseph does however hit many of the targets rather well.Joseph targets the layering of Indian society Brahmins and Dalits, education, marital relations, political corruption, particularly deliciously the scientific community and the search for extra terrestial life along with the future of physics and the nature of love.Ayyan Mani works in administration in a scientific institute where there are great tensions between the entirely Brahmin scientists Mani exploits these tensions in hilarious ways Watch out for the daily quotes, they are priceless Mani also plays games by pretending his son is a genius and feeding him information to back this up The arrival of an attractive female scientist also creates chaos Joseph also has fun with SETI and even some of the laws of physics are not entirely immune from his wit On the whole this works well Mani s game playing, the squabbling scientists and sexual tension make a light and amusing mix There are a few jarring moments and the sheer variety of the satirical targets means that not every single one is a bullseye It s not great literature, but it s great fun and reads easily the satire though is really rather good.

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