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    Sarah Sims was born with a severe form of Treacher Collins syndrome Her mother died during childbirth and her father died shortly after and Sarah s remaining family believed she had died along with her mother Fast forward 18 years and Sarah s aunt discovers evidence that the baby might not have died after all but when she starts investigating she is stymied at all angles until she discovers her brother was a government agent She calls in favors, fills out a lengthy application and finds herself employed by the CIA After some time she is able to meet her niece but no matter how much she was prepared for it, no one can prepare you for someone who was essentially born without a face Her aunt comes up with the idea of a face transplant, wanting her niece to have a life outside of the protective CIA cell But things never go quite as planned This was a good book Told from a variety of points of view we see the pain that Sarah goes through, a brilliant mind trapped in a body that is unacceptable to most people And we see her aunt who fell in love with her niece regardless of her appearance and wanting her to have the life her brother would have wished for her, no matter the cost I am not certain how realistic the story was, but it was entertaining.

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    The Face by Angela Hunt is a suspenseful story part CIA thriller and part medical drama Sarah, a severely deformed CIA agent, has been living a sheltered life in a CIA facility until her aunt discovers her existence and jumps through hoops to meet her They quickly develop a warm relationship until a CIA operation interrupts their reunion.

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    I am now a fan of Angela Hunt Her books are intriguing because of their unique, thought provoking plots This one is of a psychologist aunt trying to help her newly discovered niece, who has a severe physical deformities, have a life away from her work The girl has been locked up in a facility since her birth without normal contact with other children her age, all because of the fear she would be unkindly treated by the world She has had many surgeries to repair most of her deformities so she can hear and see Sarah is a computer genius with highly developed skills necessary for world security Yet she has never had the opportunity of developing interaction with other people on a personal level With her aunt s help, she learns to read other people s body language.An immensely interesting book How would I respond to someone who had Sarah s deformities if I saw them on the street Note Angela Hunt s books do not have swearing, crude language or the seemingly obligatory sex scenes in modern novels A big plus for this fussy reader.

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    Actually I think this one should be 3 1 2 stars This is definitely a character driven novel which is my favorite kind , and it allows us to get inside the head of the two main characters Sarah, a young woman with Treacher Collins syndrome a condition that causes severe facial deformity who was orphaned under mysterious circumstances, and Renee, Sarah s aunt who for two decades doesn t even know that Sarah exists Sarah currently works for the CIA in a top secret capacity as a technological genius and basically knows nothing of the outside world When Renee, a psychologist, finds out about Sarah, she goes to great lengths to help her discover the world Despite dragging a little in the middle, this book is fascinating in its concept of CIA special ops, psychology, and experimental surgery combined with a pair of really well defined central characters.

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    A good thought provoking book Who are we and how much of it has to do with how we look Sarah was born without a face Her only identify is as a CIA agent She works and lives in a world of secrecy It s not until a long lost aunt finds her and introduces her to her potential as a wonderful lovable human being that she blossoms, but the reality of pain comes with knowing love Okay, I just did a mini book talk The writing is great and don t be afraid if you see this in the Christian section of your library There is no preaching in this book just a great story.

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    I liked the philosophical questions raised in this book, with regards to what it means to be human And whether having a recognisably human face is required in order to be considered and treated as human The plot did nothing for me though.

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    This is actually my second time through this book I read it several years ago, and it really stuck with me Recently, I was at my local library and they had a shelf of books that they were giving away for free I snatched it up, of course, because I had liked it the first time I read it and because I just can t help myself when there are free books to be had.I liked it just as much the second time through as the first I have never read another book that has dealt with themes of beauty and its relationship with social interaction the way that this book does Sarah is unique among heroines because of her physical appearance It is fairly unusual for a heroine to be considered homely in Sarah s case, homely would be a compliment Born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, her face is terribly deformed, even after numerous corrective surgeries At one point while reading, I stopped to look up pictures of people with Treacher Collins Just a warning it s pretty unsettling Sarah is a twenty year old computer genius who was raised at a CIA black site after her parents deaths following her birth She designs computer programs for the CIA, but her very existence is still a closely guarded secret Her only connection to the outside world is her computer and a collection of movies that she has watched many times.That is, until her father s sister finds out about her existence Determined to meet her niece, Renee Carey applies for a job with the CIA, gains the necessary security clearance, and basically bugs Sarah s superior until she is allowed to visit Upon meeting Sarah, Renee begins teaching her about the outside world and about facial expressions and their importance to social interaction Sarah, without a functional face and only ever interacting with a handful of CIA agents, has never learned the social connotations of facial expressions that we take for granted All of this is done in the hopes that Sarah will be able to have a facial transplant and then join normal society.Reading this book for the second time, I did start noticing similarities to another familiar story Rapunzel We have a young woman who has been raised in isolation by an older woman that she thinks of as as close to a mother as she has ever had view spoiler This mother figure is also responsible in one way or another for the heroine s separation from her parents hide spoiler

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    Orphaned at birth, Sarah Sims has been kept hidden away in a secret CIA facility due to the fact that her father was a covert CIA agent She was born with Treacher Collins syndrome which resulted in her being born without a face The CIA paid for surgeries for her so that she would be able to have basic functions of eating, hearing and speaking But the surgeries stopped at a certain point so that she has a freakish appearance Sarah has developed keen computer skills that the CIA has put to use in their covert operations This has been her lifeuntil a long lost aunt discovers her and she has an opportunity to make a life for herself at last When Sarah first learns that she has a family member she is excited and says I have familyan aunt, a woman who knows who I am Isn t this part of why we have an interest in researching our own roots because it will tell something about who we are There are some interesting concepts presented in this novel One of them is the use of propranolol to erase bad trauma memories And the idea of brain printing to introduce positive memories into the brain raises the questions of whether we or someone else should have the right to control what memories we retain There are other concepts in this novel such as CIA black sites, the advances in lie detetection and the whole idea of face transplants.I thought that this story had some interesting twists and turns and the bad guy was not who I was expecting Great book for a book club as it has discussion questions at the end

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    Great BookAngela Hunt has the ability to tell a story so well I can see in my mind s eye everything she describes This story was so good I didn t want to put it down I was captivated by the characters The medical and technical aspects were entirely new to me and very interesting.Sarah was born cruelly disfigured by a disease called Treacher Collins syndrome This causes all kinds of issues with the head Sarah was one of the worst cases, it was as if someone had erased all her facial features Both her parents died shortly after her birth and it was believed she had no other relatives Because her father was employed by the CIA she was taken to a secret CIA facility that did high level electronic surveillance It also housed a state of the art medical facility where undercover agents were treated when wounded and had their appearance altered when necessary We join Sarah at age 20 I don t want to write anything that will spoil your read.This book has one of the best unexpected twists toward the end of the story I think I actually stopped reading I was so surprised and then I couldn t read fast enough to find out what happened If you ve never read Angela Hunt this would be a great place to start The ebook on .com is only 2.49 Definitely worth the price

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    How much of our identity is tied up with how we look That is a question the reader will ponder while reading this novel about a young woman with a severe facial disfigurement To make things interesting the main character, Sarah Sims, lives in a secret CIA enclave where she works as a computer expert This makes things difficult for her aunt, Renee, a pyschologist who always thought Sarah had died at birth but then stumbles upon evidence that her niece might still be alive Trying to find out the truth proves difficult for Renee, but her tenacity wins out and she obtains a top secret clearance so she can visit Sarah and offer her the family love she has never had But Sarah may not be ready to face life outside of the confines of her sheltered environment, especially with a face that elicits shock whever she goes return This was a good solid suspense novel with a thought provoking premise It explores not only themes of identity but also of overcoming personal fears to embrace the world I recommend it for fans of suspense and Christian fiction.

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Face download Face , read online Face , kindle ebook Face , Face f32d63331b44 Orphaned And Severely Deformed, From Her Earliest Moments Sarah Sims Has Been Kept Hidden Away In A Secret CIA Facility Until An Unexpected Discovery Gives Her An Opportunity To Make A Life For Herself At LastNow Sarah Has An Ally, A Long Lost Aunt Who Has Discovered Her True Identity Aided By This Brave Psychologist, Twenty Year Old Sarah Must Find The Courage To Confront The Forces That Have Confined Her For So Long And The Strength To Be Reborn Into A World She Has Never Known