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    I d seen this book floating around Goodreads for a while, and my curiosity was whetted Punk rock dystopic crime thriller Sounds cool So, when the opportunity came up to read it I took it.What s good here is the plot It s an action packed, violent book with nicely interlocking events involving several different low lives and druglords all chasing after a mysterious vial, with the ultimate goal of escaping the island It s quick moving, good fun.However I have to admit that this felt like the work of a new author I felt like it was missing some bits The characterization was sketchy to nonexistent No one had any internal dialogue going on This made a lot of the action opaque Although there are a lot of colorful characters, they felt a bit cartoonish.Mileage may vary, but I also found the author s technique of presenting an event, and then doubling back to show a different character s perspective of what led up to that event, to be distracting.It s also missing the background Where are these people All the names are Eastern European, but they feel culturally British or American What is this island that they re on, and why aren t they supposed to leave I ve read intentionally vague dystopic settings where the lack of specificity worked Here, I just felt like it made the characters motivations unnecessarily mysterious.Also, people didn t really behave according to their specified characteristics Nikolai is supposed to be a junkie but we don t see him let alone feel him really jonesing for drugs He kind of just seems like a generic loser Katja is supposed to be a musician but aside from a few quick references to past bandmates, and the fact that she drags around a guitar which she uses for various purposes, but never plays , she never really thinks about music Katja also has a permanent, its implied tracheotomy tube but there s no mention of her having any difficulty with speech, difficulty being understood, or physical discomfort The various villains and other people no idea how they came to be who they are, or why.I know there s a sequel to this maybe is explained later One last nitpicky thing not a criticism of the book the girl pictured on the cover does not have Liberty spikes Get your punk haircuts right, art team Thanks to NetGalley for the copy of the book

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    Katja from the Punk Band by Simon Logan is the introductory book in the Katja series Simon is the author of the industrial fiction novel Little Things To Fill Up The Void and three collections of short stories He is also the author of Get Katja.A few months ago I read Get Katja, the second book in the series, and loved it This week I was happy to find Katja from the Punk Band was available to me I dropped everything else and jumped on this book I was not disappointed Katja, along with most people, want off the island and on to the mainland The island is dreary, dark, and depressing There are chemical drug gangs and drug lords and life resembles life on the worst side of town The mainland is may not be perfect, but it is a step up Here, as in Get Katja, the story is told from the point at all main characters and the reader will be jumping back and forth in time When characters encounter each other it leads up to a climax, and then the story back tracks and is told from the other characters view point It might sound a bit dizzy, going back and forth, but here it is done in such a way that is completely logical and fits well together Everything revolves around Katja, and she is the nucleus of the book The other characters move in and out like electrons around the nucleus of an atom sometimes moving closer and other times moving away The book s description calls Katja Jackie Brown meets the Sex Pistols, and I am at a loss to come up with a better description Several plots, several main characters all working together in a punk rock environment makes this book hard to put down This is not my usual reading material, but as a diversion I find it highly enjoyable I am a Katja fan.

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    How often do you pick up a book and take an instant shine to it Feel that you re reading something the likes of which you ve not come across before Decide that the author is a gem and that you re going to check out everything else he s done or will do in the fullness of time If you re like me, not that often I wish it were a frequent occurance for I love the way it makes me feel the excitement, the stimulation, the tingles as the desire to work out how it s done overcome by the desire to read the story Katja From The Punk Band is such a book I was recommended it by someone whose opinion I trust without any doubt and, just as my memory started to fade, I came across it again as one of Spinetingler s top ten from last year Here s what Brian Lindenmuth said Only two words accompanied the recommendation for this book, fucking brilliant , and they are dead on right A brilliantly constructed crime story that takes place in a uniquely fantastical, horrific and grimy setting Some have called it horror because of the publisher and others have called it SF F because of the secondary world feel to it while I can see where these labels come from they are misapplied it is a crime story through and through It isn t on your radar screen but it should be If you like darker crime fiction it will blow your mind He s right It s a brilliant read Set on an island in a world which I could imagine but not recognise, Katja becomes involved in a remarkable series of events It involves drugs users, pushers and makers, a vial of something special, a probation officer, a lot of dark, dingy places and a gun Katja wants off the island, yet it is as difficult as Alcatraz to escape.By itself the ingredients may not seem entirely unique.What I think is very special is the immediacy of the story Told in the present tense from a number of different perspectives we loop from one tale to another until a full picture is scratched into the skin I also love the lack of back story nothing here to weight things down, slow things up or merely irritate, just snippets of info that tell a life within a word or a phrase The sentences are stripped of any excess yet are packed with splendour at the same time Imagine biting into a sweet that looks plain and simple only to have the flavour fully explode onto your tongue as soon as you put it into your mouth Now imagine this book.The characters take us where they need to be and act and react in the way they have to at the time.

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    I was intrigued by Simon Logan s KATJA FROM THE PUNK BAND, reading about it on his coldandalone author website about a year before it was published I was re reminded of the book via Spinetingler, who short listed it on their list of 2010 Best Opening Lines I finally picked up a Kindle copy, couldn t put it down, read it furiously like I was sweating out a fever dream, and subsequently picked up Mr Logan s entire bibliography KATJA is a strong intro to his unique vision and worldbuilding, and is above all a fantastic novel a fast, tight read that straddles sci fi dystopia and hard boiled crime noir The story takes place over the course of roughly 24 hours on an unnamed Russian island a landscape that resembles a ROBOCOP New Detroit shantytown, without hope or cybernetic heroes We are introduced to Katja, the titular punk rocker, armed with a mean survivalist streak, a guitar that doubles as a battleaxe, and a drug vial that is her ticket off the island if she can live that long Chapter to chapter the point of view changes between several characters that have connections to either Katja or the vial, knowingly or unknowingly Mr Logan jumps starts their backstories and staggers their POV s so that they overlap, giving us multiple perspectives on the same events and set pieces while creating suspense and surprise The book is like looking at an industrial Escher print, and Mr Logan writes with expert skill The characters hurtle through the narrative, which is strewn with double crosses, near misses, and violent, extreme collisions Though it has elements of a day after tomorrow sci fi and hard boiled crime fiction, in KATJA Mr Logan has created his own unique genre apunkalyptic noir, maybe His prose is cinematic, and white or bloody knuckled in equal measure KATJA FROM THE PUNK BAND plays out like a Coen Brothers movie set in Mad Max s universe I look forward to reading from Simon Logan in the future.

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    This story starts and ends with Katja but in between is an intricate web of shifting and converging storylines told from many different characters point of view Very enjoyable the plot jumps from one person to the next often with overlapping timelines This kind of thing has been done before but not quite to this extreme I do not think Recommended

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    I couldn t put this down Everything you could want from a steam punk noir Absolutely brilliant 5 stars.

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    Disclosure I received a free eBook ARC galley from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSynopsis from NetGalley Katja, like everyone else stuck on the work island they call home, wants to get to the mainland by any means necessary.Shooting her boyfriend and stealing a chemical vial is one way to ensure her safe passage the only problem is, she s not the only one who wants it, and the freedom it will bring There s Nikolai the joystick junkie Aleksakhina, Katja s parole officer Vladimir Kohl, the small time chemical dealer, and his boss Szerynski the rival chemical lord Dracyev, and his lover, Ylena.And there s the Man In Red, ready and waiting for whoever is un lucky enough to end up with the vial.Jackie Brown meets the Sex Pistols in this fast paced industrial crime thriller that weaves multiple storylines and time frames.My Thoughts It is sometimes a bit difficult, on an e reader, to tell when the scene is changing In a p book, there will often be a space or some other form of tell to let you know, while on an e reader, often the sections run together That said, once I ve figured out we ve changed to a different point of view, it is then a bit difficult to tell when this is taking place So you have to really be paying attention while you re reading this book, because the scene will change to a new point of view at a different time and you need to be aware all the time of these sorts of things, in order to keep the overall plot in your brain However, as long as you are paying attention, things work out and you can quickly follow the trail of the story.One thing that really bothers me the main character, Katja, has a tracheostomy tube, yet can speak, sing, yell the whole works This, while not impossible, is very unlikely In most cases, after a tracheostomy, unless you have allowed the hole to heal closed, you cannot speak in a normal fashion because the air is coming out of the hole and not going past the vocal cords in order to vibrate them and allow you to make sounds I suppose if the hole were above the vocal cords, one could make sounds, but since the air comes out through the tube, and not your mouth therefore you cannot shape certain sounds , again it is very unlikely that you would be able to speak, let alone sing or yell not only that, but since the vocal cords are, technically, above the trachea, this placement itself is very unlikely It seems that the author decided it would be cool to have a punk singer have a tracheostomy tube, but didn t bother to do any research on the situation.However, I did really enjoy the story It really is like a Tarantino flick fast paced, quick scene changes, quirky characters, ultra violence, sudden and unexpected twists it s all there If you can move past the problem with the tracheostomy tube, and enjoy this sort of story, you should enjoy Katja From the Punk Band.

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    _Katja from the Punk Band_ is a fast paced urban dystopia that takes place in a single night on an industrial island, separated from the rest of civilization Katja, who is supposed to partake in a drug deal with her pseudo boyfriend to get off the island, learns that he plans to betray her She preemptively shoots him, takes the vial of an unknown substance, and begins on a long path to escape the island.The novel is told from several viewpoints Katja, our protagonist with a trach in her neck, a mohawk and lip ring Januscz, her pseudo boyfriend Nikolai, a drug addict Katja meets in a diner Aleksakhina, Katja s parole officer Dracyev, a drug lord Ylena, Dracyev s lover Kohl, a small time drug dealer and Szerynski, Kohl s boss Their lives interweave throughout the novel to a satisfying conclusion in a manner which reminded me of the film, _Crash_ Scenes are often repeated from different viewpoints to help paint the picture of the overall story.Simon Logan s writing style is tight and often choppy intentionally , which keeps the action moving quickly it reads like a Chuck Palahniuk novel on adreneline.Novels that are done from several viewpoints with several twists and turns promise the reader that everything will come together in the end I felt that _Katja from the Punk Band_ did just that and was well worth my time reading.

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    Hard, brutal, tangled web A vial containing a mysterious drug holds the key to escaping from the island Katja is determined that she will get hold of the vial and make it to the mainland and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there In her way are drug barons, police and other desperate people like herself.Logan moves around amongst and between the characters who inhabit this desperate place and shows all of their darkest moments and weaknesses as they all search for their own illusive desires.There is no trust, no loyalty and it s every dog scrabbling for supremacy as the clock ticks down to the final showdown with the mysterious man in red on the ferry who is waiting for the vial.Very worthwhile read from an intelligent writer who can make you feel the dirt, grime and blood on your hands Logan manages to induce a sense of disorientation through his use of multiple viewpoints, often recounting the same scene from a different characters point of view.If you are looking for something different from the usual P.I novel, then this is certainly for you and I look forward to reading of Logan s writing in the future.

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    I really enjoyed this crime fiction novel set on a strange industrialized island where the main source of entertainment seems to be drugs and old arcades Katja retrieves a vial of an unknown chemical from her boyfriend she just shot She thinks this is her key to getting off the island and onto the mainland Her paths cross and recross with a desperate junkie, a few powerful drug dealers, and eventually with the mistakes of her past Simon builds a thrill ride of a novel by giving the reader multiple angles of the story with very different voices and motives It s fun to see how this puzzle comes together to a satisfying conclusion A fun, fast read, I d recommend it.

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Katja from the Punk Band summary pdf Katja from the Punk Band , summary chapter 2 Katja from the Punk Band , sparknotes Katja from the Punk Band , Katja from the Punk Band 26b524c Spinetingler Magazine Top Crime Books , Joint Winner Of The Fireball Award And Best New Voice Nominee Katja, Like Everyone Else Stuck On The Work Island They Call Home, Wants To Get To The Mainland By Any Means Necessary Shooting Her Boyfriend And Stealing A Chemical Vial Is One Way To Ensure Her Safe Passage The Only Problem Is, She S Not The Only One Who Wants It, And The Freedom It Will Bring There S Nikolai The Joystick Junkie Aleksakhina, Katja S Parole Officer Vladimir Kohl, The Small Time Chemical Dealer, And His Boss Szerynski The Rival Chemical Lord Dracyev, And His Lover, Ylena And There S The Man In Red, Ready And Waiting For Whoever Is Un Lucky Enough To End Up With The Vial Katja From The Punk Band Is Jackie Brown Meets The Sex Pistols A Fast Paced Industrial Crime Thriller That Weaves Multiple Storylines And Timeframes, From The Author Of Pretty Little Things To Fill Up The Void, Nothing Is Inflammable, And I O

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Katja from the Punk Band
  • Simon Logan
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9780981297873

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