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The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing summary The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, series The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, book The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, pdf The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing f05fddb6e7 Hailed By Critics As The Debut Of A Major Literary Voice, The Girls Guide To Hunting And Fishing Dazzled And Delighted Readers And Topped Bestseller Lists Nationwide Now, In Anticipation Of Her Upcoming New Work Of Fiction, The Wonder Spot, Penguin Is Publishing Melissa Bank S Bestseller In A Mass Market Format To Reach An Even Wider AudienceGenerous Hearted And Wickedly Insightful, The Girls Guide To Hunting And Fishing Maps The Progress Of Jane Rosenal As She Sets Out On A Personal And Spirited Expedition Through The Perilous Terrain Of Sex, Love, And Relationships As Well As The Treacherous Waters Of The Workplace With An Unforgettable Comic Touch, Bank Skillfully Teases Out Issues Of The Heart, Puts A New Spin On The Mating Dance, And Captures In Perfect Pitch What It S Like To Be A Young Woman Coming Of Age In America Today

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    I couldn t believe the disconnect between the reviews of this book and its content The New Yorker actually compares it to Bridget Jones, because, you know, all books written by women with a female protagonist in her 20s are the same I thought this read like serious literary fiction If a guy had written this book, he d be called the next Salinger If an older woman had written this book her name would be Abigail Thomas and it would be a memoir titled Safekeeping To be fair, I picked this up at a thrift store while on vacation and given the chick litty appearance of it I had low expectations By the first few pages, I realized this was not going to be some silly dating stories This was serious Good serious.The only reason I m not giving it 5 stars is because of the bizarre placement of the story titled The Best Possible Light I got all excited to jump into the future with future Jane Then it turns out this is a story from the first person point of view of a once mentioned neighbor That d be fine if it ever happened again in the collection, but it doesn t, which is weird I trust that Bank is so smart she had a reason for it, but I searched for meta clues in the text and couldn t find any Anyways, it didn t matter This book was serious, lovely, beautifully written, and funny and I hope someday it gets another shot with the critics.

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    This book sucked some major balls.

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    It is a shame that Bank s prose is categorized as chick lit, because there is real weight and substance in her writing style Perhaps she gets lumped into that fluffy genre because of her age and her contemporaries are cranking out pop fiction instead of literary fiction.Her characters proceed with humor, but it is not cheeky or plucky If her characters were brought to life on tv, it would be a drama, not a comedy Like my favorite short story collection of all time, The Nick Adams Stories, the protagonist, Jane Rosenal observes the world as a teenager through her early adulthood I saw my life in scale it was just my life It was not momentous I saw myself the way I d seen the cleaning woman in the building across the street I was just one person in one window Nobody was watching, except me The angst is palpable and palatable than Holden Caulfield which makes it easy to come back to read again and again lost after resolving my own teen angst She wrote a follow up and I hope she keeps writing .

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    0 stars if i wanted to spend hours hearing another female continually question her own abilities and judge herself mediocre, I could just hang out with myself.Found in Last Word trash A good placeAlso someone edited in an extra, unrelated chapter

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    Based on the title, I thought that this novel would have some feminist themes, encouraging women to do things that normally men do, but instead this was a book about a series of romantic affairs, none of which were particularly engaging, memorable or unique After realizing that the book was about relationships, at a minimum, I had hoped Ms Bank would shed some new light on the woman s struggle to find a male partner in modern AmericaInstead, I found her writing to be caddy and her plot to be shallow and somewhat reflective of a soap opera The first chapter was enticing, but afterwards I found the protagonist s decisions and reflections to be vexingly childish The main character does not seem to undergo any emotional transforamtion or intellectual growth Further, the novel lacked continuity, it seemed disorganized and left holes in the plot Not a terribly satisfying read Nonetheless I had to finish the book to find out who the protagonist ultimately ends up with.

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    This book was supposed to be what started the chick lit genreand I don t get it I thought it bordered on depressing Now in all fairness, I read it between Jen Lancaster books so.but really, it had a bleak, Russian winter feel to it Jane s relationship with Archie, the alcoholic older man, was just so sad that I wanted to beat her for even entertaining the notion of such a self indulgent ass in her life There was nothing fun or uplifting or even redeeming about this story line Based on the title, I thought the book would have as least some notion of a feminist I am woman, hear me roar theme to it but no I m not all about happy endings but jeez, let s not write a book enabling women to stick out a crappy, crappy relationship because the character has unexplained daddy issues If the author was going to go down that road, at least put up a street sign so the reader would know whether they wanted to watch the main character cruise down the freeway to self destructionville Okay, I am done Read it or don t You have been warned.

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    Ok I read this book a while ago I saw it on our bookshelf and realized I had completely forgotten what it was about I decided to re read it and guess what I cannot remember what it is about I don t think I can go for a third time I have to say that the cover and title seduced me Apparently, the story didn t.

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    This book drove me crazy So many of my friends loved it and insisted I read it I hated it I thought I was missing something, so I read it again Still hated it Ugh.

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    One of my roommate s boyfriends told me that I needed to learn something about feminine mystique He was probably right because I have never understood many things about womenlike why some take so long in the bathroom, and why every time a driver is repeatedly running into the garage wall while backing out, it turns out to be a woman why Sometimes I read books such as this in an effort to find feminine mystique.Ths book is about a woman and the men she dates The woman is on a postmodern search for a soulmate and she moves from one lover to the next.The main problem I have with this character is that her identity is largely defined by dating and the men she is dating although her rebellion against guides to dating is an attempt at making it seem like that is not the case This book makes me wonder if the reason some women take so long in the bathroom is because they are so lost in the search for their own identity that they can t find their way out of the bathroom stall.The high point of this book is that it reminded me of one of my best childhood friends The low point was that it reminded me of why we stopped being friends.

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    It occurred to me that the quiet in the suburbs had nothing to do with peace I believe it is time for another identity crisis It has been a few years My neurosis is making farm animals out of dust clusters in this particular corner and screaming to be taken for a walk It s time to lube up and face the fact that I might just be becoming one of those women that I want to kick in the shins with my doc martens and spit and spew snarky, inappropriate, gen x er, manifesto esque, Jenny Holzer Truisms back at their vapid expressions Harsh You think Except I think maybe it s not so bad I nod and smile at people in the village market I balk at leaving the house after 8pm I attend Family Fun Night at the local park I read to the 1st graders at the elementary school I like drinking wine on my deck WTF I have to doubt all my actions now I m losing my edge and it s such a slippery slope into Dullsville Reading TGGTHAF did not numb this dark and stormy mood I had heard from other readers that it let them down I have learned from Papa Ingalls don t have expectations Expectations in your life just lead to giant disappointments Seriously Highway to Heaven, my ass Still, I did go in with a bad attitude Thing is, I really did enjoy these little stories They made me think back to college when I was reading Lust and Self Help Stories and wanting so much to emulate these amazing writers I can t fault Melissa Bank for doing what I always wanted to Yes, there are the familiar scenarios first love, jealousy, cancer, parental death, yadda yadda yadda Christ, someone somewhere really should throw out some of these formulas Damn writing teachers Write what you know That s fine if you don t come across as clich d or, god forbid, boring What I like about these stories are that they center mostly on the same character, Jane, so you see her growth and still get to chuckle at her snarcastism he tried to smile, but it was just a shape his mouth made. There are so many times while reading that one liners like this stopped me and made me read them again To me, that makes it worthy of at least 3 stars Bank brings it to the next level by making me care about this girl and to see the fault lines before the rumble Sure, it s all part of the plan but it still sucked me in When you mention antidepressants, he looks at you as though suddenly discovering that you have the depth of a Doublemint twin The second person singular story You Could be Anyone amped this up to 4 stars I am a sucker for this narrative I always have been It s overly dramatic and it brings the story right to me I am you and I am just fine with that At Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanza time you re blue because you don t belong to a religion, and his psychoanalysis doesn t have any holidays He makes a candelabra out of wire hangers and duct tape He lights sparklers and wings a prayer, listing what he believes in The Bill of Rights, which he recites from memory, natural grass baseball diamonds, and your breasts Yes, there are many writers out there of this genre and cynics can say that Bank is just another wet squib But, she s one of my wet squibs I see us as BFFs bantering and bumbling through girly girl things while drinking port wine out of the bottle and dribbling all down our Smiths t shirts Give me this so I can smirk at the next Junior High Spirit Night The title story is also a favorite of mine The hunt for the perfect husband The game that must be played to attract the right guy Jane buys the guide to finding this elusive creature and it is filled with helpful suggestions such as Don t be yourself Say yes to everything you re invited to Don t say I love you first Wear your hair long Don t bring up marriage Don t accept a date less than four days in advance Don t be funny Don t be negative Keep him guessing Get out there Gah talk about making your skin crawl There is one scene that especially seizes..and hasn t let go Jane is discussing how she and her suitable suitor have attended a series of one act plays by David Ives She talks about one in particular TIME FLIES, where two lonely but sweet young mayflies meet at a pond and really hit it off Unfortunately, Horace and May watch a nature program on this first night out and discover they have a lifespan of only one day and their lives are half over Leaving the theater, Robert and I are both dazzled and exuberant, talking at once and laughing, and we spontaneously kiss He says, I want to mate with you and die There s that whoosh of oxytocin that I m looking for The thing that makes me wonder if I ll ever grow up and see that all of this as just fiction and that the I want to believe the that I will be let down That I am severely close to becoming one of these and that I will lose the irony Here is how the book ends no spoiler. not really Instead of laughing, he pulls me in We kiss, we kiss, we kiss, in front of Jezebel and all the cartoons There is no stopping now Both of us are hunters and prey, fishers and fish We are the surf n turf special with fries and slaw We are just two mayflies mating on a summer night Fine Whatever I succumb.

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