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  • Paperback
  • 151 pages
  • Truismes
  • Marie Darrieussecq
  • English
  • 01 March 2018
  • 9781565844421

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    You have this friend, she s been out of work for months Then she gets this gig at a perfume counter, which also involves being a prostitute She is routinely abused by her clients who use her for increasingly perverse sexual practices She is also, at that time, transforming into a sow You keep calling to meet for a coffee, but all you get is the answer machine, oinking and grunting her absence You hear she s taken up with a politician who sweeps her into the dark sexual underbelly of Paris s powerful elite, where her fluctuating pigginess proves popular with the higher ups she lets abuse her rectally You can forget trying to reach her now She s leading a new life with her six teats and wolf boyfriend, she has no time for YOU It s frustrating when friends fall away This is a delightfully surreal tale with no paragraph breaks.

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    No one talked in there, they all screamed, sang, drooled, ate on all fours and that kind of thing We had fun This stunning book caught me completely by surprise, it is brilliant, and it s right up my alley It s full of viciousness and humor, remarkable understatement in the midst of insane circumstances, and bitter, intense irony It is a madcap romp through a hell in which our culture s most sadistic fantasies are made a concrete reality.Outrage at the commodification of women is quite apparent throughout For instance, the protagonist has little to complain about when she is gang raped and forced to have sex with dogs, but she s profoundly hurt when someone refers to her as not so hot Apathy is also brutally skewered E.g., when hearing authorities laugh about a plan to convert prisoners into pigs to butcher them and sell them as meat, the protagonist s only reaction is personally, I ve never understood anything about politics Intense absurdism is everywhere At any moment, the reader can anticipate being baffled, startled, and confronted with the most ridiculous and unexpected circumstances Yet the book remains cohesive It doesn t fall apart, there s a consistent though consistently odd narrative.One of the most amazing things about the book is the strangely sunny attitude of the protagonist Things don t get her down all that much, most of the time She even has sympathy where you would think sympathy were impossible E.g., she worries about the well being of people who have cruelly victimized her in every possible way.The book is full of zingers and amazing punchlines as well.I think it would be fair to call this a perfect book.

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    Few books have touched me as this one has At the time of reading it, ten or so years ago, I actually got really scared and had a hard time sleeping for a couple of days It s so bizarre but in a sense so realistic and true too human behaviour that it far exceeded the horror of most I d seen read up too that point and still today The naive narrator and how she, from her perspective, focuses and draw the readers attention to what she thinks is important and how she hides things from herself or society and possibly how society views her together with the span from somewhat comical events to almost unbearable dark ones, yet within a frame of what is possibly all too human and in the same instance not, she is, after all a pig really made this book an eye opener for me, or rather, a mind opener.This is one of those books you carry around all your life and in your mind open up, or less voluntarily, to use for reference in your everyday events, while watching the news and reality TV or just reading about all crazy shit going on around in the world while you re stuffing nachos on the couch It s so filled with nuances and context and so much material for thought that it, after then ten years, still keeps on giving.So basically, it s a book that takes a couple of hours to read and will take a couple of decades to forget, all while getting several new takes on the phrase Ignorance is bliss I gave it a freaking five star rating as it profoundly reshaped the core of what is me, but at the same time I think it s terrible and wouldn t recommended it to anyone.

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    I never thought I would be the kind of person who would become a vegetarian, but some of the books I read lately made me reconsider eating meat and I m afraid this book was the last drop Pig Tales is about a young, naive, ambitious sex worker who slowly turns into a pig It is set in some dystopian setting but that doesn t really play a big role you don t even start to notice until the end of the novel , because everything is focalized from her perspective and she s just not that into politics Darrieussecq examines the bounderies between human and animal and the way we marginalize people by describing them as animal than human we are kind of used of women being called fat pigs, but what if the woman in question is actually turning into a pig Best of all, I started taking the side of the pig Towards the end of the novel, the main character just seems content when she is a sow, so why would we see her losing her human form as a bad thing

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    Scathing deadpan pitch black satire, first on the personal horrors of being a women within modern society, then a broader survey of society and politics, building into a truly cataclysmic fervor In sheer startlingly hilarious vitriol, delivered in a mad rush of increasing insanity with lack of paragraph breaks to match , even punctuated by surreal moments of calm and odd beauty, this most reminds me of Roland Topor s Joko s Anniversary, which few other works can approach Darrieussecq followed this Goncourt Prize shortlisted debut with other odd and gut wrenching novels like My Phantom Husband, but never again hit this level of fervor.

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    I might reserve this for an Experimental Read sometime soon Pig Tales and I go way, way back When I was a sopho in college many years ago, I remember my Lit professor introduced me to this novel and it really fucked me up in a good way She was the same professor who introduced Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Orhan Pamuk and Kazuo Ishiguro to me This story focuses on the objectification of women in society, an issue that has always intrigued me I m excited to go back to this and see how my views differed throughout the years.

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    Girl meets boy Girl starts gaining weight Girl gets work in the oldest profession in the world, is upbeat about it.Girl grows extra breast or two or three or fourAnd a curly tail.Darrieussecq can t be accused of holding back in her first novel She covers a lot of ground from the dark side of heterosexual relations in modern Paris, to the end of the world In the end, however, it s a tad too much, ahem, red meat on the chopping block for a 134 page novel I love eating and reading the offal truth, but this was a bit of a disappointment.

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    an odd one it saddened me that it became obviously, extravagantly futuristic in its setting as it progressed, but this is less a fault of the author s than my own sense that a woman turning into a pig is an entirely possible event in a Parisian parfumarie but i realize that not everyone has such a troubled relationship with skin conditions or the french.

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    This book is about a girl with an excellent work ethic who gets a job at a perfume shop brothel and slowly transforms into a pig Oh, she is just the most honest, hard working girl ever The author pulls off one of the best tranformation sequences that I have read Very worthwhile reading, albeit the ending is a little far fetched.

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    I don t like when women go overboard with their physical analysis adding feminism and irony In this story a seductive woman became a pig and her lover became a wolf And it was boring Yes, I understand Women are still seen as meat, men are still predators I can handle that and I didn t surround myself with people who think like this and professionally every job is a battle Tough shit but unfortunately that s life I hated Good in bed by Jennifer Weiner and although wtf this is so not the same genre but the same female nagging is present Like a word pig, eating like a pig, counting calories defines me as much as word wolf defines men This is something that I don t like to read in my free time The same and constant bullshit that can be read in Cosmopolitan as on feminist.com just with different front cover package.

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About the Author: Marie Darrieussecq

Marie Darrieussecq was born on January 3, 1969 She was raised in a small village in the Basque Country.While finishing her PhD in French literature, she wrote her first novel, Truismes Pig Tales which was published in September 1996 by Paul Otchakovsky Laurens POL , who have published all her subsequent novels as well After the success of Truismes, Darrieussecq decided to quit her teaching po