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Rules Were Made to Be Broken txt Rules Were Made to Be Broken , text ebook Rules Were Made to Be Broken , adobe reader Rules Were Made to Be Broken , chapter 2 Rules Were Made to Be Broken , Rules Were Made to Be Broken 67d398 Successful Businessman Future Pillar Of The Community Stick In The Mud That S Aaron Fitchley, And Since His Father Retired, Leaving Him In Charge Of The Business, It S Been All Work, Work, Work Dale Lambert Is A Free Spirited, Responsibility Shirking Charmer Who Has Been Spicing Up Aaron S Upstanding Life Since They Met As Kids So When Aaron Gets Dale S Phone Call For Help At Three Am He S Sure He Can Handle It But Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For The Sight Of Dale In His Underwear, Wearing Lip Gloss, And Handcuffed To His Bed After The Initial Shock, Aaron Lets Dale Loose And Plans A Hasty Escape But The Cuffs Quickly Go Back On Only This Time Aaron Is The One Chained To The Bed Now That The Tables Have Been Turned, Dale Has A Few Things To Teach Aaron About Breaking The Rules

About the Author: Lenore Black

I want to work with words That s been Lenore Black s ambition since she learned how to read After trying out publishing and public relations, she took up a career as an advertising copy writer Now, she s happy to add fiction writer to the resume.Lenore lives and works in Brooklyn She wrote her first romance novel in the fifth grade She published her first story in 2009 What s next for he

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    This is one of those books that you shouldn t judge by its cover Yes, the handcuffed to the bedstead scene does happen, but it s sandwiched in the middle of a narrative concerning Aaron s sense of responsibility to his family business, and his unspoken rules about how to avoid giving away the fact that he desperately fancies his best friend Dale.Dale was my favourite thing about this story a truly good natured and carefree man, who is just what Aaron needs to lighten his mood Lenore Black is a superb writer, and I just wish that she d fleshed this story out a little , as I felt like there could have been a novel in there somewhere Still, what there is is much fun and really rather sweet.

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    I liked this best friends turned to lovers story Overall it s well written and amusing, the characters are fun and engaging and I look forward to reading books by

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    3.15 starsOn one hand, I find the story to be cute I like the rules that Aaron sets for himself regarding Dale and how he keeps breaking them even if Aaron is succeeded in keeping his feeling from Dale for over a decade I like Aaron, he s an endearing character.On the other hand, I find Dale s lack of knowledge about Aaron s feeling and that he started his situation with the handcuff after picking up a GIRL, rather than an original plan to seduce Aaron to be slightly disconcerting Why Because I m not sure if Dale feels the same way for Aaron I feel like he does it only because he s jealous that Aaron doesn t have enough time for him, now that Aaron manages his parents store I m worried that Dale will end up breaking Aaron s heart in the future instead.I also feel that since the story ends before Aaron telling his parents of his sexuality, it will set another problem that is yet resolved.

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    In love with your best friend has been done to death but this one is different SO different Aaron is just simply a good guy and he loves his best friend and at first I didn t get why Dale is everything Aaron is not, he s lazy and moves from job to job and he s a player but underneath there s a heart of gold He always comes through for Aaron, drags him out to have fun, visited him in college when he was homesick, and is the constant in his life Dale might not be a rock for himself but he is for Aaron I got butterflies in my stomach when Aaron foudnhis best friend handcuffed in bed because a night out took a wrong turn Aaron s rules, he has a whole laundry list of them so he won t accidentally show Dale he likes him, go right out the window Just read the book, you ll sigh just like I did at the end.

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    I had a lot of fun reading this My only niggle was that after they hook up and even talk about moving in together, they never once talk about the fact that before Aaron, Dale used to go home with a different girl almost every night Aaron was worrying about a lot of things I was surprised he didn t bring this up, he just seemed to take it for granted that Dale was going to stop seeing women from now on Despite this I loved them together and it s not like I think Dale is going to cheat on him, I just would have liked to see this addressed.

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    I don t know if it s me but the two Lenore Black books I ve read have had me laughing She seems to add a simple humor that doesn t involve a major effort Rules Were Made to Be Broken was incredibly funny and would have been 5 stars if it had been longer It was just a bit too short for me to give it 5.

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    Short, sweet and forgettable.This is a brief and entertaining Gay For You novella I wasn t particularly enthralled with the writing or the characters, but it was an enjoyable read.Rating 2.5

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    4.5 stars Light, humorous story about two friends, who after 15 years discover their feeling for each other run deeper then they thought Plus wonderful set of accompanying small town characters.

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    Another book that I keep on the side and I regret doing so, as it was a really cute, sweet short story.

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    Sweet story, but disappointingly shortWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS There s some light angst in this story, but overall it s a sweet, cheerful, make you smile while you re reading it story I thought it was a lovely way to spend part of an evening The author has a knack for writing scenes with a lot of idiosyncratic characters whose dialogue and actions combine to create funny situations Every scene in this story that takes place in Aaron s sporting goods store made me giggle at least once It took me a while to warm up to Dale I thought at first that he was undeserving of Aaron s attention because Dale struck me as one of those guys who s sort of useless not going anywhere and totally okay with it But he did win me over eventually, and by the end of the story I was pretty impressed with Black s ability to make Dale such a sympathetic character After all, not every romance is between two people who have their lives totally together.CON This is a very short story it took me less than 2 hours to read it I m okay with stories that show little slices of life, and that s what this one does, so I didn t feel that it tried to cover too much time or too grand a subject matter or anything The main problem that the shortness caused, for me, was that the characters decisions all seemed to happen in a split second For example, Aaron s been pining away after Dale for 15 years and suddenly Dale s a little drunk and they re in a bedroom and Aaron practically LEAPS into bed I would have found it believable if he had struggled a little with hesitant, if I do this, it might ruin our friendship thoughts.Overall comments I liked this story, but I think I would REALLY have liked it if it were longer and I d seen some interaction between Aaron and Dale before they hooked up and some introspection on Aaron s part throughout Still, if you re looking for a light hearted read with some sweet, comedic moments and a bit of sex not very graphic, and not BDSM the handcuffs on the cover and the title, with its reference to rules, made me think it would be , this might be a good choice.

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