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Stars in the Night txt Stars in the Night , text ebook Stars in the Night , adobe reader Stars in the Night , chapter 2 Stars in the Night , Stars in the Night 458a4e Hollywood When Attorney Audra Schaeffer S Sister Disappears, Audra Flies To Hollywood To Find Her But Instead Must Identify Her Body Determined To Bring The Killer To Justice, Audra Takes A Job With The Second Hollywood Victory Caravan Together With Robert Garfield And Other Stars, She Crisscrosses The Southern United States In A Campaign To Sell War Bonds When Two Other Women Are Found Dead On The Train, Audra Knows The Deaths Are Tied To That Of Her Sister Could The Killer Be The Man With Whom She S Falling In Love

About the Author: Cara C. Putman

Cara C Putman lives in Indiana with her husband and four children She lectures full time in law and ethics at Purdue University s Krannert School of Managment as well as practices law She has loved reading and writing from a young age and now realizes it was all training for writing books She loves bringing history and legal romantic suspense to life.An honors graduate of the University of Neb

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    Title STARS IN THE NIGHTAuthor Cara C PutmanPublisher Summerside PressJuly 2010ISBN 978 1 60936 011 5Genre Inspirational historical romantic suspenseAudra Shaeffer has just landed her first chance to go to court as an attorney But then her sister, Rosemary, fails to make a phone call home from Hollywood Worried, Audra talks her parents into allowing her to go to Hollywood to see if Rosemary is okay She throws away her chance to work as an attorney and buys a ticket to Hollywood Robert Garfield is a B list actor He dreams of making it to the big time, but it seems unlikely, even though his ex wife is making great strides He agrees to jump through the hoops his agent demands, but it seems unlikely any of them will work Robert and Audra are attracted when they meet, but Audra puts Robert off to find her sister Unfortunately, her sister has been murdered and now Audra wants to solve the murder She joins a Hollywood Victory Caravan to get to know those who knew Rosemary best the stars But is Audra flirting with her life Set during WWII, STARS IN THE NIGHT focuses on the movie stars, the ones who went to sell war bonds to the American public, those that are struggling to make it in the dog eat dog world of Hollywood STARS IN THE NIGHT doesn t set a pretty or glamorous picture of a struggling movie star in the 1940s Small apartments, working at unattractive jobs, and other things that those desperate to succeed did in order to get a small chance at a part in a movie Ms Putman obviously did her research on what it took or even takes to break in there.The suspense is immediate, from the moment the book starts in the prologue I had to keep reading to figure out who did it, though I had my suspicions early on I wanted to see if I was right Audra and Robert are realistic characters, hurting and flawed, though struggling to do what is right If you like historical suspense, then don t miss STARS IN THE NIGHT 12.99 354 pages.

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    A fun read for anyone who loves World War II stories, classic movies, or a good mystery.

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    Enter Stars in the Night and step into a world of Hollywood glamour in the 1940 s as Audra travels from Indiana to check up on her little sister Rosemary Call it a hunch but Audra is concerned when Rosemary doesn t call home like she should She arrives in Hollywood and her instinct is correct, there is a dead body in Rosemary s apartment, but who is it and where is Rosemary Audra can t leave until she knows what is going on and where Rosemary is, so she is sucked deeper into the Hollywood world as bodies start piling up She takes on a job with the 2nd Hollywood Victory Caravan, filled with B list celebrities going on a cross country train tour to entertain and sell war bonds just so she can learn about the people Rosemary knows But now has she put herself on the very train that the killer is on Cara has such an incredible handle on WWII history and it was so cool to see that open up into Hollywood she has previously written a WWII series set in Nebraska and a WWII series set in Ohio I learned a lot I didn t know historically, including the fact that there really was a 1st Hollywood Victory Caravan with lots of amazing stars on it, but Cara fictionalized the 2nd one for the sake of the book On top of that, I enjoyed the mystery suspense in this book as I tried to figure out the killer before it was revealed I did pretty well, but it isn t spelled out for you, you have to use your head Great stand alone book from Cara C Putman and Summerside Press new line of historical books.

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    One of my favorite time periods to read about is World War II and Cara Putman has done her homework and she has created a world that pulled me in instantly I read another book recently that involved a war bond tour and I really liked that concept, so when I saw that a large part of this story took place on the Hollywood Victory Caravan I was looking forward to reading it even There were a few slow spots, especially at the beginning of this story, but as the story builds, the danger and suspense builds as well The slower parts didn t negatively affect my feelings about this book because they gave the story a very natural feel and kept the book from feeling rushed, which I think is important with a suspense story The romantic aspect fit perfectly with the rest of the story and never felt awkward or out of place.Overall, I found Stars in the Night to be a very well balanced story with just enough suspense, mystery and romance to keep me interested from start to finish I was very impressed with the research Cara did to make this book authentic and believable This is a book that will appeal to a wide variety of readers, from fans of historical fiction and suspense to fans of romantic fiction I know it fit perfectly with my taste in books because it had a little bit of everything.

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    With a depth of historical detail and rich setting, STARS IN THE NIGHT is a story of mystery, a fledging love and all the glamour Hollywood can provide.With the flavor on Murder on the Orient Express, this book swept me away into the murder mystery of a young starlet looking for a place for herself in rising stardom I loved the flavor of the setting I was brought in the 20th century Hollywood world and given a glimpse into an era I don t often get the pleasure of exploring I could see each scene vividly See the glittering lights and taste the eagerness for fame on the back of my tongue And explore this world I did, along with the main characters as Audra worked to solve the mystery surrounding her sister s death Each scene in the book moves it forward in one way or another and with each twist I was surprised I was comfortable and at home while reading this novel It flows with a grace and sense of purpose towards the ending, while wending its way into the heart of the reader I felt for Audra in her loss and grew to admire her tenacity.All in all, this book was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to getting lost within its pages again in the future.

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    It was like Murder on the Orient Express with romance set in my favorite era One of my favorite books ever.

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    I loved the mystery set in this time period

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    I don t know what it is about the majority of Christian romance novels, but the authors always tend to waste so much time in the middle and drag things out and then finish everything really quick in the last two chaptersthis book was no different The book is set in 1942 during WWII, which is one of my favorite eras, so I was really looking forward to this book However, about half way through I just groaned every time I opened it and tried to finish it The main character was flat, view spoiler and I m still really irritated at her that she went back to Hollywood at the end just to be with Robert HER SISTER WAS MURDERED IN THAT CITY AND SHES THE ONLY CHILD HER PARENTS HAVE LEFT I would ve stayed home view spoiler Robert was way to mushy and it really irritated me how quickly they fell in love I get it, it s a romance and that happens in romance I appreciate however, that the author was very historically accurate on several things The Victory Caravan for starters, and also the escort service That happeneda lot Granted, not every girl that was part of the service had sex with the guy afterbut it s Hollywood and the girls were trying to get up in the world, I m sure there were at least a few girls in history that did what they had to to get ahead The only other thing that really bugged me tho was, yes the Lord was talked about and the characters were saved butif you had taken the Christianity out of this book, it still would ve made sense If you re going to write a Christian Romance or Christian anything, it should be at the center of the book, and frankly the book shouldn t make sense without it They didn t even need to add anything about the Lord in there or the characters faith and it still would ve made sense As much as I love a good WWII story, there are better ones out there I read it once, and I don t think I ll read it again hide spoiler

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    Cara C Putnam knows exactly how make Hollywood in the 1940s real Most of the time I felt like I was watching an old black a white romantic suspense movie The main character is Audra Schaeffer who lives with her parents just after finishing her education to become an attorney Her younger sister, Rosemary always wanted to be a star in the movies Rosemary made a promise to call her family weekly or she would not be allowed to go to Hollywood.When Rosemary s call does not come on the expected day, her family is very upset Audra is not one to wait for a long time to find out why she didn t call She took her savings and bought a ticker out West to investigate In the 194os, party lines on the phone were common and you had to call an operator to make a long distance call Also back then, a plane trip required many stops so that the trip took much longer Also, the meals were served on china The author has well researched the 1940s and everything was true to the times.Audra discovers a body in her sister s apartment, the first of a long line of strangled victims She wants to work with the police but is told to stay out it for her own safety She finds herself on a train of Hollywood stars who were performing and selling war bonds There is mystery, suspense, a little bit of romance and plenty of history in this tale I was really drawn into this story and hated for the story to end.

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    Fun little story, a love story than a murder mystery Feels very Grace Livingston Hill and overdoes the attempt to make you believe she s not going to fall in love with him spoiler alert She already did Cute novel though, and the setting was done rather nicely.

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