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    I enjoyed this second book in the Texas Boardinghouse Brides trilogy I enjoyed this book than the first one mainly because I was interested in the characters It was fun reading about Leah and Shannon, the two mail order brides from book one, and seeing how their story progressed I liked their characters equally and found the whole book extremely satisfying I have to give props to Vickie McDonough for weaving so many different character stories together so seamlessly It isn t easy sharing the POV s of six or seven characters while still maintaining a clean and natural flow to the storyline I never felt like the storyline was choppy or difficult to follow.I m not sure if I preferred Shannon and Mark s romance or Leah and Dan I d say it s about equal Both girls and their guys were equally entertaining and I loved seeing their love stories unfold.I, than anyone else, was especially interested in Jacqueline s jack and butch s story It was a side story in the plot line, but I liked seeing how Jack s life had changed now that her mother and the marshal were married and also reading her adventures and mishaps while growing up It kept me turning pages, wanting to see the lessons she was learning about telling the truth and friendships I also was interested in the dynamic between her and butch and seeing her learn to look past a persons exterior and judge them based on their heart instead And as always, it was entertaining to see what kind of mischief she got into next I m looking forward to seeing what s in store for her in the next and final book I can t wait to see what trouble she gets herself into and what kind of young woman she grows up to become.I liked Mark s side of the story as well, although at times it was hard to read It s never easy reading about someones bad choices but I was glad to see that he resolved everything by the end and learned to forgive himself for his mistakes The one thing that I did have a problem with was the fact that he never actually told Shannon the truth of what he had done before they were married He only told his brother So, it felt a bit deceptive Not because he was purposefully hiding it from her any, nor was it a problem where it would have kept Shannon from loving him any less or saying no to marrying him But I still wished that Mark had told her the truth as well It was something that was big enough of a problem for him, that I knew it would eat away at him later on Satan has a way of manipulating those kind of things and using them to blind us So, in order to keep the power out of Satan s hands, I wished he had just told her everything up front before they married I m hoping it doesn t get in the way of their marriage later on in book three He might end up wondering if she would still feel the same if she knew the truth, which just makes me want to roll my eyes He should have just brought everything out in the open, laid his cards on the table when he confessed his feelings for her and then been able to both move on as a couple So, yeah, I just wished all of that had been resolved.As for Leah and Dan, I loved there story right off the bat Leah s previous history of living with and caring for so many younger siblings was compelling and heartwarming I loved that she found someone to make her feel as special as she truly was a guy who could see past her frayed and faded dresses and see her for who she really was The way Dan cared for his mother was endearing I loved that he was so diligent and never complained about the menial tasks he was having to do in order to care for her I also loved that he never made his mother feel like a burden and that he also was so giving and compassionate as to take in his nieces and nephews after their parents died It was wonderful to see Leah journey of coming to see God s hand in her life of how He had prepared her to care for the orphaned children with Dan by giving her so many siblings to look after when she was younger I loved seeing her transformation into motherhood It was so sweet reading the part where she chose to care for those lost and fearful kids and how she already fit right into place in their lives.I loved the life lesson of how God has a purpose for us beyond what we can imagine for ourselves That he prepares us ahead of time for the things that are ahead This was a pretty great book and I m looking forward to reading the next one.

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    I will definatly be reading the third book in the series I enjoy reading how God can change hearts and forgive I thought the struggles between couples were pretty realistic, they each had some baggage to work through which is so true We are never perfect people, and the other person will have to accept us for that I enjoy this authors writing style as well It keeps you wanting to know what happens next.

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    After having read this whole series entirely backwards, staring with 3 which I didn t realize was in a series before progressing to 1 and finally second chance brides, I must say it s kind of a cute stand alone story if need be It adds to my understanding of the whole series, but it s just cute by itself too I swear though, Mark s proposal was super nerve wracking and kind of unromantic yet entirely fit his character as a prankster I mean, he really is a dude who doesn t think his any of his actions through How many times is that now Mark First the mail order brides, then Abilene, now again with your terrifying proposal I am just saying that man deserves a swift kick for that one Also I am super glad Leah worked out her relationship with Dan Dan sounds like the sweetest thing.

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    Garrett and Mark has good intention bringing mail order brides in, to spur Luke into asking his first love Rachel for marriage Now Shannon and Leah are stuck and the talk of the town in Lookout Luke s cousins are now getting concerned with them paying the bill for the rooms, and they didn t want to leave town, could they find husbands A test of faith for these two, that God had his plans for them.

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    Daniel and Leah Mark and ShannonLeah and Shannon were mail order brides that came to Outlook, Texas both expecting to marry Marshall Luke After much turmoil and excitement Leah fell in love with Dan and Shannon fell in love with Mark They each have past bad experiences to overcome to truly find the love they each want and sorely need You will love reading this story.

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    This was a fun book about a man that ordered some brides for his cousin without the cousin knowing it and the cousin marries someone else just as the girls arrive in the town.

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    Good read.

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    Western historical romance second in the series Texas Boardinghouse Brides TrilogyIn the first story The Anonymous Bride, the town s marshal s cousins bring in a few brides for Luke because they feel that he should marry, but he ends up with his childhood love This leaves two of the boardinghouse brides without a husband and they do not want to go back to where they are from because of a variety or reasons So Miss Shannon O Neil and Leah Bennett are single, without jobs or futures, but there are lots of single men in Lookout, Texas so we find out who they will choose.Shannon decides to stay in town when she starts to work for the fret business owned by the brothers cousins to Luke, the marshal and is getting closer to Mark the younger brother Leah has no where else to go so she stays in the awkward boardinghouse and is bored, but she is attracted to the Livery stable owner, Dan who has a sick mother that he is taking care of showing what a great caregiver he is Leah wants to get married to secure her future, but she never wants children because she is the eldest of 11 children and has already taken care of enough children to not want that in her future I think Leah should have stuck to her guns and married someone else that doesn t have five children That is CRAZY that some guy that you only know for a few months to just throw FIVE children on you even before you re married.It is funny how punctually in random moments the single men in the area show up to Shannon and Leah to ask them to randomly marry them Luckily the two girls are smart and want to get to know before making a lifetime commitment Men They don t want to work for some attention and love, they just jump straight to the proposals in the most unromantic way.Leah and Dan have of a traditional romance, but Shannon falls in love in a unrequited way because Mark doesn t want to love anyone after some past story with a Annabelle We get a side flash to Annabelle at a bar in a bad situation She is clearly smart so she gets away before being sexually attacked by a bar patron So you know that Annabelle is coming to small town, Lookout to make trouble in the slowly blooming relationship between Shannon and Mark Corbett But without that I guess there wouldn t be much story HEA is found but not without adventures Lookout, Texas seems like a really crazy little town, with kidnappings, tornadoes and spontaneous marriage proposals There is a secondary story about Butch and Jack Jacqueline which really didn t need to be told, although since the next and last book in this series is going to be about Miss Jack so I guess we needed to get to know her better.319 pages and kindle purchase 2.992 stars

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    This book starts up at Luke and Rachel s wedding The book is told through the eyes of Leah and Shannon the left over mail order brides Luke has told his cousin s that they have to pay room and board for the ladies until they either find a job or get married In an attempt to speed the process up the brothers organize a Saturday night social so all the bachelors can meet the ladies and hopefully marry them.The thing Mark did not expect was to start to fall for Shannon Will he over come his past pain to find love Leah finds herself drawn to the livery owner But will her promise to never have kids keep her from finding true love I will be honest I tend to hold my breath a little when it comes to the middle book of a series I have found from past experience that it tends to be the one I end up liking the least I was hoping it would not be the case for this book but in the end it was It was a good book and I enjoyed seeing Leah and Shannon find there match But for me I was interested in Jack, Rachel s daughter She is still young but the author is laying the ground work for the 3rd book which will be her story and I found myself caring about her then the two main characters in this book.Since we are reading about both Leah and Shannon I felt the character of Leah was not developed as much as Shannon We did get to hear from Mark but we did not get to hear from Leah s love interest Dan which for me made it harder to get into that part of the story I honestly would rather have seen this series in 4 books with Leah and Shannon each having a developed story Shannon was my favorite of the two ladies She starts out so timid and by the end of the book she is starting to see her self worth and her character really starts to shine Mark finally comes out of his brothers shadow and starts to live the life he wants I enjoyed watching these two fall in love I was disappointed with Leah I felt her character could have been expanded but with two story s in this book hers got a little less attention I also would have loved to gotten to know Dan better I so wanted to know what he was thinking at times Also the climax of this story held so much promise but again it was hurried a long and felt kind of flat I really think it could have been its own book I did enjoy these two just wished they would have been given a little page time.Over all it was a good book I love series like this where the characters intertwine through out the series I love stepping into a new book and already knowing some of the charters as well as the setting I highly recommend reading the first book before this one so you know the back story DISCLOSURE I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley to review it I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    Book Two in the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series, Second Chance Brides is a wonderful continuation of the stories of Leah Bennett and Shannon O Neil, mail order brides stranded in Lookout, Texas Both Leah and Shannon know they only have two options available after the debacle in the first book leaves them dependent on Garrett and Mark Corbett for support get a job or find another man to marry The Corbett brothers do try to atone for the mess they created by sending for the mail order brides by giving Shannon a job as bookkeeper in their business and hosting Saturday socials for the town s eligible singles Both women struggle with allowing their past to come between following God s wishes and what they think will make them happy Leah was the oldest of eleven children, missing out on much of her childhood due to helping her mother to raise and care for her younger siblings She promised herself that she would never be tied down to children again, and that promise almost costs her the man of her dreams, livery owner Dan Howard Shannon immigrated from Ireland with her parents, only to have them die shortly after arriving in New Orleans, leaving her alone She had pinned her hopes on starting a new family when she traveled to Lookout as a mail order bride and now blames the Corbett brothers for still being alone and almost destitute Against her will, she begins to fall in love with Mark Corbett, it seems he feels the same Then Mark tells Shannon that he will never marry, leaving her distraught and confused Will she marry another before Mark can reconcile his past and realize Shannon was meant for him Other characters from the first book The Anonymous Bride are present as their stories are also continued Rachel and Luke Davis and Rachel s daughter, Jacqueline Jack Vickie weaves their continuing story into Leah and Shannon s in a way which enriches the storyline without confusing the reader An unerring faith in God is evident as the story unfolds, first in one character and then in another This message is delivered in a masterful, well written way that leaves the reader feeling uplifted I ve read several of Vickie s books and thoroughly enjoyed each of them Second Chance Brides did not disappoint me, it just helped cement my love of her writing style and left me eager to read the final book in this series, Finally a Bride I highly recommend Second Chance Brides to everyone.

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Second Chance Brides download Second Chance Brides, read online Second Chance Brides, kindle ebook Second Chance Brides, Second Chance Brides d88b24ff2b5e Fans Of The Anonymous Bride, Will Feel For Shannon O Neil And Leah Bennett Who Are Stranded In Lookout, Texas, Without Husbands Or Future Plans Thankfully, The Marshal Has Ordered The Rascally Corbett Brothers To Pay For The Women S Lodging At The Boardinghouse, But Will The Brothers Idea Of Hosting Saturday Socials Really Bring These Women The Kind Of Loves They Long For Will Shannon Choose To Marry Just For Security Will Leah Reject Love When The Challenges Mount